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[Applause] we're the last of the camels on the concrete it's slow and I'm free like Jesse James modern day game if you're out here riding with me come on back man no saddle the boards well I can't really disguise the fact that I know you I know the gentleman that I'm speaking with a lot of folks referred to you by a moniker that's Foxfire Cummins why don't you go ahead and introduce yourself now my real name is Brian but most everybody knows when he has a Foxfire all right I guess I'm gonna dig right into it how did you come about a nickname or a name like that all right so there's a couple of books that are written about living outdoors that's what most people know it has but actually there's a boss in the woods that Fox consumes as a part of its diet and when it comes time for it to extract it it's glows in the dark and I had a vehicle that had a big truck they had lots of lights on it they just thought it was a fitting name well talk about original deaths that's great I've never heard of a nickname that originated that that's really cool friend of Mines mom actually gave it to me so I kind of never changed it that's what has been for good grief way too long 48 years I met you back in 2013 it was the year that I went up to st. Agnes and we did that convoy from railing Michigan to st. Agnes and that was literally the the first places of the rolling CB interviews I had a crazy idea about filming big trucks and I needed a way to do it I just really didn't know how yet but we met you know through that convoy so we never really you know spoke in detail about things so this is nice that we get a chance to talk so tell me about somebody where you're from and what brought you into trucking born and raised in Illinois later on our life moved up to southeastern Wisconsin I hold nursery stock trees throughout – what have you pretty much all over the US but uh family owned a nursery and I worked in it as a kid you knew that right away that's not what I wanted to do but I've watched the big trucks go up down the road that the nursery was on and decided that that was going to be my career yeah right out of high school I got a job as driving us ten wheeler for an excavating company and it just escalated from there after two years of military service I came right back and jumped in the truck and Goldman in 76 on my own well that's great it sounds like you know like most guys they were surrounded by trucks and the sounds of trucks and it's just something that that really called out to them so that sounds like that was the same thing with you yeah pretty much to my knowledge knowing that my family was was truckers so I became the first you're in a very distinctive looking truck tell me about the truck of course and then tell me about the trucks that you had before this thing well this is a 1976 Peterbilt Peterbilt made a limited edition number for the Bicentennial one hundred conventionals and one hundred cab overs and this is one of the conventionals so it would be 40 I will have owned it for 41 years this September 13th I bought a brand new in Elmhurst Illinois as far as other trucks go I've never owned another truck I started out as an owner-operator with this one and decided that I could keep it going that's what gonna do by hook or by crook I have that's amazing you haven't really have a one of few trucks on the road that that's really a standout truck that's awesome yeah well I can't take the credit for that actually I think it's the red white blue paint job the Peterbilt put on it for the 200th birthday of America and I've always just taken a real liking to that whole aspect so not having owned another truck so you've not been painted per se by a freight liner Kenworth or any of these other truck pigs and whatnot so what is it like driving that truck for those amount of years tell me about some of the some good stories and tell me about some things that but you really have to deal with and overcome with driving that truck for that long well when it's all said and done the truck has been a just a wonderful piece of equipment it's on its fourth engine but when they break I break them pretty doggone good so that's to be expected and in stock mode I didn't know any better and though I thought it performed quite well one day I friend of mine said you know let's get that thing to go and that's what what the goals have been ever since and and it does a fine job I have driven internationals starting in the year of 1951 was the first truck I drove as a truck driver it was a 1951 I 190 international gas burner five and a three Joseph Hendrickson's drove a Mac first over the road truck driving job I ever had was for an aluminum rolling company and they had cabover Peterbilts experienced catagen as Detroit's and Cummins and I've just always kind of leaned towards the Cummins and that's what's in this truck once you get through them gears tell me what do you think it's putting out and everything honestly it's hard to say Chris has never been on a dyno so I've been running down the road with guys with way bigger engines what this is and I stay right with them so it does a very good job it's got 411 rear ends on 11 24 5 tall rubber 12 5 13 transmission has been gears have been taken out flipped around so it's turned it into a multi overdrive so that's what gives me my gear ratio is that that brings me to some questions about trucking and in the history of trucking and the things that you've done over time so paint a picture for me what truck thing used to be like and some of the places that you would go and then what you would encounter in some of those trips well I don't bleep first and foremost I've met some very interesting people throughout the entire United States I've seen the entire United States and have been paid to go there so I think that's make sure if you're trying to find a silver lining in a dark cloud that's a make for a pretty good living I have all my own customers so I don't fight with brokers or anything like that yes I have some competition but it's quite limited and I've delivered trees to all different celebrities my company's actually hauled reefer loads down to Jim Jones honor the Dallas Cowboys we've done a lot of work for the owner of a Cabela's Bass Pro Shop so Jerry steinfeldt took plants tis stayed out on New York made for interesting things as far as that goes of people that he would I would never have had the opportunity to meet had it not been for trucking so as a result of it I met some popular unique individuals that is amazing to have had those opportunities to go and meet those folks that way and along the way you know some guys are out they talk about what you know the truck stops used to be like and what trucking on the road used to be like what were some of those things that that you encounter first and foremost it would definitely be the camaraderie that everybody used to have back in the day that I started I was very long here a lot beer and I would haul out of the South quite a bit now there was a stereotype of my kind versus the southern boys and I never experienced that stereotype whatsoever so I always found that if you were a decent person you're in a drunk and you put forth some effort all the other guys seem to just jump in and help you do anything that you could possibly need help doing break down on the side of the road or bar guys pulling over to help you that you had your own truck stop parking lot going on as far as the drug stops go well there really aren't too many anymore not like there was in the day you know today's turf driver sees loves and thinks of it as a trump stop the pilot thinks of it as a truck stop you know whoa I'm sorry either they're not the refuel stop they're not a truck stop the old truck stops you used to be able to get anything done my tires have them put on oil change your engine tore down rebuilt you joints taken out fixed and a restaurant was you do some of the waitresses because they they had sit-down meals you'd see them periodically get to know each other a little bit those days are all gone that really speaks of getting to know people on the road and building friendships on the road do you really can you can do that now but it seems like that was a constant back then happened every day I mean just about every day you bump into somebody you'd strike up a conversation with was going the same direction you were the CB radio is your communication line it's you know it's today's version of text messaging messaging is its version but we used to be able to talk to each other we knew we knew the guys families through conversation how the kids were doing who was in trouble and who wasn't so it was great it was great people seem to have more respect for us as the common public goes back years ago and that made it so much better out here as well CB radio communication was outstanding you can pull into almost any city anywhere in the United States get on the radio and ask for directions to a certain place some base station would jump on and turn take you turn-by-turn to where you needed to go when it comes to talking about base stations back when the CB radio first came in was it something that a lot of people had base stations and things we got back in the day I do a lot of truckers the Turner's wife had a base station home she'd flip the switch turn the heat on and talk to the old man what do you mean turn the heat on a little bit of power so she can get out old man it's called linear amplifiers and they're again touching on that just you know because you can do what you want with this but the FCC used to be out here looking for everybody they wanted to see if you had a CB license they wanted to know if you were running power because it was illegal to run over five watts so now you're out here you could do anything you want I don't even know where uncle Charlie is anymore and run through those gears I'm gonna track along with you here good enough yes sir sounds nice it looks nice one more time I would never say no okay well I'll tell you what that sounds very nice more than nice beautiful sound there so we were talking there after they we're at the Shilin arts car show and we were talking a little bit and you guys were you were parked next to her little gentleman there that was a close friend of yours that I believe you haven't seen him in a while and you came into the show with it so why don't you you know what kind of recount that if you walk to and then talk about those the lights that you guys had in your your windshields and the origins of well they call him the magician been a friend of mine's probably since about 1972 and we both been through quite a bit together an accident California that he was kind of just left hanging out there so I went out picked up brought him home that's the kind of friendship that I look for someone who doesn't ask for anything other than or what can they do to help you he and he started a club years and years and years ago just for fun I mean there was other trucking Cub clubs back in the late 70s early 80s and those clubs all ran a different light a different color and different location so when magician started his it was actually called the all-american bigger Association for more or less for a joke but that salado words to say so and somebody would ask him he came up with the be a hose and will do to keep this good for the kids and the women and the crew Stanzler big flying objects the blue lights are an identification marker of sorts every club member had them in his windshield you would meet people on the road who would notice them and then you might not see that person for two or three years and all of a sudden at 3 o'clock in the morning hey who are those be a hose over there because he spotted the blue lights in the web dome so it's just a good way for people to remember who you were and they could spot you in the dark knowing who you are or where they see the lights so now what it's turned into is there seems to be a number of younger people thirsting for that type of camaraderie union something to belong to so it's interesting to see how the younger guys react to to it now and the way they look at magician that myself all we are is just some old truck drivers that's really all we are well let's certainly appreciate you in a lot of other people people appreciate you as well it's that's that's a nice tone and that's a nice bit smart go pattern to follow for for those that are that are out there that are trying to do the same thing you know to get started with in trucking and we all need to happen in tours and people to look up to you so it's it's nice to hear things like that it kind of also kind of crystallizes what the past was I never knew what those lights and bla so it's great to be able to hear a little bit of a new truck in football very wrong thinking about some of the guys that are you know wanting to get into a situation on their own having done what you've done for the length of years that you've done it what would you say to some guys that are wanting to get out there and what are some things that you can say that might be beneficial to well there's so many things to say Chris number one I was I guess if they were really dead set on doing it nobody could talk them out of it first thing I say to him is don't haul cheap rate go after your own play you can't live on a broker board try to learn everything you can about the equipment and how it functions so that you can do a lot of the work on your own because nowadays you don't hardly ever get what you pay for and definitely saves you money to be able to perform your own maintenance schedules to rebuilds and you get really deep into it and I can't do it I guess anybody can do it because nobody taught me how I just do it and do it there's really getting into the business in this day with all that's before our government the regulations that they've generated which are a bunch of I would try to persuade the young man not to do it as anything search other decent company where you could learn and get your own experience don't just jump in went behind the ears because there's way too much to try to to take in way too much to retain and it gets harder every day yeah I understand that and that's some solid advice Lee log situation towards money and control and as I told her that interview that he did with me not long ago I told them I don't know which one weighs heavier because it's the scale is probably about evenly tipped I don't understand a hundred percent where all this comes from I know there's lobbyists out people and I know there's all kinds of mothers who have petitioned and lobbied for things that they think are right and God bless them for that this is America they have the right to do so however and this is also America to which I gave two years of my life as it was asked and therefore I feel I'm being gypped he lobs are not a safe sale because that's what this law is is a big sale and what it's doing is its horsing company drivers that are already on them because this isn't a new thing it's just a mandate for everybody supposedly will touch I've had about it but uh man day for everybody to put these in so that we can be monitored as far as our time goes we're allowed to drive for a total of 11 hours in a day with a half-hour break in that 11 hours they don't want you sitting in the seat for more than eight hours at a time I don't really know if you have been being the good but nonetheless and your total hours are 14 so if you're stuck at a dock and you've made your appointment as you're supposed to do and they're backed up you're on the clock you're not driving the truck you're not loading the truck you're not doing nothing but sitting there waiting but you are on the clock you are on duty not driving so many of these grocery warehouses burn up six hours of a guy's time out of the day well now he's behind the eight ball because that loads got it delivered of lures Livonia tomorrow morning it's just the way it works so that's one scenario scenario number two the guy gets in the truck in the morning starts it up the minute he has a very low speed it activates the electronic log and now he is under the gun of the clock all day traffic jam scrub up he may be I have all away from home and the log says you're done slum market so it's forcing drivers to rush is forcing drivers to drive when they need to pull over and take a nap but the clock won't allow them to do that so it's just a big waste of time I cannot fathom why nobody has looked into this any further but yes I can't fathom it because again money and control there's a lot of dollars of assets going to be spent on all this electronic garbage and and also along with that there's gonna be a lot of low atomic garbage that people are gonna buy to try to offset what it does if it becomes reality so it's just bogus I don't agree I have constitutional rights just like you do Chris and I don't agree to be monitored I don't agree to be trapped I don't agree to none of it I have 41 years in this trunk or certain excuse me 3 million 700 thousand miles that I have driven accident free I've never had an e log I do paper alarms just like all the forefathers in front of me and that's what I'm gonna do until I finish because as I said in arts interview even if my truck is exempt it's too old but even as it was not the case there's not going to go on in here I'll maintain a paper log that's not sufficient for the DoD they can do what they want with me I'll see you in the court I agree with what you're saying on all the situations but when it comes to delivering things on time in a timely fashion and unforeseen circumstances there is no one the addressing unforeseen circumstances when it comes to these Jalen's exactly there they're presenting this in a perfect world and it's my plummet it just doesn't work there are going to be in there are now in existence today companies that are on it and it works quite well for them and the drivers don't find it they go from point A to point B and back every day and it's calculated at a total amount of time hiring any humongous unforeseen circumstances so therefore it works for them wonderful don't cram it down my throat because it doesn't work for me they write this that it's good for everybody but it's not good for everybody in any stretch of the imagination you're right it would seem that he logs are good certain doesn't really suit me the well Foxfire we've gotten a chance to see you out there on the road and had a great time a great conversation thank you for that I see he hits up to you trailer where you off to now the home twenties up in Bristol Wisconsin right now southeast corner of Wisconsin Illinois State Line so that's where I've had a wonderful tip will seize whether it was all on my hat Chris thank you for what you do [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]


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Very nice rig and sounds great. I agree with what he says. Truck stops are now fuel stops. There not old school. I can say very few are left.. in mid 70's i met mamma Bush who would go to rest stops to offer coffee for free to the truckers in about area of Liberty Mo.

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Remington Steel · July 30, 2019 at 3:05 pm

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