Shildt after sweep of Pirates: 'Good road trip, good series'

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four-game sweep let alone a sweep in general three-game four game are never easy let alone a four-game sweep on the road and you guys did an impressive fashion yeah a good road trip good series clearly um you know guys just played the game way to getting the whole way and no different today showed up and it's just a well-played ballgame the whole way and I like the fact we get there early you know jump on them and Eddie it's a double and you know Dex puts a good swing trying to get him over lines out and hose you with a base hit up the middle and and then you get Paulie with just nice swing for the sac fly manufacturer you know run so it's just good baseball mom's goes out a couple shutdown innings and we're able to add on you know Goldie's homer and you know Wong got him to and and then they scratch back a little bit and Dexter with the home run you know make it six to one I'm Mazal sharp you know the six in was a little longer inning for him and yeah it got a couple on him you know Marte was pretty much the only hard-hit ball but you know he had a long a couple long at-bats towards the end of it and just did a nice job he gets through six and of course Johnny Gant was really sharp I was kind of Bennett Johnny I was it was good to see in Miller great for the a clean edge I'm able to get back out and get Dickerson for the night and Carlos gets the big double play ball bring home as far as the offense goes contributions and production up and down the lineup today but today was the first day that marked Paul Goldschmidt having four straight games with a home run in each game in his career it's kind of surprising considering all of the accolades he's collected throughout his career yeah it's impressive he's an impressive guy and he you know we're seeing what he's capable of consistently and not surprised and yeah it's a pretty impressive feat four homers and four games so it's an accomplishment I'm sure he's gonna enjoy but I know he's equally or more pleased the fact that we want so that's how he is and you know good series good baseball first place mean anything to you at this point he talked about how it only matters on the final day ultimately matters at the end but you got to be there at some point to get to the end so it does you know a kid say it doesn't matter it's nice to come you know work from the front but you know we just continue to play the game and standings of the standings we clearly you know bring it up so we're have some awareness to it but it's about getting home and taking care of business tomorrow against Houston you feel guys feeding off of each other that's been something that a lot of this yeah no question guys were you know just doing their part you know entrusting the next guy and just stay in the moment and just taking good at baths and you know focus is good clarity of what they're doing is good and and you know everybody's just but one on the same wrote a big series overall but it was also a big series for your big bats and DeYoung and Goldschmidt just do you feel like the offense is clicking at its best as a whole basalt kind of what happened from the one through eight spots all week long pretty much you feel like it's cooking at its best when those two guys are at their best I think you know yeah surely when you got two of your bigger guys that are better roll when it helps but to your point it also helps when you know everyone's doing their part you know Colton's taking really good at-bats Martinez continuing takes good at-bats and we know it's taking good at bass we D and kids are taking good at-bats you know all the way through the lot of Dexter is taking really good at-bats so really just a team effort in that regard which allows they turn it over to get to those guys and obviously but to Paul's or having you know good swings lock it down these games got a lot shorter as this trip went on as well that makes it a lot more important it seems like that offense be contributing ya know there's no question about it you know the more we add on the more we said our bullpen up right more we can you know keep guys fresh as possible and you know the other part of that equation the starters being able to go deeper in games miles they have to get through six today and that was um you know that's the beginning you know I'd like to have him go further but he did a great job to do what he did today and so both those things are recipes for you know shaking hands in the day so I was going deep and offense just being really honest on the whole game next four series of the time yeah you know you always want to just play your play the game you know you feel good about where we are and we've couple dumb lot of pauses with some more consistency in some other areas and this is the baseball we you know we're capable one expect to play so well show up tomorrow and um we'll go get them

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Slocumb · July 27, 2019 at 3:18 pm

This guy lives, eats, and sleeps baseball. I like him.

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