Rose Medical Center Emergency Rooms: One ER, Two Locations for Care

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(slow instrumental music) Welcome to the Rose Medical
Center Emergency Rooms. Both of our ERs are conveniently located right in your neighborhood. In the heart of Central Denver, at Ninth and Cherry, just a few blocks east
of Colorado Boulevard, and in Stapleton, at the corner of Northfield
Boulevard and Wabash Street, just north of interstate 70. You’ll find a board certified,
seasoned, emergency doctors, and specially trained
nurses, medics, and techs available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take care of you and your family’s emergencies. – Our team is committed
to providing an ouch-less experience for your little ones, and compassionate care for every age. – Our ERs have state of
the art radiology equipment to diagnose your ailments, as well as a full lab and every resource available at Rose medical center. – So what can you expect
when you come to a rose ER? And how much time do ER visits take? Well it depends what you came in for. First, we’ll check your vital signs. Your heart rate, your temperature, your pulse, your eyes, and your ears. We may need to run a blood test, which means taking a small vial of blood. We’ll make that as painless as possible. Be sure to inform your nurse
of all medications you are taking including supplements
as well as any medical conditions we need to be aware of, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, or if you have an implanted
device such as a pacemaker. You may need an x-ray, which
is a picture of your bones. Or a CAT scan, which is
a safe way to see images inside your body where
you are feeling pain. Or you may need an MRI, which uses a huge magnet
and energy to take pictures of the inside your body. Or you may need an ultrasound
which uses sound waves to create pictures inside your body, such as in your abdomen. – Our goal is to see every patient as quickly as we can after you arrive. Then we want to do a
quick efficient work up. At the end of your stay,
go over the results and the plan of care going forward. We can even teleconference
in some specialists from throughout the HealthOne network to help discuss your condition
and treatment options. – [Staff Member] And when
you were treated at the Rose Stapleton ER, if you need to be transferred
to Rose Medical Center, or Rocky Mountain Hospital for
Children for additional care, we’ll transport you by
ambulance at no cost to you. Our EMS partners are an important part of helping patients get emergency
care quickly and safely. – At both rows ERs you’ll
see the same team of doctors, nurses, and techs, ready to care for you and your families emergencies, 24 hours a day seven days a week. The Rose Medical Center Emergency Rooms. One ER, two locations for care

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