Spring Trip 2019 Part 1

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hey when 185 just arrived cabin spring trip 2019 we're loaded here but this is basically just about what we have during deer season and I'm going to talk about the change in the PA deer season coming up maybe when we're sitting around inside having a drank and a pipe maybe we're sitting around the campfire or something like that and I'm going to talk about it my feelings for a few minutes but one thing that I did hear it takes you about 15 minutes to to get settled into your deer camp I'll check the time so let's let's see how long it takes us to unpack this baby a trapper we're gonna try the fire block so just have three to test them out should get cooling off down to Bethel mid 40s high 40s at night so we're gonna go ahead and test this out thanks for the idea well that is about it we got the thing on later maybe six seven eight minutes to get the car unloaded now what is unloaded me all that means is getting this stuff that's in here into the cabin and nice and dry no rain no snow there's part of that 15 minutes going already just get this stuff out of the car yeah all that stuff that has to be it has to be unpacked now that's gonna take another a little while so we'll come back to that but for now enjoy the spring trip we don't have a lot planned some turkey hunting if the weather permits in the morning the guys aren't gonna get here it's Thursday afternoon now Thursday the second guys aren't gonna get here until Monday about noon Sean and I are up early for a little turkey hunting a little bit of solitary confinement or whatever we're just gonna enjoy ourselves have some good food a little bit something different tomorrow night for dinner you haven't seen before who's making a return medical man there was a request that TechKnow be dissolved so he's going to techno is going to feed into the sunset the return of medical man and hopefully I won't call a medicine man because I again I do feel bad when I say fur to them is medicine man I'm not trying to disparage any Native Americans and we also have one return Camp cook is back stacks we'll see we'll see we'll see all he does he's supposed to be cooking some strip steaks on Monday and I think maybe some pork tenderloin on Tuesday which is you never know you could you want to drive that pork out down we don't wanna have dry pork again a medical man does have a new firearm that he's bringing up so I gotta do the generator two more minutes grab yourself your favorite beverage your favorite snack get out for a bit put your feet up and before we start unpacking everything in there we're gonna stop have something to eat and it takes you like six hours to get here then maybe you want a meal once you get here well Kevin from upstate Deer Hunter and NCPA outdoors the old Martens we stopped in there and that parking lot was packed and it was lunchtime but it looks like that must be the spot because we had to park all the way around back every spot was falling there so got to be a good place so it's about 2:30 male gonna have a little bit of a lunch late lunch and then probably finish off the other half of the sub at dinnertime so Martin's pantry came through again I know I got the chicken I don't know what Shawn decided they get but we're gonna go touch them up on the grill and put a little avocado sauce on them and have a little lunch so all in the time it takes to open your camp oh yeah good Mary would you get Italian cheeses no no but yeah we cut the turkey very no chicken you have the chicken and chicken and shudder I'm Italian this time one yep toast the Italian well I guess somebody knew we were coming we've been here about an hour hour and a half or so brain of course but do this supposed to scheduled to possibly rain every day while we're here so we're gonna see is it going to be when it rains we eat trip again yeah who knows we'll check on the weather and always changes we'll have a good time we're gonna head into town right now get some ice I've got to get that beer on ice we'll show you the beer when we come back little guy yeah long well here we are about 4:45 we went went down I got somebody so picked up 40 pounds of ice and you can see we got a pretty good stack of here it's a spring trip usually do a little bit more partaking just because you know we're not getting up we are getting off for turkey but it's not an all-day thing there is a little bit extra here because I brought some up for Steve and Eric and Mike I decided to go for us all Delaware and I did the Miss billion miss billions named after the Miss billion river that flows out of Milford Delaware out to the Delaware Bay which is about five eight miles from my house pretty close had another name they're gonna chose another river down there is close called the murder kill no I don't know if maybe murder killed beer wood would go so I think miss billion even though it's a little tougher to say murder kill ma'am I'm not quite baking tougher you Philly guys Schuylkill murder kill it's the same thing the ki ll on the end of it really it and I think in Dutch it means Creek or river or something like that and that's where it comes from so we got some four different kinds little pineapple Express that's a milkshake IPA brewed with pineapple pretty good fruity flavor we have the nor'easter that's another IPA that's New England style rye IPA pretty good a little bit heftier I think an alcohol seven not today Satan and that's a little bit stronger IPA I said about in the seven and a half and the end of the bottom reach-around IPA I'll be watching you and some other dogfish I brought up my favorite the liquid Truths are medical man little sequential can't cook over there I know I know you'd have to have at least one IPA he said he said he wanted some some different things got some spike seltzer that's for us and for the cook and the chairman we have a couple four packs of lining Google's summer Shandy that says kind of choice he's a Miller Lite summer Shandy kind of a guy we got some great stuff we're gonna get it on ice now chill it down Camp is officially open time for a little project so I can feel good a moment about myself today so usually we just wash our hands with bottle of water or something out here but we're gonna get hi-tech now little shower bag which is going to turn into a hand washing bag well I guess a garden hook type thing hang this up here we can let that heat up in the Sun actually put it this way clear side out and we'll have a little hand washing station anyone hold it all we got to do is to fill our bag up with some of this water [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] well back at the cabin about 8:30 or so walked the property yelping and listening and yelping and listening and we didn't hear one thing today maybe some hens way off in the distance I thought maybe I heard a gobble maybe can I was like one of those things sometimes you don't know what you're hearing it was way way off in the distance nothing anywhere close to us walking down at the end of the property there we met up with Josh good to meet you and good lucky you're out there turkey hunting nice – nice to see you down there and he didn't hear one thing either he was set up on a field this morning early this morning six o'clock and listening listening nothing so doesn't seem like they wanted to talk today that's the way he goes but now let's look over here a little Coffee time and some got some croissants with sausage egg and cheese Sean and I you're gonna sit back we'll enjoy those with coffee on the deck well over here at the old and the Chairman got a letter from north central sewage company errors authority and said we have to make this fly proof there's really not a lot of flies in here sometimes we get mosquitoes in actually down into the abyss what we have to do is just put some screening up here in the eaves find something for this a couple of these cracks around the door here a nice easy job but we're gonna go ahead and see if we can get that done and make it look halfway decent I really don't think it's necessary but you know it's one of the things you got to do if the authority says you do it and they'll find you if you don't so finishing up the back we got our eaves screened-in and the inside of the door it was in cracks in here and we got the screaming inside we just have to figure out something for the seal right on the top here and I think I really don't think they're gonna have any any other issues no and in case you're wondering what's fuzz down up at the top senior name this privy after one of the camp members Bob or Joe that was here and we call it Joe's privy and because he seemed to be in there a lot we did and has his full name on there in his birthdays and death date and everything so that's why it's buzzed out but the Joe's privy then I think of him you know it's kind of you think oh well it's an outhouse but you think of you think of something like that when you just helps you remember somebody we got this about knocked out Shawn's got a couple more nails to hammering in the background and well this is about finished up well we did that outhouse project the fly proofing and we also sanded the shed door was sticking on us so we had to stay in that bottom of it it was that was actually a little bit of a project but I had brought some bought wall burgers hamburgers at home I know well we were a little bit tough on mark during the trip last year for his – stinky movies doesn't that's not my fault sorry bud but we didn't buy the wall I bought him and wanted to bring them up and of course I forgot them so they go to YC yesterday and grab some quarter pounders here but if you haven't tried the wool burger pretty pretty good it's a little pricey again catch it on sale kind of thing but the wall burgers haven't tried them pretty good and again you know sometimes it seems like I'm trying to sell stuff but really I'm not I'm just telling what I like so let's put these burgers on put a little spice on and I think these are well-deserved I think after what we've been doing tonight I'll take it I'll take to take the brioche bun and the brioche buns great recipe recipe yeah egg and cheese so that so basic egg and butter so they're gonna use when you split them they're they're yellow inside so basically you don't have to spray the butter down on they taste pretty good in there the brioche is pretty damn good look good camera license on there just to spice them off the cod about there a little afternoon wrap up after lunch stop down at one of the cabins here Scott and Brenda a very nice couple and as a beautiful looking cabin checked out their solar system that they have looks like it works great something to think about for sure as it looks like it really does the job for them and yeah no need for the generator especially during the day we wouldn't have to run that at all it seems like fairly inexpensive I would think about under $300 would do it no it's something to think about great couple and they showed some deer that they've taken off the mountain and they've actually they've got a super collection both of them huh looks like that both do equally as well so it said the battle of the sexes is down there I think on on who gets the deer I've got some bear in there and a lot of deer deer antlers from PA from up here and some from West Virginia really nice to meet them and Scott and Brenda thanks thanks for having us in and showing us around I know Shawn and I really appreciate that we went into town from there we got dumped on with the rain but went into town and had to buy a new doorknob and one of the ones in the back broke put that in had a little little adjustments to make but the foot worked out over time it's just sitting here now it's nice duck deck temp I just checked the radar the rain has passed us for now so I think we can sit here for a little bit enjoy little white claw nice and light for the afternoon and then we're going to get into a little Louisiana boil hate to say for you people to live down Louisiana Alabama to do these boils but we're gonna do our sort of own it's something different that we haven't done up here gonna have mussels in it some shrimp and a little uh I think that's a kvasir sausage in there to potatoes corn we'll be doing that after we we sit here on the deck for a while about a 45 minutes or so before we get that started well it's time to start our prep work for a little Louisiana boil and got some red taters and corn here and a quarter of the taters up probably cut that corn into thirds or so we were supposed to do got our taters corn we're gonna get those in there first but the really good just see how it is for the water put them in right we're just gonna go ahead and put one beer in so we're gonna use this for all shrimp in that crab boil crawfish funny and we were kids we actually called them crayfish what for or less ignore there's no kind of dump about half of a gunner so for sure does it looks good got the the beef polish kielbasa and I didn't get the red hots because I'm not a real real hot person I don't like super hot food so I figured this is gonna pick up a little bit of the the flavor from the boil so we'll just go with this it'll be it'll be good let's get this in the in the pot give that a minute go get the mussels and shrimp extra large shrimp this is peeled deveined tail on let's dump this low down I'll boil a little bit this don't feel pretty cold get mr. moon probably take about five minutes or so for these to cook I think I see him turning pink already oh yeah I cook it fast this is about a pound of muscle meat going in there oh yeah a shrimper cooking nice all right he's about done and shrimp are done the mussels are good so we're gonna turn this off we'll bring it in and just let it sit for about 20 and let that flavor getting parted into a shrimp and a mussels in the and the kielbasa all right it's been sitting for about 20 minutes or so and they say the more this the more it sits the hotter we'll get as far as spice wise but it's probably good enough for me just a little plate out right so here's our seafood boil we're gonna sit kick back and do this maybe we'll see it for a pipe on the deck or dessert looks good we'll just finished up that great dinner really turned out I'll tell you well Sean certainly enjoyed it I enjoyed it turned out better than I think both of us thought really smells great in the cabins so you Louisiana a little bit jealous for your for your crawfish boils down there but we kind of made our own up here pennsylvania style i guess it worked out great now time for pipe on the deck I got to thank Phil from Ohio he sent Shawn and I nice sampler packs actually four different tobacco's aromatics from the tobacco barn and Phil I know Shawn and I really appreciate that we are gonna pick one of these guys actually we already have them go for the Cavendish and you said well you don't treasure chest or my pleasure what my pleasure yeah he's going further my pleasure we're gonna sit out here is we got about a 45 minutes of light left so we sit out nice pipe and then probably hit a little wild turkey perfect see how that goes it is 101 maybe watch uh was that Cary Grant destination Tokyo from 1943 or four so went for an oldie film that actually still during the war probably a little bit of propaganda in there as to you know that's the that's the way it goes but hopefully it'll be interesting for us but nice evening it's raining baby inside yeah maybe get these pipes going and enjoy the evening nice and quiet haven't heard any turkeys all afternoon again which is usually a little strange for us they're there normally we we hear them down in here and I don't know if they have some Strutt zones that they're going back and forth in but kind of strange that we haven't heard them pipe time wild turkey movie be good evening about seven o'clock Saturday morning see in the background foggy as anything today was it really raining this morning a lot of a lot of stuff coming off the trees at 5:30 6 o'clock I know we would have got pretty wet equipment would have got damp and everything so we stayed in bed this morning did some calls and he responds up and kind of I've been up for a little while and listening you can hear pretty good in the cabin I can't someone moves around like probably could've heard it but for now I guess it's gonna be coffee time and they can make some kind of breakfast sandwich roll into Saturday and see what happens we're lunch gonna put a little some salt blocks out thing I picked up at Ollie's last year seemed to work pretty good it lasted the last of the long long time and gonna go ahead and fill this I have a bucket of a lucky buck over here that I think I'm gonna put onto a log instead of just putting onto the dirt here in the cabin so maybe we can see some deer coming over and hitting that lock lucky buck and absorb into the stump the log down there and then they make you one too that I know I got a suggestion to mix lucky buck and I think Imperial mineral together and then and then finish it with a the trophy rock on the top we are gonna do the the lucky buck in the trophy Iraq over at Sean's stand or somewhere over that way I got actually three different flavors here molasses apple and sugar beet crush and these are just the one of these five four and four pound blocks a for you guys that can't get out there these last pretty long time tractor supply Walmart indices and then putting your deals on this kind of stuff so you may want to think about putting some of these out I know these this device whatever you want to call this holder I don't think there was a label on it when I first got it but and I looked them up on the internet now I don't need to think either the company's not in business anymore or they're not making go with the Apple next so much nicer than just the single cages that you can get a tractor supply that I think sometime is for like horses or goats or something like that next year Corral I'm surprised these aren't a little bit more on the popular size weight a big hole over here I know they're there in there chewing on it so find a spot that puts a lucky buck on a stump somewhere where we could see it from the cabin if you haven't watched the lucky buck video I did visit the plant and when it was my request to go there they didn't contact me I really was interested in the product itself and I requested to visit it and they said sure come on out so if you haven't checked that video out its up in the corner over here and you can certainly do that but certainly believe in lucky buck I've talked about it over and over and over that I really think that it does some good if you do watch the video you can see the difference from year to year from some of these bucks that were actually using lucky buck and it was it's quite impressed Dave and the gang out there lucky Bucky I really think he got a great product here we're just gonna take I mean does that smell good I would be very interesting if if Sean and I start seeing some some deer down ham here relatively shortly because you cannot miss this flavor it was just so pungent and just hangs in the air I got it all over my tongue right down already remember you got a guarantee on this I've talked about that before you got nothing to lose for trying it so we'll just put a couple things out here we'll see what happens and I think it's done the fried dog or two up well I'm standing amongst a few pine trees right here when we cleared these fields that that was 10 years ago that scene there and I were up here and and helped the guy when he came in with the bulldozer and cleared everything out up here I kind of named this section of the field that we wanted to clover in and everything Seven Pines field Seven Pines was a battle of Civil War for you Civil War aficionados that may know about that battle I just kind of liked that and that kind of stuck in my head for some reason and I called it Seven Pines field few months later or something like that senior came up and he he planted seven pine trees right here and and I says I see these pine trees grow each year and this I think there's maybe five and a half left over because of the harsh winter and it's tough on these pines but it kind of reminds me of the guy he was and and what you know friend that he was to me the twenties and then again as I see these grow it's really just a a nice memory for me to see them going toasty buns brioche top loaders they well they do butter and egg right properly liens on y'all onion everywhere crazy that smells good looks good probably eats good time for lunch hey just get some targets set up to do a little shooting off the deck looks good it'll all go into the dirt you hit that it's all gonna go into the dirt am i vendor right I think it was the thing goes like the very bottom at five o'clock okay it was it's like the last inch of the target at five o'clock same spot just a belt oh oh that one I tell you sure if they couldn't tell yeah well you hit them I don't know if it's a reflection or half of all he seems like it's the same spot is he asking too much either for myself or the more I think right maybe you got a cheat and use a rest like I do yeah Clank oh wait you hit it no okay it's all where but hit it somewhere and it's time for dinner start with french cut green beans full salt pepper on them a bunch of butter a little bit more butter wrapped up in one get the moment grill there's Shawn starting to cut the onions up for our other side dishes like at the porterhouse is on one has emerald essence and the other has sloppier mama white pepper and on the side burner over here let's melt some butter down throw those onions in there elbows up next let's let that slide that pan up all the way with some baby portobello mushrooms I'll load it up load it up there we go it's a crack of fresh pepper and here's the pecan smoked sea salt to stir it up a little bit time to flip the steaks over looking just about right – much better than that nice grill marks on where mushrooms are just about there recorder to the way let's get these steaks off let them rest for a little bit oh it's good let your steaks rest at least a few minutes for you and covered up with some aluminum foil and here's a mushroom last a little bit of a stir and it's time to start plating things up address the mushroom onions next we'll have our french cut green beans and butter sauce mr. Waterhouse is on our place will add the side dishes last thing a couple pictures started up a little bit of a fire we'll be closing the door and turning that down in a few minutes but the quarter of 8:00 Saturday evening that great porterhouse dinner we had a nice visit from our net our camp next door they just bought the camp last year and Matt and Sarah and family came over Sean and I appreciate the visit and we enjoyed talking to you and look forward to seeing again some hunt well just wanted to take a couple minutes to talk about the Saturday hunting I kind of teased it earlier in the video but a lot of people wanted to know my opinion on Saturday hunting for PA I'm not gonna make this too long I'm not gonna go into a lot of facts and figures and everything like that just want to give you my quick opinion on it a lot of lot of people that I've talked to or seen are kind of negative on it that if that of texted me or not texted me but sent me messages are a little bit negative I'm kind of doing that I want to wait and see what happens you know it only takes you 15 minutes to open your camp and the deer season used to be all over the place in the year in the early 60s I think it hasn't changed since maybe sixty three or six before it was set on the first Monday after Thanksgiving but he kind of said before that who was this day and was that day everybody that hunted back then most likely is just about retired from hunting or unfortunately passed away by this time so the crop of people that are hunting now are just used to that tradition of it starting the Monday after Thanksgiving and what I like about that is if you do come on Friday and you're with your buddies on Saturday you're with your buddies on Sunday get to watch a lot of football and that interaction with the guys and having lunch should make it seem it says that's what builds friendship and tradition getting up Friday night quickly getting something to eat getting into bed and then hunting again Saturday and they're coming in and grab quick dinner on Saturday night it isn't gonna build a tradition but I have to really you know give a little bit to the the kids that they're trying to get introduced into hunting maybe they can't 13 14 year olds that they can take off from school but their parents can't take off from work they want to go out they can't trying to get those kids involved I also heard some things about trying to get some college kids involved I don't think I'd know what college kid that wouldn't skip the day of school or at least a morning to school or an afternoon to school so I don't think college kids have a lot to do with it I think it's more that 12 to 18 year olds that are still in high school that they're their parents really can't attend because let's face it after 18 you can go on your own you don't you don't need a parent or guardian to go with you so I don't think that 20 year old that go that's going to college it really has to say oh I really need Saturday because I don't want to skip school on Monday come on I'm not I'm not kind of buying that but like I said we'll see what happens you have any thoughts on it I get the extra day angle I think Sunday would make a lot more sense then and I agree and I think a lot of the folks that we've talked to said hey let's make it Sunday instead you know PA is one of those states they have the old blue laws when I grew up you couldn't do anything on Sunday basically a lot of stores weren't open no banks you couldn't get money a lot of gas stations weren't even open on Sunday so Pennsylvania is still getting through that blue law a little bit but if they did maybe say okay let's drop the Saturday switch the Sunday I think a lot more people will be happy about it especially us out of Staters yeah that'd have to drive six hours to get here we get here at 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon and I get up 5:30 to get here I mean it's it's early five or five I forget the five o'clock pick him up about 6:00 if we get here about 12:30 1:00 o'clock it doesn't give us much time maybe a storm came through the night before or a few days before and have to fix the stand that doesn't give you much time yeah if we did have Saturday that would that would certainly help here we are Sunday evening very lazy day today when in town and met another youtuber but I will discuss that tomorrow a little bit and have a big shout out for him but kind of quiet didn't do too much in town hit the Dollar General picked up a few things picked up another John Wayne movie for tonight to stick on the John Wayne theme Shawn and I like it Cahill US Marshal and that will that will certainly end when the guys arrive tomorrow because they rather watch something more current than that which is fine certainly want to go with what the majority of the guys want to want to watch hit the antler in tonight was going to go down to the perma stone in but was a little bit closer kind of raining miserable night so we didn't end up going that far down route out route 6 and stuffed in there today v Cinco DeMayo I kind of asked the waitress hostess there about tacos specials and and kind of just shook her head and said now that's no nothing we're not doing anything for Cinco tomorrow and as far as I'm concerned it's George's birthday today and nothing to do with Cinco DeMayo George's birthday happy birthday Georgie boy had that hamburger down the antler in very good some french fries a nice williamsport beer I think it was crooked trail beer and and it was very good very enjoyable so we're gonna sit back and enjoy some kill beggins Irish whiskey and hunters not mixed that was sent down to us from Tim up there in Massachusetts Tim Sean and I certainly we're gonna enjoy having a glass of nice smooth Irish whiskey and a little bit of hundred bucks mixed to go with it we appreciate that thank you very much Tim it's great to for you to send it down here to the camp I know we're all gonna enjoy the nuts we've already sampled them and very very good it's supposed to be clearing my about five-ish so we shall see what will happen turkey time tomorrow maybe very wet in the woods for kind of like walking around in the woods they do some just walk around on the trails a little bit to see if we can hear anything gobble and it's been very very quiet as far as that goes this year [Laughter] well that's kind of how it's gone this morning a lot of rain yesterday as I mentioned and rain all through the evening and into the night I still heard it raining about 4 o'clock in the morning but clearing now it's gonna be a beautiful day and I I thought maybe after all this rain and I know the animals know when the weather is gonna change in the weather's gonna get better also so I had a feeling that maybe they might be up and active this morning but we're hurrying noting again a lot of Al's going off this morning natural natural house and nothing was answering them been calling I haven't heard a thing haven't really even heard of heard of Henry can't say other hand up that call shy thing I don't believe in that I believe they're either talking of they're not talking unless you sound worse than I do so I just have a feeling that maybe they're off somewhere else this time so well we'll probably put away the turkey guns for now and wait for the gang to get here about the noon because about 8:30 now or so and got some chores to do Eric wants to put a feeder up so of course if he's gonna put a feeder up on the property I wouldn't hunt turkeys here anymore I think the chairman may be fishing this afternoon camp cooked version 2.0 will be here with some some good food so come forward – that looks like cut areas go greet them meet and great living trans up here going yeah welcome here too


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