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hi-yah I'm going to set up a basic travelers notebook today but a lot of what I'm doing can be modified to fit your size traveler's notebook or your ring bound planner or whatever planning you may have I thought it might be fun to set up a planner using the planner babe catch from planners anonymous so the first thing to do with setting up a planner is to create or gather all of the inserts to put inside the planner so these are the pages that you write on so every planner setup that I make I move my basics travelers notebook insert here which is there any plans printable insert and it has all of the months of 2019 and up and then every month I create a new and set so this month this is my in search this is a lights planet action and search which I have colors I've used stamps to color ish and this is a craft delicious love's sticker for July which I've popped on it so that's July's ins it for August I have these Luck's and suits here from planners anonymous so they match the kiss that I'm going to set up with all I've done with these print them so I've opened them in a PDF reader and then I've sent them to the printer on actual size and I've sent them to print on both sides flipping on the short edge and in that prints all of them like so so it's all in a book format ready to go so what I'll do now is I'll just catch these and sits out and show you that process if you're wondering what I'm drinking today and it's really nice actually is this organic green tea wellness and it's blueberry and pomegranates super fruits it's actually really young and they took buy some more of that this is a viscous precision paper cutter I love it it's really nice I've gone through a few paper cutters but this is the one I like so this is the answer and it's quite thick so I'm not going to be able to cut it all in one go also these are printed on 120 gsm paper so it's thicker than normal printer paper normal printer paper as a CG is the M and these are 120 gsm so I've got a few pages here you normally always with whatever printable and sets you buy you have crop marks here which show where you can cut I don't usually follow them completely I measure as well as following them just because I make all of my insert that have five by seven inch and a be six is technically something like four point nine inches by something or rather line it up with the top cuts and just cut through and then flip it and pop it on seven inches I cut my inserts to be seven inches high for be six and then I'll just grab the other half I always cut the top and in the bottom I don't know why that's just what I do so at least hopefully the cuts are all consistent okay so then we just pop the two halves back together making sure we put them the right way and that's the seven inch height of the notebook the next step that I do is I start from the center and I basically just fold every page and sort of run my fingers along there you can use a bone folder if you want to I try not to overly complicate things so just a finger is fine but press firmly and that means the book will close a bit more nicely so if you have a ring bound planner of course you just cut your individual pages and then punch holes in them you don't need to do this folding process and with a ring binder you can also cut your side of your page just in the paper cutter so you can cut each page as you go with a traveler's notebook if you want to have the side tidy it's better to fold it into a book and then cut the side if you want to actually bind the book with staples or with sewing I actually prefer to do it at this stage before I catch the edge here just so that the CH Dean can be nice and perfectly straight but what I actually do with my travelers notebook and see it says I don't do anything to bind the book together the elastic and the travelers notebook holds it together so generally with most of my travelers notebook inserts I'll just demonstrate here I just use the elastic to hold everything in place and that holds the book in place quite Findley without actually worrying about stapling or sewing or anything along the edge there the next step is to cut along this edge to do that I use a self-healing mat and this rotary cutter handheld rotary cutter so all I do is I line it up along one of the inch markings here and I want to cut it along at five inches it's good to use a ruler with a metal blade to help with this process this is the one I've got it so we are memory keepers supreme ruler I wouldn't actually recommend it all of these little river see things here popped out and I've actually now glued the Mitchell to the plastic so I mean it works but it doesn't look all that pretty hopefully they come out with a new version where the Mutual doesn't pop off I do like this ruler because you can hold it up here so your fingers are well out of the way of a blade so if you put the ruler along the five inch mark and then just with the blade just trim through it might take a few passes with the blade to get through depending on how thick the answer is but by doing this method you have a nice flat hopefully you can see that there it's nice and flesh along the edge of the book whereas if you cut all the pages and then fold them some of them will be sticking out so that's how you can make a nice edge there and then if you want to you can also round the corners with whatever you might have I have this we are memory keepers crop-a-dile corner Chomper and I just use that on the 1/4 of an inch setting this looks quite thick so I'd do it in two parts so I'd hold it in the middle and get all these bits here and pop it and the 1/4 of an inch and then the same to the bottom you can see it pushes through quite easily even though it's quite a few pages I think it's about nine pages of 120 G's in paper and then just do that to the other corners at the back rounded edges are not essential at all it round a rounded edges are just a personal preference sort of a thing so there we go you can see we've rounded all of their edges here so we've got a book ready to go once you have your inserts you insert them in elastics just like this you just find this into that insert lift the stir and there you go just if you're interested I'll just do a quick flip of this lapsim suit for August from the planner babe kit each of the weeks is using a different color from the kid and there are five weeks and it is always a really nice Center art piece this is doc brush and that's all so don't scratch next up courage this is dr. ish we've got things to do finances one line a day up to 31 days and then we've got a looking back reflection and over here I am grateful for and in there's the back of the insert this will be my unfit for August and then I'll just pop my monthly one always goes in the front so it has a summary of all of the months I'm just doing that off-camera because there's quite a lot of personal information and that so there's the monthly one as in every month of the year as a nut this will be for August and then behind that I normally like to put some sort of a notes and so this is one I've just printed from Kraft delicious loves for the make-a-wish digital kiss I'll just pop that one in the air and then I've also printed this one this this is using a free digital printable from planners anonymous to celebrate the two-year anniversary and I just made a cover with that and then on the reverse side there's like a whole heap of different planner babes I just put small on the back and in here I've got my blog /youtube and set from any plans printables I really need to try and fill more so hopefully using lessons it will help with that then I'm going to use the string here for a folder which I'll make for the travelers notebook and then on the back string I'm going to pop this and search which I got in a happy scrappy subscription kit and it's just a great outline there's some cute little artwork on bits of it and in this second line here if it's 15 millimeter washy so it's an any plans printable insert in conjunction with happy Scruffy's so find the center these ones are always stay put and pop that in the back and there once I've got all my uncertain I didn't like to cut the paper to make dashboards so I generally like to wrap one of these thicker paper the double-sided paper I like to wrap one of those around each of the insert so I need to cut five I have all of the different papers from the kit lined up here so I can look at them and then I also like to look at the insert that I'm going to wrap the dash board around just to make sure I like the look of the two together so the first thing I might do actually is whatever is going to wrap around this August one because it's got quite a floral cover to start so for example I wouldn't want to have a dash board which opens up with the floral that would be a bit of this one here super cute with the different Dreamliners honors in the heart I mean it has the subtle grey on the inside so really love this paper with the different planners and the coils and foils and insert so my strings and rings and disks oh my and then it's just got the yellow and a side of it really love that one too I love most of the papers so I'm not going to go through and tell you all the ones I love and then I need something for the very France I'm actually wondering whether to go balls into the black right in the front sometimes I need to think about it for a little bit so I just move on to the next and search this since it has some yellow in it so it would look really good with this one the only thing is I don't know if I want those to provide each other so I may need to move where I have that and zip but definitely I want to make a dashboard with that paper fairly organic process as to which dashboards I decide to cut sometimes I can't fully decide so I'll just start with a few I'm pretty sure I want these three pages here to be dashboards and just with the Dreamliner's I just want to look at the height that the dashboards going to be to see what would get chopped off to see we are I want to cut it and then with these papers because there's text on the back you just need to make sure you've got them the right way up I cut them at 7 inches and save these little bits because you can use these for embellishing so with the width of it for b6 I want to cut it at 10 and a quarter inches so the basics instant page is 5 inches and it's good to allow some to wrap around it so 10 and a quarter inches seems to work quite well you can fold them in half or you can store them if you want to use a scoreboard I generally follow them and then also you can round the edges of these as well fpso desire so now I just put them where I think I want to have them I pop them in before I decorate them I'll take them out to decorate them but I'm pretty sure this is where I want to have them the thumbs it here I'd like to use the paper which opens up into the yellow so I'll just pop that in and cut there at 7 inches and at 10 and a quarter now I have some of the dashboards deciders with this insert' here I printed this cover on 120 gsm paper but what I might do is actually print it on cardboard and actually use it as the dash board for that one so I'll just skip over that one and then I run some paper for this one and I was actually thinking of the black but the green competes with that a little bit I think I might use this pink one here just check this to make sure you've got it up the right way and then I need to cut some of it off oops I cut the wrong bit off I have to saying be careful to cut the wrong to the right bit off I cut the wrong Bischoff I cut the font off Oh so watch out for there if there's something on the river this side that you actually won't make sure you don't chop it off so maybe just double check before you can't I always say there and then I always make established that's part of the process because it's very little function now I may actually end up making back the cover and leaving a little bit of text upside down I can decorate with that I think I'm going to go at this side yeah like cutting the dashboards is normally the next step in the process after printing their inserts and then I just flicked through and see if I'm happy with the way that I've done that thanks so much for watching this video where I started fishing up a basics travelers notebook with the planner babe kit from planners Anonymous hopefully tomorrow I'll see you again as I embellish the dashboards bye


trionmay · July 31, 2019 at 10:35 am

Yes, please. I've been hoping to see a tutorial on printing the inserts.

KELLI PATTERSON · July 31, 2019 at 10:35 am

Another great video

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