Skincare & Facial Treatment Prep for Vacation! What do I need?

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[Applause] fixture it's like I love this mess so much this is all the skincare things that I want to ten nine eight we're all my soul's justice let me hear ya flow is just hey guys it's me your sister Union in the house today and I'm calling out from Jakarta Indonesia yeah you guys I'm so happy to be here and I'm so thankful to Claire's for inviting me to this amazing event and my family and I actually lived in Jakarta for about five years so and I was a really small baby so I don't have much memories but I still have so many furnitures from Indonesia I have Pathak's that I wear every single day during the summer time and it's just it feels very very special in my heart of Jakarta or Indonesia so I just want to say thank you guys so much again because you guys are the reason why I was invited to this amazing event thank you for being my lovely subscribers and because of your support I'm here for an amazing event and the thing is I only got to invite five to six unicorns for this very event with Claire's so I also wanted to have offline fan meetup with any unicorns that wants to come and just say hi to me so I'm gonna have a super casual fan meetup and all the information is linked below so please check it out in the description and you will have to RSVP out of formats it's very simple but everything I'll leave it in the description so please check it out and for this very Jakarta trip I've been preparing for a while now for about two weeks or three weeks so I just wanted to share some of the clips of me getting ready for this very special trips trip Carta so the very first thing that I did was of course pack ok guys so this is the real situation right now so giving you a little bit hint of where I'm packing for do you see my paddock right here this is from Indonesia and yes I'm going to Jakarta and the thing about packing is I love it because it gets me so excited for the trip and it just gets more realistic but I always have such a hard time fitting everything in my tiny little bag I need to buy a bigger bag and I think it will lessen the stress away but until then yes Union II is under stress at the moment I usually just randomly throw in the things that I need to pack and then I see if I really need them or not and I start taking things out okay so let's go from this area now this time I'm trying to do offline fan meet up I'm so excited I'm actually trying to take shopping bags ten each and ten of sunscreen the UV essence from Claire's I'm trying to take ten of these clear soft area the essence I hope that this can fit or I will have to maybe carry on but this is over 100 milliliters oh no no it's not it's 80 milliliters okay so I might have to take this with me like on the flight I have ten of the rich more soothing pencil sheet masks and I also have ten of the midnight blue coming she masks for my unicorns I'm just trying to take as much as I can for them but um yes and here I have shoes in my plastic bag and this is gonna be important because I'm gonna be wearing these actually on the day of on the day of the event so I just wanted to wear something comfy because I know I'm gonna be saying hi to everyone for a long time and I have some bras or like yeah kind of tough that I don't need to have a bra on it's just like a little strapless bra with a cap so this will be very useful oh that's a very sexy picture okay that's nudity okay sorry guys but it's like a nipple silicone pad so you stick it on your there so it covers your nipples and stuff like that and coming here it's it's really crazy right now but I'm gonna take my sunglasses my rabens and I still have you figure out my clothes but one thing that I always carry or that I throw in is my passport cos I never want to forget my passport right and I always take something to wear because I want to be comfortable when I'm traveling I don't like wearing the ropes like to sleep in the hotels so I always carry around my party or something really comfy and I have my swimming suit ready this is actually Stella McCartney with adidas I bought this in Japan like years ago but I just really love it it's comfortable especially when I have gained a little bit of weight and when I don't wanna wear a bikini I just really like wearing this and this is where all the magic happens so this is all the skincare things that I want to take this is not everything yet but because I'm actually using some of the products like right now that I want to take too so it's not everything but I am gonna take this is the shimmer not oxygen water waterproof Sun spray that I tried in the Olive young I actually bought this before I tried it I ordered two from all of young 1+1 and I absolutely love it it's very powdery but it's gonna be perfect for retouches because I'm gonna be so busy throughout I don't think I'm gonna have the time to run in the bathroom and you know like wash my hands and then put it on it's gonna be a really busy trip so yeah I just wanted something with me to carry on to retouch every two hours or so and this is really important these things are cheap masks is a must for me when I'm traveling because my skin gets so sensitive because when you're traveling the environment changes and the water changes like the way you eat the hours you sleep everything just changes so I always never bet on a new product I always go take something that I know is gonna be a safe but for me so I'm taking Claire's rich more soothing pencil sheet mask and I'm also taking this one the glow some one that I've been trying actually my friend made this brand and I tried it and it was really really good I personally thought it was very gentle and very hydrating and so I always reached for this when I wanna bet on something safe and mild too so this one and of course Claire's midnight blue calming sheet mask I love this so much especially for the summer time I know I'm gonna have a little bit of breakouts so this is gonna help to calm the acne or inflammation down so this is an amazing sheet mask for the summertime and I'm also taking the goodbye redness and tell'em asked from Benton I also love this too this is like a safe bet every time my skin is very sensitive I always reach out for this and I got to know about this about like four months ago or so but I really love it I want to repurchase it I think I got it at UM style Korean and this one is something that I don't think I've ever shown you guys on my channel but this is erotic a-gps mask home spa kit 3 step so I think this will be so easy for me especially when I'm traveling because it has number 1 the cleanser and then it has the sheet mask and this is also on the hydrogel hydrogel 1 and it's so how should I say it's very very nice on the skin it's very gentle so if I compare it with the cotton ones the thing is when your skin is sensitive like even the material really matters so when that my skin's really extremely sensitive I really like using the hydrogel ones so this is gonna be a good good good safe choice for me to take it also has a cream which makes just my life easier but I am gonna take creams and I'm gonna take two of these and here is the little skin care pocket that I have and oh my gosh maybe I should take a new one because there's only a little bit of it but you guys know that I cannot live without this cream this is Claire's mondai blue calming creep and I love it especially the ingredients quadrille leans until Asiata it's gonna be helpful for me after a long day out in the Sun because I know that Indonesia is very hot and humid it's very similar to Korea though the weather right now as Korea is really hot too but yeah this is like a must for me and I'm also gonna take my tech go on percent barrier cream I always carry this when I'm traveling because I usually break out when I'm traveling and I need to put something on like right after I pop a pimple and usually the its patches or this but at night time I usually put this in the daytime I usually put the patches which reminds me that I need to take my patch hold on where did I leave my patch let's take my pass before I pretty good so this is like one of my stash with products that I absolutely love and yes so here's my patch I'm gonna take my patch take my badge and from these babies I have chapstick and I also have my tea or Durand from pharmacy I love this I'm not I've never met a not met I always like see my skincare like it's a person you know I love it but anyways I've never tried at the order and that I absolutely liked and I really like this the pharmacy one its glides on easily it smells really good the friend the finish yourself is very powdery and it's very minty too so perfect to use for the summer time if you're looking for a really good the order and check this out this is like highly recommended and um this is something that I feel kind of anxious because I'm running out of it I literally feel anxious I love try out okay Aysen all cut cleansing I believe this has made my skin so much more stronger like it really doesn't damage the skin barrier when I'm cleansing and this is a very first product that I put on when I'm doing my cleansing so I absolutely love this more than any cleansing balms more than any cleansing water or oil I I just absolutely love this I think in 2019 this was my favorite and I'm so glad I got to meet this product and I really want to get some more I'm planning to actually visit the building offline store of erotic a so I'm really excited and always comment below of what offline store you want me to visit if I can visit the store if they do let me film all for sure film so let me know I'm dead I'm taking my water what is called eyedrops I also say water drops but yeah eyedrops I need them because I wear contact lens when I'm traveling and my eyes get so dry so this is like really necessary and I'm also taking the pharmacy cleansing balm this is also a good foam too but it's just like I'm running out of this so I thought I might need a little bit more so I'm taking one I'm taking two and these are like samples so it's so easy for me the packaging is a little bit extra but yeah it's just perfect easy one use type of sample that's good and what else okay I've been absolutely in love with this this is something that I absolutely reach out for like I think these two now I get like really anxious if I don't have it I love these this too I need these three I get really anxious DC so if I don't have it because this is such a great serum to the great barrier relief I use it the step of my cream or lotion sometimes too because it's very hydrating the texture itself is like very lotion like you know more than a serum but I absolutely love this it has um tamaño oil which I got to know about thanks to this product and it fits my skin so well I just I don't know I love it so much especially when my skin is really sensitive if you have sensitive skin of your skin is irritated at the moment try this Sarah mouth it's just very gentle and it makes your skin really restored it regenerates it and it heals it really well so yes definitely highly recommend this too and going in this I always carry this one when I'm traveling or just I'm anti aging also but it really helps with skin damage – because thanks to the quasi lean and I love that it has peptides it has blueberries just it's a very watery what can you see it's really really watery but it's just the perfect anti-aging product things – all of these fabulous ingredients so if I don't want anything to have you and I'm traveling I think I always put this in because it just works you know and it really never lets me down should I say yes so I really like this one and going to Claire's fundamental watery oil job I actually wanted to I was like like torn between this or the wrong pink everlasting ample because I'm kind of running out of it but I heard that the overall everlasting ample is right now out of stock so I couldn't get it so yeah that these days I've been trying out this does the texture itself and the effects are very very similar it's a very let me show you the texture I'm gonna try to hold you between my thighs I hope I don't drop you but what's up with my double chin okay the texture it's like it's it's pretty watery right it's called look look look it's pretty watery when you soak it in it soaks in so well and your skin feels really really hydrated so I've been really loving this one and wrong one but since I'm out of the island I've been trying out this product and I love how my skin feels afterwards and this one also contains peptides it contains fermented ingredients I think when I use this my skin feels really hydrated and overall my skin just looks really glowy and healthy so that's one thing the finish itself is not like the powdery perfect finish it's actually more of a little glow so just keep that in mind for those of you that wants to try it out and lastly this is skinned a lab Mehdi Sica clear spot gel when we're traveling we always get breakouts right and yeah I always take a spot treatment or I take the bios Trent mandelic acid 5% skin prep water I take something that helps to calm inflammation down so yeah at this time I'm gonna take this one this was really effective and it was really fast acting at calming the inflammation down so yeah these are the things that I'm gonna take probably some of them are not yet here because I'm still using them yeah and one thing what did I forget sunscreen okay it's okay it's right here and I am actually testing this out still get this is the centella green level safe Sun SPF 50 plus PA plus plus plus plus by perrito I've roll it notice that they have other sunscreens too that a lot of people really like I see it a lot in social media it the texture itself is very very similar to the the clearest UV essence and everything is very similar to the UV essence it's very essence like and it soaks into skin well it's not heavy it's not you know greasy and it doesn't have white cast so it's great I sometimes if I put it on ten times like every ten times once I did feel some type of tingling around my this area I felt some type of tingling around this area at times if I tried it like ten times I would feel it like once you know once every ten times but I did feel a little bit of tingling around this area so yeah with all my ears are about to pop it's gonna pop ten nine eight okay I'm back Unni mouse is back with her cricket yeah anyways what was I saying I don't remember but anyways so I'm still kind of testing it out on but the other nine times it was perfectly fine gentle on my skin and it was good so and I did not know but I have a new best friend here well hello there Benjamin I did not want to meet any new friends before my Jakarta trip cuz I was very busy and I didn't want to socialize but there it is life is always like this ah we still have other friends here too ah I guess you know and also I got my nails did and my toasted – hi guys so now I am at the my nail and pedicure place and onlys here only Dianna say hi hi money just kiss though so she's saying hi she's shy camera shy um I got my nails done this was done actually yesterday and it's really clean right kreega Veneto Padova Jacinta every time I do red or black or pastel colors so this is what I'm doing for my pedicure today I'm like colors for Jakarta cuz I'm gonna be wearing a lot of open toes these are the colors I like these pastel colors or I love just straight-up red rotus really pretty this one's kind of like hot pinkish red too if you see it it makes your hands look so much prettier yeah so cute very kinda like comment below if your second toe is the tallest toe toe toe toe yeah I hope that you guys like my clothes and you guys see it in Jakarta and I also got a treatment called shrink and this is something that I got before so if you do want to see the video before – please check it out but I saw such a drastic result with especially the elasticity of my skin just overall it kind of gives me like a ah like a push back and this tightness and type of plumpness for my skin so thought that it will be a great idea for me to look at my best for my babies so I got this treatment shrink first was the consultation with the doctor and Tony always helps me out and he always you know is with me every treatment to kind of explain what the procedures are in each step is so he explained in a very simple way what the treatment shrink is guess who's bad back again Tony's family data tell a friend Tony hi once again exactly what am I gonna get it done today okay so you're getting a version of high-proof which is called shrink for your full face this lifts and tightens your skin and it helps your collagen to produce more right immediate results can be seen and you're gonna have better results after about one month or so so it continues to improve its non-surgical it's not as good as string lifting or surgical lifting but it's the best you can get the kind of ultrasound we call it laser but it's actually an ultrasound right and it tends to hurt a little bit so numbing cream and in this clinic they have pain control injections which you should definitely take care do you think I need it last time I got it I just got the numbing cream right to be honest unis it's really really pain tolerant she doesn't really need it me I'm a wimp I definitely need the pain to control it was really painful last time but I just took it I'm like she's good at it usually to be honest boys tend to be weaker than girls when it comes to this kind of yeah yeah so the first thing that we did was the numbing cream and then this time it was really fun because we had Sarah we also had Annie and we had Tony so we were like you know for girls chilling and having so much fun and we were all getting different things done so it was really interesting for us to see each other's treatment – I never watched those like pimple popping videos like extraction like I would pay somebody to let me do that to their face oh my gosh I can't yeah I'm so sorry but can you repeat what what Sarah's doing right now this so this is part of the Aqua peel package and you know the thing that makes this between a luxury one and a just very bad version of it is that you can literally buy this kind of machine which sucks out things from your skin but what the problem is is that there's nothing being infused so you see that vial in there yeah and the fact that yellow serums are real expensive so she's having her her everything inside of her poor sucked out oh my god dirt the septum but she's also being infused at the same time this is so important because this is the one I got last time right yeah you go home you got this last time yeah there and it's not just one serum there's different types that we do vary at different stages right this is so good Sara after your pores like of course you're gonna get block cuts again but it's just more clean you couldn't you can just definitely tell so you can see right now that she's changing the tip so the Machine goes off she changes the tip I can't wait to watch so they're different they're different kinds of serums for different stages oh wow so you can kind of see the different boxes she has it yeah there's blue ones pink ones brown ones and they all mean different things right now she's pulling one out for oily skin a little bit you sucked out a lot of oil into them as you can I see it I see it oh yeah it's you know you see that thing there no judge me oh my god the light isn't very good but it was clear and now it's murky oh it's not enough luck though it's not that bad yeah it just transferred specifically for till I could see the gong trophy next up was super simple after certain period of time you remove the numbing cream and then you go right into the treatment this is the conducive gel that's being placed because you can't just have an ultrasound without a conducive gel because that will cause a burn there's different cartridges that are going to be used for different depths of your skin here we go fine I'm just gonna ask how you're doing yeah oh it's okay it's doable right now we're tightening up your jawline that's so v-line well you can tell while they're actually doing it and after the treatment it's really important that you give the aftercare to make sure that your skin is calmed and that it's sueded from this treatment that you did on your face don't open your eyes you look so scary no you look like an alien it's actually really creeping me out okay guys so this cyst literally right after and I can't really tell off right off the bat but my jawlines right my jawlines physically really tighten I think I could tell overall my face is still numb and I could feel the tightness but Tony Sara and you were saying how I don't know like how tight and elastic everything looks but for me I can't really tell right off the bat except for the jawline I could really tell there's a huge difference right off the bat because my double chin kind of bothered me too it wasn't that bad but in pictures it always bothered me so and as we told you guys before this is gonna get better and better you can see the results even right after but even after four weeks then you can see the maximum results so I'm really excited then I also filmed a little clip of the day right afterwards good morning love's so I just wanted to turn on the camera today is the very next day after my laser and I honestly feel perfectly fine there's no pain except for around my neck area since you know your neck area is more sensitive so when I was getting the laser it did hurt more and especially because they didn't put the numbing cream on this area and then the doctor I think wanted to give me like an extra shot so he went like beyond the numbing part so it did hurt a little bit I was fine though because I was under the medication but anyways I just wanted to show you how my face is doing on my skin is probably irritated without myself really knowing it feels fine though it almost feels quite a bit stronger or thicker if that makes sense so it's surprisingly it doesn't feel really irritated if my jaw lines like I personally can't really recall like a huge difference but everyone there oh okay so I actually just opened up a new mask of the honey mask and since this does contain like 38.7% of real honey sometimes you have to give it like a stir like you have to make sure you mix it well together anyway speaking of like I was saying I love this mess so much I used my I used it up so I'm just opening up a new one and you can use this for a very long time a little goes a long way look how I'm like almost covering half of my whole face with just that one little thing but anyways going back I could definitely tell my jaw line is so visible like I for a long time and the side of my neck I could tell that this part is so much tighter so it's a very slim difference so probably like my mom's not gonna really know or my dad some people that see me every single day they're not gonna really know a huge difference and my boyfriend didn't know either here's like what I don't get it what's different but like I say I told you guys yesterday they're results you guys can see it maximum results after four weeks so yes I'm super excited I'm gonna keep you guys posted and I hope that I can look my best for my unicorns in Jakarta yeah as I mentioned in the video before this treatment you can see the maximum results after four weeks now for me it has been exactly two weeks exactly two weeks and one day to be exact and I feel like it is showing more even moreso than the very first day I feel like the very first day was more of tawny or Sarah or annular my other friends telling me that they see a difference but me to be honest like I couldn't see it right off the bat I only saw a little bit on the jawline but definitely now that it has been two weeks I can definitely see it more in pictures when I see friends that I don't see every single day they're like did you lose weight your face looks much slimmer like what did you do like your skin looks more tighter and I am kind of seeing the results now and I feel like I will see the maximum results after another two weeks which is four weeks after my treatment so definitely for any of you thinking of getting this treatment shrink or any other treatments number one thing that you need to do is make sure that you really want it and that you really do your research on it because so many different hospitals tell you so many different things there's so many different pricings it's really different with every doctor skills so if you need a little bit of help or if you need advice you can definitely contact Toni my friend I'll leave all the information in the description below and and his company soul guide medical will definitely help you guys out and also I think it another treatment and it was a treatment for my stomach and for my arms because I am gaining a little bit of weight and I just kind of wanted that extra push like I am eating healthier I'm trying to exercise but I wanted that extra push and I've heard about this treatment that Toni they gave him a little push to melt down the fat around his tummy area and his arm area and yeah I will have a video for that treatment also so if you're curious these comment below and I'll make it much more of the priority to edit it as fast as possible alright guys thank you so much for watching until the very end make sure if you're in located in Jakarta and if you want to meet up with on knee and just you know have a coffee or have some drink don't forget to check out the information in the description box below and there's also a deadline to register for this event because we need to have an exact number of the people that are coming for us to be able to rent out the cafe and we need to let them know as soon as possible so please hope you can see this video as soon as possible and check out all the information in the description below thank you guys so much for watching and I can't believe that I'm in Jakarta to see my unique coins and I can't wait until the next time until the next country that I go to see you guys so I love you guys so much and I'll see you guys in the next one bye


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