Ride on the best places to visit in Oxford

Published by Darron Toy on

my favorite place is the
Botanical Gardens which is just over Magdalen Bridge
and it’s like an ancient place it’s been there for years and it’s probably one of the quietest place but it’s just beautiful place to wander around and there’s a fountain I was going to say playing because I think of it is like you know music but it’s just happening and yeah just one of my favorite places in Oxford to be I don’t really like rate going to
see Universities or anything but yeah that’s my favorite place I mean the university is great if you’re a tourist but one thing they did give Oxford was a lot of really scenic parks as well like a lot of green spaces that are really nice like what you say and just hang out and there were a lot of other college aren’t they like there’s the ones near the town hall that are sort of like playing fields but they’re just parks I think yeah they’ve some great parks but Oxford is great it’s a lovely place

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