RV Transport – How much can you really make?

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what's going on guys so if you saw the previous video of this I don't know what happened but learn the mid and end of the video it was kind of freezing out a little bit and like playing weird so I really like that it's kind of annoying me so I decided to just shoot a quick redo of that video this is basically a video explaining you know basically is RV transport worth it how much money am I making after everything is said and done and I like it overall so I guess I'll start with do I like it overall yeah I do I think it's awesome that I can travel the country pretty much anywhere I want to go just pick a load off the load board right from my phone and I can go there and then once that load is done I am under no obligation if it could be another load right away I can hang out in that state so if I want to do a little sightseeing or torn or hang out there I can do so and I have money to use and money to spend and I can put plenty of money away with this job as well because I personally have no overhead and I mean I have to pay is my 5000 phone bill and car insurance which is very low as well so now we got that over with let's start out with my first load I did three loads last week but we're gonna start out my first load that I did because that's the biggest so I think it's easiest to explain the overall money you guys could see what you're you know what you're looking at I went from Indiana to Jersey it was a seven hundred and twenty-five mile trek and overall my gross pay was seven hundred and ten dollars after gas which was two hundred dollars I came out with five hundred and ten dollars and a yard fee of twenty dollars so if you guys aren't familiar with RV transport already paying away you pick up certain yards charge a fee to come pick up that RV because they stationed them for you they set them up and just goes towards them you know kind of making it convenient for you guys so you know exactly where to go and the paperwork is kind of set up for you so in a way it's worth it but I've seen the yards for anywhere from 15 to 35 dollars so far that's all I've seen I haven't seen anything cheaper and anything more expensive could there be maybe I don't know after that I came out 490 now here's where it could depend on you with what option you choose so let's talk about seventy dollars from my paycheck right away this goes towards my damage deposit now your damage deposit is pretty much just that if you damage the unit that you're driving whether you hit somebody we hit something maybe you're backing up whatever the case is and your damage unit needs repair that money that you're saving up that you're putting away that they're taking out would go towards your would go toward your damage there's two options you can either put one up where you put $1,500 up cash up front that way you don't have to worry about it all you're all set to go or if you don't have that money like I didn't really want to put that money up I wanted more in my pocket at the time just in case for any breakdowns or any other type of situations you know I'd have it on me so you can do 10% of every load till you build up that $1,500 damage deposit and they take it out automatically you don't worry about going there and paying them or anything like that and it's just kind of a you know out of sight out of mind kind of thing they already do it for you so after that $7.00 I took out I was left with four hundred and twenty dollars that was my that's my pay I took that home okay so I have to gas ever the yard fee and everything else I made $420 in two days okay I think that's awesome mainly because you know the other jobs that I was doing I was making maybe four or five hundred dollars a week and I just made $420 in two days maybe it could have been less if I didn't get out so late I had my orientation that day and I didn't get out till like 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon maybe a little later than that and by the time I got my unit and I figured out how the paperwork works and everything I got a pretty large pretty late start to the day so every day they get a lot of driving then that first day and as of right now it's deer season and the company that I Drive for doesn't want you driving at night so then we get an ID are there any other animals and damage the unit and it kind of saves you a little bit too because like I said if you downs unit comes at your $1500 and nobody wants to pay that if you ever want to give up or view transport you want to be able to take that $1500 home with you which is what would happen so you drive from dusk till dawn till January first it's only during deer season which I think starts in December and it's I think or November I don't know you could google it but that's what it is so right after that you could drive as long as or as late as you want so from dusk to dawn now we've spent over a couple of things these a couple of different variables just depends on what you want to do personally but these can affect how much money you make overall so first thing is a truck now I do drive away so I don't have to pay for a truck rental or anything like that the other thing I have to pay is gas for Sam's car because she chases me pretty much ever she chases me everywhere we go that way I have a ride back but if you would have truck obviously you have to pay for upkeep maintenance they do require like an F the market insurance to cover the RVs and do T inspections you're all you're responsible for all paying all that now the one way which i think is cheaper and better long term maybe in my opinion is enterprise partners up with a company that I work for and they do truck rentals now you can rent a 3/4 ton a one ton a 450 550 I think it goes even higher than that I'm not really sure most guys usually run a 3/4 ton or one time and you can rent them through this company now the awesome thing about this is every 50 to 60 thousand miles you get a brand new truck yep that's right every 50 or 60,000 miles you are in the seat of a brand new Ford f-series whatever you pick as far as I know that's the only trucks they run that I've seen or our f-series Ford's so if you're like a Dodge lover or anything I don't have to tell you but the d-o-t inspection is done for you and everything all you're required to do from my company personally is get a mud flap a full extension mud flap and a and a fifth knowledge which I don't even know if it's totally required that you definitely need it or if you just want to do fifth wheels if you need it I don't know because you know they're already equipped with a tow bar and everything so if you wanna just do travels or ours I think you might be good to go but don't quote me on that ask your company so yes so they take out 21 cents a mile for a 3/4 ton and I think it's 23 or 24 cents for of one-ton dually per mile and they charge you there and back so you're going you're charged for four loaded miles and deadhead miles which is unloaded miles driving back to whatever destination back to Indiana or wherever is it worth it you know I think so I think in a way it is because they pay for everything they pay for your DoD inspection they pay for maintenance breakdowns oil changes you know that stuff could really head out that stuff is expensive especially on these big trucks and I you know like I said you gets to drive a brand new truck all the time you know if you go out and buy a 60 or 70 thousand dollar you know heavy-duty truck and you do this full-time in two three years you're gonna have three four hundred thousand miles on this thing and it's gonna be worth nothing you know they were not nothing but it's gonna be worth maybe a quarter or a little more than a quarter of what you paid for so you know I think I think it's your opinion you know I mean just think about it you know it's definitely something to think about next is your transportation on the way back that's another expense so I have a chase car so Sam drives there how Buckley this car is great on gas it's a six-speed manual we get almost 40 miles a gallon so she's doing great she you know we only pay like twenty two dollars to fill that car up it goes 400 miles on a tank so we have pretty cheap transportation there and back the only thing that sucks is we have to pay for tolls for that car as well so kind of hurts us a little bit but not to the point where it's not worth it another way that I've seen people do it is they fly back now flying back is expensive especially if it's like a last-minute thing like oh hey I'm gonna jump on this run and then I'll just take a flight back usually last-minute flights to be a couple hundred dollars you have to think about that you know if your run is like mine $710 and if you guess it's 5:10 and then after you're told after your yard feet and your ten percent coming out free damage deposit you'll offer for twenty and your flight is like 200 bucks you only come in with two hundred twenty dollars for two days worth of work and you have to justify if that's worth it or not so you know and the other way is if you're a drive away driver you can tow a car behind your bra in your RV most of these drive away units are toque are compatible some of them aren't I know like to send – trucks aren't and some of the box trucks aren't so you just have to look usually when you get your manifest it'll tell you no car no tow car loud or or something of that extent next its holes the tolls for this indiana new jersey one or 112 dollars thank god these tolls are reimbursable excuse me but but you have to pay for them upfront and then they reimburse you so the way that works is if you have an EZ Pass now this company the companies they seem to recommend EZ Pass I guess just because it's easier you can just keep shooting through a thing I don't like about EZ Pass is you have to wait till the toll posts to your account now that can take a day or two and then you have to first print that and then submit it to the company for reimbursement whereas if you just pay cash for the toll you've got a receipt right there and then from the Tollbooth operator and as soon as you're done with your one you take the rest of your paperwork and you in your receipts you take pictures of everything and you send it in on the app or however your company does it and you reimburse that day and you get your pay for that load that day and you're done you don't have to worry about oh when is this gonna post when am I gonna get my money back for the tolls this and that it just seems so much simpler paying cash that's all in my opinion you know you get a discount but it doesn't matter because it's all time because the companies are paying for it anyway so you know you may as well just pay the full fare and then you get the full fare back next is permits depends on where you're going sees from what I'm told it's mainly out west that you need permits for any permit you have to pay for is reimbursable at least through my company so just take a picture of the permanent whatever I get a receipt they usually email the receipt to you is what I'm being told and you just forward the email to your company for reimbursement I think that anything else I think that's about it guys it's I really like it I really enjoy it I wish I knew more about I would I knew about it a lot earlier I definitely would have been on this a long time ago because I was doing before this I was doing uber and I was making you know it just depends on the week but making like three four hundred dollars a week and that was before I took my gas cut out so I mean this this is great and me and my dogs I'm the girlfriend we get to travel all over the country we have to see this beautiful country it has a lot to offer if you guys haven't been around the country I highly suggest you do it I have no overhead I don't know if I told you guys I really don't my shirt is very low and my phone bill is only 50 bucks and aside from that and like food you know I don't pay a 2000-3000 of more mortgage you know I don't pay a car payment so you know I'm pretty much pocketing almost everything and I can live a very comfortable life you know we can live a very comfortable life I don't have to stress about bills and stuff I mean when I was working for uber you know you have to hope and pray that you get enough you know enough customers and sometimes you didn't some days you'd be out at 10:00 now is dead you wouldn't make squat so with this it's almost guaranteed I've heard customer people hunting some of the transporter Facebook pages saying you know there's no loads I don't know what I'm going to do and I personally haven't experienced that yet thank God I'm very grateful for you know this company's giving me so far but there's always loads there's always loads going out from Indiana and there's always reloads going all over the country so like Monday tomorrow Samantha and I are grabbing a load coming out of Indiana going to Virginia that's a nice load and then from there we're going from Virginia I'm picking up in Virginia excuse me and we're going to North Carolina so and that's a reload so if you're not coming out of Indiana it's a reload just in case you're wondering but you'll see that you learn all about that when you're orientation in your when you look at the app when you know when you get there I guess it's a load board yeah your load board when you you could look at it and it'll split it off but I'll say out BAM and reloads or how about reloads but yeah you really like it I love it I think we both love it I've never had so much money in my pocket at one time I've never been able to say you know hey yeah let's let's go buy that let's go do that let's like I just it this this job is really I really like it you know some people don't maybe if you have a three or four thousand dollar mortgage every month and you have a ton of other bills child support maybe I you know I don't know spouse to support you know if you have to pay all that yeah this job it may bring you down a little bit but um I make great money with it I'm not complaining and you know I advise you guys to check it out there's multiple companies out there there's tons of companies out there you go on their website give them a call give their recruiters a koala ask questions you know if you like one if you don't like one jump to another one there's tons of them out there most of the company is only take I think summer take a good day or two orientation and some of the orientation is online so just depends on who you go through go check them out I highly advise it Smith on I really really enjoy it I know I said that like 10 times but we really really do alright guys I hope everyone has a good night hope everybody's driving safe out there it's bad out there it's cold I'm gonna go hop in the shower and then get laundry done and we will see you guys in the next one later


Larry Roxy · July 28, 2019 at 12:06 pm

What company do you drive for?

Peace Ninja · July 28, 2019 at 12:06 pm

Do you need cdl and are y’all running logs?

leeboy244 · July 28, 2019 at 12:06 pm

1 dollar per mile?

Dwayne Frechette · July 28, 2019 at 12:06 pm

Can you link to the RV transport fb pages?

Travels from doodah with trouble · July 28, 2019 at 12:06 pm

Good info..after this next trip out I'm going to look into it in 2020. I've been a chef for over 20 years I'm burned out on cooking and would rather travel.

Knuckle_Bump · July 28, 2019 at 12:06 pm

how many loads don't allow you to pull your own car? My concern is I would be working alone and don't have anyone to drive my car. Also, my car weighs a little over 4000 lbs, is that an issue? Would I need to buy my own towbar and hitch?

William Blake · July 28, 2019 at 12:06 pm

Great video and thanks for sharing. Could you do a video on why you choose to follow with your girl fiends car instead of towing it? I know that some aren’t car compatible but it seems like with would be better if you both drove an RV there towing the car and then you both rode back together to get another load. Assuming you could get two units going into the same general area.

Jose Garcia · July 28, 2019 at 12:06 pm

what is the name of this company?

Ricky Blackshear · July 28, 2019 at 12:06 pm

Happy New Year !

Travis Blevins · July 28, 2019 at 12:06 pm

Thanks for letting us know, love your channel.:)

Ricky Blackshear · July 28, 2019 at 12:06 pm

Of course don’t forget the 1099 at the year end

Ricky Blackshear · July 28, 2019 at 12:06 pm

Good video. Driveway doesn’t sound too bad

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