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the shadows of powerful Pokemon paint the landscape of cancer from the sky but how do we catch them well this go be your guide to getting rare Pokemon in Pokemon let's go Pikachu and Pokemon let's go Eevee before we start actually encountering these guys I'll show you guys how you get them to appear in the first place so you want to start your rare Pokemon adventure in Viridian Forest and yeah don't worry this works for any rare Pokemon throughout the game because catch combos make rare Pokemon more likely to appear and what better place than Viridian Forest we have tons of wheedle tons of Caterpie you can get a catch combo pretty quickly and pretty easily just like that so once you get a catch combo of 11 rare Pokemon starts to spawn very frequently and even scales higher so one thing is if you plan on breaking and catch combo just moving on to a new Pokemon or something it's also recommended that you go for a rare Pokemon instead of just going to the next one so let's say I catch a shiny Caterpie and I'm ready to get like a shiny Beedrill competitively or something well first off you can just go and get yourself a free Bulbasaur for example so as you can see Bulbasaur is just hanging out right here despite being a rare Pokemon and that's because we have such a large catch combo that it's very common it's also common to see Pokemon Charizard and Dragonite in the sky so I'm just gonna go and show you guys the locations of these Pokemon before getting into the deeper mechanics of catching them and comboing them for yourselves so Bulbasaur can be found in Viridian Forest well about Charmander and squirtle already did a guide for them but they're rare Pokemon so let's talk about them real quick routes 3 and 4 as well as rock tunnel or where you can find Charmander now Charmander is on both sides of mountains so you can just head over here from cerulean city or you can run through route 3 and 4 and grab some Charmander for yourself there's a little guy who's wandering off have his own adventure routes 24 and 25 are where you can find yourself a squirtle as well as the seafoam Islands now the seafoam island squirtle are pretty tough to catch because they're high-level and this is a kind of claustrophobic area to hunt them as well but you know you can grab yourself squirtle here if you really want it now on route 7 you can find yourself a porygon which i think is one of the coolest things like a matching ketch comboing for a shiny porygon or did you ever think you'd see the day where a porygon is just running around the Kanto region for you to catch and not some kind of prize at the game corn or something I think that's pretty cool so if you need a refresher of where route 7 is it's between celadon and Efrain City next up let's head on over to Victor road because Victory Road is also where you get another gift Pokemon that is traditional to the original Pokemon games look at that just him on leash strutting around Victory Road oh my god a shiny Gaea okay I guess I'm breaking my catch cotton um but now I have to reset it and then find the other ones in the video um hi guys I just got myself SHINee Geodude okay that's that just happened but yeah guys you can get him only in Hitmonchan in Victory Road you don't have to go to the dojo and you can go for your own shiny hitmonlee and hitmonchan huh okay so after that detour which I guess can happen when you're going for rare Pokemon I just got my catch coming back at Viridian Forest now we're gonna go and look for Lapras lappers can be found on routes 19 and 20 and there's one that just popped up right there but I do want to talk about lures as well so lures just seem to last longer depending on the one that you get regular lures super Laura max lore and as you defeat gems more items unlock and Mark Martin then you can pay money and get them so I don't think that the max lore makes the Pokemon more rich or like the rare Pokemon more common but you can use that to kind of add to the likelihood of making Pokemon up here as well just getting rare Pokemon in general now there's also some other rare Pokemon that I want to talk about obtaining and that's going to be Snorlax so Snorlax can be found in cerulean cave it's just that I haven't defeated green yet so I haven't made it into serling cave but pretty much whenever I say a Pokemon and where you find it it's everything that we've been doing so far no the Lapras just spawning on the corner so things start to get pretty ridiculous now what about those powerful Pokemon that have been flying in the sky well if you have Dragonite Charizard or Aerodactyl you can fly through the air and then find these Pokemon for yourself and usually they give themselves away from the ground because you can see their shadow or you can just fly around until you end up getting them to spawn and that's also an option that you can take and this is where you find Charizard and Dragonite now these Pokemon can be found in most routes throughout Kanto pretty much wherever you see a flying Pokemon on a route like Pidgey Pidgeotto or Pidgeot then you can go and run around until you find yourself a Charizard or Dragonite so yeah there's a Charizard and here comes a Dragonite now Chansey is the last year of Pokemon that we're going to talk about it's just a crazy Pokemon in general because it kind of fills in all of the other slots for rare Pokemon now maybe this will get patched another Pokemon that have been difficult to catch might fill its place or chancy is just kind of like the ultimate filler rare Pokemon you've ever been wandering around a Kanto region and you just keep finding Chansey everywhere might be because you have a catch combo of a different Pokemon like you're just trying to go for Vulpix and chancing starts popping up all over the place that's because it's a rare Pokemon there or if you just kind of encounter it naturally and it's almost easier to say where you can't find Chansey because you can it's just in so many places so routes 1 through 4 as well as routes 22 will not have Chansey around 1920 because they're ocean routes and routes 24 and 25 because they already have squirtle but as for where you can find chancy pretty much every welts routes 5 6 8 9 11 10 11 12 all through that and even a lot of caves so Diglett cave Mountain moon pokemon tower tower plant pokémon mansion Victory Road you can't go wrong if you're looking for a chance ooh they're also found throughout 1820 123 so higher level more powerful chancy potentially for like experience farming and you can do that at Victory Road but we're not done with this rare Pokemon guide just yet because all of these rare Pokemon they can be catch combo'd and once you get a catch combo of one they become slightly more likely to appear which means the hunt is on and that's when you're gonna burn through most of your lures like you don't need to use a lure to get that zero catch combo and if you already have like you know 11 Pokemon going but once you do that you know foot catches 2 through 5 will have a slightly higher chance catches 6 through 10 will have a higher chance but once you make it to 11 as we've been as I've been kind of showing throughout the video they become fairly common now Bulbasaur Charmander squirtle I've seen them spawn regularly pretty much non-stop at a catch combo of 11 some of them seem a bit more rare like Lapras didn't appear immediately on a catch combo of 11 so if you get a higher catch combo and you're trying to transition Pokemon then you can use that to catch rare Pokemon as well which is effectively my advice that if you want to get a rare Pokemon anytime and your catch comboing for a shiny or competitive pokemon for some other reason just like go to that route or go to the sky and then start going for Dragonite or something and then it's just a ton of diligence here I'm gonna be going for Dragonite so I broke my other combo which means rare pokemon aren't going to be spawning frequently anymore but now I have to kind of hunt around for a second Dragonite and then slowly get it to go it does take a long time I did this for Bulbasaur I ended up with a catch combo of Bulbasaur in the 20s before I threw that away to go for like a Charmander a Bulbasaur or squirtle or something but I was able to you know take about 30 40 minutes to get Bulbasaur – start spawning frequently enough to where I started getting it back-to-back on catches that's just kind of how it is it's pretty wacky and that's how rare Pokemon work I'm I'm a little disappointed that there's isn't more that's why I hope like maybe it gets patched instead of just Chanti or something at the same time some like gift Pokemon such as Lapras porygon Snorlax hitmonlee hitmonchan as well as just like can't have starters that's pretty cool chance he's always been like desirable and it's really tanky and it's probably gonna be just like a filthy competitive pokemon anyways then we get rewarded with cool pokémon like Dragon Knight and Charizard server all fun system it has good depth to it but then once you kind of caught all the rare Pokemon there's not much else to do with it but you can't use it to start chaining for rare Pokemon as well so you guys enjoy the video hope you have a nice day thank you very much for watching look at that just him on leash strutting around victory road so you can get him only and hitmonchan in victory look at that just him on leash strutting around victory road oh my god a shiny Gaea okay I guess I'm breaking my catch come off but now I have to reset it and then find the other ones in the video oh hi guys I just got myself shiny Geodude okay neat I don't know how to react or respond to this oh god I don't want to lose it no don't go away I need old your balls I don't know why I decided great ball would be a good idea for this area I'm right I'm panicking I wasn't prepared for this video silver raspberry let's make sure we don't screw up any of this alright silver raspberry boom no he's good he's gonna get away I'm gonna fail I'm gonna fail a shiny pokemon during a different guide no yeah I think we got this we got this right we have to get this perfect alright um we just got a shiny Geodude which actually is going to potentially show us a lot of things about catch combos because I thought catch combos only applied to the Pokemon that you're looking for but they might not okay so this is future Burrell is just kind of checking things out because we don't really know what's going on with like shininess and the catch combos fully at this time it's not really known if like getting a catch combo of 31 of a single pokemon makes it to where all the Pokemon that appear can be more shiny because if you're going for dozens and dozens of Pokemon or maybe even to the hundreds then you might just get really lucky and have a natural one in 4000 odds Pokemon spa and while you're also comboing for a different Pokemon now one thing we do know is that the catch itself immediately breaks the chain so that means I'm not getting a four Ivy shiny Geodude because I had a ton of wheedle catches from earlier well I'm going for rare Pokemon pretty much it's just a really weird thing and we're gonna get more information about that over time so that's gonna be pretty cool and another thing that's kind of funny since like yes is why it's future Bareilles is i showing the showing what i did to get through the rest of the video I wouldn't call another 11 wheedle I broke that chain by doing the Dragon Knight to start the Dragon Knight chain but then I want to talk about Chauncey so I had to start up another Vulpix chain but I didn't want to get you know look at how many chains I'd have to like break and then set up for the video and stuff so I didn't want to do another one just show you Chauncey chances everywhere you've probably already encountered it a lot of people have already encountered it so I think that's gonna be it so guys enjoy the video I think I'll Ray said that but I'm going to say it again cuz shininess made for a weird outtake scenario so if guys enjoy the video I hope you all the nice day thank you very much for watching


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long as you had a master ball
i wont let you loose the revive
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but team rocket had to
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