Spider-Man: Far From Home Toy Play On Vacation

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Thank You marvel for your paid support of this new spider-man far from home toys line video hey it's Sandra from Sandra family and today we've got little dellux and EEMA and we are going to play with the brand-new marvel spiderman far from home toys these are super cool so we went to Walmart and we had a lot of fun at shopping and again our favorite toy so a buy let's see what did you pick out here okay get the webshots yeah that's really cool look this is a little nerve shooter the spider bolts and it comes with little missiles and we're gonna do a competition with this later I like this Spidey web studio look at that I am pick out these two awesome Legos I like all the characters in them oh yeah cuz of Nick Fury Mysterio happy Hogan Spidey and then oh yea Mysterio here firefighter and then a really cool suited spider-man yeah I really like those and then I picked out these really cool Marvel's spider-man far from home action figures we have multi man and spider-man and new suits I picked these out because they both came with really cool launchers and I can't wait to play with them and so the other really cool thing about the movie just coming out Marvel's spider-man far from home is we're far from home so Irv is een the kids grandparents here in Utah and it's beautiful here nice in the mountains and totally different from our home kind of like spider-man being in Europe in the movie can we play with the toys now yeah I love play okay yeah great let's take these down to the park and we can play with them we are far from home and this is the coolest Park I've ever seen there's so much trees and flowers and it's like really built into the nature of the mountains – swinging spider-man ends a movie jump so long six watch this oh cool oh there's molten man get him hello I I'd shot my missile oh that wouldn't be a fair fight hey guys I have an awesome idea why don't you do a little spider-man climb versus multi man on the rock wall here come here ooh good idea all right marvel spiderman vs muffin man so we had to climb each rock let's see Ava goes here and then Alex here for spider-man ok ready set go we always knew spider-man is pretty awesome good job Multi man though maybe next time spider-man all right I have another marvel spiderman far from home competition for us while we're far from home so this is our web shot spider bolts you want to do in this hand yeah ok so we have a little strip right here we can join in like this there you got it this is really cool it shoots pretty far and I figured what we can do it's trying to have you shoot a little nerf missile through one of these windows on this play structure here alright you ready yeah so put your hands here you got it and the cool thing is just kind of pull it back and the web's kind of strips when you do that alright so you'll get three shots so you have to shoot through one of these three windows right here boom boom and boom you ready yeah take on a challenge oh you got one good John okay I gotta blow it up another whistle here yeah there you go – Wow amazing and I thought this would be harder three oh my gosh she's gonna blow those missiles I'll get Eva set up Traci you gotta pull back you are all set ready oh okay so we missed one let's try another one and then shoot it up hi yeah perfect I couldn't press the button oh you got it good job okay and then the next missile and then pull it back press it aim high oh hey I won that means I get the place to Legos first okay hahahaha here comes spider-man hey yo face molten man I'll keep the jet free whoo hi down all in one piece – thank you everybody for joining us for this video I love the brand-new marvel spiderman fire from home twice and if you want to get him – just make sure to check out your local Walmart and huge thank you for Marvel for sponsoring this video I hope you all liked it be sure to give us a like [Applause]

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