Sekiro Lore – Clans, Bloodlines, & Locations

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What’s up guys, I’m Dave Klein, and welcome
to my Sekiro Lore series. I thought I’d start things off a little
differently this time around, as there’s so many different factions to pay attention
to, and I wanted to make a video that I think would be all around helpful for the overall
lore. If it isn’t obvious, there will be massive
spoilers ahead, so you have been warned. And, with that said, let’s talk about the
various clans and bloodlines of Sekiro – who’s a part of them, and what their goals are. — The Ashina Clan – As we know from the intro to Sekiro, the entire
game takes place during the closing period of the Sengoku Era. This was an era of massive wars throughout
Japan, with various warring daimyos trying to claim leadership of not only individuals
locations, but all of Japan. While the location of Ashina is entirely fictional,
this background will be important to note for a number of elements going forwards. The game kicks of with Isshin Ashina staging
a coup to defeat the current residing head of Ashina, general Shuzen Tamura. While we don’t know much about Tamura and
his faction, we do know that he’d at some point taken over the lands of Ashina from
its people, overrunning them and exerting his rule. So – with Isshin Ashina staging the coup,
he became the head of Ashina with their victory, and for all intents and purposes, the local
ruling Daimyo. While Daimyo were typically faithful to the
Shogun and Emperor… in theory at least… basically they were the title given to ruling
feudal lords, and sometimes the leader of a clan… just like Isshin Ashina would be. Something important to note is that in Sengoku
Japan, it was common place for people to frequently change their names as their titles and positions
in life improved. So, I think it’s actually pretty likely
that Isshin the Sword Saint – as he was called in his prime – actually changed his name to
Isshin Ashina after becoming the ruler of the region in order to showcase his title. So, all of that stated, Isshin is the primary
head of the Ashina Clan, and presiding ruler of the Ashina people. He also goes around disguised as a Tengu murdering
assassins, informants, and shinobi from potential rivals to continually ensure nobody opposes
his rule. Something really cool to notice – is you can
actually find this outfit in his room when he’s there… either on the wall, or discarded
in the back. The next person we know is Genichiro Ashina. “Born a peasant, Genichiro Ashina was taken
in by the Ashina after his mother’s death.” While it’s unclear as to exactly why – Genichiro
was adopted by the Ashina clan, and therefore given the Ashina title and name. He’s considered Isshin’s grandson, so
I’m not entirely sure who Isshin’s children would have been – If Isshin even had kids. As Ashina is on the brink of war, Genichiro’s
entire purpose is to preserve Ashina as he knows it, and stop the Interior Ministry and
Central Forces from taking the land. Serving directly under them, we see many of
the enemies found throughout the first portion of the game. The various Nightjar Shinobi found throughout
Ashina castle, and at the Hirata Estate, are directly under the control of Isshin. Meanwhile, all of the samurai who train at
Ashina Castle train in Isshin’s style, whom we also find in both Ashina & Hirata Estate. Fighting alongside them are long time war
veterans, the Seven Ashina Spears who helped Lord Isshin in the first war. “The Seven Spears of Ashina were pivotal
in Isshin’s coup. He awarded the lance to none but his most
loyal samurai. Yet now, only a few of the Seven remain.” The two we find and fight in the game are
Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi and Shume Masaji Oniwa. Similarly, while Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa, – As
a side note, I genuinely feel like I have to say his entire name – was originally a
bandit as indicated by his memory:“Gyoubu Oniwa once led a group of infamous bandits,
but was defeated by Isshin, who was so captivated by his show of strength that he took him in
as an Ashina warrior. Oniwa would later go on to become Genichiro
Ashina’s most trusted retainer.” Gyoubu became a major player in Isshin’s
Coup, and helped drive Isshin to victory. He still stands as one of Ashina’s major
and most feared defenders, with the nickname of “Demon”. As a few quick hits, with some of the mid-bosses
you face: Leader Shigenori Yamauchi during the prologue,
General Tenzen Yamauchi, General Kuranosuke Matsumoto, the Ashina Elite, and Ujinari Mizuo
were all members of the Ashina Clan. The Chained Ogres are all under the control
of Ashina. If something has red eyes, similar to the
first Chained Ogre you fight, it’s usually safe to presume Ashina is somehow behind it
– with their experimentations and obsession into creating undying warriors. This, of course, isn’t always the case – but
just a good thing to note. Again, Ashina is willing to go to any lengths
to defend it’s kingdom, so additionally, the Blazing Bull is under their… ehhh…
relative control. (Footage of the Bull killing Ashina men). As I mentioned, the Ashina clan became obsessed
with the power of rejuvenation. A major player in this, working with Ashina,
was Emma’s mentor, Dogen. While Dogen pushed away from the power of
Rejuvenation, he worked closely with the Ashina people devising all sorts of methods to heal
them during and after battles. Dogen was also essential in crafting the mechanical
arm both the Sculptor & Sekiro end up using. Dogen had a rival in this, in Doujun…/ Dosaku
– as I believe they’re the same person… just with a Dr. Jekyll/Mister Hyde complex
going on. While Dojun considered himself a rival to
Dogen, they both worked for Ashina and had the same general goal. The sculptor who rescues you was a shinobi
who trained in the Sunken Valley and came to work under the Ashina. We know for certain that The Sculptor, who’s
nickname is Orangutan due to his training methods, had his arm cut off by Isshin to
prevent him from becoming a Shura. And even though in some dialogue he tells
us Ashina became dangerous for him and Emma at a certain point, while not a part of the
Ashina Clan, I think we can say that he also worked as a Shinobi for the Ashina for a number
of a reasons. For 1 – the fact Isshin only cut off his arm,
but didn’t kill him, heavily implies they were fighting on the same side. Isshin has clearly been shown to be merciless,
so I don’t think he would mind killing another Shinobi. Another hint towards this is that the Undead
Samurai, Hanbei, who hangs out near the Dilapidated Temple, refers to the Sculptor as “Sekijo”. The main character’s nickname of “Sekiro”
was dubbed to him by Isshin Ashina, who’s combing the Kanji of “Seki” and “Ro”,
with ‘Ro’ meaning wolf and ‘Seki’ essentially meaning half of a whole. So – with Sekiro being one armed – you can
see where that comes into play. Sekijo is similar, with Jo meaning Orangutan. So – I think it’s safe to assume the Sculptor’s
nickname of “Sekijo” actually came form Isshin Ashina as well. Finally, we come to Emma. As a starving child who likely lost her parents,
the Sculptor rescued her from the battlefield and fed her. However, she was eventually passed over to
Dogen who adopted her and raised her as his child. Through this, she becomes a doctor serving
Isshin Ashina – who trained her in the art of the blade. It also seems like she may have been at Hirata
Estate during its invasion, due to her dialogue with Lord Kuro where he asks her if there
were other Hirata Survivors, and she states: “There… are very few of us left.” – implying she was also there. Emma grew up with Genichiro, and was raised
at Ashina Castle. So, as a basic rundown of what the Ashina
Clan are looking for – Genichiro, who has really started to take
over as the head of the clan with a dying Isshin, is willing to do anything to preserve
Ashina from its enemies, and from being taken over again. This heavily involves trying to use the power
of the rejuvenating waters and the Dragon’s Heritage in any way to make his troops stronger
and to make himself immortal, so they can more easily push back their enemy. As a running theme of the game, the search
for immortality leads to massive corruption in men, and turns many of them inhuman. This not only becomes an issue within their
own ranks, but also part of the spark that would be their downfall as their main rival
– the Interior Ministry – feared this power and what the Ashina would do with it. Hirata – As we’re told by Anayama the Peddler, The
Hirata Family are part of the Ashina. During the Hirata invasion, we find both Nightjar
Shinboi and samurai trained in the Ashina ways murdered by the bandits and invading
Interior Ministry shadows. The people we know for certain allied with
Hirata were: Inosuke Nogami – a vassal of the Hirata family, his mother – of course,
and Nogami Gensai who helps you fight against Juzou the Drunkard. I do think that it’s good to note, the translation
of this game is a little awkward, and I believe his translated name should actually be Gensai
Nogami – which would make him a part of the same family as Inosuke. As you can tell with Gensai – he’s a samurai
trained in the Ashina style. Lord Kuro, the divine heir, is of course the
most important member of the Hirata family. While I don’t know how exactly a Dragon’s
Heir comes to be, my belief is that it’s likely similar to the Dalai Lama, with a new
Divine Heir with the Dragon’s Heritage being born after a previous one passes away. However – I can’t be certain, and I’d
love to know what you all think. Sekiro becomes the Shinobi serving under Lord
Kuro, and therefore extremely loyal to his cause. For a time – it also seems both Owl and Lady
Butterfly were serving under the Hirata, and therefore the Ashina as well. We know they shared sake with Lord Isshin,
as he tells us when gifting the Dragonspring Sake. Not only that, but Owl betrays the Hirata
Family by letting bandits and the Interior Ministry know when all of its guards will
be out fighting. His information obviously came from the inside,
so it’s highly likely he was serving the family until this betrayal. However, we’ll get to more on him and Lady
Butterfly a little bit later in the video. While bandits pillage and destroy the Hirata
Estate during the first memory Sekiro enters in, visiting a time 3 years before the game
takes place, we find an Interior Ministry Lone Shadow watching over events, and in revising
with Owl’s memories – we find far more Ministry Lone Shadows, with Masanari conversing with
Juzou the drunkard about their invasion of the estate. So – let’s talk about the Interior Ministry: The Interior Ministry – As the Interior Ministry is also referred
to as the “Central Forces”, it’s very likely these forces were controlled by either
the emperor or its current Shogun – as opposed to an interior ministry of Ashina. While we never meet the key players of the
Interior Ministry we do know a decent number of members who serve it. It’s possible this is also who Isshin Ashina
defeated in his coup to take over Ashina. Serving the interior ministry are all of the
various Lone Shadows we find throughout the game. “Lone Shadows are the Interior Ministry’s
most trusted agents. Each of leader Masatsuna Oribe’s seventeen
born has a specialty, from poison to shinobi hounds.” This, of course, includes the mid-bosses of
Longswordsman, Masanaga the Spear-Bearer, his buddy Masanari, and Vilehand. Additionally, if you see a character wearing
red – they’re a member of the Interior Ministry. This would include the general Red Samurai
we find during the invasion of Ashina and Shigekichi of the Red Guard. We also find characters who look like assassins
from Senpou also wearing red and siding with the Interior Ministry. While it’s possible they also have their
own assassins fashioned like this – I find it more likely Senpou Temple (which we’ll
talk about later) has actually switched allegiance during the middle of the game. In the beginning, prior to the invasion, they’re
allies with Ashina. However, with Lord Isshin calling them rats
early on and having you kill them for him, I think the assassins wearing red hats during
the invasion cement them siding with the Interior Ministry. We also have insight into the Interior Ministry’s
motivations, thanks to the Ministry Dousing Powder. “The Ministry feared Ashina, her eyes bloodshot
with the waters of Rejuvenation. This powder acted as a ward for when the time
came to turn flame to her walls.” I believe that between a general desire to
rule over Ashina, and fear that Ashina might try to conquer more of Japan – the Interior
Ministry was prompted into action against the Ashina Clan. We know the Interior Ministry struck the Hirata
Estate, absolutely obliterating it thanks to the intel they got from Owl. However, this was done in secret using bandits,
Owl, Lady Butterfly, and the oversight of some Lone Shadows – who, as Anayama informs
us, attacked the Hirata Estate while all of its young samurai were off fighting a battle,
leaving it almost entirely unguarded. From one of the remnants, Genichiro informs
Kuro they managed to drive back the Interior Ministry once before. I think it’s highly likely this battle was
the same in which Hirata Estate was burned down, as I’m not sure who else the Hirata
Samurai would have been off fighting against. Usui – So, with that, let’s talk about the traitors
in Owl and Lady Butterfly. One thing I think is important to note is
that Owl’s actual name is: Ukonzaemon Usui. And we know a few things about Usui …, which
is a different region from Ashina. According to the Phantom Kunai:
“Since childhood, Lady Butterfly had accumulated much experience in Usui’s forest, far from
civilization along Tozan Trail. His forest is filled with mist and mystifications,
making it ideal for training in illusion techniques.” So – this goes to show Lady Butterfly was
from the Usui region. Of course, there’s also the major connection
that Sekiro trained under both Owl and Lady Butterfly in his youth. We also know for certain Usui isn’t part
of Ashina thanks to the Mist Raven’s Feathers, which inform us: “In Usui Forest far to the north of Ashina,
live many mysterious birds of prey.” Owl’s motivations are made incredibly clear
in the Shura ending, as well as the memories you gain for defeating him. During the Sengoku period, all kinds of people
were rising up to become daimyos and hopefully the shogun who would rule over Japan. And – you didn’t have to be born a noble
to do this during that time. One of the most famous rulers who helped unify
Japan along with Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu was Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Hideyoshi was born a peasant, and rose up
to become one of the most influential daimyos of the era. And, thanks to Owl’s memory, we know:““The
Great Shinobi Owl’s unbridled ambition was to obtain the power of the Dragon’s Heritage. Now is the time to let one’s true name ring
out across all of Japan.It was all for the sake of this ambition.” Owl bided his time until he finally betrayed
the Ashina and Hirata in order to get the Dragon’s Heritage from Lord Kuro, and force
himself into becoming the new daimyo over Ashina, with the ambition of ruling over all
of Japan. Lady Butterfly’s intentions are a little
less clear to me, outside of clearly siding with Owl. One thing that’s super important to note,
is that she drops the “Sakura Droplet” after defeating her in Hirata Estate. According to Lord Kuro, Sakura Droplets are
formed when the “Undying Pledge of the Dragon’s Heritage is broken”, and this one was likely
Lord Takeru’s. It can be used to give a Shinobi resurrective
powers. According to its own description:“Pale pink
crystal residue known to form when an immortal oath fails to establish. Increases Resurrective Power, allowing one
additional resurrection. To repeat the vows of the undying and be awarded
Resurrective Power once more surely necessitates the aid of a Divine Child of the Dragon’s
Heritage.” So, we could either gather that this formed
after Lord Takeru and Lady Tomoe died, and Lady Butterfly stole it with the intention
of forcing Lord Kuro to use it on her utilizing her illusions. Or – perhaps – she already tried to use her
illusions on Lord Kuro to trick him into giving her resurrective powers when Sekiro first
finds her in the memory, however this failed, and is what actually formed the Sakura Droplet. Senpou Temple – Another major player in the power struggle
is Senpou Temple. However, unlike the Ashina Clan and Interior
Ministry, it seems their motivations are different. Something important to note about the Sengoku
period is the Buddhist Sohei, or warrior monks. As they weren’t part of Samurai Clans, and
they were buddhist temples devoted to religion, they typically built their temples wherever
they pleased, and weren’t necessarily a part of a ruling clan, even if their temple
was within that territory. And, it’s my belief, that Senpou Temple
and its monks would be exactly this. However – they become absolutely obsessed
with immortality. According to the Senpou Esoteric Text:“Those
of the Senpou Temple mastered martial arts in the pursuit of virtue. They considered strong fists and strict discipline
essential against Buddha’s enemies. However, Senpou Temple was seized by an obsession
for the Undying, which corrupted their teachings and style.” And we see this obsession everywhere. Monks can be found who have become infested,
which would be a corrupted form of undying. We even see in the Holy Chapter: Infested,
they think of it as something holy… “For an age, I have been blessed by the
worm. To be undying is to walk the eternal path
to enlightenment, thus I must become enlightened to understand why I cannot die.” So, it’s obvious that the various monks
of Senpou Temple are a part of it. However, the assassins we find in Senpou Temple,
often sneaking around gathering information about the state of Ashina – such as the one
we find during the prologue of the game hiding under the Reservoir Bridge listening in on
soldier’s conversations, are also a part of the temple. Gachiin’s Sugar tells us that
“The High Senpou priest gave this candy to a band of short but adept assassins. The assassin’s do Senpou’s dirty work. Once hired guards, now extensions of the monks’
will in their quest for undeath.” Blackhat Badger, who looks similar to the
assassins of Senpou Temple, was actually one at one point until he defected. His reasoning was:
“After the little runt passed away… All the grunt work I used to do just didn’t
cut it. Experiments with rejuvenation, kidnapping,
the responsibilities of a Blackhat… Everything to do with this temple was just
rubbing me the wrong way.” So, this bolsters our knowledge of Senpou’s
Monks motivations. There are dead bodies littered throughout
Senpou Temple, who are likely victims captured by the Blackhats who were experimented on. We also know that the Divine Children of the
Rejuvenating Water were of course experimented on – and it’s very possible these were children
captured by the black hats. The Monk’s also develop various sugars,
which would include Yashariku’s Sugar, Ako’s Sugar, Ungo’s Sugar, and the aforementioned
Gachiin’s Sugar. Each of these served different purposes, with
Yashariku’s Sugar being forbidden at the temple, but “distributed far and wide in
exchange for donations towards costly undying research.” Ungo’s Sugar, on the other hand, “Senpou
Monks spread this candy around Ashina in honor of her military heroes.” From Eavesdropping on the assassins Isshin
asks us to kill, we know that they were actually allied with Ashina – at least at the start
of the game. Assessing the situation, One assassin tells
the other: “…It seems Isshin’s illness is indeed grave.” With the other assassin returning that “The
Land of Ashina will not last much longer, even with Genichiro on our side.” As I stated earlier, given the fact during
the invasion of Ashina we found enemies who look like Senpou Temple Assassins scattered
throughout Ashina Castle… only wearing red hats – I find it strongly likely they’ve
switched sides to whom they perceive to be the winning team… the Interior Ministry. Something worth noting is – similar to real
life Sengoku Japan, there were various buddhist temples of varying allegiances. Thanks to Gokan’s Sugar, we also know of
Misen Temple, where Shinobi Hunters would train at. “Misen monks are well-versed in the art
of killing shinobi; an undertaking that demands a body with an unshakable core.” We find one of these at Hirata Estate in Shinobi
Hunter Enshin of Misen. Thus – it’s likely Misen Temple is aligned
with the Interior Ministry. The Mibu and the Okami Clan – You may have noticed there are two extremely
important key players to the overall story I haven’t mentioned yet. And that’s because, it’s my belief they’re
part of the Mibu and Okami Clans. Lord Takeru is the Divine Heir of the Dragon’s
Heritage prior to Lord Kuro, with Lady Tomoe being his retainer. At one point, Emma tells us a tale of her
past at the Old Grave… “Back then… Lord Genichiro and I would come here a lot. Lord Takeru would play the flute and Lady
Tomoe would dance under the Everblossom… It was a wonderful sight.” We do frequently see flute players in Sekiro…
in the form of Mist Nobles. Whether this be the one we find in the Hidden
Forest, or the multitude found at Fountainhead Palace. Not only that… but we also find a dancing
enemy… the Okami Clan members – again – in Fountainhead Palace. Lord Takeru’s Fragrant Flower Note tells
us: “It is said that relatives of Tomoe once gathered the Fountainhead Fragrance and
arrived at the palace.” – Fragrant Flower Note
And, according to Okami’s Ancient Text… It was “An old note left by the Okami Clan,
who sought to reach the divine realm.” – with it detailing how to properly find the fragrance. The Dancing Mask tells us: “The Okami warrior
women would wear this to the Fountainhead Palace. There, they would dance as an offering for
the dragon.” All of these strongly lead to the fact that
Lady Tomoe was part of the Okami Clan. You may notice that Genichiro’s “Way of
Tomoe” is specifically when he uses lightning in order to face off against you. And we know thanks to his memories, “With
his country on the brink of defeat, Genichiro took to heretical arts and mastered the Lightning
of Tomoe. Such heresy may be the key to saving her.” But… why is this heretical? Well, according to the Floating Passage Text:
“This technique belongs to the Ashina Sword School, thought it has been deemed heretical
due to its foreign origin.” So – putting 2 and 2 together, the Lightning
of Tomoe is heretical due to its foreign origins – and in my belief, these origins being the
Okami Clan of the Fountainhead palace. We know through Okami Leader Shizu, found
in Fountainhead Palace, what the Okami Clan look like. We also find members who use this exact same
art of utilizing lightning to attack their opponents. To drive this home, we also know it’s not
strange for the Ashina to see inhuman beings like the Okami clan, as the Sabimaru Memo
tells us: “Sabimaru was wielded in wars of old, and is a national treasure of Ashina. Supposedly the blade’s poisonous blue rust
could drive off even the inhuman Okami warrior women.”“Wielded in wars of old, the blade’s
blue rust was used to drive off inhuman Okami warrior women. Even now, it is likely to be effective against
their descendants.” So – if Lady Tomoe is part of the Okami Clan…
then what about Lord Takeru? Well, as noted before – he specifically states
that Lady Tomoe’s ancestors, or the Okami Clan, found their way to Fountainhead, so
he wouldn’t have been a part of them. Given his affinity to the flute, I find it
likely he’s a Fountainhead Noble, or at the very least, a part of the Mibu – who were
a part of the Fountainhead Palace before it seemingly becoming corrupt due to undeath. Emma even specifically states of the Everblossom:
“It is a sakura tree that Lord Takeru brought from his homeland”. With the Everblossom specifically being something
found at Fountainhead Palace and the Divine Realm, as Sekiro even notes when he asks her:
“So it’s a Sakura Tree from the Divine Realm”… to which Emma confirms that it
is. For some reason, the two of them descended
from the Fountainhead to Ashina – but I’m honestly not clear as to why. There was also an epidemic due to Dragonrot
in Ashina’s past – and it’s highly likely this was caused from Lord Takeru’s Dragon’s
Heritage. Of the Fountainhead Nobles… we do know a
few things… The lady who looks like a Mibu Villager in
the Mibu Manor at Fountainhead tells us:“The palace nobles have a craving for the vitality
of youth. They can’t help themselves. They want nothing but to sap away more and
more of it.” And, in entering the Mibu Palace, we find
Palace Nobles donned in red eating the corpses of other nobles… who look to possibly be
a part of the Okami Clan – given their affinity towards wearing masks. According to the Water of the Palace, it’s:
“A cup filled with divine waters, a drink popular with nobles of the palace. When a wedding procession arrives at the Fountainhead
palace, this is the drink they are greeted with. “The nectar of the palace nobles. Go ahead, drink to your heart’s content.”” And, we know that wedding processions would
enter through the Mibu Village Cave, in order to be taken to Fountainhead palace, where
they offered this drink. Interestingly – feeding the Mibu Village Elder
the “Water of the Palace” turns him into one of the Palace Nobles donning red. Finally, We also know from the other Mibu
Village looking lady, who’s killing the nobles in anger:“You… you beasts! You tricked him all this time! “Nobility” this, and “Eternity” that,
pretty lies to fool him! Give him back! Father…” So, it seems to me – at one point there were
Mibu Villagers and Okami Clan living side-by-side in the Fountainhead palace. However, the common theme of the game is in
the corruption immortality causes. In the case of the Dragon’s Heritage, it
sucks the life force of others in order to keep the person containing it alive. In the case of the Infected – primarily seen
in Senpou Temple – it infests them with a worm/centipede, and completely degrades who
they are – and, in my speculation, eventually transforms them into a mindless creature over
time… more centipede than human. Here, in Fountainhead, this has also taken
hold, and this is where I’m going to get a little more speculatory: I think it’s likely that this has caused
the Okami and Mibu villagers to transform into mindless beasts whose only goal is to
eat the vitality out of others. We see this in the palace nobles – who are
probably less affected as they live peacefully with the Okami Clan and Mibu elders. We especially see this in the transformed
Nobles. Additionally, I think they’ve been tricking,
at least as of more recently, Mibu Villagers into coming to Fountainhead Palace, promising
immortality and nobility, where they actually plan to eat the Mibu villagers’ life force
behind closed doors. We also know the Mibu Villagers are closely
affiliated to the Fountainhead, as the Great Carp feeds off of Truly Precious Bait. And… looking at the Truly Precious Bait
– you’ll notice these are the very same slugs found throughout Mibu Village Pond,
and specifically found all over the Wedding Cave near the Shelter Stone. Finally – guarding the Fountainhead Palace
and Wedding Cave Door you’ll find Priestess Yao, better known to us as the Corrupted Monk. “The Corrupted Monk was among the infested,
standing over the Fountainhead Palace. Indeed, immortality would seem a fitting quality
for eternal watcher of the palace.” I believe Priestess Yao was watching over
these locations in order to protect the Fountainhead Nobles and Okami Clan in continuing to feed
off of the Mibu Villagers. ———— Alright guys, that wraps up my first Sekiro
Lore video. I know it was structured differently from
my Lore videos of the past – but I really wanted everyone to get a good sense of the
warring factions in this game, and which characters and enemies are aligned with each of these. I left out some of the minor characters who
either don’t have a strong affiliation – like the Snake-Eyes, or ones like the Long-Armed
Centipedes who… I’m honestly not sure of their affiliation. I actually started writing this document as
a way to help me think about the overall story of the game, and thought it would be a really
interesting thing for everyone to think about. I’d love to know your thoughts on some of
my various theories – especially as I’m going to be writing a video on the story of
the game, and thoughts and opinions are always appreciated. I try to avoid looking at reddit and other
sources of lore information while working on these videos, especially as I’m first
starting, but I’m just one person, and I’m sure people with a stronger knowledge of the
Sengoku period, buddhism, and other elements surrounding this game will have fascinating
insights. So – to that end, if I do utilize information
for my story lore video, I’ll definitely give credit. And – as I always do with the lore of Fromsoftware
games- I highly recommend checking out other creator’s lore videos to see their opinions. A huge shout out to everyone who supports
me on Patreon – I’d especially like to thank Invedentia, Jason Buck, and Jacob for their
continued patronage – it means so much to me, and thank you. If you enjoyed this video, I’ve been making
Fromsoftware Lore videos since 2013… which is crazy to think. So, I’d suggested checking out any of those
around Fromsoftware. I also try to vary my content, and would recommend
checking out one of my comedic retrospective Super Shows – such as my one on King’s Field
– or perhaps my more serious design discussion around Dark Souls. And – I’ll see you guys next time… Peace!


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A small detail is there is a couple that you can easedrop in the Hirata village, one which is a injured warrior who wants to defend Hirata with the woman pleading him to stay as his injuries are too bad. I find it likely that the two individuals inside the building are Isshin and Emma. But knowing about Isshin being the tengu man, it makes me want to reconsider. Isshin would have obviously defended Hirata if he were in healthy condition. Being in the past however, it could have been his injures from Tomoe were a lot more severe, so it could have been possible he was helpless to protect Hirata.

Theo Terrell · April 24, 2019 at 7:05 am

Its pronounced show gun ate, good vid btw

Ty Mahan · April 24, 2019 at 7:13 am

13:21 Dave, what is the name of this artwork and who painted it?

Lore Masher · April 24, 2019 at 7:45 am

Koremori and Harunaga are also Okami nobles, and they both get red eyes after becoming imperfect carps and start acting like assholes, that immortality just turns people into assholes. That's the real message – all assholes are immortal

Darlon · April 24, 2019 at 7:46 am

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Jay · April 24, 2019 at 7:53 am

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Mayur Singh · April 24, 2019 at 7:54 am

The ashina clan is a pre shogunate entity, it seems that interior ministry is but a shadow in the events of the sengoku jidai

DantzikZodarro · April 24, 2019 at 7:56 am

The single Senpou Assassin hiding behind the tree is the rat, not the guys with the shield hats, you only need to kill that one to get the esoteric text

Epix47 · April 24, 2019 at 8:41 am

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Haitani · April 24, 2019 at 9:02 am

Orangutan – 猩々 (shoujou) apparently also is a term for a "heavy drinker".
Quite fitting!

LOLOLhejahejaeha · April 24, 2019 at 9:03 am

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DarkBlood Souls · April 24, 2019 at 9:49 am

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Ernas 343 · April 24, 2019 at 9:56 am

I hope you'll be covering the lore of Senpou Temple, the valleys, the fountainhead to the divine dragon and more importantly the journey of return itself

Shaun Toronto · April 24, 2019 at 10:57 am

Dalai Lama theory is interesting. I feel like some plot points are being left for DLC. How do you feel about the Ringed City being a allegory of Eden?

Jessie Joy · April 24, 2019 at 11:02 am

Oh damn I’m excited! As soon as I saw it was up I clicked!!

Markis2bi4 · April 24, 2019 at 12:29 pm

Anyone else see the subtle call-backs to how Ashina, a clan that almost worships an immortal dragon, despises “foreign” techniques that summoning *lighting*? And in a way Genichiro betrays his clan in order to defeat Wolf in battle.

Soul Heir · April 24, 2019 at 12:32 pm

Great video! Puts a lot in context!

omar gallegos · April 24, 2019 at 12:35 pm

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Riley H. · April 24, 2019 at 1:10 pm

low key, the slugs remind me of the slug your character becomes in Bloodborne after killing the moon presence

MilkmanYeti · April 24, 2019 at 1:51 pm

Thanks Dave. I came into your stream a few weeks ago and said I just wasn't interested in Sekiro. Your enthusiasm for it made me give it a chance and I definitely do like it. Just finished my second run, so perfect time for you to start feeding us Lore.

Yukiedosato RS · April 24, 2019 at 2:02 pm

Isshin's last name was most likely always Ashina since in the intro it says sword saint ashina isshin. Also there was no shogun during the sengoku period. This means that the Daimyo technically were the highest rank for most samurai.

The sengoku was due to the fall of the the two shogunates before hand mainly ashikaga and muromachi. This means that Samurai were all independent forces. It is true that some of the more powerful clans were recognized by the emperor… for example Houjou clan had the kanto kanrei rank to watch over the kanto area. That being said nobody gave a shit about the emperor so they really meant nothing too great.

During this time it is true that there were other nobles in Japan together with the emperor. While on paper these nobles were on the same rank as the shogun, again nobles meant nothing to the samurai since samurai had power and wealth over all.

Finally I haven't seen any english speaking Youtuber mention this in the Sekiro vs souls comparison vids but the way Isshin the Tengu calls Sekiro in the Japanese version has been a hot topic among the Japanese gaming community.

Sekiro is supposed to be pronounced Sekirou, but the one Japanese VA says Sekiro. I strongly feel that this is a nod from From Soft to all the souls style western themed games.

Digitial Konnections · April 24, 2019 at 3:45 pm

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Henrique Silva · April 24, 2019 at 4:11 pm

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Matthew Bixler · April 24, 2019 at 4:42 pm

I thought the Long Arm Centipede and his ilk are from the Gun Fort, as they are wrapped in the same bandages as the Sunken Valley people. Their prayer necklace mentions that they will seek out a leader, often changing names out of loyalty. I wonder if they worship the idea of immortality as well like the Monks due to trying to "become" a centipede.

I also want to point out that I doubt the Fountainhead nobles and the Okami women looked like that all the time. The soliders at the Gun Fort are descendants of the Okami women, and they look and move normally. Most likely the transformation was due to the waters stemming from the Divine Dragon Tree. That also means that most likely Lady Tomoe and Lord Takeru were probably human, but were from Fountainhead palace before the waters corruption got too far.

ReachStudioPro · April 24, 2019 at 6:36 pm

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I learned so much! And people say this game doesnt have story telling in its ambience… it may be more straightforward than the Soulsborne games but it still leaves a lot to speculation which is the real fun of these games lore. Amazing video

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themambawarrior2 · April 24, 2019 at 10:41 pm

Fairly certain Missen is just a bunch of Shinobi Hunters for hire. Take note of the two (without hoods) in Owl's version of the estate, after where Jozou was, but also the one in Ashina Castle near the Old Grave (and later, on the bridge). He talks about how nobody would risk their lives for free, and if the nearby Ministry soldier becomes active by doesn't know of you (and earlier, if the Lone Shadow on the nearby roof is activated and you haven't agroed it or the Shinobi Hunter) the Ministry soldier (or Shadow) will fight and kill the Shinobi Hunter. So, I think they're mercs, not allies to the Interior Ministry.

James May's Flying Washing Machine · April 24, 2019 at 10:59 pm

I felt bad once Ashina Castle came under assault by the Minstry creeps…i’d killed Ashina’s strongest defenders before, and now they’re vulnerable!

Serbian Crusader · April 24, 2019 at 11:20 pm

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UberHero17 · April 25, 2019 at 12:32 am

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yo dude Ashina clan is NOT made up, thats a real clan from the sengoku period. just an fyi

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Since the intro had the soldier utter “Is the War over?” And the appearance of the Interior Ministry, could it be possible for them to be the Tokugawa Shogunate?

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i'm taking you to flavor town · April 25, 2019 at 4:53 am

I will dislike and not finish this since just searching Ashina gets a Wikipedia article about the real Ashina clan and the ministry of the interior is referring to as far as I know the interior Ministry of Tokugawa who became the first Shogun of Japan so he was uniting or rather destroying the Ashina clan for not falling under his rule

AtOW · April 25, 2019 at 6:15 am

Vaati's dominance is over as shown by other lore tellers. I think he's going to pull somethings out of his ass to differentiate himself.

Aldo Calrissian · April 25, 2019 at 6:35 am

Nice job on this. This game has so many unspoken details and it's nice to see stuff put together in one place.

Derek Campbell · April 25, 2019 at 6:37 am

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Sputnik · April 25, 2019 at 11:32 am

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Kelsey Maitland · April 25, 2019 at 2:02 pm

Some of this info seems like you are making leaps in logic. For instance, the rats, why would they be on the side of Ashina, but they are also being hunted by the Ashina? There are various other things that I think you kind of just assume as well.

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Finally, someone discussing lore that’s not trying to copy Vaati with their low effort monotone voices.

Tainuo · April 25, 2019 at 5:57 pm

Hey Dave, great video! There's something of note that I picked up on about the connection between Genichiro, Tomoe and the Fountainhead Okami. Floating Passage is nearly identical to attack strings that both Genichiro and the Okami use, which makes perfect sense! It's small, but it helps your point. I love how Miyazaki and From use gameplay to help tell their stories!