Rock & Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar – S04E10 (With Robby Krieger and Joe Bonamassa)

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hey the red rocker Sammy Hagar here back with another rock'n'roll road trip uh-huh now today we're back in downtown sunny Los Angeles California Southern California that is because we're going to salute some of the biggest and the baddest rockers on this planet with America salutes you guitar lessons – that is I saw this lineup and it's a lot of my favorite people a lot of these guys have been on my show and today we'll be sitting down with the legendary Robby Krieger you get to play music you get to hang with your friends what's better than that oh yeah here we go I've been all over the world across the country from coast to coast and believe me every town has its own rhythm and a story to tell I'm Sammy Hagar I'm gonna take you on a rock and roll road trip whoa let's go it's Sammy Hagar's rock-and-roll road trip presented by the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood Florida [Applause] today we're heading over to rehearsal and this room is going to be packed with talent big talent such as Billy Gibbons Tom Philbin Stephen Stills robby krieger of the doors come on in hey man this place is packed with some of the most legendary musicians in the business I've sat down and played with many of these people before but today we're here to talk to mr. robby krieger of The Doors but first let's rock and roll baby let's get a little Roadhouse blues one of my all-time heroes were on favorite bands in history of all time when my favorite singers was sing for this man here mr. Robby Krieger so Robbie that was kind of fun out there doing that was a pretty favorite yeah you guys were like a a psychedelic blues band more than a lot of the bands from that era you guys are more blues and I think people think well yeah because you know Ray was from Chicago so he he did you know he saw Muddy Waters all the time and how the war all those guys so and I love blues to me and John we we grew up listening to all that stuff same here I think that's what drew me to the band because the first time I heard light my fire my psychedelic friends were all taken acid and just getting ripped out of their brains I was trying to be a serious musician so I couldn't do all that 7 as much as they could anyway and I thought the sound of the band to me wasn't the blue stuff I was used to but then when I got into the banners know these guys they're they're playing blues riffs up there well yeah I mean like you know back to her man yeah you know where I got the idea for that was I heard John Hammond Jr do it you know yeah yeah doing the person he did hated back to her man kind of like we do it he's really a great blues guy he if you ever heard him do Robert Johnson he's like the best Robert Johnson Robert Johnson was some weird time and well I liked what you did you start that song with there again that's how it was total good it know that's probably different than the Howlin wolf oh yeah your sound is always really identifiable like more than your style your sound to me huh and when I heard it just said you just have this it sounds like a front pickup 335 or something to me and Mike yeah yeah I always use the front pickup yeah and and I always used fender twins in the studio yeah you like that clean so yeah things I don't know why I just didn't use those on the road I wish I had who were you listen to back in those days rock and roll wise or music what was your well you know I played flamenco that was what I was into before I played electric so you know listen to silica sand Segovia damn holy easy folks wait we're gonna edit that out it's a rock and roll road trip Robbie this is not a flamenco road trip I can say this it could make me change the name that's hard to play man so you know taking lessons and doing all that and then one day I saw a Chuck Berry play at the Santa Monica Civic it was billed as a blues blues show and so they had Big Mama Thornton and the chambers for others who were blues back then and early 64 times they were just blues yeah I mean they were really good blues band before they took acid yeah so I saw that show and the next day I went but electric guitar sound I'll get one like Chuck Berry absence red that's all I knew it was red yes person yeah I feel my soul all right you're my soul – all rise all rise tomorrow film live from Cabo San Lucas Mexico Sammy Hagar and friends celebrate big for his epic for date birthday bash with the best performances by the circle Toby Keith Chad Kroeger Darryl McDaniels Eddie Money do you realize what you're in for and more don't miss the party read til I'm dead Sammy Hagar's rock and roll birthday bash tomorrow at 10 9 central on access TV what about you guys with the doors in the early days I've read every you know book on you guys then I could always get my hands I'm always right I'm on finally well then I'll get the real real story because they do vary a little bit but you know having the crazy guy like Jim they always get in trouble cause of trouble I I read somewhere that you guys had only done less than 40 shows after you made it and before you like you didn't did play that many shows or something maybe it was one tour you only got 40 shows in I do 40 shows a week you're right we didn't play that much because it was mostly weekend you know because the Jim would just be too much after a few days now we couldn't you know how it tour is men yeah they would just give him and refused to go really crazy but luckily because we didn't play that many shows what we got to record a lot we have plenty of time to record so we did you know six albums in four years oh yeah back in those days that's that's kind of what a lot of people did but not when once you had a big record a lot of times you went out and capitalized for as long as you yeah yeah we did a couple of good sized tours but mostly it was weekend's you know we'd go there Wow know that's kind of what I do now yeah now when you guys are writing what was the you wrote a lot of songs with the band I mean so were you were you writing – Jim's lyrics like Elton and and that was all Gloria we did all in all different ways you know I I wrote you know some songs totally myself and that and you know Jim can play anything so he him and Ray came up with a lot of us early ones but did Jim present lyrics he was like a yeah yeah well he he actually could hear the song in his head oh yeah he he said he used to take this really good Acapulco gold and he was hanging out on the sched roof and he heard a concert in his head and he wrote it down he knew you know exactly how it would sound you know you guys we're just I mean really had your finger on the Paul to me I mean you know look through one of the bands that really was talking about politics you're talking about the people in the street you're talking about the movements that were going on in the whole drug world he appealed so much you guys are so fashionable Jim used to say that when he wrote anyway he tried to tell me to write like that is to be a mirror of society yeah don't try I think it your own you know what do you think it should be but just be a mirror and you guys are sound was so friggin unique I mean you never mistake the doors right did you guys cultivate that sound it is just what you had when you got together it just was just how it came out wow that's so special I got this thing called this or that which is the most fun part of my show because you're not allowed to like say oh well both you know you got to take a stand you being a Capricorn I know capricorns could take a stand one or the other you ready okay the 70s are the 80s 70 in an amplifier a clean sound or an over driven sound you can't say both I'll say clean cuz you can always dirty it up with it yeah you got a stroke I figured master but I really like a clean sound like my favorite amp of all time is it's 1959 Twin Reverb 80 watts if I have one off I'll sell it to you really I'm trying to get one from Jill he's got about six I never sell anything I'm like the other guys I buy all this and I don't use it and then I got to say now I don't want to sell it Clapton or Paige Clapton serious question to end this thing here first of all thank you for doing this yeah I've always wanted to meet you but my son always said he met you before Erin he said oh you know Robby's really cool you'd really dig in pop so now I did you yeah but like if Jim was sitting right here right now what would you say what would you have a city that's a good one I would say hey ma'am I'm sorry I didn't I didn't intervene in your life more I mean we tried an intervention or two on a bit you know in those days it was like hey do your thing then everything's cool you know we never thought he would die you know but then when Janice and Jimmy passed and then Jim said I might be number three we didn't take it seriously and then but I wish we were with it Sam that's beautiful because it's true the times have changed I'm glad to hear that that you're good man all right that's very cool I'd probably say the same thing to him that's rocket rule tomorrow I'm heading to Los Angeles to hang out with my good buddy Duff McKagan it's an all new episode of rock and roll road trip with me Sammy Hagar tomorrow at 8:00 Eastern 7:00 central on access TV hey the red rocker Sammy Hagar here backstage at the Novo theater okay rehearsals over we're here this is what backstage looks like there we're about to start the interview with a guy that I respect as a singer as a as a guitars and as a purist and that would be mr. Joe Bonamassa Jame it's an honor to be here thank you very much he's finally met after literally 25 years of six degrees of separation I was a band with your son yeah when I was a teenager I was in a band called blood line which was aptly named at the time and it was it was it was Aaron your son and I was like this 13 year old little spoiled brat kid on the guitar and you not only had Aaron and there you had Miles Davis a son that's right in drums um robby krieger robby krieger son and berry Oakley son from the Allman Brothers bloodline what a great band what do you what the hell you think would have happened if you'd have stayed with that and not became Joe Bonamassa I don't know I mean I was a pudgy kid with a cowboy I saw Google and I didn't sing and there was a producer named Phil Ramone the late great Phil Ramone um told me when I was 13 years old and he said you gotta sing and you got to write songs and and as a 13 year old kid I had no interest in any of that basically I just wanted to be a musician in a band and I and I did was doing that I didn't realize until much later that you know those pesky things called songs and being able to sing gives you such you know such freedom as an artist to express yourself and and I didn't realize that until I'm 20 how do you think it happened was it you know I mean I know hard work I mean you go out a new plate shows a lot and you make records you work work work working but the whole PBS thing I think was real important for you what you did with them and was that your idea we made a DVD at the Albert Hall in 2009 and I had written aircraft in a letter long story short and he was nice enough to show up and play a song at the Albert Hall I saw it but every dollar we had into this DVD this was this was the equivalent of taking all your chips betting it on double zero green spinning the wheel and walking away going like well I guess that's the end of me the DVD came out great Eric Clapton showed up it played on PBS and it scored really high numbers I mean they were able to like they were raising like $20,000 in the hour and they've been super supportive and I would say in this country 70% of the people that show up to my shows are there through the economy it's so unique yeah I mean it's awesome I love those kind of stories I can't sell hit music I can't sound like the people that are on the radio and I am NOT going to fool the few fans that I had at the time into thinking so for the for the chance at the big time to have longevity you have to be authentic within yourself you know and just not care what other people think so who's the greatest blue old blue sky I mean who do you think was the man my favorite blues artist of all time was BB King he gave me a stage advise opportunity and he gave us live at the Regal 1964 he's my favorite he was the king of the Blues I mean you can it's a good had the name for two you could change your last name to King if you wanted to hot simulation yeah you know it's too late how do you take care of yourself Joe do you take care of yourself you know I I drink too much Diet Coke and I smoke too many cigars oh now oh you can't sing in smokes you will be done at 60 yeah smoking cigars young man but other than that III never went through a drug phase and I I stopped drinking alcohol because two reasons one I became too good at it and and two I became three good and you and you're like you're like okay you know it's like a guitar collector who has 800 guitars and amps I tend to take things to an extreme so I kind of stopped that before many guitars you got I'm interrupting you now because you said that earlier you wanted nothing sure I wanted to guitars how many of you guys have 400 ah something something like that for playing through somebody's hair like 400 amps robby krieger that's it last night he told me he said you have the the twins that he wants he said any you know you won't let him have one exact give him one cue I'm glad I got that covered your Robbie I got I got it on film legally binding I live straight here oh yeah have you won Rob give you I'll give you a kid Robin Krieger twist I think it's time for this Joe oh okay so this is a this or that thing and see what's worse are you I'm Taurus oh well you gonna handle this you know it's the Pisces and the libras and the Gemini's I can't handle this okay so you can't wish you wash off no no I'm definitive to a fault Les Paul or Fender Les Paul I knew it but Leo fender have invented electricity oh he's he was the true genius singing or playing guitar Oh playing guitar see I told you see see how smart I am do I know y'all have never met you and I'm in him God you think you know the thing about playing guitar I could if I had the flu some unsaid gout sets in anything I can still play the thrill is gone with some semblance of authenticity trust me I know that you know yours can't sing it's the blues you want to talk about the Blues walking out there with no voice and those gigs just keep commenting come back last one part of us one the Blues of the Blues I would say I would say the Blues because there's the Blues and then there's the Blues on the Blues it's very easy to pay to play bad blue they're very difficult to play good because when you hear bad blues it gives you the real blues in which then it's the conduit to play the good a really a pleasure to be pleasure pleasures all mine Thanks there you go mr. Joe Bonamassa well let's go up and play we're gonna play a song right actually blue robby krieger yeah give me the twin boom give me twin Beleza manky me one of my favorite door songs of all time Robbie can you help me help [Applause] like to go down [Applause] [Applause] well – muscle lady Ashley give up your vows and as always [Applause] so fans give me a shower here on another rock'n'roll road trip this time we're headed out


Tavares Project · July 31, 2019 at 10:41 am

I love this show. Sammy is a natural

tdc720 · July 31, 2019 at 10:41 am

I want to be just like Sammy when I'm 71. Rock and Roll did not age this man.

markyncole · July 31, 2019 at 10:41 am

Well that was awesome.

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