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hi guys school here now hot on the trail of the Italia DLC SCS has released one final DLC of 2018 for Euro Truck special transport features long heavy and wide cargoes complete with escort vehicles what comes with the DLC how does it work and is it worth buying special transport DLC comes with eleven new cargoes more about that in a minute now because these cargoes have to be transported under escort unlike say the heavy haul DLC you can't just transport them from any city to any city in the job market there are specific routes which you have to take now when you first get the DLC you should get an email a bit like this one says from The Dispatch of the same special transport if you look in here it will list the 17 cities from which the special transport routes are departing now currently these 17 of the only places from which you can get a special transport but more will come later there are 12 in the base map two in the Scandinavia DLC one in going east and one in vivre the France curiously though there are not in Italia DLC currently so how do you find a special transport cargo in the freight market well it's very simple they contain red and white stripes that are very easily identified there's also a filter for this so if you go over here and click on the special transport box then everything in your freight markets will be special transport jobs additionally at the top here I've got my insulted by cargo weight descending so in my freight markets the heaviest trailer is the 70 ton heat exchanger this goes from Berlin it also contains the dimensions so this tells me that this is 18 meters long four point eight meters wide and five meters in height so it's length width and then height the industrial condenser you can see is a full six meters shorter and 10 tons lighter but it is a little bit wider but not quite as tall if you scroll through the market you'll see that they all vary quite a bit particularly the this one here the high-tech device the high-tech device is 6 meters long 6 meters wide because it's circular but it's only 1.8 meters tall so it's not not a high trailer at all and if we scroll along here you can see the smallest one is in fact that one in terms of its dimensions but it's not the lightest the lightest one is 20 tonnes and there's a boat a yacht sorry a a pilot boat which I think may be even lighter than this let's have a look through the full trailer list let's have a look at the 11 cargoes that come with the special transport DLC if we go to the trailer browser and we drop down the single extendable semi low loader trailer number one is this one this is the boiler part quite a tall one and quite wide but not particularly long this one second we have the whole truck chassis this one can catch you out a little bit this has a tendency to clip on the barriers so you need to be very careful this is quite wide now the wheels and tires are not on this but there is a trailer with wheels and tires on that we'll see here in a second third one is the excavator bucket the excavator bucket is probably the smallest trailer in the whole set and you may be wondering why the bucket is mounted sideways and not lengthways the reason is weight distribution by mounting it this way you get an even weight from left to right as we look at it if you mounted it lengthways it would be heavier on one side than on the other last in this trailer category we have the massive tech part now I don't know what's inside the box but all we know is it is massive I think it's something like 5 metres high and then 6 metres wide it's absolutely huge and quite heavy this one now if we go to the single extendable flatbed mixed in with some of the heavy haul we will find the special transport now the first one is the industrial condenser this is quite a long trailer it is as it says on the tin and industrial condenser pretty heavy this one and quite fun to transport then we have the heat exchanger this is even longer this is actually a fully extended flatbed it is really really long and very good fun it looks like a giant submarine but it's good fun to transport this one then we have the construction staircase get ready for big because this is big if you actually look at it it is a staircase on its side laid on to the back of a trailer again this one is long but it's also pretty wide that is quite a challenging one out of all the trailers then we have the huge tires which may or may not fit on the truck that we saw earlier although they are missing the wheels nothing particularly special about this one it's just quite heavy and a little bit wide this one comes with the convoy though then we've got the high-tech device which is this we're already sure that is maybe something off a wind turbine not really short looks like a giant pound coin or a euro to me it is white and it's reasonably heavy and then finally we've got the giant solo giant solar the giant silo which is super super long this silo as you can see it's been tipped on its side probably headed for a farm somewhere like that to be storing grain that kind of thing and then we have the one that's on its own which if we go to the semi low loader would drop deck this is perhaps the hardest trailer to find in the whole set this is the pilot boat or a service boat and the reason it's hard to find is because it only seems to spawn in Brussels so if you take yourself over to Brussels and then look in the freight market you might have to sleep a few times to get this one but it's quite unique in the whole set that is all eleven trailers in the special transport DLC so how does it all work in terms of the convoy thing well the best way to show you that is to actually just take a journey so let's just pull it – here and we'll pick up one of these special cargoes and you'll see how it all works this Jeff I have got a frosty weather MOT installed by the way the mod spreadsheet does list that it's frosty weather mode by grimes hence why it all looks nice and frosty for winter which i think looks great okay so you take the job you go to you Frank market and you say let's have that and it says the trucks tanks are refilled and the driver nails have been restored it then gives you this lovely little cutscene where you kind of get this flyover and you can see what the trailer looks like which is quite handy you know some people see people fiddling around with the trailer now if you have fatigue simulation turned on what it just did was it reset your driving hours so you've got a full driving schedule ahead of you you're not fatigued in any way the journeys are built such that they will never be longer than a single working shift so you'll never need to sleep in fact you don't want to sleep if you sleep it will fail the job for you equally it will refill your tanks completely so you never need to stop for fuel additionally you don't want to stop at any red lights then basically breaks this down for you it says here avoid any conflict with the escort vehicles and keep the cargo between them so there are two convoy vehicles is one in the front and there's one of the back and what you need to do is effectively just follow the guy in front don't change lane unless the guy in front does so and don't crash into him obviously now also you need to observe the speed limits he will observe the speed limits and you must do it as well watch out for overtaking traffic and other drivers on the road and then it goes through how to how to change your lane so what happens is the rear vehicle will move over first it will then wait for all the the grey cars it'll make for all the vehicles to move out the way the front vehicle then you move over and then you move into place here so what you're doing is you're following the front guy you don't need to worry about the guy behind you can't see him anyway because your trail is so wide but just pay attention to what the guy in the front is doing he'll tell you anything that you need to do as it says there if you don't follow along like this the chances are that your mission will fail so what normally happens is and they're all different because the different routes are coming out at different cities some are coming out of quarry's some are coming out of farms and things they all structured the same way your trailer is automatically attached and generally speaking you need to leave the cargo area and the convoy will be waiting for you out there so hit the beacons get those going oh and one other thing I've got a skin here called Doyle heavy haulage this is for the next gen Scania and I've also got a Doyle heavy haulage special transport DLC skin as well that goes with it these are not default there are mods that put the skins on top if you want these they're in the fly mod spreadsheet Doyle is in fact my dog in case you didn't know I've got a Westie called oil hence why I've got Doyle heavy haulage so if you like look at the skin and you can configure the truck into any color you want if you like look at the skin it's in the mod spreadsheet but it doesn't you know doesn't come by default with the special transport so let's get a move on our one of the thing make sure you've got a truck that's capable of hauling these things because some of them are pretty heavy I've got the next gen Scania s 730 engine so I shouldn't have a problem of you're worried if it did this is a barrier mod but there are some barriers in the Italia DLC but there's no special transport for that yet but that's a little barrier mod again in the mod spreadsheet now here we are this is the first of the convoy vehicles and you can see the Doyle heavy haulage has also skinned that up as well but you know the default ones are fine but I just think this looks a little bit more coordinated these are all done by a guy called Paul II has a workshop in steam polish custom skins but the mod spreadsheet will link that to you so here we go we just turn out and those are going in front you'll often see members of the public you'll see members of the press anything like that will be around photographing your trailer and I'm not paying attention to what I'm doing I'm too busy looking at the paparazzi there's one lazy so let's start that again now you see it's about to fail the job before I carry on so yeah what you need to do is allow plenty of room when you're maneuvering like that pay attention to what you're doing so CCB is on site to record this wondrous event as we eat this support this is heavy trailer out of here but you'll often see that photographers and press and you'll even see them on the way not just as you're you're leaving or when you're when you're arriving pay attention to the start of the day as well when you take a job because obviously nighttime driving can be a little bit more tricky let's put my side lights on them nighttime driving can be a little more tricky because you can't really see what you're doing now look the traffic you see looking at the waves have been part of the traffic is now stopped you do not worry about stop signs you do not worry about lights you just keep on going notice in my mirror though you see that little flag there's one on either side you can just see it that you need to pay attention to those because they're gonna tell you how what the trailer is you can see in the right mirror that flag is over the white line so what that tells me is that I am more or less on the limit of war I need to be if I go any further to the right I'm most likely gonna take some signs with me the trailer is that wide now equally on the left side you'll notice I'm straddling the line on the left in other words I'm having to drive off-center slightly and in order to not hit things on the curbside what you need to pay attention to is what happens when there's an oncoming vehicle let me just get up to speed here the guy in front will not go above the speed limit but equally he will kind of follow your speed so if I'm only doing 40 like am now and the limit is 60 like he won't accelerate to 60 he doesn't control the speed of the of the little convoy you do in a way as long as you don't control something you don't break the speed limit you're in control of the speed so if I start to accelerate you'll see he maintains the gap now do you see move over watch that car you see even though he's a police car he gets pushed over the convoy vehicle in front moved over to the center of the road which has the effect of pushing the AI vehicle off-center so that you don't hit him as you come through and you'll see him do it time and time again like that you see otherwise if he didn't do that I would almost certainly hit those vehicles because I can't stay in the center of my lane because my trailer is far too wide that's the essence of what this is this pack is doing by salting you now will come up to Junction the junction again will already be stopped there'll be vehicles in the way so we don't worry about some stopping here we'll just keep going see there's a police on site now this will all be blocked off for you all you need to do is worry about not hitting things and keep in under the speed limit all right I'm just gonna accelerate up to 60 and I'll show you what happens he basically will keep going all the way up till 60 if he changes lane you change lane right we're at 60 now if I wish to go any quicker than this I will start to catch him up see there's people on the bridge they're looking see that I'm breaking the speed limit he won't break the speed limit so watch that use cruise control that's my advice get yourself to around like 55 and a 60 zone cruise control it and then pay attention to what's going on around you now I've come a cropper with some of these barriers sometimes you'll get barriers that are on a lane split like this you'll suddenly get barriers and it can catch you out for example here you see this this is exactly what I'm talking about make sure that you are left enough because I've gone along here and managed to clip into that barrier and damage the trailer so that's one thing to pay attention to also when you're getting off and on highways and the you've got those narrow exit roads you need to be very careful particularly with that's that high-tech box which is super wide there's only just enough width in that road for that box and you've got to get up there very carefully while making sure that you keep that momentum going because you know he'll start in 60 tons that's just not going to happen very easily other than that this is the essence of the special transport DLC again we can't see the guy behind because he just does his job back but the traffic is allowed to come down this left lane so you do need to maintain your space in your lane because traffic is allowed to overtake us we don't have control of the whole road so watch out for vehicles coming down the side of either now he's tell us is gonna change lane adapt your speed to the avoided possible crash in other words he's probably gonna slow down so he's given you advance notice that he's going to slow down don't go into the back of him now this is what you need some concentration so I'm just gonna keep to the right sort of keeps the left slightly watch those flags on the trailer take your time it's not a rush you get plenty of time to the job but you want to make sure that you don't damage this trailer so I'm looking at that flag in the left mirror just controlling my speed and make sure that I allow enough width there we go and then accelerate get back in line and that's how you do it now going down is a little bit easy you just gotta slow the speed down a bit but going up obviously you've got to worry about being in the correct gear unless you're an automatic I do manual gears but if you're not ematic you don't need to worry about the gear so much but it does you know it does require a bit of concentration it is quite fun it's not perfect I will say that there are even though the escort vehicle will push traffic out the way you still get cases where you know you go around a left-hand Bend or right-hand Bend and you know the guy come in the other way in his trailer will will cut the bend slightly even though he's pushed over it's still very very close so it's not perfect but he's pretty darn good okay just caught my speed up a bit let's just back off to wonder 60 the reason I recommend cruise control in at around 55 is because when it goes downhill there's a huge amount of weight behind it and when it goes downhill and it activates things like the retarder to try and keep you under 60 and it will struggle a little bit I don't know why just brake check this it will struggle a little bit and if you're on 55 it just gives it a little bit of leeway to keep you under the speed limit well I've never been late for this job yet even though I've been going at 55 I've never been late for one of these special transport DLCs so it does seem to give you plenty of time to get from A to B now the job length varies sometimes they can be as short as I think about 190 kilometers all the way up to I think the most I've seen is about 350 possibly 380 kilometers it can't go longer than a single work cycle because it will not let you sleep now I don't know why you see that going left though I don't know what he's doing exactly but notice the traffic is buzzing around and you've got to keep your eye on the ball currently promised 2.25 does not work with special transport so if you do install promo 2.25 you will suddenly find that you don't see any special transport jobs and maybe wondering why that is why the map is not compatible notice the retard is kicking in but I'm managing to stay just under 60 now this is exactly what I was talking about there you go we're at 60 but it's all good now if I the cruise control at 60 I've had a problem the next version of Pro mods I believe will support special transport DLC so at the moment unfortunately it's an either/or either you have Pro mods or you have special transport jobs you have to turn the Pro mods off if you want to do special jobs you will see Lamborghinis and stuff kicking around yeah that and also his that here's a really cool thing right so the the special transport routes are defined by the map which means people like Pro mods and Russ map can define special transport routes which will then expand the ones that we get for free which is cool now SCS has promised that there are more routes to come above the the current seventeen routes that we have there are more to come later and you know 2018 obviously but obviously with people like Pro mods and rush map they would be able to define routes as well which is pretty cool if you ask me what that means is special transport is not just what you're given in theory and I don't know if it I think this is true but in theory you could take for example jazzy can't heavy haul trailers and drop them into you know create routes with impro modes for them in theory I don't know if that would put a dependency on jazzy cats so maybe they wouldn't do it but in theory it's possible but certainly we'll get a lot of combinations out of this in 2018 a lot more than what SCS has given us now even though I'm pretty I'm pretty liking what we've got right now because there's 17 routes in 11 cargos I don't know how many combinations there are but there's you know quite a few jobs that you can do certainly on one route there's more than one trailer type so and each time you do it with a different trailer it can be a bit more challenging you know so we are 66 kilometers away so far so good apart from that little upset I had not paying attention as we left but luckily if you look I didn't damage the trailer the XP and the money in a special transport job is apparently greater than a normal job so it's also a nice way of boosting your XP in your money pot so there is that as well notice this coppers there stopping people from joining on a poli-sci notice the vehicles are doing some weird stuff I don't really know why like you say it's not perfect but um we just want you see how far over that guy is between the front and the back convoy car the AI vehicles effectively get pushed all the way over in their lane that's what they do they make sure that they give you a wide berth either oncoming traffic or traffic that's going the same way as you as in the case here I could say you cannot pick your own roots in this you cannot jump through the job market and just take one of these special transport jobs they only come out of 17 cities and they go down very specific routes at the moment so there is that but apart from that I kind of enjoy it I think being on a convoy lit like this I mean I you know we've talked about this a long time in the community about having a convoy and stuff for heavy haul and finally it's here and they've implemented I think in a pretty decent way like it works it's not perfect but it works pretty well and I don't know every time you take one of these jobs you kind of feel special you're like you're no longer driving alone you've got this guy in front of you this guy behind you the traffic is moving out your way it's just hilarious I love it certainly beats solo driving with getting bullied by AI traffic that's for sure current price for the DLC now I don't know if it's going to get discounted over Christmas burn in mind that it's only just come out it's four pounds it's like four euros or five dollars something like that is it's incredibly cheap and for that money you're getting what 11 new trailers and a whole bunch of special transport routes to drive in and for four pounds this is this is a steal I mean my verdict on this I absolute steal it's great bit of fun it's one of the better DLCs I mean mostly what we have coming out of SCS is either a map DLC or we have like paintjob DLCs the heavy haul was slightly different it gave us some new trailers but it wasn't really anything new because if you're if you're a person that used mods like I do you know we've had heavy trailer mods for quite a long time I mean my BOB up trailer goes back how many years you know 70 ton er what we've had it for a long time but this this is truly different this is truly unique this is one of the first things that's properly expanded the game world probably since we've had you know the whole double articulation came into play that changed the game and being escorted under convoy that also changes the game people are saying oh we imagine this in the multiplayer world genuinely don't think you'll ever see this in mp and the reason is simply because let's get through again because this thing is heavy one second we're gonna hold it that gear yes we are the reason is that multiplayer the way it works relies on injecting the players vehicles into were the a I was so there's no AI in the multiplayer for the very simple reason that the multiply takes over the at were the positions of the a vehicle normally are it basically inject player positions so you know each person would have convoy vehicles their AI which are not in MP and it would also I have to coordinate those as well so I just don't think I don't think it's ever gonna happen and there you go that is how easy that is how easy it is to get yourself into a bit of trouble it's always the exit roads that cause you problems that guy there is actually slightly away from where he should be pretty certain he should be pushed a bit further back those exit slips are very very narrow and these trails are very wide so if you like me and you're just talking away not really paying attention that's what happens rights get back into the right gear did I damage the trailer yeah I dummies the troyler 2% damage this guy here look at this taking the inside lane and I'm already over at the barrier so don't think for one second that this is gonna be an easy ride because it really isn't an easy ride it does demand focus when you're on the highway you can you can chill a little bit but when you start getting on and off ramps and stuff it will take your concentration it's good fun though I like it I like stuff that's challenging there we go got it under control final thing is when you come to drop these trailers off I've never had to reverse one yet it's a little bit like the heavy haul stuff they're always drive forward in one or two of them though has been a little bit challenging like driving in or out of the drop-off point has been like very very close you know you've got to get positioned correctly to make it in or out wow that guy's breaks in front so in this particular instance I'm going to steal the middle lane to make sure that nobody even tries to go down the side of me also when you get onto a when you get onto a motorway I don't think that's gonna work is it yeah haha this is look at this steering axles you see being caught out are steering axles when you get onto a I'll great stuff now he wants to move when you get onto a motorway and you go underneath the bridge the rear convoy vehicle the rear convoy vehicle oh dear are about to reverse into convoy will stop and then the upper one will stop as well mean like you'll have to wait for the rear convoy vehicle to catch you up but don't worry it'll tell you now I appear to be quite stuck here because of this car I've got this card to deal with and I've also got the rare convoys our deal with which if I crash into him it's not gonna be very happy it's now closed this is like the tolerances are so so incredibly close that if you don't position correctly this is what happens and I'm not really sure how we're going to get out of this are you getting all this on film because I don't think we're clearing the the back and the forks of this guy's just completely in the way short of pushing him out the way I'm not sure how I'm supposed to get around it well you're gonna have some move pal now in real life as a truck driver you could get out and just say well you know can you back up a little bit but not in there sometimes you just get jammed between AI vehicles like that and there's not that's the one thing I would like is some way of you know pushing these things out the way some way of saying move tell tell this guy to move because I can't I can't go anywhere right now so thankfully we didn't damage to try that any more than 2% but you know I've hold a few of these trailers and you can see how easy it is to just hit something that's how easy it is it's very easy done and very easy to get yourself into a bit of a pickle like that particularly with these trailers now red light don't care about that we're straight through here let's make sure my trailer swings around correctly there we go pretty advanced stuff though love it right here's our drop-off point I hope this has given you a good idea a good a good flavor of what it's like to be in the special transport world and hopefully like me you'll think to yourself this deal seems pretty worth it now there you go he pulls up that we've got more photographers and stuff here there's a guy with a selfie stick like I mean really just obviously some kind of you know trucking vlogger maybe I don't know I think Solaris but there you go we can say it's just a driving point not particularly difficult when it comes to the dropping off usually and then we'll get a report we're gonna get some deductions because there's a little bit of damage ease it forward wait for the green light there is beacons come off parking brakes going on disconnect the trailer we'll get some XP ammonia out of it satisfactory satisfactory wasn't excellent look damage penalty 2.6 percent it did manage to D me to level 79 anyway but we got what two grand deducted off 18 that's not too bad fuel consumed 170 litres but it gave me fuel anyway hundred kilometers driven eight hours and 48 minutes and that is that that is how you transport a special transport DLC as I say if you want these skins there in the mod spreadsheets it's an engine or a second and yeah hope you enjoyed the video guys please give me a thumbs up if you did for four pounds four euros five dollars I'd say this is one of those the biggest Steel's to come out of SCS and a long time great fun quite tricky and tremendous value for money that's it for me take care guys happy truckin


The Last Pilot · May 14, 2019 at 6:20 pm

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The Last Pilot · May 14, 2019 at 6:20 pm

Discounted  for Christmas? Its only £4.00. Surely they cant sell it for less. It looks worth a lot more compared to train sim addons.

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the high tech device is a mirror for a large telescope at an observatory

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wait adding on to what you said about it refueling your truck and resetting your driving hours you could use that to get free fuel if you think about it

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