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hello welcome to my third super collocations video and today I'm going to be showing you how you can get the song King Excel in GTA 5 online so as always let's get into it right so right this is the locations literally right here where the cars gonna spawn you're gonna need a Sun King Excel to do this and yeah and at the time it's got to be before all it's got to be after 10 a.m. and about two like in the afternoon so yeah that's just the times and yeah I want to show you how to get the car right so I'm going to show you the route now we're gonna do to make this same thing sand King XL spoon so just follow the route you see on screen now I was going to talk to ferry and she gonna come up to these trees here you want to go around these trees and see these two trees here what I like about the road she just pours in for like three to four seconds let the game render down let it spawn in that car and you just want to come down here slowly and is we're just pulling around doesn't look like anything's there among them but look now what's just spawned in it's actually the yellow variant of something excel there's another blue one but I'm just gonna show you them how it drives and well show you how how much would sell it for so so you can basically stuck these up in your garage I think they're worth 17 right she can I see her swell seventeen point four thousand dollars so that's pretty good price I mean if you stuck ten of these up you're gonna get 170 K so I'm just going to go ahead and sell this right so that is the end of today's video I hope you enjoyed it I hope this trick work for you I hope it'll make some money out of it so if you enjoyed can you please leave a like and subscribe if you know and I'll see you later

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