Star Trek Starships Collection Klingon Transport Issue 154 Review

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grazing is everybody Irish Trekkie bakwin other Star Trek the official starships collection issue review this time featuring issue 154 we have the king on transport ship so this was launched in the 22nd century propulsion Wharf capable crew 54 Johnnie's design so we're gonna put this model to inside the box looks like it had a little bit of an issue in transit but the model looks pretty okay but let's have a look and see what goodies lay inside the magazine shall we um nice graphic to begin with a definite kind of you kind of get the glimpse of Johnny's in there anyway as well I put a nice little design I do like the front office and a lot and some similarities with some of the other Klingon ships that we saw in enterprise as well so let's have a quick look-see here so we were four sections we have a Klingon transport ship designing the ship goodman's trail writing judgment and did you do trial even and unscreened appearances so f mounting kind of goes in the ring maybe they can impulse assembly on that side of things and again additional information 55 meters out of a quadrant transport ship and again operated by refugees so these were from I can't remember the name of the enterprise episode and maybe at the back of the magazine anyway but yeah it was kind of like a planning planet that was annexed and by the gling ons so nice graphic on the side here as well so you have your warp nacelles looks like a docking collar deflector dish as well typical red interior for Klingons so the transport ship used to use by the refugees to escape the homeworld was a basic cargo ship little suited to transporting living beings the demands of long interstellar journey quickly led to critical system failures and the warp engines and life support even the refugees on the brink of death and the dire need for so yeah and good kinda storyline you can conceive Banting plasma or some other kind of engine coolant or something like that I'm hearing a little bit of background about the refugees again fleeing the Empire and I was like the thing ons in enterprise and nice kind of additions to the lore in there as well so these warp nacelles look very similar to some of the Klingon aircraft that we saw in enterprise as well definitive kind of green Klingon ship I do like the impulse assembling on this it's pretty cool here's our refugees the poor guys on the brink of death and yeah Enterprise facing down what was the name of that ship the Bortas exactly kind of outgunned out powered boss all hail the awesome tactics of Jonathan Archer the ship profile so there's the Bortas as well so board has had similar engine and nacelle units as you can see from here at d5 King on battle cruiser so again you have your warp assembly a cargo pods docking ports cockpit nothing that's too crazy on that I like this kind of architecture down here as well so that's kind of cool okay so Johnny's initial concept sketches Furman our ship was later would later become the rebel transport that was trying to break out a shape of them was that was chart that I was trying to break out of shape from them to look like they both say ease the landing gear um has Sarah that's pretty cool I like that and the needs to be built up okay that's cool so I do like that's kind of funky is what that kind of gives me a vibe of kind of aliens and this one I do like I love the the stare while it's going into it just like the to plan a half the it was just ingenious the the feet assembly you know with the kind of rollout ramp and just the way it kind of all tucked in when it was taken off as well that was really cool ship and so here we have some nice concepts I love when it comes in and do some painting Ani sketches and that looks like that kind of gives me Ferengi vibe you know that one there so here we have these guys this is more similar to what we have kind of sends the the warp nacelles and eve's initially came up with a different concept for the rebel transport kind of looks like it kind of small um Kobayashi Maru or kind of Federation transport there as well with the underslung cargo pods as well so some nice nice stuff there to actually read through so writer David a Goodman looks back on judgment putting actor on trial and bringing a new dimension to the Klingons so there was not going on there to be honest right there again you know it gives gives a bit of an insight into production which is cool and I just would like more lore something I say time and time again old news Damian this is your doing this four hundred and fifty four issues right now coming up next we have the develop a ya know I'm gonna say it without any Vulcan survey vessels so details that's the 22nd century that was in was that the shift from carbon Creek yeah 1950s there we go and what was the episode judgment or yeah that kind of became evident through the that became evident through the magazine should we say so let's close out and ice actually have a look at the model shall we so the Box looks a little bit rougher where but the plastic doesn't so we're okay on that model looks in good condition we have our mount looks pretty standard I always need to kind of push these up okay so we have 1977 19 1977 kids a slash a Klingon rebel transport the rebels man those Klingons like to overreact okay anywho let's have a look at this transport shall we so looks actually quite nice it's decent in size we compare it to a ship and the line a little bit later on and paint apps firstly look nice you had this kind of weather do you have you have your kind of green primary course but it's like it's given way to the darker grey wondercore just like it's kind of worn down and you can kind of see the distressed lines kind of following the architecture of the ship as well which is quite nice you have your red for your cockpit your deflector dish is nice and brilliantly gold plastic insert for the impulse assembly you have your yellow warp nacelle buzzards are your vents even it's no browser collectors on these ones and so the painters the paint apps look quite nice actually I would say that this coat is decent very plain on the underneath but you know it's a cargo vessel I kind of would give it that maybe kind of just reinforced for like atmospheric flies and stuff like that and a lot of detail and just on the sides and on the venture section dorsal section even so you have like your cargo cargo pods your docking hatch a lot of details and greebles around the nacelle ports as well and that's just very intricate there the assembly for the engines looks quite nice actually and the whole the whole engine assembly looks pretty cool so you have your kind of three main components here kinda like exhaust like maybe that kind of shoot something back into the impulse exhaust to give maybe a little bit more efficiency on impulse because again this isn't an inter oh this is a kind of short-run cargo ship and kind of looks almost like engine components back here like if you kind of pop the hood off a kind of like American mostly care or something like that pretty cool but again all this additional detail and would kind of psychologically leads you that it's kind of more lower tech which is again enterprise everything is so silky smooth from tos onwards kind of goes back to being a bit really later on so you have your detailing on your new settlers as well and the ventral section but again pretty plain all the same cockpit a little bit sculpting on here as well so and the paint team continues and you can have the little red in sets on that and then you have a little bit of detailing just along the side yeah nice nice it's a small was a 55 meters so like if that's a docking port you can see like you know if someone was six foot in there just gonna give you a sense of scale on it so it's compared to a ship just to kind of get a sense of scale and we'll have a look at some other features off it as well so here we have the d5 battle cruiser and the rebel transport ship Klingon transport ship so these two faced off with each other with the nxo one and you can see there they're obviously from the same species you have the nacelles are obviously more advanced but a lot of the elements you can kind of see the grazing here and some of the detailing are duplicated on this side as well so you have kind of commonality between the two boss and that should give you kind of good sense of scale more obviously more of a chunky body on the transport ship a little bit of extra length potentially on the defy battle cruiser and you can kind of definitely see and it's quite a – you know the designers from Jefferies right through that right through all the series really that I'm looking at a ship you can see the put a lot of thought into you know what's what's the ship gonna be you know what's the background ever what's the species what's the mission brief off it is and tack ship patrol ship cargo ship and so on so forth as well so a nice companion pieces and not the first transport ship that we've seen but a nice to kind of give more Klingon ships as well and we have had a good few Klingon ships with a nice showing from Enterprise so far as well so sits understand pretty nicely and it's a nice companion piece you can see some of the other Klingons you can actually see the gap where the d5 was so I like to take them out and show you kinda sense of scale with them as well so I'm curious to know what you folks think of the vote couldn't volcán where my going I our Trekkie come on the Klingon transport vessel what are your thoughts opinions and as a ship to add to the lore of Klingons what do you think of Johnny's magic touch to us and would you pick one of the other concepts and last but not least what did you think of intimacies representation off the ship as well so that wraps it up for issue 154 the Klingon transport ship let me know your thoughts off the ship again and as always thanks for stopping by checking out the video your support is always greatly greatly appreciated and if you're new to the channel check out the remaining 153 other issues along with bonus shifts Star Trek discovery Battlestar Galactica lego Thunderbirds you name it what I may not have gotten it but I do have a lot of other reviews there so maybe you'll find them interesting I and don't forget to hit that like and subscribe button as well and big shout out to everyone over on patreon for support in the channel as well helping me to always improve and you know get more and stuff to review you can go in another room but again your support is greatly greatly pieceof it means more than you could ever know and yeah as always I've been your local Irish Trekkie I will see you in the next series of videos and have a good rest of the weekend and week or whenever you're watching this in the near future and live long and prosper my friends check bye-bye

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Paul Kinnear · July 27, 2019 at 5:06 pm

Finally, a Star Trek: Enterprise ship! My second favourite show was lacking representation in volume 10.

Eduardo Campillo · July 27, 2019 at 5:06 pm

1977 baby here too.

Colin Bridger · July 27, 2019 at 5:06 pm

Another amazing review Irishtrekkie! Very nice Klingon ship, I'm really looking forward to getting this one. Thank you again for the review

Thomas · July 27, 2019 at 5:06 pm

If only STD was smart enough to design klingon ships with a shared aesthetic too

Buddy · July 27, 2019 at 5:06 pm

Born in 1977 here. Nice little ship, kind of nice to remember that not all of the Klingons are warriors.

Dot Matrix · July 27, 2019 at 5:06 pm

The Klingon ships we should have had in Disco. :/

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