Seance Uncovers Dark Secrets at Stanley Hotel

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Lucy she's known to close doors and move like candy anyone boot the lolly we all left a little standing up right there yeah it's inferred of the bathroom standing up no way yes no way I got that on camera no I got that one on camera hold right there you were going to if we watch the footage back that one's not gonna be there it's gonna be right there and it's you know is perfectly suited up on that we got to do this now it's like present yeah I just wanted to say like we did move some like lollipops to get them like in frame but yeah let's start this thing we got two angles this time we got one eye just before you light it like should we talk about what we're doing you know make sure that we're not doing anything this is gonna like this over like what we're taking more precautions oh what's that oh look wait the bucket just move nobody gets to do it just got my camera you just won't like that okay bro can we get out room like this room problem we haven't even you haven't even lit all the candles yeah can we get out like no this is like leaderboard right you know same Camino but we like travel all this not for this to be here you seriously don't wanna do this right what no no no not after the game now like I do a lot of scared right and like the last time we did this you guys know what happened and Frank mediums over here saying this I think that that happened to us you've already got a lot of evidence so we could just call with a video and not look like people we need like that lollipop just move like this is the perfect time the spirits kind of react to you the most – so if you can at least like stay in the room that's what I don't like can you be like outside of this whole circle and just like okay okay let's just each ask a question one question also I'm hoping that's because you just did that oh I just did it again B just touched it know it as you said that Sam I did it again tap the floor syrup with your finger oh my god Sam I watched it do it is that moving the cues not moving all the lollipops in the same spot yeah yeah okay those up yeah okay cool just because we want to make this short we've done a lot of asking questions let's just ask what was that in the closet oh dude can we stop I think whenever we hear things that means that we should keep going yeah let's do this and I yes hate this crap dude remember how calm you are in the Queen Mary like just think of it like that it's not gonna hurt every tenth of a medium toeses I'm not trying to do any harm I'm trying to come out here and like disgrace it in any way like Jenkins might be nice let's take like a couple of those breasts like the psychics at first if anyone out there's listening we just want to know was that we heard or spirits or some kind of presence it won't be to go over it just open the door it's a crash site open it all the way yeah but I mean I just think we need like everybody's energy here the only time it works is like if we all do with you what if like just honest question question yes question three questions it could take five minutes so one question each other we're done that's it yeah okay and I'm only saying okay cuz the salt the salt is eleking that's making me feel kind of safe and the sage I want something happened I mean after all that's our goal sounds right it's for something to happen I mean we're that's like nope one of our YouTube channel they're gonna go through this time spirit or presence we know you're here honest look we've been hearing all day we heard that there is a man in the air cowboy Lucy being on this fourth floor moving lollipops like you move some stuff in our own we know you're here just please give us a sign you move the lollipops we heard you earlier when we were relaxing it's not time to play games anymore use our energy show us you're here we came here for a reason we're trying to help you we want to talk to you so anything is here please just show us we want to see don't be scared yeah yeah you just saw that and look look at one out for a second then it'll every live I go can I go no I'm out yeah I think we're good right oh wait isn't this what we wanted but why are we stopping now we're gonna sit down we're gonna ask for something to happen that once somebody happens we just stop I agree there's nothing nothing happened it's just a creek we've been here now all right the windows open – and fans are yeah there's been six creeks in this especially that could've easily been you heard that Creek here is we all heard it only once something you know Kentucky was inside the closet lemonis like you just you just begged you know for them to make it no any true and then you stop revving they do it and we only have one more question right now my legs are so sense we've literally heard that same noise / / else if we get a different sign but we know it's probably something we forget keep getting the same – or it might just be a curriculum we got to do one more quarter just this last question so I have to ask the question we're just gonna all do one question alright so yeah for your last question and absolutely what everybody says everywhere I go I hate that makes me feel great this is the last question we have for whatever we've been talking to tonight if there is anything a spirit a ghost an entity is if there is anything in this room with us can you please make a sound or make something to let us know that you are here with us we just got something oh dude there's nothing in here Tory Cory Cory no closer to a close the door dad come on are you doing Jake he made me wait why why did we need to leave why I don't want to sleep in that bro okay let's just go let's just go what was that yo what was that that sounded like it was in the closet we should get another hotel I does not want to wait now it's just the closet what there's something wrong with that colosso asleep in that race so why did we come here yeah why we could get what we got the moment we catch up we stop that's what I'm saying it's like we got it like it's just like the perfect chance to go back right now what remember let's think about for two seconds we were able to debunk a lot of stuff what was that what was it honestly it could have been anything that closets been making weird noise all night this construction probably people on the roof you know creeks and stuff like that I understand that doesn't really scare me but that sounded like a cat was clawing down the door really I thought it was like a machine it was like machinery behind that cause it sounded like you know all those bangs I know we didn't get the bang on camera guys sorry but it was it was very structured side he was like and then like the everything wouldn't move it was like something's there so like maybe it's just yeah but we traveled here for a reason it's almost morning we can't leave if we wanted to our flights tomorrow so I think we should just tough it out stay the night see if anything else happens we can in the seance yeah we said it was our last question we're fine with that I just don't know what that was I know what the demon or a spirit er goes or something I'm going back it's time to close sorry off-camera what's that no that was that was a spirit every single time do as soon as I tempted it something in the closet like move like the coat hanger or something second time we said come on just show yourself and we hear like what scratches in the closet – and the claw and Jennifer said that like the ghost lives there oh no I I don't know man was it living in the closet I thought it was out in the middle of the area I'm so skeptical though because we've we tried like three times to debunk it and even all the security guards have said that like even being here they haven't seen anything so why would happen to us time we get here you know it's like too perfect but something happens if let's talk about it that something happens every time built more candles blew out mission in what the backpack fell something weird happens every time the camera just died on three a fourth battery that doesn't do that it's not supposed to as soon as we're talking about the spirits to lighting to debunk this it kills the camera where's Queen Mary we didn't capture anything until the camera was off like what if spirits dude I don't want it like freak us out right now but what if we're not going haunted places but haunted things are following us because Andrus doesn't wait on you something happens like this like earlier today we caught some stuff too why what happened you just said that people were complaining on our floor and get this he said that he heard people talking and random noises wait wait okay what are they complaining to us directly or was he saying our floor no he was saying can you people like you are the people that are making random noises and talking what if the random noises like what if they heard like what we heard they heard what we heard all right I want to go back upstairs and get another battery but like we got to be quiet maybe we actually talked about this in the morning yeah I don't know next time annoys us maybe we can't run out the door cuz we're gonna get kicked out true yeah we cannot get kicked out because we layered all have a place to stay until tomorrow night we can't even get an uber from here we're in the middle of nowhere let's go back inside I'll throw in a new battery let's talk about this in a second okay so what I was trying to say outside before the battery died is what if it's not the places that we're going to but it's us because every single place that we go to something happens right and we put ourselves in this position but everything we get is debunk Keable I feel like like there hasn't been something like no chairs of levitated in front of us or you know anything like that everything that happens is like okay maybe oh no you can't I don't get people that like they go to a haunted place and you know they're gonna you know see a ghost walking down a hallway they'll see like a snow fly across the room but in reality all that you could get was one little knock and that's enough proof for me because everything that I've already seen over the years I don't know this real seriously don't let me drag across the room Bigfoot no like next thing we ever do it we like do like overnight watch you get a ton of battery like a new camera that can last a long time and we just view our entire night in review athlete I'm down we don't we've never had enough battery or the camera power to like last all night but we could make that happen maybe like we'll actually capture something but I mean but it's like two hours till sunrise so I guess we'll turn on the camera if anything else happens but for now let's sleep yeah I think we're like so tired from filming all day that we're not gonna like have enough energy to explain what happened so we kind of all agreed on our way back up like yeah we got a noise complaint yeah we can't be talking too much then we'll go from there we meet like Jennifer for breakfast or something tell her what happened sure alright goodnight everybody I dreamt that I always could see you and Colby running but I could never catch up like it was like you guys keep going and I was like guys come on it's not like it was like a bad thing or anything happening to me else it's like I couldn't find you I don't really remember my dreams I just member I woke up like three times last night and I every time I woke up it was like and I'm like well what just happened all day I'll be trying to think of what my dream was all I just remember is just tiny little things in every dream there was like someone like chasing all of us I'm like it was obviously we're at this hotel like we're sleeping here so I was dreaming about it yeah I was driving in the hot water that's pretty awesome that's good I was just stuck in a hallway for like what felt like five hours but you know those dreams that just like never seemed to end and like you can it's not like a lucid dream but you can like kind of tell that you're in a dream it's just like super long yeah like a matching like a a hallway with no doors where you just like walk and you just can't escape and I got like to the point where I was like driving myself insane and I would start like running for half a mile it felt like and then I'd stop because get frustrating and I'd never be able to see the end did you hear anything last night anybody like hear noises I heard the vent make a couple weak noses dude that vent right there like well yeah yeah like as soon as I was like waking what I did lay out some stuff for the possible mrs. Wilson ghost but that didn't really happen on this now that we're able to talk about it what's freaking and check this camera back out and see what happened right as we're like doing the seance I still have no idea what explained that did you hear anything yeah it sounds like scratch marks have we ever even heard scratches though in any other video that's the thing oh this place is super old it's obvious that bang screech there's no explanation for scratches honestly dude I think it was the construction because remember even in Queen Mary when we heard like the foot substance didn't like above us yeah we none of us like really freaked out that much like I've heard stuff like that happened and each place we've been to that it doesn't really scare me anymore than much whenever we heard those other noises like the coat hangers would be moving back and forth when we open the door yeah so whatever it is it's like really close to this room yeah I'm coming in this way and we also don't know what's behind that wall because another room exactly we're gonna go in 30 minutes yeah but I told Jennifer we'd meet it for breakfast really quick you guys when I go down there maybe she knows something that happened maybe she experienced something okay real quick before we leave this hotel let's recap everything that actually happened though because there are so many things that we haven't debunked that can name 20 exact hangers the pictures that we caught in that little music hall the pictures oh yeah the pictures are a huge thing right when we came in we were playing with that the radio the lollipop moving Lucy in the concert hall Jennifer crying because she like saw like a bright light all the things you gathered like hey multiple booms and then the AC going like cracking in the morning and then all of us having dreams like whether or not we can debunk that one thing all I'm trying to prove with this is we have a lot that we would have had to Depot we saw red carved somewhere and a lollipop like you know the most random place you can ever so like something about this hotel is definitely weird but we survived it and we didn't it where dude you have green on there right now again you said you're not about any green oh dude you could have given me that sweatshirt nice sale I'm sorry the hell do you alright well on that note let's go get broadcaster please did anything happen to you last night did you like stay it 17 though the grand next door it's unknown like nightmares or anything like that we had nightmares we also we set up this like elaborate seance there like but is pretty bad there was something in the closet for sure that's all we have in the room and there were some that were sticking like straight up standing we left and came back and one of the lollipops was moved to a completely different spot of the room but he was still standing it was the same color and everything like we think her that like Lucy ghost like moving lollipops let me try to like stand up a lollipop just doesn't work the old ball so it wasn't we went in saves ourselves right yeah we saved ourselves come back in the wild poppies no this is completely in another place that's right freaky Jennifer just says she's about to head out and we probably are too so this is gonna be a last little bit of our Stan Lee adventure again huge thank you for help us out yeah no honestly like if she didn't give us to her we wouldn't have known like half those facts yeah we got denied a tour so we didn't researching all night Turo that would have sucked I think this is a pretty successful trip oh yeah yeah it's yeah say Stanley yeah again thank you so much it's nice meeting you thank you for all the ghost stories and making me almost poop my pants means a lot yeah freaked out we all had nightmares yeah one of us then I didn't if you want to poop your pants again I know where where where I sin la it's called witch's forest my grandpa owns a cabin there and like no one ever goes there by God made Koya these witch's forest you know you have a cabin yeah my grandpa but no one ever goes there like like one month of the year someone there as hot as you think the cabin of the forest and forest okay kid to this friggin perfect core is actually gone he's walking back to the airport and we just had a horrible crazy time but maybe we'll hit you up about it oh yeah thank you definitely again nice meeting you big contacts yeah thank you guys so we're just waiting for our taxi really quick but we wanted to talk to you just kind of like a one-on-one to kind of explain what we're gonna be doing in the future we really enjoyed this paranormal stuff we really enjoy like going to these haunted places because it's cool it's something that no one else does a lot of you guys are concerned about our safety whether it be paranormal or just like what happened to us at the cave but we just wanted to say that we are completely voluntarily doing this ourselves and don't worry about it we like doing this and we don't want to stop doing paranormal investigations so we're gonna keep doing that so this is our compromise as opposed to just anything we can find we're just going to take a lot more time on these videos and again they're gonna be more like this it's gonna be more research and more like storyline and it's gonna be spaced out more but that's more for like our safety and we'll still do all our videos on our personal channels and stuff but as for the salmon Kovic this is what's best for us especially after taking that break again expect more videos probably in a few weeks or so and all of our other officials will be right here on the screen and again we post on our personal channels as well every single week got merch as well to help support these trips and all that stuff so in a bio if you want to support us at all best way you can do that is just grabbing a hoodie link right here go to let's go grab friend Jake okay 250k like we're going to data which is for us right Corey no P yeah I'm gonna do it wait wait what hello hi is this Jennifer yes this is she sweets so about that forest


Sam and Colby · May 16, 2019 at 7:39 am

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A Rubbish Bin · May 16, 2019 at 7:39 am

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A moment of silence for that 500 iq tactic

Joram Lindeman · May 16, 2019 at 7:39 am

there are underground caves at the hotel idk where but there are caves

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Sam and colby you tow are sooooooooo cute.

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Darrell Franklin · May 16, 2019 at 7:39 am

I’m glad you guys are pursuing your calling. Y’all are destined for this. Let’s go guys. I’ll be with you every step of the way. And Sam get another Spirit Box. You’ll definitely need it for that forest specifically to know the intentions of who or whatever is in that forest quicker and better.

Jose · May 16, 2019 at 7:39 am

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yo am i the only one that noticed that when the noise in the closet happened before corey ran out the thermostat changed and they literally said that the temperature changes since lucy froze to death

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I feel like Coldly looked really interested in Jennifer and that was cute lmao idk why but it's cute maybe he was just being friendly but oH wElL

I'm so happy Sam and Colby are back I really enjoyed the videos! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Dope Flipper · May 16, 2019 at 7:39 am

The door closed when Colby asked

Izx · May 16, 2019 at 7:39 am

you all are haunted for playing with those ouija boards and not closing them out properly.

Mc Nugget · May 16, 2019 at 7:39 am

if yall are going to continue only doing paranormal stuff you have to keep Corey out of the videos, its yalls career on the line you cant just run everytime yall hear a thump lol

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If you read "REDRUM" backwards you get murder

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There are many places in St.Louis to explore . For example: Lemp mansion , The Exorcist House and Alexian brother hospital , And Zombie road. You can fine more information on them here :

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Katelyn Fisher · May 16, 2019 at 7:39 am

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