Second Annual Picnic – Johns Hopkins Center for Fetal Therapy

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>>It’s basically a picnic that we host where we invite all the families that we have cared for to
the Center for Fetal Therapy.>>I thought it would
be really nice to just see Dr. Miller and see Dr.
Baschat and just thank them and see other families
that have gone through similar situations and also to celebrate.>>At 22 weeks we found
out that we might have twin to twin transfusion syndrome and we just went from a
place where we didn’t know if they were gonna make
and it we didn’t know what our future was gonna look like and thanks to the team, it’s
like it never even happened. They’re just, they’re perfect.>>We have twin girls
and we saw Dr. Miller and Dr. Baschat for a
consult for stage two TTTS, had surgery the following
day and very quickly after that the twins rebounded. Dr. Baschat and Dr.
Miller were all wonderful. We couldn’t have had a better experience.>>The whole entire time
really made it possible to give these guys a life
so it was pretty amazing.>>I was referred to the John Hopkins Center for Fetal Therapy because these two were different sizes
and we spent a few weeks at the center and they
actually discharged us. So we called them and said
we’d like to deliver with you and they welcomed us with open arms. Couldn’t be happier with our experience.>>We lost our daughter in
February 2015 to preeclampsia. We were blessed to be
pregnant again with Landon and so after having our
preeclampsia screening with him, we decided to definitely continue our pregnancy with Dr. Baschat. Everyone there was awesome
and I am eternally grateful for everything they’ve
done for our family. (acoustic music)>>The chest cavity between
the heart and lungs, at one point, the doctors only gave him a 40 percent chance of
being healthy and normal. And thanks to the wonderful
care and the attention and the skill of the
doctors at John Hopkins, they were able to save him.>>I wanted to say thank
you, this is my babies. I can see how the great
job that you guys did.>>The thing that affects
many parents today is when they come and see us, it’s a really difficult situation everybody is in and
you don’t actually know how things are gonna turn out. And the nice thing here
is that people come back and their lives are
returning back to normal. (acoustic music)

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