Road Trip Portugal – Dia 1 (tive de fazer conchinha com o gordo)

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What about next year? few months before elections. Will we be here? The same people, worrying about the same matter? It is worthwhile come here to show our solidarity to give hope and contribute for the region’s economy rebound Marcelo promise to come back Perhaps he has already incentivize others to follow him First hit, first flop I am Nelson Teles. This is Miguel Perreira The “fat one” More codfish and a lot of bread… We have travelled a lot together Within Portugal and even in the other side of the planet However, there will always be more to find Suggested by Portuguese President Such a big truck Let’s go We are going to start our journey from the center of the world. Which is Fronteira Goals for this trip are… (is the micro on?) Goals for this trip are – to have fun obviously relax, taking it easy get to know the northern… and center part of the country and to eat and drink well to do that well is what a smart guy does The Fat one because is dumb, just wants to eat a lot for him it doesn’t matter Drink some water “Good Water” Sure; Come on There is frogs on it come on, drink some from this “glass” That was a sausage can Did you see the frog? yes, a lot of them look Dam crickets here in Alentejo We have arrived to Gavião Our first stop Is over there… WTF … is over there on Belver Castle There is a river beach and some trails And after we should go to spend the night in Castanheira de Pera And in between, we will see We need to go to the other side of the square to record the Alentejana Pizza Place everything made on Alentejo’s way becomes better It didn’t pay but can come with us easy, don’t be afraid if we didn’t have the view… but since we have the view, we can wait which view? Her’s? pervert we came exactly for this screw it, we have to go in anyway. When does it finish? you can’t say?! We came to enjoy the trail and it is closed… Marcelo told us to visit the burned areas we came, but it is still not refurbished Marcelo! You to organize this better it says over there. Construction is still going on First hit, first flop trail is closed burned down by fire last year, and are still not refurbished It was supposed to be our first touristic place to visit gone The foodie is trying to find a place for us to eat well meanwhile you can see back there this small hotel looks good We are crossing Tejo river But will reach the only town north of Tejo that belongs to the Alentejo (south of Tejo) region There we go Look at this image but with such a big head I can’t even see the castle back there Monday, where to eat in Alentejo? everything is closed Restaurant “Castelo” Restaurant “quint.. quintets… what was the name? quintatesta all closed Just the Alentejo’s Pizza was open! Let’s try in Mação Such an amazing Summer and it’s raining at the start of our trip It’s raining, it’s raining Half portion of cod and “maranhos”? can be one soup? Can be Let’s go! some stake come on, can be whatever you want Maranhos Maranhos Half portion of codfish Do you want the soup? One is enough for two Half is enough do you want the soup? do you want or what? ok 2 soups He is starving Are you gonna eat that? probably what about you? you have nothing else what is it made of? goat meat, male goat meat and fu** you Goat meat chorizo and I don’t remember more mint don’t look at me, look at the camera I am talking to you I don’t remember the rest Maranhos you are gross. Codfish as well and a lot of bread we should not have eaten the soup or else, the soup and Maranhos Restaurant “O Godinho” where is it? It’s there In Mação, what do you have to say about it? I am full like a pig But for that doesn’t matter if it is good or bad. You always have to be full like a pig Maranhos are good from 0 to 5 3 Could have been a 5 if the girl…. very nice waitress she wanted Nelson to stay they wanted me to leave him here, but only to wash dishes, nothing else don’t start wondering with a little map… a little map and a bike, that is how you should do it next time and we sleep on the bike sit standing that is what you want for me with the sit, for with without it You only know how to drive in Lisbon on 4th gear on a hill like this In Lisbon, you are the king of the red traffic lights we have been on the center of the world and now we are on the center of Portugal it is over there, not here, over there The fat one is almost the same size of the tower look at him look at that pose this is nice Castanheira de pera, that is where we go next direction north Mação. We came from there correct! Geodesia Museum not sure what was that inside didn’t seem like anything and 10 minutes before 5p.m. we were told it would close at 5 3 minutes before 5 done, it’s closed however there was nothing to see, so and the coffee shop was closed but it is nice to be on the center of the country There was a very good bathroom we just passed the “dead road” it is good not to forget those things but it is already refurbished and now is even better to see this pool full of people this is very nice tomorrow we jump in there or what? yes, In the morning we have to find a place to park the car and take a shower to sleep well half half on the mattress proporcional there is no such thing as proportional only if it is proportional by the shoulders can be of course it has to be by the shoulders cannot be measured by the belly or do you want by the penis? it is jus like this! we came to Poço de Corga river beach to see if we can take a shower, but is has not been easy to find some showers maybe we have to jump in the river this is beautiful, water flowing, clean maybe it is gonna be here meanwhile, looking for a place to sleep we passed by a old fashion tavern, in Bolo village close by Castanheira of course we got in, and if Mr Cesario didn’t close we probably would still be there Tavern just like they should be and Wonderfull people in order not to disturb the natural way of people I didn’t pull out the camera but recorded the sound of unforgeteble talks with an axe but who is able to go up the tree? you mean, nobody can climb a tree with an axe but everyone can do it with a chainsaw and then both of you fall down and it will cut you neck crazy guy! he knows: “calm down Vitorino” Calm down?! Calm down is for bastards One day he came here… Poor guy, he has passed away already… …came here so drunk. “Good afternoon Mr Cesário!” “Mr. Cesário!” “do you have very cold wine for bastards?” “I do!” “So drink it yourself and give me a beer” it’s true this happened for real he was already drunk he was so much fun He was 46 or 47 years old when he died he is gone for more than 10 years actually 15. You know exactly, you were the gravedigger sorry, not gravedigger, sacristan before you turn, it’s Gil before you turn left it’s Gil (restaurant) and the gas station turn here, go up turn again and there is Assa (restaurant) when you get to the roundabout turn left and then straight ok, I think I got it Because if you turn more, you come back here we end up having dinner in a standard grill place not much to say about it besides the fact it was one of few actually open we rather have dinner in Cesario’s tavern but according him, he stop serving meals long time ago but actually nowadays I doubt the inspection authority would allow him so that tavern should remain exactly as it is it is a true monument we are already trying our new bed look at him naked He just wants to show me naked there is no spooning we kind of stick to the plan today we are at Castanheira, on a camping park tomorrow is another day and we will try our 5 star hotel See you tomorrow

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