RUINING MY OWN VACATION – Vacation Simulator (VR)

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I'm on vacation trying to get some rest in my human bedroom as humans tend to do and for some reason a couple of floating CRT monitors won't stop yelling outside and staring in through my windows creepily what do you want human over here I know things simply but I got a great idea all right human vacation traditions and stumble the best way to keep this simulator open POW a party birdies were the pinnacle of social vacation celebrations it's the only way to turn this all around follow me and I can show you what I'm talking about oh now we're talking okay one thing though do we need to invite Poindexter over here because uh he doesn't seem like the kind of party he's still down for the count oh listen lady you seem nice enough but if you're looking to get some more hanky-panky on the side from him nah not interested I'm on vacation and I'm pretty sure your parts and my parts not compatible what's up guys welcome back to vacation simulator and for today's episode before we set out on our vacation destination we may or may not have a party still not entirely sure what's going on and I'm hoping that you come back I may hate you but I'm concerned for deep analytics if you are the human please keep earning memories I assure you I will figure out a way to keep the simulator open remember efficiency isn't just my name it's the only way to save this simulation the only way you say so he's gonna do the analytics but we're gonna party again I feel like you're making a pass at me but I'll hear you out efficiency BOTS must have buried that logic deep in the simulation I guess we'll have to get memories all across vacation island before we can have our party alright well I only need a couple more memories before we party again I'm really hoping that he wakes up before then I don't want it to be just the two of us you're a little creepy uh I I guess we just have to go earn some more memories right I've been wanting to go back to the beach when we started off on the beach and well actually we have nine of every place now but yeah I think it's definitely worth going back and seeing what we missed well we visited the vacation dive site and Found bought beards treasurer vacation but doesn't usually have much to say but I guess we can ask her just wave at people tell you got for me how's it going Fred's you ever make up with the missus after I know she's a little crabby but so were you so you guys are a match made in heaven I suppose I don't think the dock shop has anything we might have some more photos we need to take I'm good on yoga and sports and sunbathing Oh The Moth lady is here I never even realized now we see you all over the place what's up would you look around there are so many tiny creatures which would be a kind human and fetch me three different type they're very shy the move slowly okay I have not seen any butterflies nonetheless a ton of butterflies what is this interesting enter here you can experience the land breaking down into smaller lands a fractal each chunk of land retaining its complexity no matter how small the Conway is this a TEDTalk in a shell what am i hearing right now okay that's not what I wanted I wanted to see if there were any old butterflies for a second there I was thinking why am I looking for a butterfly underwater but then actually got lucky yeah there's one we also have half a donuts and some macaroni weirds a video game does this waterfall come straight from a dump or something I don't understand maybe I can fool her into thinking the you're a butterfly great you kind of look butterfly issue reality hey how about this one would you like oh great so not only can I not fool you but I made someone homeless fred is gonna be pissed it's so much easier to spot these things in the forest or on the mountaintop because they're all one color they're all white or green and then they stand out but this place is a full-blown rainbow there we go okay we got another one over here bye you haven't done anything with you have I hello welcome to the Sandcastle station human find your own castle or try to follow the blueprints cool okay we did a nice thing like this already uh so hmm yeah these are a bit tricky I probably won't bore you guys with the construction but I'm pretty sure we do it take pieces pop them down try to make what they show us see if I get this right don't mind the spare parts okay it's not littering when it's sand but I think that's it grace that kind of looks like that we got all the angles going on a judgement new pieces did you give me new no there's nothing up with this oh we got little decorations isn't that cute and oh we can color them really there's a lot going on here and that is how you get rid of them rather than littering okay that makes some sense I may have only made like two sand castles in my entire life but there's no way this is basic right it's so complicated I think I have it hey does that look kind of like that I mean if I get it wrong what's the worst that's gonna happen yeah there we go okay there's one that we needs did I scare off that ma I probably did a butterfly whatever you're gonna go home with some kind of creepy robot lady aren't you come here don't make any sudden movements huh ok one more down and bug report yes right you said screen saver earlier what's the deal why do I get the feeling you have some kind of romantic relationship with the bugs and I totally wasn't trying to see if you could drown a bug lady I'm sorry ok I didn't know what was gonna make you homeless here maybe I can plug you into something like this just just come here close enough this is actually super tricky because when you look at it from the front you think ok that's what I need to build for the very front so you make a wall like that but in all reality this is the same thing when you're looking at it straight on you really got to screw around with it it's not even a box it's not a tower it's like a weird little shape but I think for a new memory I can't really close my hands all that well but that means memory please I'm not trying to tickle your Gooch yes and castle – can I just have now I'm kind of curious if I can for the memories will they come back to me that would just kind of got away I'm not really aspiring to be an intermediate sandcastle builder so how about we move on to something else I just don't know what I suppose we go wave a vacation boss right it said that she'll make recommendations or another pass I mean I suppose only one way to find out Oh sports bots I thought you were gonna say something very different there for a second uh sports bar and I not talking right now I kind of fed her some bad hot dogs a little while ago right I completely forgot about you you want a picture of Bob beards treasure basketball and a fish and three mugs oh that's weird because some of these mugs aren't even here right we got a forest mug an island ma man I got to go back to other vacations to make this happen you're breaking my balls of your dudes okay I could ever get Bob here it's treasure I might be able to find a basketball around here I don't really know all right well yeah I guess sort of set set and say oh there we go other than being mildly terrified of the gigantic submarine shaped like a whale everything else we do here yeah beautiful okay well I guess we'll just dive on in did you ever have something for me to do most people come down here to see the sunken ship but I am more interested in the real life we've all seen fish but there are aquatic creatures down here unlike anything else the more unique citizens of the sea so I may add them to my connection oh yeah I can take photos of stuff down here that sounds easy enough before we do that though I've been meaning to feed whatever the do not feed so hey hey hey hey hey hey hey I know how you guys operate get the hell out get the hell out of here you little moochers I would like you to photograph fun for me I'm working on it I'm working on okay we're gonna go and throw that and then oh cool oh who's that it's like some kind of blueberry eating you'll okay uh here you go do you like that oh so you're actually gonna give me little trophies for doing this cool uh Sarah like a certain type of photo your knees how about that one it was a stingray good that's a pretty good picture of a turtle you know what don't sound as bad about this fat idiot you want one of him yes I know okay fruits uh how about this one give me a list or something here man if you come across any new creatures I mean there's tons of stuff around here how about that guy the the butthole fish the octopus is an early cool okay we got a huckster decker mecca puss uh I'm not seeing anything else down here little fuzzy idiots uh do you have for their huge collection of illegally downloaded software legend says they spoke their own ship to keep it away from the authority press this button for more ocean back nice so if we can't find any photos of fish down here maybe we can get a couple of keys for Adobe Premiere I'd love to save like 50 bucks a month singing oh singing crab we've seen that yeah it's devil idiot I was Werner what his deal was every time we hit one of these he comes out and he doesn't really sing he just kind of puckers up for a selfie he's still hanging out here did you want me to play that sea shanty again no I'm busy okay yeah yeah there you go pucker fish thing what if I give you a picture yourself era oh all right well I had to try was thought maybe I could break his brain or something like that it's this oh oh hold on now what if I yeah dolphins neat is that like a memory am I supposed to do something with that hold on here a picture of dolphins enjoy that you literally spend your entire time six feet away from a dolphin ring machine how okay screw it yeah why not so I'm still I'm still it short one sea creature but I want to know what happens if I just massive fire wings into the air it's getting higher in pitch it's gonna be a good thing right I don't think this is gonna do anything all right well I appreciate it anyway so we need one more fish what would it be it's not you will you go away ah hmm I guess we could look down below right maybe there's something down in the ship itself I think we're going on down here no hmm go ahead and snap a photo a Boppy ERDs treasure while we're in here get a nice little glow on that land lovers will be happy with that one but not seeing any wildlife do you count he doesn't want fish maybe if I throw some Buddha ground I can lure one out excuse you that was my blueberry why did oh Jesus it was invisible so if you feed fish blueberries they turn into creepy ghost fish what the hell is we have no records explain why humans prefer Z of all fake all right great um I I don't know how to help you dude I just got a bunch of invisible fish now well at least your photos are a little easier rice it should be able to get that one yeah sure whatever listen have you seen any sea horses around would they be up here maybe don't necessarily have to be in the ocean this is dried up one up here I have no idea I'm also looking for one more month aren't I oh I think there was one up here right I distinctly remember almost slicing one before hello mission accomplished okay I think we might have enough memories now as soon as I yeah sure I've also got some more food orders to complete but the ingredients are really really weird what's going on with menu I asked you how to do this why am i the experts I don't know where I'm supposed to get the ingredients for a s'more burger oh so I really need to go to the other vacations to get ingredients you kidding me so we need chocolate marshmallows an apple right you don't have apples in here do you I don't even know where you'd find an apple in this game vacation bought wants a popsicle and I don't know how I feel about that not only because it's her face but hey what kind of afraid she's gonna try to lick it seductively right she seems to coming onto me quite a bit lately yeah the resemblance is uncanny truly I didn't expect it to melt we got in just under time I pretty much just gave her a stick but it counts right it counts so if we want to do the others we're gonna have to get the ingredients away from that guy because he is just ruining a whole bunch of food up there we need to find an apple and we need to find s'more stuff shouldn't be too difficult hey there a little skipper don't mind me I'm just here to steal your camping supplies and hopefully use them for my own profits who's the s'more stuff down as for apples I've been looking around here for ages and I don't see any apple trees if there are no apples growing anywhere in the woods there's nothing growing here uh maybe this lunatic has some oh I never thought of that you might just have apples right yeah okay they're their apples too restocking them but yeah that's everything I just gotta find room for them ah here you can hold on to this of course not you would want to do your own work for you so we take a burger bun we put chocolate and marshmallow and chocolate and marshmallow and a burger top and that looks truly disgusting of course it would go to photo bot that freaking lunatic and then bug BOTS wants a tomato apple and what the hell is an onion you got okay yeah I think you might you know yeah you got onion and you got tomato or okay hold on a second we'll just have to dice them up I would assume nope it's not onion what is that a white onion I thought this was garlic for some reason there we go that's what we're looking for so we want you a little bit of the old captain sauce special we go shut up what does it look like I'm doing I've been traveling all over the world getting apples for your lunatic customers this isn't the right oh no that's the wrong bun hold on we can salvage this all right we can whip it all apart don't take no littering no littering they're beautiful okay so this is going to bug BOTS this is going to photo bots and I'm gonna keep them as far away from my mouth as possible because if I accidentally eat them I'm gonna lose my damn mind let's see here over here and you were the one who wanted this one right yeah okay she really is weird Rikka me out I think this got a little wet when I was in the water but let's be honest it couldn't get any worse oh are you kidding me oh thank god I was gonna say I think there are a lot of trouble to get this and now it's definitely wet extra soggy s'more burger and I losing my mind it said photo bot didn't it here take take take take the burger I don't get it Bodo bought too wait wait wait so that's a different photo bot right this is for the one in the forest is this the green one why are you taking orders from people on the other side of the country you lunatic I didn't even need to call me oh you gotta be kidding me okay fine hold on no no no no no don't don't you're gonna be safe be safe there we go precious burger you really couldn't go ten feet to the food tent and get a waffle or something like that you had to order from the beach hey you're the one who's trying to prove that the forest is the best vacation ever so why are you getting food from the beach you know I bet my siblings would envy me for having this food Thanks they wouldn't I tried to give it to them and they threw it in the ocean that amount of flies memory yes now we're talking okay just get it out of my junk ah there we go 14 – oh my god there's more Master what is this I need mint and oil on a hot dog that I'm gonna turn into a waffle for the lady in the forest I need an egg oh my god these are insane this is stuff from all over the game I this would take forever no you know what here they get a cheesy thing that's it I'm done thanks for bailing me and shut up me man exception shut up you know what I think that's gonna be it for this episode of vacation simulator guys I don't think I'm gonna have the party quite yet because I get the feeling that's gonna be the end of the game I don't think you need to find every single memory to complete the game but I want to well I know that you guys want to see that so I would rather save it until I'm actually done have that be a grand finale so if you guys want to see more as always be sure to leave a like in the video let me know about return force more memories soon the things much watching his video I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you next time


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Wednesday Adams · May 14, 2019 at 12:16 pm


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