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yo guys what's up welcome back to our slash I don't work here lady where Karen mistakes a customer for an employee and subsequently fails a job interview because of it today's video is gonna be a little bit special because two stories will be read by a good friend of mine so without any further ado let's dive right in dad just wanted clean plates to preface this story my dad is in his 60s and grew up in a small town in an orphanage so if his worldviews come up a bit off in this story it is because they are more than a bit off but here it goes my dad's birthday had come around and he chose a Chinese buffet for the family birthday dinner so myself two stepsisters stepbrother brother stepmother step grandparents and two of the couples all headed to a small backstreet Chinese all-you-can-eat the sort of place where they just dished the food out and booked in a central area in the restaurant and you top your plate up as you wish unlike most buffet places we have been to this one did not have the stack of fresh clean plates and an elderly Chinese gentleman did the occasional lap of the tables swapped dirty empty plates for clean plates went back to the corner and sat on a chair crossed his arms and closed his eyes for 10 minutes before doing another lap this is where the problem began it had been a while since new place had been delivered and for most of us it was not a problem we just kept on using the same plates by the way guys excuse me if the reading sounds a little bit weird today because I kind of hurt my tongue so that makes reading a little bit difficult but let's see however dare decided he wanted a fresh plate as his was covered in one flavor sauce he did not want any more off he took a look at the sleeping gentleman in the corner and decided against waking him up and grab the next passing Asian gentleman to walk past by the arm the conversation went as follows dead hurled here please grab some fresh plates Asian man no waving his hands in front of him dead what do you mean no I just need a clean plate Asian man no no sorry dead no need to be so removed I just want extra plate sister one dad I don't think dead it's all right I've got this can we please have some fresh plates a.m. but no the poor man is now flustered as not only can he not get his message across due to the language barrier he also cannot get a word in over my father's urgency for a clean plate Dead to scribble some bloody placement it's not that hard Asian man I'm I'm no I'm like you dead no you play the old Asian man yes like you dead if you will like me Milt you would get a job done and grab us some plates by this point several of us had picked up what the Asian man was putting down but either could not get a word in what shows to sit back and let dead make an idiot of himself finally the poor man managed to shout over dad with I am a customer this had the entire table in stitches as dead meekly apologized told him he thought he worked there and turned to us to ask why nobody had pointed that out the man smiled waved at us all and proceeded to head to his table where I'm sure he had a great time explaining to his wife while he could not get back to the table earlier the icing on the cake was dead finding a young asian girl walking past stating her gloves curl if she had solved the problem as my stepmother shouted over him sit down she's got a plate of lemon chicken turns out my dad's real name might be Karen by the way guys do you frequently eat Asian food if you do tell me in the comments what's your favorite hungry family threatens to leave bad yelp review so this is gonna be a short story it was a couple of months ago when I was on my lunch break and I decided to go eat at this Hawaiian barbecue place in the same Plaza as my work place I'm sitting there eating my food when a family walks in and stands at the cashier stand the cashier was in the back there's a bell to call them so the father starts tapping his feet in that annoying own will to sort of wait while looking at me I'm kind of on confrontational so I looked down and keep eating then he says service is terrible I'm gonna yoke that employees here ignore customers will they enter well now I have to speak up because I don't want that place to get overrun with bad reviews if I cannot help it so I go you know I don't work here right dude suddenly turns 180 and starts apologizing and says the one thing I will never forget he said you're lucky because I was close to throwing you food in your face he said it in a joking way but I would not put it past him so I tell him to ring the bell and finish my food and leave I go back to work and an hour later I see them in my store and hurry to a different area to avoid them now for the next story we have something very special as I've mentioned in the beginning I won't be reading alone today so the next story will be read by my good friend om d who is another small Reddit youtuber so if you love British accents then be sure to check him out this next door is by ranger room I'm actually here to attend your party not cater it I forgot this happened to me years ago when I was still in high school it's not a fabulous story but it still gives me a chuckle what beard can do to your current age during this time I was still in touch with an old friend who had moved to a different school I was conveniently able to see him sometimes for a distance learning class along with his new friends one of his new friends was kind enough to invite me to their birthday party it was a very fancy one so he asked to wear formal clothing I obliged because being a chubster an all-lace made me look less fat so I take myself out to look super professional groomed my beard and had the nice m'lady vibe going I was untouchable sarcasm I go to the address and boy howdy was the place I rented fancy I was rather early so I placed my stuff in the corner the hosts and I chatted for a bit while swear to everyone else to come it wasn't long and eventually a cluster of people came in caterers other teams and a DJ I started to blend in – with others and get friendly the party was very nice I decided to sit by a bunch of ladies I'd never met whilst we air we talked about toys a bunch of our dumb political stuff and acting I got up and started asking people what they wanted I started just handing out drinks just trying to be friendly I kept getting weird looks from the kids parents no clue why party keeps going i play pool eat down to some take on me by a-ha i lose my voice from screaming you know how parties go this keeps on whilst i still notice the parents overlooking me constantly i started to ease down because i was getting uncomfortable finally the end of the party arrives and there's a bit where the family had the projector with all of these family photos of them in it it was time to take it out a driver at how gushy and cute the family was or something one of the hosts the mother comes up to me and says could you at least grab the projector Ferrer's and I got very confused I asked her what she was talking about and she rants on about how you have barely done anything all night you could have at least grabbed and set up our projector and it finally connects this chick thinks I've been messing around all night instead of catering the party I just laughed and said I'm sorry but I'm here to attend your daughter's party what did you think I was here for she gets beet red at this point everyone else is looking and realized what's going on – the daughter had to come over and explain that I was a guest I quickly went to the restroom to get out of the interaction because after that I wasn't bothered for the 30 minutes that were left of the party there plus I got a girl's number so burners lady I'm just stocking things for my friend so this story is about six years old but I still remember it I've only just posted it since I just got an account it's not my only I don't work here story I've got two others this just was the first one that happened to me the cast is me f-for my friend CW my friend's co-worker and lady Elle who thinks I worked there anyway I was 18 and at a hot topic waiting for my friend who asked me to pick them up since his car broke a few days before and was just looking around to see if I wanted anything I saw my friend struggling with a couple boxes and decided to help him so I grabbed the top box that was slightly open look at what's inside a bunch of random accessories and said I would put them up for him since his only coworker was at the cash register and I had worked there abouts quit a few days prior so if the manager was there I probably wouldn't have gotten yelled at so as I'm putting some necklaces up I feel a tap on my shoulder I turn expecting it to be my friend but instead see a girl with bright pastel hair I kind of thought she was lost until I saw that dress she was wearing it was my neighbor totoro and apparently my neighbor totoro that some kind of anime and I figure she wanted to look at the jewelry so our conversation went as follows me sorry was I in your way lady no I was just curious if you have any of this sure did small she then held up a band shirt and it's tag said large me I'm sorry I don't know as I don't work here lady put you're just three stalking me oh I was doing that for my friend as he needed help you could ask him if there are any of those shirts and small lady don't you lie to me you just don't want to help me because I look like I'm too girly to be in here me look lady I don't think you're too girly to be in here but as I said I don't work here just as I said that my friend and his co-worker came to my rescue coworker is there a problem ma'am lady yes your coworker he is being rude CW she's not my coworker lady but she was restoring the jewel if she was helping me I get off work soon and asked her to drive me home she was just helping so that we can go home soon at this point the lady had a look of realization pass over her face and just dropped the shirt apologized and left I picked the shirt up and asked my friend to get me a small one of it he did and I bought it along with a few pieces of jewelry that I had liked from when I was stocking them along with a few buttons to add to my collection my friend told me he had to stay a bit longer since his of the co-worker had not shown up yet so I left and told him to message me when he was done and then I went to find the lady I saw her entertaining a chocolate shop and went in after her as she got in line I went right behind her and like she did to me earlier tapped her shoulder she turned and looked surprised to see me lady look I already apologized and again I did not let her finish as I pulled the shirt out of my bag me it's okay here I got it for you it's the size you wanted as well lady oh no I couldn't I was rude you shouldn't have gotten it for me me I insist lady well then thanks but at least let me get you some chocolate as a better thank you me sure she got me some sea salt caramel chocolates then we went to the food court and had a pleasant conversation I found out a few things about her her name was Charlotte she's bisexual she liked animals and as it turns out it was her time of the month and she was a little pissed since she did not have any painkillers now six years later me and Charlotte Lottie as I call her are married with five dogs and still find it funny about how we met and then her kids will ask how did you two meet oh she screamed at me and called me a liar because she mistook me for a Hot Topic employee either way guys the next one is once again for my friend OMD but don't worry after that all the stories will be read by me also this is a one-time thing only pretty much unless you guys really enjoy it so please give me some feedback in the comments this next star is by braixen braixen person a man jabbed me in the chest with finger at Costco I had just gotten off an 11 hour shift and needed to get some groceries after work I picked up my boyfriend on the west coast car and away we went we got most of the things we needed and were waiting in line I don't know about all Costco saws but in my city it is busy all the time the lineups are massive the cashiers are very quickly I am standing in line with my boyfriend when I remember I needed to get some dry shampoo and Costco is the only place that sells three cans of it for $20 it is an awesome deal and for someone that works early shifts like me it's a lifesaver I didn't bring my purse inside and had my keys in my hand so I just put them around my neck with the lanyard and told my boyfriend I'd be right back I was wearing black pants a black top and a Pikachu lanyard around my neck Costco employees don't necessarily have a uniform I'm pretty sure they can work whatever they want so long as they have a nametag I'm walking towards the checkouts holding my dry shampoo and a man walks directly in front of me stopping I did a classic Canadian smile and oh sorry and tried to get around him but he stepped to the side and got back in front of me ID is the room dude can you tell me where the large jar of pickles are no sorry I'm really not sure what do you mean you're not sure where are they he raised his voice and I was immediately in defense mode I wanted to get out of this situation as quick as possible I don't work here I don't know where they are I'm sorry I tried to get around him and he stepped in front of me again who is your manager this is when he put the center of my chest with his sausage finger what's a salt I immediately stepped back and gave him the dirtiest look I could give to anyone I need to talk to your manager now where is he you are very rude my managers name is John and I highly doubt he would give a flip if I helped you find something I'm not at Costco because I do not work here get the flip out of my way I managed to get around the road dude and he shouted at me to come back over Tim excuse me who are you thankfully he didn't follow me and I couldn't see him anymore after wading through the sea of people I finally got back to my boyfriend in line and told him what happened as we got back to the checkout and the cashiers fought it was hilarious I'll admit I wish I didn't curse at him in public but I was feeling a fight-or-flight response and he wouldn't let me pass not my finest moment but definitely not his either edit I didn't put my hands on him I'll break his fingers because it didn't even cross my mind I have never been in a situation like that before all my mind was telling me was to get out of this situation but I'm using the bike for context so I go to a gym four to six times a week at very early hours in the morning when you start to go to the gym at a certain time you meet the people who also do the same it's like Cheers is what I've been told so I'm going about my workout and a man I had not recognized gives me a look he's asking me to spot him and no this is not it this is just a regular thing in the gym I went to spot him and I noticed his hand placement was uneven so I just told him about it we talked for a couple minutes about the gym he told me he was new to the gym and I told him if he ever needed a spot to just ask me and set my name which is okay of course fast forward through my workout I hop on a stationary bike until angry lady al waves in my face because I had both headphones in so I assumed that she just wanted to see when I was done but nope hey there hey only this bug al well I've only been on for 15 minutes and I'm going for an half hour but you could ask someone else to see when they are done no good surfer to them it's also not fair to me I'm also working out well I pay for a membership here and so do they you work here you don't pay to use the gym yeah I don't work here lady oh how it rolls off the tongue I've been waiting so long to say it it made me whole she starts growing in anger yes you open dude I saw you hoping that man know of the book this really got to me yeah I'm not getting the bike first you don't talk to me like that and second like I said before I don't work here off the book or a building a miniature someone dropping an f-bomb like that has grabbed the attention of everyone around me and I kind of just look at all these people around me like hey guys a little help they see what's going on and explained that I don't work there and that I'm not wearing the company's shirt but she still does not believe them either you guys just don't want to see him in trouble because he's hooked you before all right get a manager so at this point she storms off to find a manager and I just keep peddling this is a big gym that's got a good amount of space so she's completely out of my view it's not like I could see where she was she comes back with a manager who I know and have actually come to become buddies with because he likes seeing teens in the gym okay wait a second I actually had to read that twice is it just me or does it sound really wrong anyway he instantly cracks a smile as he sees I'm the one that she's been complaining to him about Oh Oh P he doesn't work here he's a regular sorry you're going to have to wait for another bike I guess well would you open helping people this should be your job I guess he's just a nice person and I'm going to have to ask you to leave if you continue to use that language al has now been proven wrong in front of a bunch of people and has realized that I don't work here and she then storms off in the direction of the locker rooms to change without saying a word by the time she had walked back out into the open I was off the bike and also heading towards the locker rooms I decided I would let her know that I'm done hey I'm off the bike now if you want to use it angry lady of you totally worth it as someone mentioned in the comments that people assume the only reason someone would help someone else is because they are an employee and not just a decent and nice person a wholesome I don't work here lady Walmart moment so I was walking through Walmart and I was looking through the clothes to get something to wear as wonders I was wearing a proper turtleneck and gray sweatpants by the way guys I gotta ask in your area in the US is it common to wear gray sweatpants daily outside because here in Germany that is kind of common and I'm still not getting used to it but anyway let's continue with the story this woman walked up to me and she looked at me smiling the woman will be W and I would just be me W excuse me the kids clothes our road here Road me I don't remember sorry woman should you know you work here don't you me no I don't see I put up the neck part of my shirt and she nodded woman hum oh okay she looked a little disappointed so I decided to offer help anyways because why not me I guess I could help you look for it I think they are over here I walked over to the kids clothes section me yeah here they are woman thank you oh and could you find me a yellow shirt I was confused but I gave her a random yellow shirt and she thanked me again it turns out she was colorblind and she was getting a shirt for her nephew as a birthday gift and he loved yellow and then she left so yeah no screaming no angry moms just an aunt looking for a present that would mean a lot to her nephew or honestly that story is so cute because I can kind of relate I mean I'm not colorblind but I do have trouble seeing certain colors like grey red green and so on let me know in the comments if you also have that entitled woman mistakes me for employee at a Walmart and then comes for job interview I was doing some late night shopping on a Sunday night in Walmart when this woman comes up to me excuse me I need her boiling these items she Shops a list to my chest I'm sorry miss I don't work here I think that was the wrong thing to say as she it just explodes on me the earth to be lazy you're in the uniform my shirt was the same color as a Walmart employees but I was not an employee it's the same color but I repeat I'm not an employee I cannot help you if you you lazy F good Mira manager I'm going to get you fired I decided to just walk away she yells and tries to chase after me but I keep running until I loser then I go and pay for my things now a week later I was told I would be interviewing someone who was applying for the secretary position in our company so I go to the interview room and call in the applicant I look at the picture on the application form and my eyes widened it was the same woman who arrests me in the Walmart oh now this was too perfect she came in saw me gasps take a seat please I said and she sits down looking pale oh I was going to enjoy this but I conducted the interview as professionally as possible I made it very painful for her so if someone came up to you and asked for help in a place you did not work then you told them you did not work there and then they yell at you and then they harass you and then they come to a job interview and you were the one interviewing them what would you do would you give them a job she did not get the job and I got some payback say what you want but that guy definitely dodged the bullet by meeting Karen beforehand because if he might have hired her she could have exploded on one of her clients apparently working in a coffee shop means I work in all coffee shops posted by Stacey Rose on our subreddit so I am NOT one for giving characters or backstories I just find it odd and annoying but I should state that I work at a coffee shop at my town's local State College not to be confused with a community college when the college students go on break so do I since the coffee shop I work for will be close to this means spring break winter break summer break and other breaks mixed here or there right now since it's summer I'm on summer break and my coffee shop is technically a popular Canadian coffee shop that you will find all over Canada and upstate New York now the town I live in only has one of this particular coffee shop and it's the one I work for at my college now that does not mean there's not other coffee shops in the town we have Starbucks Dunkin Donuts and some others now to the story so I decided to stop in one of the Starbucks in my town even though I don't really like their coffee much just be I was in the mood for an iced coffee and because it was the closest coffee shop I was near I saw some customers I normally deal with at my colleges coffee shop and they waved to me and said hello we had the usual how's your summer type of conversation you know the basic chitchat people do when they bump into someone they know out in public I proceeded up to the counter to order my iced coffee in walks this older staff woman I have seen from my job now this woman is a very cranky woman I usually dread seeing her but I'm always very nice to her she walked up to the counter looking at the menu then saw me and said why aren't you working I looked at her kind of confused and said huh I'm on break and she then said will you break is over get back to work and I laughed a little and said no no I mean I'm on summer break and continue to wait for my order she's not a deliverer I hate when she does that and said good learn Dakota and get mad herb coffee I was like stunned for a minute did she really think I worked there I looked at her and said I don't work here and left she had the nerve to say you were good name of my coffee shop and all coffee shops are deserved so you should get blunted cotto she pointed her finger at the counter while the actual employee looked shocked and good work to work I just stood there like frozen and time thinking to myself am I on some kind of prank show but when she clapped and her mean literally kept right in front of my face I snapped out of my days I looked at her looked at the employees looked back at her and said just because I work at a coffee shop does not mean I work at this coffee shop there's a difference between name of my coffee shop and Starbucks not all coffee shops are the same I do not work here and I took my iced coffee the barista handed me and started to walk out I thanked the barista and as I got to the door the cranky woman started to speak and I just turned looked at her and said not another word from you and walked out the door are people really this stupid I mean really I thought so many times when I got mistaken for working somewhere else and telling people that I don't work at set place that would be it but to actually think that just because I work in a coffee shop means that I work in all coffee shops is beyond me I don't know what I will do when college is back in session and I see that cranky woman again but maybe I would just refuse service to her since debt is within my rights people need to start thinking with their brains if they have them anyways this happened yesterday and I debated on sharing it but decided I would well I'm sorry I have absolutely zero clue about Canadian coffee shops but if anyone in the comments can guess the name of the coffee shop you will get a ripe cookie but anyway guys that's all the content I have for you today if you like my content please don't forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel and also as I said please give me some feedback on whether or not you like when I read with someone else but as of right now honestly I think it will be more of a one-time thing but either way I hope you have a fantastic day and I see you again tomorrow


Ripe · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

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TheCrazyNekoGirl2123 · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

Hey I hate to break it to you but that is color blind. There are couple different kinds but color blind doesn't mean you can't see any colors it just mean that you have trouble telling the difference of some colors. a friend of mine had trouble telling the difference between says a deep red and brown but can see colors like blue and yellow really well.

TheCrazyNekoGirl2123 · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

I don't eat it often my by favorite Asain food is sushi and my favorite sushi is called Dragon. Though it is very expensive so I also enjoy Egg rolls and Crab Ragoons with Duck sauce. You can get them genrally for much cheaper.

jws1948ja · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

Why is there so much foul language is these narratives? The Karen's are supposed to be upper class, but they sound like guttersnipes.

BusterdBodycrab · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

LOL, on the sweat pants. In Walmat, that's formal wear!

becca wilson · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

i live in the homeland of walmart…. (gods help me) and i can tell you sweats are popular, but then again we get bimbos in short skirts in the coldest months too.. so.. anything is game in a walmart.

lamelama22 · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

Obv the coffee shop is a Timmy's (Tim Horton's); it's THE Canadian coffee shop / brand.

Tomlightning · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

tim hortons

A Wilson · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

Answer to the Coffee Shop story question – Yes, some People ARE that Stupid…

Consider how Stupid the Average person is…
Then Realize that half of them are even Stupider than that…

A Wilson · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

When Angry Lady (Gym story) said F-You, OP should have replied: "Sorry, I don't Fornicate (Screw) outside my Species"…

JDD999 · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

Thai food is the best! I also like Indian & Schezuan Chinese.

Mysteria _ · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

From what I see we wear clothes that are comfortable. Like sweat pants and a hoodie or for girls it’s yoga pants

James Carl · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

☆☆☆ how did u sprain ur tongue? On ur gf? Lol…the other guy reading was good …maybe alternate stories between you both to let ur sprained tongue heal, ur gf or bf ( as I don't know ur preference ), would appreciate a healed tongue. The gym story was a bit creepy, when the manager likes seeing teens come in to work out. Woman assaulted in Costco, should've kicked porky in the nuts to drive her point home, about not working there, after he assaulted her. Lots of stories today, great job. Hope ur tongue is ok. Love that u aren't color blind, u can only not see half the spectrum, too funny.

Lori Koonce · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

The name of the coffee shop in the last story is Tim Horton's.

La Bella · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

I want to guess the Canadian coffee shop is Tim Horton's… But I confess I'm not sure. I just know their coffee seems to be one of the few things that even nice Canadians turn evil for, lol

Draw Breath · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

King prawn fried rice!!

Draw Breath · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm


Rolling Bear · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

Canadian coffee shop Tim Horton's or "Timmies". Friends don't let friends drink Starbucks better known as sewage.

Suzanne Fry · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

Lol I am British so there is no accent

Debby Brigham · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

What a great story – imagine making a life long friend from an "I don't work here" 🙂

LJ H · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm


ohMD · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

Thank you for having me 🙂

Naga Min · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

Being a decent human being in a store/restaurant means you work there because there is no other reason for you to be a decent human being in a store/restaurant.

scouse mouse · July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm


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