Secret Locations in Apex Legends

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hey everybody its rim weeks here coming at you at the video and apex legends we are finding secrets and little secret spot things that I have found in my many hours of playing around in the training mode here of Apex legends Michael was locked from his basement like a blanket over his head and stuff with the window blackout in the background looking for hidden spots in the training area yep it's the first one right here there's a rope here a lot of people don't even know about the rope but it is here um the neck rope from here you can also use the zipline to get through a few other zip lines as you can see scattered throughout the map but what we're looking for come right over here to this other rope as you can see going straight up that boopity dubu go in here so from here you're gonna come all the way back in you gonna line it up you're gonna kind of run towards that corner right there sprint slide jump and boom the knee mash a that boom you're on this little rock right here kind of nice got a nice view and okay here yeah good for a family holiday where can you go from here though Michael you can come on right up on this rock and then you look up beard oil up it or do you just keep going upper there just keep going up yep that's all there is to it yep go up and I'm doing really nice view as you can see there's some things yeah you see the bullet go all the way over to them you see a twitch after I shot it yep if you turn around this way have much three confirmed you can see I'm pretty amazing a little plateau there that you can't go to cuz this is invisible wall so yeah that's awesome okay now I'm gonna try to make this jump over here but if not that's okay nope I'm not gonna make it anyway nowhere nowhere named oh oh okay I didn't think I'd make it but you know we'll try okay come all the way back down here so as you climb up the rope come all the way up to the top you can ride up here little generator thing you can see a little another not really a rope wire I don't know what you'd call it we'll come back to that here in just second rope so you climb up this generator and Columbus little edge right here and you'll be met by a target just like those targets all the way down there oh no I'm not gonna try yet one right now so this target seems kind of random so Wyatt you might be asking why is there a target up here but Michael why is there a target up here if you shoot this target and say on the very edge right here just like this it will launch you if you get a good enough launch you can land up on top of that skill of something although it is pretty tough and my many many attempts I've only done it once now in case you guys were wondering yes this does also work with these stand right here boom I'm gonna launch yet takes a little while sometimes I was getting really worried there I thought it was gonna stay down forever and I was gonna be wrong so five back up the rope go all the way up you stare at the generator come right over here find a little uh warning sign you can also see how high-quality this game is turn right come right over here to this little spire be careful walk slow you don't want to fall you can walk along this wire I even go just about the whole way now I want you to be careful if see these little red things right here I wanted in a relation they will bump you just a little bit so be careful and these little ones aren't too much of a big deal but as they get bigger in size you see y'all had to walk all the way over that one just like an erection they will come close to knocking you off so you got to be careful there's a big one right up here you can kind of see it right there it's a doozy got to really be slow and be careful this one here will really knock you up it'll push you all the way to the side so you guys go nice and slow across it keep going the rest of the way line yourself up with the with the ribcage and boom you're on the ribcage now you might be asking yourself what can I do from here and there's the here's the answer a lot come right over here the spine really not much you can do here but science like that it just kind of looks cool I enjoy being up here it's really nice if you want to take a picture of it send it to your friends so like whoa how'd you do that that's crazy there's a visible wall back here sadly you cannot make it all the way to here really wish you could if any of you guys find a way to do it let us know and show us and teach me and then I got all kinds of crazy ideas of things that I can do from here so now we're gonna turn our attention elsewhere yet you can fall through here as you can see or maybe you can't on this occasion oh there we go real finicky okay well I might just be screwed arrow back okay we have a little bit of technical difficulties there but we got them all resolved I had to start a new one as you can see kind of earlier on in the tutorial but that's okay that's okay just got a little bit more to show you guys gotta come over here the toe the tip is right over there in this little ziplining thing so do a little bit of climbing it's kind of hard to get in there as you can see it's really not I'm just bad now go all the way up to the very tippy top now I don't do it I didn't like five times in a row earlier and now I can't get it up at all like special bunny jump at the right time laying up here sprint jump boom there you go now flying yourself up with this sprint jump and you'll clamber your way all the way up here now I swear it gets kind of tricky go over here to this edge take a couple steps back you only have so much room sprint jump now if you do it just right oh I didn't get it that time I'm not sure if that's possible I've never done that before anyways moving on from there we're gonna finish it up with just one little thing now this is something I have not personally found really anything with but there's a lot you can do here so I'm betting one of you guys out there in the world can't do something whether you gotta come all the way over here right under these banners right there I can't mark but I haven't gotten that the tutorial yet but imagine I marked all the way over here clamber clamber boom now we're here now do you see these rocks you can climb almost straight up these rocks if you do it just right I don't think it's here okay cut that come right over here just Michael jump up to here basically what you guys do in this game when you want to get somewhere as just mash a I can't I do it now why does it match again there we go there we go kind of finicky it takes a few tries sometimes Oh fell down a little bit but if you do it just right okay so leaving us off on one final thing if you look up there there's a platform up there now that platform is the is the bane of my existence I cannot tell you how many hours on end I spent trying to get to that platform about three now I believe it's possible because as you can see it's a platform if you look around there's really not any more like it except for like you know obviously these are those up there that you can get on but there's no other ones just randomly on a cliff except for that one well yeah but that's like a whole thing it's for aesthetics that one is not it's random I think it would look better without it I think it's kind of ugly so it has to have some sort of purpose so I am encouraging you guys to find a way up there thank you guys all so very much for watching uh if you liked the video give it a like if you–if you really like our content thank you all so much goodbye peace you


Dogs_of_war Gaming · May 14, 2019 at 5:21 pm

Great content guys cant wait to see more

Michael Smith · May 14, 2019 at 5:21 pm

Whoever disliked the video, your moms a hoe

Taviee r · May 14, 2019 at 5:21 pm

I never knew about these! pretty sure you messed up the placement of the a lot though

Logan kola · May 14, 2019 at 5:21 pm

This is actually an amazing video just saw it was uploaded need to turn that bell on I guess lol

Sause Boss 117 · May 14, 2019 at 5:21 pm

This puts Ali-A to shame, this is next level.

Also 2:30 kills me

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