"Soul Sisters" on vacation in Fairhope

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we got a very special story we're sharing with you tonight two six year old girl's best friends so close they even say they're twins how about that it's a story that's been shared all over social media we're talking several million views online and this week they came here for a vacation Michael Warwick has their story of friendship on a typically quiet farm in Faro infections and joyful presence live-ins up the air be a hand-in-hand song this is a presence only found in sisters in this case twin sisters it's always inspiring to see two little girls who love each other so much and when I say love I mean they love each other like sisters you know they they actually believe they're twins yes six year olds gia and Zuri swear by it I'm gonna little sister their birthdays are just days apart my feet are bigger than hers yeah they'll tell you they're twins all right but the funny thing is is they they still argue like sisters as well so it's nonstop I mean they're they're high energy and they're two little type-a leaders it's amazing it's a story since gone viral gia and Zuri's innocence bound white brown light and love for each other pulling at heartstrings across the world dubbed soul sisters racking up millions of views online they're just promoting friendship and love and kindness and just to just to see it it's just simply wonderful and sure some kids have given them a hard time at their Miami school but if you hang out with them hey I'm Michael you can tell they really don't care because this is what sisters do Rock Paper Scissors shoot but this is not just a story of sisterhood she alleys wins but also one of motherhood yoga a simple lesson in life in love we could all learn from especially today looking at each other and just saying hey I like you because I like you and that's all that matters we have actually created a friendship you know just amongst ourselves because of the girls a lesson in a little more secret handshakes a little more friendship some more value on what it means to be a mother more value on what it means you guys are kind of remained friends forever Wow to be a sister in Fairhope I'm Michael Warrick fox10 news

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