Sneaking @ 1AM w/ Ender & Cupcake!! (60FPS!!!) {1 week into SUMMER VACATION Already!}

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90s it right yeah yeah that's like instead of like spreading out like you're doing this you're doing that and then like dad that's like well like you you really want to keep it consistent like be neighborhood like which feels very better to you like going left or right yeah then well which one's better for you soon sweeping laugh you're right right mom I can't I can't do it left like that all like I do it both ways right easier from but like see like you're like look you're you're spacing it like you'll do a 90 like actually pretty fast and then you won't like jump up and like like mess it up kind of like kind of what I don't know I choose I gotta watch you do it like you do just like yes yes I keep jumping up what you explain it like laughter like you like get the first one down like you just jump up and do it again what I like stalking I guess like you can put it like that whoa wall jump mostly well I mostly do them like after I'm like it you can I can I can't do that what kind of good like I can do like kind of like that gladly yeah like that basically like you just like you know I like that and then jumping in that then like mostly I just like 9v like and then I guess call it it's not like easier to cheat but Russia's better rather than 19 I mastered the res I mean I point like you see someone like this yeah when you see so on and they're like attacking you you can either do like the single wall and then do on stair for wall or label sorry good basically okay like easier what press oh my easiest way for me it's either four walls there or stair floor wall because I don't like what build pro on each basically just tap l2 booter pro l2 easy like saying for me like you just like triggers because yeah what the mostly the rush that I do yeah cuz like I only doing stair and wall they basically I gotta do it just like spam like LT like you press l2 you know you press r1 what I do is I just press l2 r1 r2 and then like back doing it again like this fast like I run like like I went out a little like I press r1 r2 l2 then I wait till I'm ready to build again without over without overlapping r2 or r1 r2 l2 so r1 r2 r1 r2 l2 r1 r2 oh yeah yeah i just keep doing that like in a fast motion like you can probably just like walk and do it and then like maybe like yeah and ER said it best okay somebody but aren't you and then I just keep that singing what are you one voter pearl okay so are like are one basically I could like I can even build a kind of that now like watch like understand right here X and render click right where I am and when I say run just like ran into a brick wall like you're gonna jump into it and I already have it edited ready start running sometimes sometimes I can do is I can go like that I always were hours of rushing someone who wants like that all day like again in come fast yeah I don't start shooting the ball and then you edit it know that do you like I got a you like a guy go to the bathroom and he got the win and then all I hear is like he's like taking a whiz and all here it's true us legit cuz he's hard it doesn't even matter they filled it or not he like oh my god he almost caught this do you got the win you got the win alright go to the bathroom tell me she won 11 speaking at nine year old and remember that's your characters hyper but ultimately Andrew speaking of nine-year-old remember K tap just joined our party randomly the other day I think two months like he just so this friend of ours complete K dot and we're the online name is Killa now cuz I don't know why I renamed it but just two kills by the way could not when we were talking about earlier um so he just joined our party and he's like nine years old right under pretty sure mm-hmm and he just joins like randomly and he's like go to sleep and he just leaves like all of sudden like to it's like also like a minute second it happened like well I think he was my dad I know I said it but that was the funniest thing you'd ever hear I mean it's even better imagining it he's out what friends they got back from like McDonald's or something they were in the parking lot probably kind of o'clock at night and his cocaine not cocaine you don't think I don't think he took cocaine but he took him marijuana and it was from plates he saw chickens dancing with tuxedo wait what wait wait wait does they say that's what they say they say yeah freeze like you're dying but you're not look I felt that yesterday go ahead I felt like that out started drug Nelson to say I was going to say yesterday because I delayed my snap but only Cedric's all like I posted because I'm losing too much weight because I thought I was gonna die because I started feeling really weak and I felt like my heart rate will slow him down so I just like started to take a little walk around the house and and I deleted my snap saying like I feel like I feel like I'm gonna I feel like my mic cut my mom said you were getting you could be getting organ failure soon because he don't eat much and I was like well this might be the day and you're like oh stop you're fine but I didn't say anything cuz that collect because I don't know if I'm gonna die or not but I just felt like really really weak all of a sudden like I was actually dying and I started to get like lightheaded so I literally just started taking a walk around the house like it was my last time living it turned out I just really had bad diarrhea probably from the marijuana song so like I like I actually saw him to dial like said freaking out I just stayed calm and I was walking around my house like kids a lot I'm gonna live and I even deleted my snap because I don't know it'll be considered weird because if I did live which I did then like you'd be like you know what I yeah I'm still here like legit like I just started taking a walk around the house the last like my last time in my house but I'll just looking around because I thought it would be the last time I saw anything cool like well goodbye world I think that'd be really really weird hash poppy seeds Oh and all day well what wouldn't even be able to arrest you though I think it'd be a leak over them do what don't learn wait what he made you throw up why would he want you to Sarah oh I guess I I guess it kind of makes us and they're kind of memory kind of reminds e is this I put cry I snuck crack in your hot dogs so it was Co cake so mean under a couple of years ago like dude Judah's popular mean that like a meme that all of her friends look look at when we were playing with them good now mostly just mean editor now from that but like so did this be this video like about ten kids like probably like eight years old jump into a pool it was probably acted but they were like he took this like older guy probably kind of liked her uncle he just goes to the camera and says I put crack in her hot dog Hawaii sure oh yeah Hawaiian Blake Blake good friend Aaron oh yeah Aaron and coke yeah orange in cocaine born with around you though orange was around right we are friends yeah cuz like I'm not really sure it but like cuz like usually under followers list because it's kind of like a trick I've learned but if you if you look at some of the followers on PlayStation the new features they add in like a little while ago whatever told you go under profile and look at your followers but like I realize like it goes in chronological order when the last time was one fall of you and usually when he adds someone know like it I'm no but I'm pretty sure like when someone as you as a friend it goes into their followers list and it's in the chronological order so like you can find out who was friend servers and I look at your profile and like I was one of your first friends like I meet but I'm not really sure though but like I said I basically I beat drugs like I added II before drugs or he added me before drugs and I think even like the majority of our friends I'm not really sure though I think I think I check yours because I can't check my own i legit once a year how did you check that yeah I'm so like when you go farther you go down yeah let me see you cuz I'm gonna check again cuz hopefully hopefully they didn't like change it or anything I'm gonna check right now okay let me look at you were just right now because who was the last person the editor friend me too okay let me see oh yeah so so we go to her in the head school now cuz I'm checking right in that way cuz he got it you got a so you gotta take out the mutual friends cuz mutual friends are priority and their meaningless mutual I mean me and you have a T mutual friends that like that that's like dough maja but let me see oh they changed it they made it into alphabetical order cuz I got yours now wait what yeah it's weird though cause like I know it did though via whose name was like skull Crusher's I'm like am i weird or like the very law students expected me and my friends and I find out he deleted me I get sad I don't even know cuz the reason I don't delete like it like all difference I don't play this is because like I was not like deleting people deleting people supposed to get lazy Eva yeah like September it's actually true though you're actually really good at the game you get sniper hitch gather round the campfire I'm sorry you think you under I liked you're gonna do that oh yeah there's my child yeah best game ever oh wait did they say that it's coming out on like soon or something because because I almost come to xbox for that but yeah Castle Crashers is remastered is going for the ps4 I asked when exactly but I said summer this summer so it could be like anywhere from like now I would say to like July or August I'm gonna August I would say chat line but I will yeah cuz like I can't wait to play that game cuz like the only my childhood was LittleBigPlanet and Castle Crashers and I don't play a little bit play anymore mm-hmm I used to play see what it's like it's like a ton of games with the things that I mostly like every day after school a little big oh no way I had one two and three I grew out of it there were three because that's cool that lead to the guitar Casey 100 that reminds me of like it reminds me of like my singing up like if you sing in the right tune you get like a hundred points if you get like a perfect and if you sing like like absolutely perfect it get like a hundred points timed like six and like you get like an A or an A+ or a plus plus why do we they should PlayStation should a defeat or at least for a Playstation 5 where we can just like compare each other's games I almost got an Xbox just play Castle crasher I hope you have fun though it's a demo Thursday either attitude or something or I don't know like move you're speeding car y'all speed yeah I know not five stars yeah I know what you mean cuz I seem like videos of that stuff and I can't even watch the video I think it's just like and I I mean sorry go ahead I have ADHD I my weight was a TD again I don't know if I have a TD mm-hmm that's not embarrassing I mean I used to take medicine no because like I have them the main thing to idealist well others in Tourette syndrome is ADHD I'm not sure about a EDD but I don't really know if you mentioned it but um OCD ADHD the main thing is Tourette's anxiety of course like everybody has that nowadays I used to be like you go in soon after for a year oh yeah oh you're in medicine too turn meows hoping late record go away I can't like standstill basically I like like I'm in percussion and school so like little bit like okay just sit there and then I'll just be like tapping on my leg and he of like Jackson stop and then like I did I'll just put my hands by my side and now I just start tapping my foot I don't know like I won't even know what I'll be doing it and he'll say hey Jackson stop again and like what am i doing he's like you're tapping your foot now I look down and it's still going to know I Olaf yeah yeah it it's good but like for like stuff like when he's like teaching us he doesn't like us moving he just likes us just like sitting there and what watching him do it and it's like making noise or anything so like well moves just me standing there about to play like I'll like start like moving my feet and crap and he like stinks stay in formation and crap and I hate it's hard because like last year I had the same teacher and then I moved schools because region zone or whatever and then legit this year I had the same exact teacher because I guess he teaches here – all right good night bro I'm probably all good office in 20 minutes maybe around or two don't be without saying scenario but I don't get is that like because meet intervals have meet intervals have thrips syndromes but look I don't get it that like why it's really caused because it's like a really bad habit because like a lot people say I don't know how it is yeah I thought that something's talking about me because like when you talking about I don't know if with ADHD or um um when it wasn't when he was talking about his foot and into them what's called his teacher like you can't stand still when he's talking about that I thought it was a mix yeah I have that I have like I have basically I won't say like me and her kind of like twins got what that stuff because we almost have like the same things but like what I don't know cuz I almost say like I don't know how his cause because like Tourette's usually happen at least for me I pretty soon was the same for like him or anybody else – um we'll go back to Leif created back to the lobby usual but like I was gonna say I'm like it kind of starts like a dare like say it's like Tourette's kind of start at least for me I was soon for anybody else like say you're tapping on the table for the fun of it or like okay how do I put this say you do like a certain rhythm it's kind of like a daily routine like you you you we put you stand-in you like to step on your tippy toes right so you do that just for the fun of it like you see a video I do standing on your tippy toes and you try to mimic it just for the fun of it and boom you have a nutria rats habit you have a habit to walk around everywhere you go Walmart and croaker steppin under tippy-toes then everybody like what the heck is wrong with you but that's kind of how it forms and it's like a really strange habit if you like you have to step under tippy-toes and I'm not saying like sort of go ahead it's kind of is like it's um I mean a girl described it on YouTube one time it depends how severe you have is Oh mines on the verge of being like kind of like this but like I can kind of control it for the most part felt like you can't be doing this every once in a while like where that's a feature it's right there and I it's kind of subconscious but like yeah it's like it's kind of like I want to say it's almost like breathing this is what a girl said one time on like YouTube describing trips it's almost like Mikey half the breeze it's like you have to breathe already wanna you're gonna go crazy that's kind of like this feels like depending how severe you have it I don't have it that's it here like it's um well it's it's actually really hard to describe it's like a really really bad or really really big major simulation or feeling like you have to do it like you ever have a you know you ever had a have it before you got you have you ever had a bad habit like that you feel like you have to do like like pincher like like like bite your fingernails or that's what I do that's what I do it's weird but like I do that all the time I am a lot of school tours I'm gonna live right now we're not really cold sores but but I want to say it's calm I want to kind of describe it like that but like Tourette's is kind of like that but now I wasn't buttoning your lip I mean I don't know if s is dress habit because you don't you don't have sir it's I don't I don't believe because you don't say anything about it but like I do I might my life too but that's not really a true it's a bit like it's more to the urge like hot like it's like the urged about you yeah like like before you bite your lip to urge like you have to do it right that urge no nut times at by 20 times that by 20 when do you feel like you have to step under like just just thinking about it which is thinking about it makes me feel like after like that cells that's kind of trips work I don't even know how it's actually really really really like awkward Leyton weird like you could say oh it happens I'm thinking about it but now that I'm thinking about it I'm thinking about it I don't feel like I have to do it it's like really weird and well it's not the main reason the main reason was because like I was getting in trouble I'm saying when I was a second grade and I just wanted to say homeschooled because I didn't I didn't like the bullying I wasn't getting bullied at all but like it was more like I was able to focus more at home just lost attractions but like I remember going and going behind because I was really really immature I'm not only just at all now but someone said I dare you to pee behind the stage so guess what I did there was pee there was pee going into the gymnasium and guess who told the teacher the person yeah my god well it's not really that bad it wouldn't be social bad well really bad lonely oh my god but that's actually kind of funny in a way but like it's actually kind of like opening yourself up to like perverts because like but at 11:00 you're just like walking around like half naked what a sign that basically says if basic says have sex with me did they know oh yeah they knew then good at 11:00 you're just like doing at all I love you don't even know the world is true don't girls usually plunder boobs like I don't girls ooh chili for my boobs like around 14 it's up like that oh wow that meant we started interrupted that awkward like when you got a successful in your mom like what up here he is yeah yeah that's what anybody would say eight years old mm-hmm she didn't even want any seeing like TV shows like sponge around that that it had aged yet because it's fun dry like really I mean like I mean but like if I saw like a girl like if it found actually in school in that home school or anywhere really and I saw like a girl my age or did even just somewhere like some girl any age and like she was she was bleeding like down there like at least not awkward like at least a guy like even for a guy at least it was going on like if it feels a guy I'd be like bro what oh my god why though I would assume like like your mom probably like says something like you're your best friend's mom like how to help like something like that with the period but then like didn't then like hey housing I like then the mom probably told her daughter or your best friend or your best friends and mom your best friend's mom probably told on me your best friend I see him thank you and they probably says hey did you hear about your friend and you're like no what's up like you don't know but that's not tell me what happened knocked one yeah yeah I mean like I'm not trying to make anyone like any girl uncomfortable but like if anyone asks with your either be a gorilla or I'm coming I talk all right we click your banner here that then I just die of fall damage how do I get your they're focusing on auto take know cuz a storm like I don't I don't even know if I'm gonna bring you do this one I'm like go to salty or even dusty and I'm not like I didn't live anyhow like I lost like 15 hey I'm a rock star get your game up nigga mall wanna go shopping huh me too no that's cool yeah a couple saw a couple songs actually um gave me actually really like because actually cuz I actually have them on my playlist ooh like broken oh I'm a will that buy him the same person cuz like I have time I play without leg sorry go ahead person not even halt got any Christmas you guessing area to flexing yeah freakin Santa Claus Christmas in Christmas in was May I'm sorry go ahead he took that right on my inventory I get that I listened to the served in the strong and it's indestructible kind of like that like that I listen to him one time in the past but he's on my playlist so whenever I'm in a dry hard mood I put it on it was indestructible indestructible sorry go ahead sorry go ahead go through the song called indestructible by you the surgeon I'm pretty sure no else all I heard of that my disturb by this oh wow yeah cuz like because I was trying to like do do that because I'll ask my mom why causes a sound for a remake and she's like I don't know be more stuff no like but I like that more edgy upbeat kind of sounds you like well you're screaming in and you're yelling to my face like that's not a song like like well I'm trying to remake it because we know how like those guys whenever we make some guys like to try to sound like that but actually like really cool because like not earlier today or yesterday you kids like 1 o'clock now my mom said the exact same thing you did it's awesome it's a coincidence I should say um different options go to settings on the top right I'm sorry if I'm talking to you guys by the way ok um school first options top right little like tool looking to call a bolt like a screw and bolt press r1 2 times it'll say audio or music volume sound FX you can turn no sir sound ethics is like how you can hear people visitor coming how loud your shots are music volume is a lot to me like like you're hearing right now cinematic senator Lee oh we got a press triangle I have mine on 0.06 like and I keep my sound effects on 68 but that's only because they were really loud hits it nuts max mmm meat I used to not be able to – but this allows that this had to actually hurt to my ears like it's so loud like it's literally like surround sound everything I don't know I'm gonna look at it you all sinister felt like that I heard of something like it's one of the best like it are actually professional like like singing headsets or something like that yeah I I know right but I think that's a brand because I was actually thinking about buying one of those cuz like I'm pretty sure by the same company it was like $300 just but you're like a professional like that uh it was like s enh something like that yeah that's the one yeah everyone is the best cuz I almost bought from one time but you're so expensive thing is that this hipsters already semi broken because I had to hit it twice because if you can tell I might kind of like go down under once in a while or but if I have to like press through the wire like on the left left ear piece and when I press that wire butter when it bends it loses sound in my left ear piece and this is and it still works but my microphone I realize kind of got went down you know because I'm want to listen to my live streams it's kind of like my voice fades out once in a while and but um and also I got a push out wire in this is the second replacement for the best headset of 2019 and 18 are ever heard of the SteelSeries artists pro artists for it some pressure twice SteelSeries I don't know basically I'm basically supposed to like a really high quality just like a $300 head and I had to return to 20 so far I mean I'm not complaining though yeah because like I literally sleep with it because you know about bone or obese I listen to those while I sleep and more meditation till I sleep the manifest and and the wire gets bent a little bit but that's not the only but sleeping is just the only reason though because like sleeping just minor because I'll be surprised if you just sleep but they're just good dunno I'm not gonna say cheaply made because like it's like really good like notice ly comparable I was like awesome but like I'm gonna say it could break easily like once you first get it it sounds awesome and once you use it over time we did it starts to sound bad so I just like get like a two-year warranty yeah so I just like you get a two-year warranty knowing that's like gonna break could go down and hopefully like the warranty covers a newer model the time I there right now oh I gotta add to it what time is it for you right now my last round was a car my dad you probably don't care though but I should go to sleep you drop it in the carrier then complain though but I should go to sleep like soon like after this round I'll be on tomorrow's all gonna hear me oh that's right you're going I take one back like Sunday though good luck with that dog oh nice Oak Island look right now all right let me see Oak Island just the oak around in Texas mm-hmm Oh oh we see Oak Island there it is oh I see it it's near st. James I see Southport I see it looks cool sauce oh nice oh nice it's like a cute little area I like fishing know my dad me too I don't kill I don't I sort of the fish I know right but catch the biggest we we not only got your biggest issue we catch the biggest worms and use it to catch the bigger fish yeah you yeah because you're being you yeah uh yeah I don't even get the main point in the hunting I mean like I know it has to be food and stores but like actually I mean like I don't get the main point of hunting just really the fun of it but like I mean there need to be food like that's what God put animals here for I mean I'll do the dogs and cats and pets I mean you know they were put here for but no I swear to like do it it's like God actually put dogs and cats for actually hunting – but you know that's that I wouldn't eat it up I wouldn't eat a dog either I mean go ahead Baddeley I don't like pork I actually don't like food either like Alex Baek jinx uh-huh I thought it was like fake though like like plastic yeah true the taxidermist taxidermist I'll I couldn't either I think that's like the majority I could understand that I mean I had only just said but that's the least thing I'm thinking about did the Mac the most thing I'm thinking about is that it's just disgusting like you should be called like didn't used to be called like New Jersey something before before they change your name didn't they but yeah I think it used to be called like new yeah I went there I went there that before back in Arizona that he was calling on he was called like New Jersey steak out there I have no idea or wings or something like that New Jersey wings and was on the TV commercial saying we are now changing our name to Buffalo Wild Wings and we're expanding our our company or something like that something like that yeah I mean I I'm pretty sure to a different place but because I remember it I don't like that yeah oh it it's like I like to taste of it I like to taste the spicy but I don't like spicy so but your isn't I don't know how to change that though like guys you like and really like that one spice but it makes your mouth hot like it like I would probably eat peppers what we're at least use a lot more hot peppers or jalapenos make it well therefore the spiciness oh yeah do you want to win oh I don't have a gun yet where is he we drop my strong counter he's like actually looking at you I see him building I just wanted to like this scream and say hey you idiot don't you I'm trying to like holler distraction dad what the heck in that glad mr. panther there one more darn you mr. Krabs two hours later hmm watching YouTube mm-hmm yeah I watch a lot of YouTube Samara Redway typical gamer pure back a couple others how do you feel it how do you feel it howdy is he ill cute oh I see well he's a fortnight either fortnight dude I gotta watch him I just this I just said to him he's rich 7 million subscribers that's my age everybody doesn't sound as young as Mita way obviously here Australian people kind of like I feel like Australian guys get more girls yeah he 817 he's like that I feel ashamed of myself do you like he he sounds like he's like twenty and twenty something mister fresh Asian 1.6 million so Sarah Bruce yeah I feel ashamed of myself I swear sound like an immature person Thanks thank you I'll follow you sure doing good weapons there's a good weapons there last time maybe we'll get lucky true thank you because that was great yeah I could like because I'm not like that cuz like this guy's trying to kill me right now now you're good no no don't be sorry no I told this just person and then this guy on the roof was just sucking me in incite me or killed me they are what they are but um we will say but I'm just I'm not trying to be rude actually I'm not going to right now hold on I actually don't even watch my live streams don't even watches my live streams I wouldn't say I think no I don't think this really affects my bravery but she was okay looking like she was like she wasn't someone I'd probably date I mean she was cute but like she probably would be someone on a date because like I don't really know just like not my type I'm gonna say she's cute but like I probably but like what kinda made me go that she was like going to college in a few months and like and like you know I don't have to feel pressured like hey like like like in about a year we're doing the same thing again do you want to come but I kind of feel bad because well not really feel bad I feel kind of like disappointed now because like I actually got to know her a little bit and I don't actually want to be your friend but she's actually going across country so but you know true she'd have a Playstation though oh it true you mean over the phone yeah I got you nice yeah good like my mom like hope sorry go ahead I mean you made me feel better don't but like my mom like cuz my dad hasn't but my dad's like a pharmacist or managing pharmacist and like he's able to afford well be pretty much just enough to afford like basic stuff in her house and also like we're able to afford cruises and stuff like that every year without my mom needing to work but still like because my mom my mom would be probably working um since she's homeschooling me or she need to be here but it helps it makes me feel better calm that I'm not all alone doing school sort of like freaking ten years because ever since like third grade um but we'll say um yeah but like I'm thankful II I will say he's able to UM cuz I go sorry I got a notification on my phone but yes thankfully he's able to like work out um he has a he has an okay job and I'm pretty sure like to reason why my mom isn't working yet is because like you ever heard a Bitcoin litecoin those are going up apparently a lie and we're we're hoping that it goes up a lot cuz I'm pretty sure you're oh I think he earned some money on that so we're hoping cuz we're hoping that what just say that we're kind of hoping that I wouldn't even need to work with Bitcoin like an NGO that I'm just gonna say that that'll be awesome it's gonna it's gonna be lucky yeah like right right like before I went on PlayStation lastly right right when I got back he was like when you're going to college like like this is the only thing we're talking about he was like I'm you gotta get you gotta go out and he was like get a job like wired going to college he says I recommend you get a job already go out and just be social because what a job you're being social and your learning skills he said I don't even want to get a job just because like you're being just because of like I don't recently told me I don't want you to get a job because leading the laziness or or because like everybody needs a job he was like I just want me to get a job to learn social skills because like he says I don't even want me to get a job for money so that I recommend because when I'm going to college he said like you wouldn't really need to get a job because like I'm going I'm working for a career full time and like it basically looked like it would kind of be harder to have that on the side too but he was like what you should do is you should get a part-time job at like just like a basic Kohl's or McDonald's just to know what it's like to be social and how the boss cuz like I know we're parenting you but like this would just like to first up in the real world in the real world I mean a boss is going that maybe teach you like what it's like to deal with people on the street you know like this guy comes up to you and he's like I don't know basically like he says you should learn what it's like to have a boss because if you mess up money have a part-time job you're it at least is better than messing up when you have a career you know what I mean because when you have a part-time job you're learning mm-hmm cuz like when you have a career know know that you're good but I'm just babbling now yeah no I get I get laid me I get what you mean I get what you mean because cuz like it was be at it'll just be at McDonald's just Kyle come up starts feeling it I mean my I mean speaking of that my mom just like I was walking a dog or a dog this is before the trip actually no it was on Mother's Day actually on Mother's Day I swear it was on Mother's Day and I'm she was she was walking her dog angel this woman it was he in it was even Angels fall butts woman comes up and I was asleep she was walking the dog and this woman drives up to her and she's like she started like according to my mom like she's like probably like a 56 year old african-american woman and she and my mom dog took a big-ass over my I'm pretty sure stood the whole word over my lawn and if you do it again I'm gonna find you like and she apparently she wanted for a few minutes and she was like I mean like I'm not being racist but I told my mom she's not really leaving again and she not really leaving a good impression for her time so like and but she just like went up and started screaming at my mom like if I was yeah it was even our dog I mean that did it like my mom just like brought her for a walk and she was driving around for a few minutes I guess but like but I mean it's it's like as bad is like it's as bad as I would have got my taser out like and just started like getting going on alert like that's how that way I'm actually serious cuz I bring my dad I actually forgot to bring my taser to that social event but that's bad enough for me to get my taser out and basically just just get it give her a warning like stay away from my mom or us yep it's a it's a it's in the shape of a cellphone so you don't really you don't know what when it's a Taser until I actually turn it on so it looks like I'm cool I could give you a link it was um it was like 15 I don't even know but apparently you can even bring this to school for protection because it's I guess it's not like an actual stun gun because I don't know the difference between a stun to gonna a taser but like I guess a stun gun or a Taser is like actually like whatever one you you can bring to school is long if it's not like the one that shoots out but like if it's close proximity you can actually bring to school I don't go to school so I don't have that problem but still yeah but this is like I'm sorry good neither is a taser taser is more like pepper spray and taser pretty much used for the same saying like if you're being if you're being chased without them having a more than like a knife maybe that order if anything like you're just being chased or someone's trying to rob you someone around you trying to get robbed you know what getting robbed all I have to do is do that and it gives them a warning and but what I'm afraid is they're gonna get a weapon so that's that's kind of what sets me back like a gun like I get yeah aren't we all but like I can send you the link for this taser it's on the Amazon I think it's like 15 bucks it's in the shape it's in the shape of a bitch in the shape of a low-end phone but like you can actually like you know when you get out a taser everybody's like oh my god but like it's actually in the shape of a phone and once you turn it to the switch and it turns red it has a flashlight on it too so it's more like a spy phone a spy taser meet the new link are you welcome uh-huh I watched one episode and I have to say it was it was scary I watched it Sambi wondered they all died oh wow what you doing wait did you watch I don't want to spoil it for you I swear I don't want to spoil it for you no does he watch the newest one Game of Thrones okay okay I didn't I didn't say any wait okay wait I don't want to wait so you watch it anymore already planning on watching late to grow that right as a dragon okay I don't I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry and I feel look good so okay so he was hot all invite him to the party he was watching my live stream we we played like a fast free together and like probably five years ago I haven't played him since uh-huh um I actually got to go like right now but I'll let you two play together if you want okay I'll play I'll play one right okay I'll play one more round then they got to go I wish I could say on why do you leave I don't know I kinda want to play one more but I'm also really tired or all right um I kinda what I really want to tell you happy – what the game of thrones but like if you're gonna see I don't want to spoil it I know the game of Thrones is ending actually the last episode the season's finale for Game of Thrones I'm pretty sure was today or no tomorrow was the last Friday tomorrow was the last pretty sure season finale wait no I only watch one episode that's all I could take it was so gruesome um so I got okay so as long as I'm not gonna watch it my dad was watching it he watched it and I don't know what kind of season he started at but I'm just watching one of the last few episodes you heard as a desk king remember his name is like the zombie king do you Andrews like okay so basically the queen is like a 14 year old girl right basically the princess or queen I don't really know but so like the girl you were talking about who rides the dragon I'm pretty sure yeah so um I don't really know what season you started that because I only watched one episode that's all I could take it was so gruesome but I guess I'll just spoil it if you don't mind I mean you're not gonna watch it alright alright so I don't even know what happened I only started at um hey Jake long time no see what's up bro I don't know why you left I wish I could play but I literally just got off I'm actually just get off it's like 2 a.m. for me 2:30 for me but I'm sorry I didn't reply to you about livestream on the livestream I mean I'm able to play one more round before we get off all right yeah cupcake oh and I'm Jake Jake I'll play one more and then I gotta get off I'm really tired getting tired I mean yeah but then they go a while like well then it's us the Creed Black Flag best best games that best first impression for the PlayStation now the PlayStation 5 is coming out soon yeah I don't want to get last of us I don't know what happened I think I got caught up with their game for that game looks fun looked fun I heard of that until dawn yeah oh so this is wait I thought I saw like a one clip I'm pretty sure like well didn't like a guy or a girl in like a house and the window breaks would that be a different game their lives check please hope I'm not you I to meet here somewhere party tonight is the murder in my house I don't know what I'll do I mean oh yeah days days gone I was gonna get that I was expected to be like 20 bucks 40 bucks but it's like a full price game not even multiplayer but it's one of the best games I heard let me – looks good it does look good though I have the I heard of Halo that Xbox we all know that doesn't he one was okay destiny to kind of was the same I'm paying for extension for one of them and it and I'll like why can I play it and apparently it won't even coming out till next year I'll the gold forget this I want to be on to the next game by then where we going y'all I don't know cupcake when I try haunted again junk junction alright sound good to you Jake yeah cuz chick Oh OOP sorry go ahead yes you know I'm ever just switching to the PlayStation tour because I remember like I plates PS sorry ever since that came first came out like a 2006 like I had ps3 ever since and then I switch to ps4 about a year after it came out because my ps3 started to die and all my friends are switching and but that well it's kind of sad because all my friends from ps3 they all just like stopped altogether right here I got him right where I want him don't right here he's gonna sit right here oh crap reboot bands right here I'll go get you cupcake nice we go get chick this when it's time quite rounded out a play over there Jake nice okay yeah okay I just saw your comment Avengers endgame was good Oh cupcake good good I already ran in the dude was staring at me and I peeked in like you know how like you can see better when you're standing on a wall and like you're looking and looks like your character is looking away but you're actually looking like at your camera is actually on the where the guy is inside the room I I slowly went and he's like staring right at me anyone else are shooting me feel like you waiting for me me to zoom you know um yeah I gotta go it's almost 3:00 or I am but it was fun meeting you I'm Jake after like a few years and a cupcake you'll spend playing at YouTube and I'll see you all tomorrow you too please can we do the salute peace

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