Rv Trip – Day 3 Highlights (Highlights from Stream)

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[Laughter] [Applause] know when you're ready breaking down the city as ro downtown pushed into the traffic you gotta be nice to gay people no 19 there's a back cater five-star I'm worrying you you want these yeah yeah get it for that girl right there somebody said there's a bag of Cotton's right there hold on where did you see the bag of carnies no no this dude said he saw right now I just I'm not gonna I'm gonna believe him dude he said it's there hold on there's a bag of cons I trust the chat when Chad says a bag of cons there's a bag of cotton somewhere hey sorry bro I thought you saw cons but I don't see your brother I don't see it you have cons Oh tonight's fuckin on listen remember that phase that everybody's like talk shit about me I got you I love you I just said I love you man you gotta be nice man you're not being nice now see I said I love you you should say I love you too you don't have to know me dude this is like 2019 you just have to hook up and that's it you're old-fashioned okay I'll tell you what I'll buy you dinner and then we'll talk about it capiche can I touch it could I tell you beer for once again yes that's a fuckin accomplishment bro when they say they're worried about that shit fuck ya boo get it off fuck though right now bad I love you go though can I touch your penis there's not too much what the fuck means too much you're too much how about you fucking get in the fucking car and stop being so boring ass clinks you still have to fucking hang out with this fucking ass clinks right here he likes to fucking just sit there and talk with watch CNN all day all right he fucking voted for Hillary Clinton rare dude I guarantee he did ask links what the kind of tattoos is that if I was a fucking real man I got my shit sleeved up what the fuck is that douche bag how about you get in the fucking car borac links or ask links now fuck that I'm pissed off now all right YouTube why don't you have my back right now you like asking huh you're cheating on me right now no no no I did too much drugs tonight I did cocaine I did cocaine is that okay Monica that's scary okay listen you have hair on your balls honey I am your woman honey honey but can I touch a beer for a little bit dude please hey I love you I said I love you hey this guy over here don't worry about him he like he likes men too he's actually my boyfriend he's just this girl right here she's actually I don't know she's human so don't about her she's just six sisters just smiles and says yes to everything no no no how about you have a good night I love you it is a crazy neighborhood I got arrested in this you guys just a couple of weeks ago but I love you hey I love your butthole too I had to do it you know what I'm fuckin with everybody tonight let's add we go swimming stop fucking with me dude stop fuck me I'm trying to sleep dude please stop fuck we do not sleep dude please I'm trying to sleep I'm trying to come on dude but he's not fuckin with me dude stop shots fired burgers wait Hong said hey fixes okay let's see here SJC is desperately trying again the RV he had his discord loser oh sorry loser discord users bought a pole last night as a don't ogle for a plane ticket is actually trying to contact Casey and keep this scumbag off our streams want me and imagine donating to a goal for him when he scams everyday goal he does whatever but it's great that he's not gonna be here it's great things not coming I don't like SJC she drags me almost every single time he's on the stream say he's gonna beat me up also he's a fucking loser because he literally Twitter message me which I will show you right now if you guys like saying threatening me being like intruders I'm gonna come and find you in LA don't make me come find you don't let me come find you and then the guy never came never said anything so he's a liar and bitch sluts here oh yeah so he got scared by the way when he was talking to me on Twitter let's see here over here so see all this Burger dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt go crying I be too by the way okay good should be and then he was yeah when I see you in person very alert he'd leave the other oh I fucking screenshotted them see oh wait it's our computer and I've got my computer at least see my screenshot here I have a lot of screenshots from his conversating I knew he'd be a page and delete them which he did by the way oh by the way I have a really cool picture or a video that you guys haven't seen it I'll post on Reddit like that that's the RV getting out the justice and I filmed it for you guys it's always screaming at that time I'm gonna post this on the IP to or packet plus 92 I'll post some of them on somewhere a discourse or like that's good post negative karma so I've actually built and this getting out of the thing we're not entire this wasn't a successful trip but so it goes on like that for a little bit I'll post that summer I guess at some you


RV Trip · July 29, 2019 at 11:53 am

Credits: scuffed and intro credits to Nsayne

Chazza534 · July 29, 2019 at 11:53 am

Blade is dying in front of our eyes 🙁 someone help him

Matej matej · July 29, 2019 at 11:53 am

Why is this Armenian guy such a asshole to everyone around him why??? People lost respect for others it's not right. I bet you he wouldn't like to be treated like this way

funkymunky2404 · July 29, 2019 at 11:53 am

Flawless intro

beamer boi · July 29, 2019 at 11:53 am

Great fucking edit

Never mind

Prathap · July 29, 2019 at 11:53 am

Dry day 3

Frank the Tank · July 29, 2019 at 11:53 am

Bjorn !!!

Legz · July 29, 2019 at 11:53 am

I loved it … good job

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