Rolex Found! 12 Traveling Luggage’s! I bought an abandoned storage locker

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maybe it did be okay oh here still I got a storage why don't you see that well why don't we see that I don't know how here's the deal people like here's the deal here's the deal here's the deal and we cleaned out the trailer and the power washed it and we're gonna record it and I overpaid I like this one babe well I love luggage well guess what there's one luggage to luggage three luggage for luggage five-legged 607 my a v8 luggages nice leather TV and load to the leather leather TV TV they make those I know is and I'm the fan of this unit yes I am your fan but there's gonna be some good stuff in your actor fill it already a fan of you okay awesome turn it up a notch bag number one looks like a doggie bag what is it's a Jet Set bag oh that's a dog bag is it yeah there's doctors in it okay little puppy huh bag number two kind of bag is it you three urban you make sure you speak up we got the freeway behind clothes clothes and more clothes slingshot does it fit oh that's all the money sitting United back to plan our password okay old car the old battery why don't you know Blass was this um whatever it is I don't think you should be touching it okay then what's fun about Sonia empty there's bag carnival bus yeah what not worried ten more chances off to the next we're that classic please little bar soap remember babe you have to speak that toenail clippers and I got something else for dogs in there you know nothing yeah okay and on the inside we have is that for contact lenses but I think it's kind of being all solution no solution nothing about solutions and they're not coming out the box that's cool leaving brand new if Brandi was never used right but sometimes if they're old and they don't want to use them somewhere vegetable that place tourism of that massage nothing hot looks like a little doggie care bag it's not home right here I'm glad you're wearing gloves what just a little brush don't you dare yeah I like that one nice Samsonite so you can just roll through the airport yeah very nice back zipper you are getting that smooth and what's inside to you these are not clothes filled with clothes and rags dirty car so nice to coach bagg okay okay let's find the coach now that's soft – can I fill it what are you doing on the softness you're doing something else I was doing the softness no coaching there dirty guys Funes see that right here probably dirty cuffs on this um never mind please don't open stuff inside hospital bags okay this is like all post I think the money's gonna be in the bag so back through the boxes maybe while he's still to back oh yeah definitely we're gonna have a little bit yeah I think I'll walk it and this is the perfect time to open perfect time to sell that's luggage handkerchief we're all does it fit you I don't have one pad maybe because one boob was bigger than the other that's a big difference all right let's go get SEC SEC the heck is it what is that regular little door what's brass it looks like a tough looks old does she have a hole and I couldn't say in tree topper be careful Big Daddy I know you noticed this yeah the matching bags are they the same size they look like it none of your sentence like that luggage could get me in trouble in a unit I'm not gonna lie because I will be quick together awesome luggage not knowing what's in it I'm excited to open this okay me too let's get to it last oh look at the entrance no Carrera yeah that's a nice one a Cartier Oh karcsi that's a good one if it's real real if it's a good one that's um about clothes pools and more clues I like the handkerchiefs there's soft goodies leggings did it I'm not nagging this whatever yeah you don't know me something in there you know what let's go to the other box oh look at that that's coach I know I just picked that up and thought I liked it mother let's go to that last how'd you do that cuz I could do that we wanted to go through that right now maybe a doggy um leash no no you look like a purse strips okay gotcha gotcha scrubs maybe yeah I think they just scrubs baby Sousa blue one day look weird let me show you show you what you gotta speak up so don't open oh no uh well I don't know if they're hospital bags that one just looked like Union Bay I'm not sure about Epps moans oh yeah yeah nothing else in that door ajar so then we can open it what is this listen to that Sarah feel how soft that is oh my gosh hopefully it's not animal skin I don't want to touch any skin Nordstrom's rabbit fur rabbits fur yeah that's pretty nice all right look at you find all the good stuff whatever here we go beautiful talking you know what you're taking wrong [Applause] bathroom Jerry yeah but it's mine very nice very nice then we very nice all right scrub another box we put the spur back in I'll put it on I'm not putting it on okay HD is too hot yeah I bought one of the reasons why I wanted to buy the unit was the name-brand Nautica that's a good brand or this bad in the store you play go pick over those it is very much their secret luggage you're trying to think that they're all filled with clothes us polo well I guess that's a way to pack if you're gonna pack especially the guys 35 bucks whatever those Levi's vintage new ice those are nice let's go over a little bit okay make some room ain't closer oh we got some shoes some loafers some no face Louie Vuitton buffers believer time oh nice pretty cool I mean they look like they've been worn Brennan definitely a couple belts and separate air parcels holster look coast at mokou sir I believe you got it wait holster hosted Hollister Hollister you know what in my feet Hollister it is Hollister yes sorry middle front of me whatever Oh lil jinx looks like all genes seem you got this little puppy or feels just like change here we go another being this one got style these are kind of like looking in why they feel like they just cool it in hit one of these nipper to come on you can do it always do it Big Daddy Big Daddy he's your man what do you do something he can't do it no we're saying what baby Burberry looks like it no it's not very it's Barry there's some nice clothes or some crappy clothes so you got over here what's in here we're close hoping that more clothes this whole video is gonna be all closed clothes clothes and more clothes well we like going through the UM the luggage you don't I like going to luggage brother works in a bunch of clothes you know look at that put it on Oh take it off there Walker where it's a nice sweater nor face no not my color not your color my color yeah it's not your color but I would wear it I'll get me a minister I would wear it but it's it's not much time all right let's grab another bag yeah back to the little boring man right there healthy griller for the house smokeless indoor grill perfect we want to win us fur before the winner throw a piece of meat on there look at I'll eat that right now yes people you know what special announcement alert Big Daddies on a diet three days strong no sodas methanol water proud of myself I went to in and out with the juices and I had a burger with no bread nine pies no fries and I drunk water with lemon yay I know I don't feel energy I feel it a little bit getting tired of people saying that man's one burger away from a heart attack no don't worry about when my heart attacks coming because I'm living my life but for now I'm on a diet and yes you know what I'm doing it I borrow a little more those steps to share ready laughs what how many pounds you lose four pounds four pounds in how long a week a week oMG we gonna be hell and I'm beat you already have them big things well we got Mufti grill now for indoor barbecuing barbecuing ones healthy it is look really not barbecuing there's no pee in it yeah them tomatoes look good in that asparagus I want to toast this morning and the tortilla what butter on it you wonder huh it's alright come on you skinny now you're not gonna give me a hug yeah hey you're getting bony to to the next box come on I want to see that other one yep can you stop being stingy and let me go through something just gonna say that great minds think alike this one's heavy though you know all of a sudden that's that's the beauty of it you open their stuff opening em yourself okay if you're gonna record the corn right get on the other side of the table find the zippers let's go bump banana banana banana better better better side closed so we take time going through all of them should we take them back to the storage I like to just dig to the bottom people don't like that oh yeah it's nice close look at those those are nice yes you know what we do it no holster holster you know we would deal with stuff like that baby well what'd you think Julie price is not right whatever but you know what we could do it all this stuff we can take it out to the oh look it OMG stop playing stop playing you know you have to get the camera back nope what you mean though you don't know what you're I think I see going look at you see open it take it out it says 14k Italy let's go played it I think but sometimes it's real I'm not an expert in gold that's why I gave it to my clothes guy that's a different one no one says 14 King not resting on the camera yeah it's not rusty not arrested oh it's changing a little colour that's fake I don't know but we'll get it checked out still good stuff here this imitation it's going to lay out watch and then there's a heart in there real silver I don't think those are teeth baby oh I think I'm a bad cameraman I'm over here like this looking like this there's so much see you a sea of blue glove see you'll be talking about me oh yeah now I appreciate you a little more cuz now I see the hardness you exactly and you're so let's take a lot of cool little roller oh wow it says Rolex but I don't know if it's real oMG wait wait you just drop some Jade that looks like a real Jade okay imma let you know what babe you're gonna have to have someone look at all of this but I don't know can you feel the weight of it it's kind of it's a woman's own also Oh baby does real you interject you know where you're opening all the rest of the boxes yeah she just try to dip the roulade but you know me yeah why you smiling putting the Rollie on you are not right girl no that is not right no but you know me anything I can make money off of I'm not keeping all right I believe you a lot of this we could probably send that to Mary Harris shoutout Mary Harris you know what I know she likes this type of stuff um prestige that it could be something but look it you have we have someone to look at all cartier grab that Cartier watch that's come on baby oh that's a beautiful watch right there that's beautiful and these look like there won't be some pearls I loved her know what I love you right now for finding this I know guess watch that you knew is gonna be a good day yeah define to me how you knew is gonna be a good bag because you touched it yeah I believe everything you touch turns to go touch tends to go don't see our links and this is the other half the suffering at the top I'll go to the bottom okay I like starting with the good stuff and then move is you are techno zone Thank You Milano costume that's Purdy my name is party that's real pretty [Applause] beautiful put that on the cell looks like me I already have one best car like that it's that watch prestige medical so I think she was a nurse hmm which I can throw it at you some of this has cost you see like costume costume or sickness coach yeah tommy bahama what do you got to say about you a little fun better than yours you know what camerawoman I'm giving you your camera back but you know what you got to do now right you think you found then what since you found that in the body now you got to take all these clothes out make sure none else is in the bottom you're good there you go some earrings and those earrings are just for you big dirty that was it that was it that was it the other side nice clothing though all right well let me pause this and grab another bag if you don't mind you're not wearing that right now that's a poncho it stinks put that on you're not getting the hook for me for the rest of the day hey that's pretty that looks like something for the winner get out your turn to find something good yeah like a man bag it's a nice bag suckers murder psychos ma'am I beg you don't look nothing like yours you gotta let me see alright jewelry pop out like you did it hurt I believe in you babe believe in me too nothing down there but clothes they look like garçon those are best our names clothes clothes clothes and more clothes hey come get your clothes look at that cover up whoa you gonna wear that me you know you like wine isn't go to the pool yeah I know it's a cover that was her sexy clothes that looks kind of personal just step back yeah phones is that her underwater phone Wow they were head underwater for us a little lost my touch underwater rocks it under why I lost it in the water blackberry you mean what's on the Burberry blackberry Seiko here we that and the name kind of hard to read and then you kind of jump in in so no do the back okay yeah that's nice no phones phones or two watches watches the rest personal flex this book to down to one less another watch okay what something yeah another dead box but for now that's it it's all I got for you guys look what we went through you see clearly right here we have a couch we have a bigger TV we have little eyes and we have a lot of little things and I know you guys are probably seen what about the boxes the wall of boxes cetera next time next video probably right after this video I don't know all I gotta say is I appreciate it appreciate appreciate it it's time to buzz down do some work get sweaty and get this diet going but for now thank you guys hold on hello mama might want to say something just gonna say subscribe to my you really gonna promote yourself in the end of my video yeah appreciate it appreciate it no I don't feel that let's take that back we track that David you know


Max C · July 30, 2019 at 4:19 pm

How much is that Rolex, I would like to buy it off you.

Gerald Davis · July 30, 2019 at 4:19 pm

The way the luggage was packed, strike me as luggage sold from the Airport that been unclaimed. That man's watch you had the red box look's like a Atomic Swiss watch, they go for 350-750 if not higher. get that checked.

Robert Shadbolt · July 30, 2019 at 4:19 pm

Jump on the DDPY program its awesome and you'll feel fantastic

Paula KyRed · July 30, 2019 at 4:19 pm

Traveling nurse 👩‍⚕️ the luggage has clothes by season or in her case location. A lot of traveling nurses are just home a few days grab another bag and off to the next job. They make big bucks though so 🤞🏻 you’ll find some gold! 💗

Norwegian viking · July 30, 2019 at 4:19 pm

Hmm.. seems to me as the rolax COULD be real…look at how the seconds just flows away…

Tania Lewis · July 30, 2019 at 4:19 pm

maybe the person who wore those scrubs worked in a Morgue and nicked all that jewelry and clothes off dead people….OOOHHHHH CREEPY???

Nancy Cowden · July 30, 2019 at 4:19 pm

Cartier is pronounced Car- T -A. I love all those cool suitcases.

Eberardo Hernadez · July 30, 2019 at 4:19 pm

Like ur vids u just got a new subscriber

Timothy Thomas · July 30, 2019 at 4:19 pm

Crack !!

Timothy Thomas · July 30, 2019 at 4:19 pm

Do You Guys ssell the Clothes Online Yourself or Sell them in Bulk to Smaller Guys?

Hunt Gaming/Productions · July 30, 2019 at 4:19 pm

they honkin bc big daddy big sexy

Mike DuVarney · July 30, 2019 at 4:19 pm

First of all if they make leather TVs I want one. Second of all you 2 are hilarious keep it up.

Michelle White · July 30, 2019 at 4:19 pm

The Rabbit fur is most likely Argyle. The fur is silky soft and hypoallergenic.

Adventures With The Hudsons · July 30, 2019 at 4:19 pm

Keep up the good eating I’ve lost 30+ lbs

Hank Menendez · July 30, 2019 at 4:19 pm

The watch in red box is self winding thats probably a good watch .

Hank Menendez · July 30, 2019 at 4:19 pm

Rolex looks real second hand was smooth , did not tic .

Carol cates · July 30, 2019 at 4:19 pm

Enough luggage to take your beautiful wife on a vacation

Craigerace · July 30, 2019 at 4:19 pm

Awesome brother I know you can succeed and prosper on your diet I

Craigerace · July 30, 2019 at 4:19 pm

You always make me laugh brother. you and your woman are great people and you both have big hearts.
keep on rockin brother

God bless you
God bless all that belongs to you God bless all that will belong to you in Christ Jesus our Lord

~Craiger⚡️Ace ‼️Ack👍

Miguel Cotrich · July 30, 2019 at 4:19 pm

Not a bad unit so far god bless you both and your family always and I enjoy your videos keep them coming