Skyrim Secrets – ALL 5 PARAGON Locations! (Chests, Enchanted Weapons & Armor + 10,000 GOLD!)

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what's up guys my name is ESO and welcome back to the channel in this video I will be showing you guys how to obtain all 5 Paragons Paragons are hidden gems that have been scattered across the land they actually open a secret portal and once the gem is inserted into the portal the portal will then take you to a different secret location each time and at each of these locations you'll find lots of different treasure like enchanted weapons armor gems and even the unique item or your shield in fact if you were to sell all the treasure you find excluding the unique shield you can easily get over ten thousand gold so to start this journey we need to come here on the map to the Forgotten Vale and you actually discover this location during the Dawnguard quest life if you don't know how to start that quest line yet just check out my guide in the description below on how to do it and if you haven't got there yet just favorite this video and come back when you have so now I'm going to show you guys all five of the Paragon gem locations and we're going to be using the way shrine of resolution as a starting point you can travel to this way shrine from any other way shrine that you've unlocked during the quest you can't miss it and it's very easy to get back to we've got to do it this way because there's no local map of the Forgotten veil so I'm just going to walk you through all the locations now so the first two are pretty much right next to each other and with first gonna go south and as you can see there's an ice lake over here to the south so we're gonna go left and then look east and you'll see a river I'm rich gonna cross over this river if you look there's kinda like a cliff over there you're just gonna want to head off the edge here because right around this corner you'll see a massive canyon and a waterfall save you look down there's actually a frost giant there and there's another one over there which you can't see right now so we're gonna kill this one first these guys actually hold the paragon gems but should be able to sneak attack him and oh he's not dead yet almost killing from up there though there we go get rekt son ha I was a really weird kill cam I wish it like followed the bolt down there so you can literally just hop down these rocks and down the stairs and we need to loop this frost giant here he's gonna have the first Paragon on his course the amethyst Paragon it looks so cool doesn't it I mean it looks so alien like it looks like it doesn't read belong in Skyrim and he's got 300 gold and giants toe and nothing else useful so now guys we're gonna go back up these stairs here up this clip and this is actually where the paragon portal is located so once you find the other gems that I'm gonna show you once you get to the top of this waterfall sorry go right and straight on and in that cave right ahead you can see the next giant but yeah once you get all the Paragons you can just take them back to the poor so I'll show you off we kill this giant take this down now he's like what happened brah direct I have turned it down to just apprentice difficulty I think just so I can quickly go around and kill these Giants without you having to watch me sort of helping with ours so let's go ahead and get the next Paragon which is the Sapphire Paragon beautiful let's take that and then across the river right behind us back across the river we can see this kind of strange of archway it's partially pulling down actually and there's this really weird sort of like it's almost like a Dwemer construction and it says activate Paragon socket so we activate it we can use our two Paragon so I'm going to put the Sapphire one inside and boom a secret portal appears let's go inside this portal and obviously as you'd expect every time you put a different gem inside it will unlock a different treasure room so these items here will be leveled elven shield and chest for me and there's also there's literally a ton of jet I think each one of these garnets is 100 gold so there's probably a good 2,000 gold in this room excluding all the enchanted weapons and armor you're gonna find it's even a diamond so spree like at 5,000 gold Harryman elven sword of immobilizing that's actually such a good weapon cos it paralyzes your enemy which means they can't attack you or defend themselves so it's like really a power so we've picked that up and then let's go outside again and put the next-gen in the socket I will show you where the other gems are in just a moment so you can actually take all of these gems out and then put them back in I mean take them back to your house and like you know have them in the display camera so now we're doing the amethyst one and this has taken us to I know where this is so basically this is in the forgotten veil its location that you you actually drop down that waterfall through that massive hole there in the ceiling you come into this plunge pool and it's like impossible to get up here on this ledge so this is how you do it you've used the Paragon portal and once again there's another chest I think this is probably the worse or treasure area that you get but let's go back outside and once again pick up our Paragon okay so now we're going to go back to the way shrine that we started out and I'll show you the next area okay so once again starting from our reference point of a shrine we're gonna turn around this time and we're gonna go north now directly north on this way shine you'll see a bridge ahead spread over that bridge well it you're going to follow the path there to the left and it's gonna take it's gonna be a little bit of a journey I'm not gonna lie guys it's gonna be a bit of a wall so it's gonna continue down this pot and then we're gonna go right through this little gateway here and it just zig zag zig zags you sorry ups the side of the mountain here so it's quite an easy for you to follow let me turn back around that you will see another few bridges we're actually heading up these bridges here but we've got to go and work our way up there so let's carry on going over these bridges I've already killed most of the family here so we shouldn't have too much of inhibiting to our arrival I've actually already made lots of other guides down below in the description if you're interested in checking out other secrets in the Forgotten Vale like the secret shell bug helmet which must be crafted with ingredients found here in the Vale it's actually one of the best helmets in the game but not a lot of people know that there are some things in Skyrim that just remain so well hidden that the average player will just completely miss it which is fair enough because not everyone likes to delve that deep into a video game so yeah we're literally just gonna keep following this path and it's sometimes it does look a little bit confusing but generally if you keep on following the past and crossing over these bridges you'll find it starts to go upwards so almost there now that's where we started on that bridge they're almost at the very top though this is where the frost giants pen is he's just over there instead of attacking him right now we're going to turn around it's actually a Chester's two boss chest in fact you pick that up but you can see the waist range is just over there and we crossed over this bridge at the start and that's where we are now best way to take this guy out is to I haven't see it I hid it there we go just take him out from this area and then you can do it quite safely and once he's dead and then you can go and open his pet I mean I don't know why they had him like penned up like this I guess him they were feeding him with anyway the emeral Paragon there we go and you've got you've got some dwarven gauntlets and a gloss dagger wow that's really good actually okay now we're going to go back to the next location where we can find at the next Paragon let's do that jump off this diving board wha-hey oh and just to quickly show you guys we are back at the Paragon portal and there is a step in my way let's activate this socket put the Emerald Paragon and the one we just got and we're gonna go through the portals so I can quickly show you what is inside this takes us to a rather mysterious but rather beautiful rather tranquil River so we're gonna follow this river north just along here it's quite choppy so do teak you can actually see a temple there where the final boss battle occurs the temple of Oriel quite an interesting little area actually okay so let's carry on soon we should find a chest ah there it is at the very end of the river and here we go guys an enchanted bow the treasure chest with some arrows and gold and there's also a unique book Oh once that listen enchanted sword as well to pick that up unknown book vol 2 now guys if you won I will make a guide about all the unknown book locations bring ancient fowl matome to a ragged Rishabha he is the guy who's in the college of winterhold as you can see guys this is the Forgotten Bell overlook and you're also gifted with this view I mean just check this out sadly we can't jump down oh can we jump Yolo oh we're gonna make it oh I survived yes okay guys let me show you where the next Paragon cabins right guys I'm now gonna be showing you the last two Paragon gems so we are at the point in the game where you'll come to this massive castle during the dawn guard quest line the quest specifically I think it's called touching the sky so you'll be on this massive overlook bridge and you'll be in front of this large Cathedral type building now this is the best for reference point I can use to show you guys where the last two Paragon gems are I'm going to first show you the one inside this castle which is also the Paragon that will unlock the unique weapon or real shield so I'll show you that first we literally just got a very run inside and by the time you get here guys who have a full phase that you can actually use to pour this water basin and that's going to unlock this door right in front of us here okay so now the doors open we can go inside once inside everyone is pretty much frozen including the frost troll now you've got a kill so we've got to come over here guys on the left there's a face in that we put our bars on no friends a secret passage and now we're going to go inside this room in sneak mode take out this seal frost giant somehow got in here for this tiny secret passage that will teach you cerana right he should have the Ruby Paragon I couldn't remember it so I had to look and the Ruby Paragon is going to get you or real shield but before I show you how to do that I'm going to don't forget to take this thing by the way you're gonna need a later before I show you how to get that I'm going to show you how to get the next Paragon so we're gonna go back outside so guys once you're back outside on this bridge again looking over the castle we're going to do something a bit dodgy so definitely save your game before doing this but where this bird nest is we're gonna come down to the left here and you should be able to very carefully like drop off the edge just killing yourself and keep running along because you don't want to drop down that massive drop there instead we're gonna work our way along and down this mountain face I've actually messed up here guys this is not good oh my god oh dear these guys the head buried in the snow ok so attempt number two once again working your way along and across try and keep the left side at this point and hop up here and then you should be able to drop down this section rather safely I mean you can just walk right retrace your footsteps but this is a lot faster so I just say well do it this way and once you get to the bottom guys you'll find a reference point which is so once again guys once you get to the bottom you see that's the bridge that you first see when you enter this area and right behind you is the Glacial cave now to the left when you exit the Glacial cave will be this other sort of area that's kind of off the beaten path really so we've got to take out that Fowler and then I'll be able to show you the last frost roll that we need to kill to get the final Paragon this guy's like what's going on bro get rid now we can walk through this and nobody will bat an eyelid not even cerana okay so once again the frost roll just over there let's take him out like a boss a boss absolutely Oh what happens when area there it just was like an absolute fail get headshot in the face bro goodness guy directs oh yes the beautiful kill cam what was that what does happen I don't understand sky yeah why have you forsaken me there we go this is definitely gonna hear ha you like heard dodge to the side that was really how the hell is he still alive how rude get rekt son get rekt I can't leave it took like free kill cams to kill him that is a knight a diamond Paragon the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life so take over class war axe is brown nice I'm not gonna pick that I guess I could give it to Lydia but I don't think she deserves it so once again guys we are at the Paragon portal and we're going to put inside the diamond hour ago oh let's go inside and discover what leads within aha there is an icy cave ah I know it we are this is inside the Glacial cave in an unreachable position is it not cerana is it not there is actually a chest it it has elven arrows draught and true shot and scroll of blizzards I'm literally going to use this in suraíh because my treasure chest was so bad it's quite a good position to like slight people from but a far from that it's pretty useless let's go ahead and kill this farmer here he's staring it oh okay Skyrim oh there we go get rekt totally worth it just for that kill cap now we've got a killer spider again we can't leave how dare you why do you not work there we go there we go get rekt mr. spider fall into that river ha ha ha look at his lanky Arsenal legs almost as lanky as iron right let's go into the portal and then we're gonna do the final one now which is this the Ruby Paragon let's put this Ruby one this is going to take us your shield now I did already do a video completely explaining how best use or real shield and how it works but basically you come into this forest and you will eventually find a Falmer attacking some frost rose Oh someone's attack oh hello let's you come from there Seurat of Jesus is he behind oh my goodness it's Prospero so you'll find a found the warmongers somewhere around it if you just keep wondering about and that found the woman who asked me have a little shield it just quite strange because obviously he's a farmer and farmers used to be snowy so you know did he steal the shield that he's got right now get away from me don't even try your which crop I do not think so shoot him in the hand we just trying to eat this spells screw you so he's got a real shield and you can pick this up it's a awesome looking shield and also has an amazing effect even if you're not using a shield definitely put that in your house on a weapon rack or something cuz and just so you know guys all the Trevor apart from Orioles you need shield will actually respawn into in-game weeds so you can remove all of the chests that I showed you in the video again on the other hand though while I definitely do not recommend it if you were to sell all five of these Paragons it would give you a total of five thousand five hundred and bingo if you also add on all the garnets and all the enchanted weapons and stuff that we found you will easily make a quick ten thousand gold or you could just drop it all in a room in your house and roll around on it which is exactly what I'm gonna do now but guys don't forget to smash that subscribe button and also then press the little bell icon next to it this will ensure that YouTube actually notifies you whenever I release a new Skyrim video guide for you guys to watch I hope you enjoyed this one I know it was quite long say mashed potatoes or something if you got the end of it and I'll just of see your comment in the comment section I'll be like bad guy watch the whole video what a legend thanks for your support guys I will see you in the next one goodbye and have a fantastic day


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