Skate Vacation – EP30 – Camp Woodward Season 9

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the kids from season nine have been such amazing ambassadors we chose these kids because they have amazing personalities and the ripping skaters and they're such cool kids that have really waved the flag for Woodward so we kind of wanted to reward them take them on a cool skate vacation hard rock has these giant resorts and they have all these amazing amenities and they just haven't really had as much stuff for kids in the past one of the executives at Hard Rock is a BMXer so he was aware of Woodward and so he's just like man we'd love to partner with you guys to build a Woodward at the Hard Rock the whole Woodward team is really proud of Woodward Riviera Maya was really years in the making Oh what would Riviera Maya is one giant building packed full of fun stuff words can't describe what it's like to walk in there it's just so sick walk in you can just tell it's Woodward cuz everything is perfect and it all just looking beautiful there's literally something for everyone in that building there's a straight course there's a pump track which is amazing there's like a mini mega into the foam parkour of trampolines a whole bunch of trampolines a whole bunch of skate parks and a whole bunch of fun welcome to Woodward Riviera Maya what do you think about this place so far stoked that you guys could make it you guys have been really good ambassadors for Woodward so I wanted to reward you with a little skate vacation in Mexico you guys have seen the place now you're ready to skate okay Street course is literally my favorite part it's so crazy and it like it's flows so perfect it's like the best park I've ever skated for sure my favorite thing there do I get lines on it's definitely like the little quarter pipe Bank thing and out real to like Manuel bad thing that's so much fun for me I have never seen a skatepark that looks like this but follow the straight of course is amazing you can just go back and forth all day there's like guitars music things drumsticks and it's super cool because it's a really unique Street course Gavin has actually been putting work and Street he's learning so many tricks [Applause] [Applause] are you good I'm good [Applause] it was time to skate the palm track this pumptrack is super fun it's nice and smooth you fly into the wall you hit a couple more bumps and you get this perfect jump it boosts you after you learn it you get so much pumptrack is super scary but so much fun because there's like a lot of tight corners [Applause] super No laser was trying kickflip frontside air off this little launch into the bank we're just trying kickflip front indeed like that huge wall on the pumptrack it's been about oh look he's gonna get it this try [Applause] [Applause] it looks so good there's like a roof you can like flip off it into the foam that thing is so much fun that's like me and Gavin's favorite place we just go up there and we do side-by-side backflips these foam pits are so much fun like we're all just so hyped to send it I'm trying to get her off this small drop it's pretty sketchy I don't know how Roman does it just every try of course is mundos that place is awesome they have the best banana split I've ever had in my life here at the Hard Rock Hotel you can really just have the best time here I really don't think you can get bored here when you're not skating there was so much to do we did the slide we jumped in the pool we were at the beach snorkeling there's a little Lagoon right next to the pool we're going to go snorkeling as you all know I love fish since we're at the beach I really want to see some big fish that Lagoon there's huge fish swimming around like bigger than Gavin there's fish about 4 to 5 feet this is so much fun super fun saw a couple fish I've always wanted to hold a monkey today one of my dreams came true it was so cute they're gonna there's a bonus everywhere and there's a guy letting people fold he's a goner most crazy because it's this reptile that are usually like that big are like that big at the most and it's like that big no I'm not into it they're holding iguanas no I'm not holding that iguana I swear scales scare me I just hate everything about it me and Roman and Gavin we're about to do the zipline right now but we got a little problem get away um I don't know 42 kilograms I don't know what that is in United States you have to be 80 pounds and Gavin obviously isn't 80 pounds yeah I'm just waiting for a grouse for it alright so we're heading up he's a good boy I swear up there so when you're standing on top of the zipline it's really really high and it's probably like 100 200 feet you go really fast are you ready I'm ready you boys ready right yeah good luck you can call this famine I'll see you down there bloody bucks [Applause] so we're at the rectangle all right let's go down let's go let's go the rectangle ninja course thing is super fun because you don't really see that everywhere it's kind of hard for me so mean laser I'm heading over to this launch ramp it's huge I'm just so scared to do it but Lizzie's making me do it oh my gosh you go so fast you don't even have to push you just roll down he already going so fast I flew so far now it's so high I'd truck so I really loose I thought I was just gonna get speed wobbles and run straight into the ramp thank God that did not happen I have never caught that much air in my life and I don't think I ever want to catch that much air in my life again this is basically a mega rat like you go down to the very top one on you know I thought it is too tall and you pump and you just fly for days it's so scary but it's pretty fun jumpin a phone picked is awesome and launched play pretty far [Applause] who's got to history course you just started to haul it into the bank and you died I'm still home we're trying to snag some clips Romans fairly try to live we're all hot well he doesn't have energy but I'm high [Applause] Wow [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] this trip to Mexico has been so much fun and I'm so grateful I was able to come out here with two of my best friends this experience on this trip was amazing roman and gavin they're totally like brothers new skate parks new pump track and this Beach is beautiful it's really a new experience for all of us and I don't want it to end it's just been so cool and so pretty and I'm so thankful place is amazing it's all there is [Applause] [Applause] Bluebird means everything to me it's super awesome it's about all the skate parks in the world everything that you need and like you know it's just the best what would remains to me is everything skateboarding fun girls new opportunities best memories and getting a hang with your friends and have a great time I could not imagine that someone without going to Woodward because that just makes your summer so much better Woodward will be a part of my life forever Woodward means so much to me after like I've been on like this show and stuff because they've really gave me like a huge opportunity to just like grow more and become better at what I love and I'm just I'm so grateful for them this opportunity has really just brought me to places I never thought I could go it's just so cool and I'm so thankful when I see myself on the show I kind of just laugh because I never remember the what I said or like how I said it but you know a good time to get dark laughs I pinched myself like to see if I'm like asleep because I used to dream about going to camp and I would wake up in the middle of the night and go crying to my dad this is a true story I would like go crying to my dad because I thought I was out Woodward and I never was so when I got there I kind of like pinched myself a couple times because it was like a dream come true literally