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ooh and we're about our road trip we have a four-hour road trip for those of you don't know what's up with the Bradley's welcome to blogeee and we're happy we're doing a little family road trip so it's about four hours away from where we live we have our three children in the back and then my mom so we're headed out of town it should be fun we have a lot of fun things planned meeting my cousin my two cousins about two hours away and they're gonna actually follow us the steps and Auntie and come to Cincinnati home with a we're just we're just vibing right now about the edit the video and yeah that's about it everybody has their head boss everybody we made a little pit stop come on we made a little pit stop we're in Columbus and we're come on we're grabbing my cousin my cousin lives in Columbus and she's gonna follow a Cincinnati with my other cousin over here and we're all gonna go to dinner and then she's gonna drive back so we're about an hour 15 minutes out this is my cousin mica you know you notice a lanai at home she said well she said this is what she did you want to see you let the keys in the car wait a minute Ryan slow down what's up y'all we are about what five minutes out from our hotel we are come on it would have to be 15 minutes for about 15 minutes out from our hotel we just had Kings Island what you plan to go there tomorrow so you know we're gonna head there tomorrow but we're about 15 minutes out from our hotel and then we're just gonna go out get settled and then we're going to be number of me we're gonna go to pop it oh I am stalling sobbing I bet I'm great oh we got a refrigerator Darvin but we're almost there I'm operating on his long life yes Cincinnati is a whole city Oh they're very excited to go understand exactly what's up nanny they're very excited crazy children oh and I'm we missing some people right so my mother and I'm working they went to ride with my cousin so they're in the car behind us run with my cousin and it's just me mark mark and Riya in this car but we're almost huh the floor gets a the door about the clothes I'll see y'all next door yes this is Cincinnati 411 is like 408 and 1400 and I don't know sign a bad-size wrong you know where's the next door yes you stand in this one say you don't matter so this would be the same yeah today I have a pull-out couch it's also a refrigerator a sink oh they let us in your destination is on the right pretty cool huh oh yeah couple times Oh number trying to eat them all we share in both our meal busy Yampa yeah hold on wait move back Raya the Reich you try to jump in something I really want to get into my own with us yeah so we just came back from eating Poppa toes and now the kids are in the hotel pool and it just call it out here and now I want to get in supercoder 0.078 not going whether it'll be like 90 almost 100 tomorrow but it is right come on don't wind is Lila if I go almost 9 o'clock at night the temperature there no matter what you just telling me you wanted to do you mad as you can't smell em ones drown how did that feel good don't you maybe that's what will sign you up for me and mommy maybe you me Oh mommy and Samuelson some swimming lessons how that sounds so you can learn how to swim you're gonna do that so Mariah almost drowned because she thinks that she can smile and this water starts at like three feet so she was on the handrails kept telling her to hold on hold on hold on but we would like within everybody was standing like right around her but we let her let go so she can see that she does not icky things if she gets one she almost wrong it's one of those parenting things where you kind of gotta let them go out call me a bath yeah tomorrow some of those the funds that we're going to a water park so I will um using parking I'll have a water park so she's gonna be fine she's gonna be good eventually just figured out that we're probably gonna get her signed up for swimming lessons so we just discovered her new thing I will get hurt good morning from Cincinnati so last night's was not the greatest because our room has like this mildew smell because the air conditioner is dripping but the hotel is completely booked last night and they couldn't move our room so needless to say I was irritable so we woke up first thing and went downstairs ain't breakfast and let them know well we let them know last night yeah we let them know last night but that's when they told us the hotel was booked so we woke up this morning and went down there ate breakfast and was like look are you all ready to switch us rooms yet and they had two rooms come available so yeah I know we got two rooms we're here the girls and my mom are next door and Mari and lanai they're on next door so they found us two rooms on the third floor on the fourth floor right now so now we have to pack up both rooms and move down to the third floor but it works out better because there's a double room downstairs that came available and right now they're sleeping in a king bed and a pull-out couch which they need two beds so it works out a little better but I just hate switching rooms like I don't feel like such a room but it's better in the Hatters mildew smell like you could smell it as soon as you walk in it so that's what we're doing now and then I don't know what we're gonna do because we're not headed to Kings Island until about 2:30 3 o'clock I'm trying to let the heat die down plus they have like a party at the water park what am i today excessive heat warning feels like 100 to a hydrogen sink and we gonna be walking around a how to a spark for our so our room change is official we are in our new room my is talking about we think we single because we are like two three rooms now we're not like next door DJ lucky worked out of the room but it's all copacetic mom's good and she actually was trying to get Marty to come down here cuz we are on our way to the gym so it was not like Marta come down here to play the game but she was like no I need to stay so anyway we had it on our way to the gym that Papa doles is not sitting right with me not really happy with myself I didn't eat a lot but I still feel like I feel yesterday just too much for us I have some that to me me give that catfish I should have got the tilapia had fried shrimp yesterday I had catfish I had lobster bisque crab cakes yeah so it's time to go work this off so we're on our way to define the plan of fitness thing I want like seven minutes away from our hotel so I gotta get this grime we're on our way like an amusement park [Applause] yeah good hey what's up y'all so we are at the top of the replica Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower you can see the merry-go-round long day 937 we've been here to fight three and we definitely tired anything for the babies really an incredible view from up here actually


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