Restaurant service- how to carry plates, serve food with a tray! How to carry a tray in restaurant

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Hayase welcome to the Wits Academy today's video is gonna be about taking the plates with food from the kitchen to the guests and serving the guests from a food tray or a football but first I would like to take a minute in thank you guys to all of you that watch the videos subscribe to the videos like them or comment because those metrics are very important to to YouTube channel but for me personally they're more important because they give me motivation I know now that there are some people out there that are looking for information they need some assistance some help some advice and that's really important for me I also want to congratulate you guys because if you're looking at this video that means that you're looking for information and you want to be prepared for your new job and that's commendable you're doing the right thing get as much as possible information learn as much as possible be prepared because that's half of the wing as more prepared you are the lights gonna be easier the jobs gonna be easier the money gonna be more and what else you wanna do that's all you need I guess let's hear from what's Academy helping you make a lot of money and have a beautiful life working as a waiter let's get to the point carry plates now first we're gonna do the try stuff how you get plate you can carry two plates in our hands this way or this way that's a to plate okay and then you can take the third plate in your right hand so the first way is you take the plate three fingers down to one so you can balance the second place this way both plates are really stable no rushing you know fine now so you can carry plates like that even if there's some sauce on the tail on the plate you're not gonna spill it and I'm gonna break the creation of the ship and it's very important this is one the second one is you carry the plate the first plate you put the second plate little bit under the first put your fingers and you carry with three fingers here one finger there you can see this way it's also a good way to balance place you have to be careful because at the beginning you're not going to know how much pressure to put on a finger and if I go this way and this plate has some sauce is constituted on the second on the first one and it's not gonna be pleasant in so you have to be careful I would suggest that you can play its first just like that if you have to carry two now of course in the restaurants sometimes you might have to kill more pets not just three okay so in order to get to place a three planets in my hand you will have to go to the second part yes okay this way the first two planes can you take the third one you put it on top of your hand and the right 1/3 of the second part now you carry three pets but very very important and I want you that's missing because this you wanna see it no nobody deals okay and now they will tell you that's how you kill pets but that's not how we can place in a restaurant because those plates are empty but if those plates are fool you cannot carry it like that you see the angle if this place has some sauce this was gonna go down down down down and all the way to the floor to the restaurant and by the time you get to the guests it's gonna be a big mess in their kitchen the chef's gonna freak out when I kick your ass it's gonna be a lot wrong so if you're gonna carry plates like that you make sure that in those two plates you have something that's without sauce it's not easy to spill and then of course you can put here something that's balanced even if it's soup or it's something with sauce it's not problem because you can pass this basically a very easy okay so this plate stays a little bit on the finger here mostly dipped on your hand and on the edge of the first plane that's how it says three points it's brinstead just make sure that those two plates don't have sauce here then you can take a third one for the soup and carry on to the guests now that's a three plates let us assume the chef has prepared the food for Table one he rings the bell and he has to rush to the table to the kitchen and take the beds okay unreal situation you have to be really quickly how to be really efficient let's do it with the food so as shell that has created two soups where in two steps with pepper sauce and now I have to carry this to the guests without spilling the soups and without spilling the sauces okay should I take first the soup and then that soup how's that Caleb no you cannot do that okay can you kill me two soups maybe yes but then what do you want to do with the steaks that's not working again plus very important when you serve food to the guests those plates will be usually very hot so 99% of the time you need okay all right we already figured out we cannot carry two soups this way and we can get two sous this way you're gonna burn our hand and not be able to take that into place so soups are always last now if I take this and I take this see my garnish is already my way I will be able to balance those two steaks with a sauce and it's gonna be pretty much surf the way the chef but then of course we have two plates here I'm not gonna be able to take it I have to go for help or I can go this way they put the first plate in my hand take second see how the food is moving we have to avoid that that's why with those always here so you see that it's very important how you balance those plates then it does I can take the first soup on my head it's gonna be really careful situation and I'll take this one now I have all the plates in my head let's see I make it round and round the table and come back and see if I spill everything away I'm gonna take I'll tell you that the soups on the edges a little bit spilt and this sauce that's one book the way it was you can see it on a camera it's to mess that garnish with the sauces all mixed up this one was ok that's no problem but on this one it's not good the plate shouldn't look like that when you bring into the kitchen to the guest so most of the time when you have to carry a complicated place like sauce sauce swoop in soup you're either gonna have to take a train food tray and put it on the tray and carry out which is also not very certain does you're gonna bring it perfectly find it to the guest but what's the time you gonna have to go for help now if one plate is without sauce and then you have sauce in soups it's a different story then you can take the most important the sauce plate you can take the plate without sauce yes and then you can put the school and now now if you notice when I go with a soup here my head is not extended no more like that I called it a bit tango the second point was close to my hand and then the suitcase really must on the plate then on my hand so finger plate and hand but you don't go straight no more go with anger this plate goes close to my hand like a Silvia place goes to my hand and then now this is good bubbles here this is whooping us here and then you take the soup and you go and serve it to the guests as a new waiter you have shot candidates doesn't matter how much you work at home in practice of course it helps a lot but you won't have problem you're gonna get used to it little bit by little bit and you're gonna get better and you're not gonna have problems like the beginning a beginning it's gonna be a little bit serving the food to a plate or the guest with a fork and a spoon in some restaurants we bring food to the table you know to tray or just in the pan and you have to serve it for the gasket for example catfish pits we put the plate empty plate them from the guest and we have to serve Him the meat the sauce and some side dishes how we do it this is the plate the gas is sitting here you go from the left side this is your top which pits may I serve it me ask the guests he says says you serve first of all I will show you from close how you catch this but you have to learn to take the fork and the spoon from the plate with one hand because that I have already is busy and make the self that's how we do serving yes imagine if you cannot do you know what is probably guess take it and you send our bride away then your plate goes as close as possible to the plate of the guests as close as possible you don't do it from here and try to take this because all the sauce gonna fall on the table and the table put and you don't do it from all because if you take the meat and you try to put it down some particles will fall down a plate splash all over the freaking guest and it's gonna be a mess so what we do is as close to the table to the plate and then go for me you would meet in front of the guests maybe some sauce for him and then if there is the potatoes or anything like that you turn the fork can you grab the potato and you pull and fine if it's just something that's flat like a meat or anything you can keep the fork like that go for it but if it's a potato don't try to take it like that because this is not sleazy but the potato is easy then when you push it it's gonna find out of the photo spoon and it's gonna hit somebody in the face so if it's a circle thing it's a sneezy turn the pork take it like that and you put it on a plate don't put everything you leave something in the food you put one piece of meat some clever tool and then you just leave the plate on the table next to the gas for instance so he can serve the second when you can come back and serve him a second in just step back that's always if you get a job on the cruise line most of the time all the food is on a food chain the plates in front of the guests in go to the kitchen you say I have 18 guess they put 18 main courses on this table ok this is very small but let's say 10 gold here and you have to go in front our guests and put the food on the plates for every single guest so first of all we have to have strong hand and second you have to be really good with this so you can work quick put some meat turn the fork put some potatoes and move to the next guest the game on the left side the law as close as possible to the place it and just keep sir he went up so very important late what a tableau you should be able to take this and set it up right away for you so you can work with it really quickly and don't forget if you take a potato to turn the fork like that and take it pretty much that's all you need to know right now for the tray size don't forget very close to the plate as small as possible and just


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THE BOTTOM OF A PLATE SHOULD NEVER TOUCH THE TOP OF ANOTHER. We literally take food handling courses for this specific purpose. Never carry more than three plates in your hands, It’s unsanitary. If the place in which you work let’s you do this then it is sorely mismanaged.

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And btw great tutorial, with one suggestion..ask someone to help you out with the camera because UX would be better at the situation where you explaine turning your wrist while you are putting 3rd plate..anyway greetings form Croatia!!

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i’m 16 and i’m a waiter at Frankie & Bennys which is a classic italian restaurant all over UK, and i can manage 3 plates, two on one arm and one in the other hand. it’s very handy especially on busy evenings but i’m scared to do anymore but i’m not going to rush, i’ll try this when i feel confident but thanks for tips

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