So I’m Living in Bali Now?!? | Full-time Solo Traveler

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hey YouTube welcome back to my channel
my name is Lea also known as travel Lea and today I’m talking to you guys about
my next move so if you watch my livestream that you
know that I am staying in Bali crazy right I know
so had planned to travel for the three months around Southeast Asia but I just
fell in love Bali and I just pretty much decided to stay I was on the hunt for
like a affordable living situation where I could afford to be here for longer and
I finally found one that’s really comfortable and beautiful so if you want
to know how I’m living in Bali for the next month for $300 comment down below
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me want to stay here so there’s several reasons why I just fell in love with
Bali and I just knew that I am meant to be here for a while so what happened
is that I’m trying to like rework this let me turn this off I’m trying to like
rework how this happened because everything just happens it comes to me
so spontaneously and I I just like to live life like that like day by day I
don’t make plans and I know so many people ask me like oh where are you
going next month what are you doing now what’s the end result either because
people want to meet up with me or whatnot but I just don’t know and I
don’t want to set plans for myself because I don’t want to restrict myself
I want to just go with the flow and let the world kind of take me on its own
path by the way sorry for the background noise I am outside and near a street so
there’s gonna be motorcycles going back and forth anyways once I got to Buddha
and Bali I just felt this great energy from this place so this place is like
how can I say it’s like a nomad Haven pretty much is where I get the feeling
from this place is perfect for a digital nomad just kind of network number one to
settle and work on projects just to relax to just be a digital nomad it’s a
great place for entrepreneurs to come here as well it is known for it’s a
place to have mental clarity because of the energy because of how Bali is really
focused on meditation and yoga I don’t do any of those but it’s just like the
whole energy that you get from the place it’s like you can’t really escape it
once you’re here you are a part of the energy and I felt that immediately
there’s tons of nomads here are tons of you can tell they’re no digital nomads
you go down the street and every coffee shop there’s you know three or four
people sitting there on their laptops you can tell they’re actually working
it’s just a great great feeling so when I decided I actually met up with this
girl through a Travel Group on Facebook it’s called girls love travel shout me
out if you’re a girls love travel a member put it down in the comments
section but we met up we went to Monkey Forest together and we afterwards we
went down to have drinks and we like really we both felt the same way about
Bali how we really want to dive into the world of becoming a digital nomad
because we love to travel and we want to be able to continue to but of course as
you know you need income to be able to sustain yourself so as we’re seeing that
we’re just talking about all the projects we wanted to do all our ideas
and we both kind of decided that hey let’s just say in Bali for a while so I
mean she went her own way though we did at one point try to find a place where
we could all live together but we didn’t find one which is okay but she’s still
here and I’m still here and we’re still
working on our project so that is the main reason I wanted to sit here and
settle and work on some projects because as you guys know the way I started
traveling is I had savings um had savings don’t last forever so I knew
that hey if I want to keep traveling if I don’t want to stop any time soon I
need to start to make I need to start to make some type of income coming in I
need to have different outlets where I’m getting income which is what digital
nomads do they might have their own business they might do affiliate
marketing they might do different jobs or little jobs or they might do social
media mainly and just get income that way so there’s so many different ways to
get income remotely just from your laptop and that is why I’m here in Bali
to kind of sit and focus and dive into that realm because I do want to continue
traveling and my savings are dwindling that brings me to on my project so I’m
working on different projects right now what I decided to do is to really focus
on my social media platforms and to boost them up and to get a bigger
following so um that is one of my project so I have like goals that I
wrote down you know different numbers and I want to meet by the end of the
month and so that’s what I’m really really working on so you know you know
basically what I was researching is you know you know how do these people get
paid for the Instagram post how do people make money through Instagram and
you know I found that you know I really definitely have the opportunity to do
that but I’m not at the number of following that companies would like to
see yet that’s why this month I’m focusing on just increasing my following
cap so that I can get to the point where I can travel and have ads basically make
ads so I can get income so that’s one of the projects I’m working on
also of course YouTube I’m always working on YouTube I want to increase my
YouTube following of course because bigger the numbers it’s not really based
on the numbers it’s more about the views um you know if I go to a hotel I’m like
hey I’ll do a review on this room if you give me a discount or if you just let me
stay for free things like that but definitely have to get my views up so
it’s gonna be a lot of work but I am excited I’m motivated a heavy an energy
to attack and then the final project that I’m working on is for you guys
actually it is not really income based but I am working on my website so I am
completely revamping my website I want it to be kind like a database of
information for travelers I I get so many questions all the time about it
like travel tips travel resources you know I get so many questions and you
know I honestly get about 10 to 15 messages a day so I cannot really answer
them all the time and it makes me feel bad so I want to
put out that information for you guys so I can just be like oh hey check out my
website you know check out this so I am working really hard on my website you
know so I will have sections for travel resources travel tips you know
frequently asked questions more information for you guys so that you can
it’ll motivate you more to travel and you’ll have the resources to be able to
travel and to figure out your own plan so yeah and so that’s pretty much it
that’s why I decided to stay in Bali because it’s so beautiful for that I’m
not just gonna be sitting here on my laptop the whole time I’m definitely
still traveling around exploring experiencing new things doing different
activities in betweens my work that I’m doing but yeah it’s also just you know
it’s just a great place to reflect and just calm down and you know full time
travel it’s hard to bounce around you know I’ve had this conversation with
other travelers and bouncing around constantly when you’re doing this like
year round like this isn’t just a vacation for me like I’m out here so
it’s not fun that just bounce around every few days go to a different country
go to a different city it’s not fun it’s exhausting in that time I got Franchot
before so I’m just sitting and I’m settling and I’m enjoying it I and I and
I love it I’m happy I feel it’s like almost like I’m just living here it’s
like I’m just living here temporarily but I’m living here so as always a link
is down below in the description box please check out my merch store that I
would really appreciate that and as always thank you guys for your support
thank you for watching they subscribing and I’ll see you in the next one


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acajudi100 · March 17, 2019 at 8:59 pm

I spent 60 days in Bali. Korean Air there was a racist nightmare, as were the Aussies. Singapore was my favorite place. Our daughter teaches English online to the Chinese. I travelled on my paid vacations. The very best to you.

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