See what the audience thought of Picnic at Hanging Rock

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it was actually one of the great occasion performances are really good unnerving unnerving different yeah when we saw I thought about all of you so the hot deck of bass plays maracas residence the cruel really eerie wasn't really what I was expecting I was kind of mega exciting like a bit of a drama but really thrilling because this expensive always very really well it was really really exciting I was kind of going oh my god she's Australian I grew up with a story I think it really rated in like 7030 I see phenomenal storytelling like reading really fantastic uses voice back sentence is ecology stellastot kichul here we are back and this is black Amos were extremely effective I think extremely well time as an entry point for understanding something of fascination about the untamed element of Australia is too challenging but it's worth arrived uncomfortable for it yes sir they've been rated as the vast darkness prints in see a bit

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Charlotte Spiden · May 15, 2019 at 5:24 pm

The performance was incredible. It was terrifying and left me constantly thinking about what was going on.

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