Pumpkin Run & Walk 2015

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[Music] It was a lot of fun, the weather was perfect, the course is great and I am just thankful to the Lord that I got to race this morning! She had the costumes, we thought it would be just for fun. Just try it out! We like to dress up but we don’t get the
chance to do this, so…I love halloween, so yeah! Every year we can say, “we hope to be in
the next” and hopefully contending for that, so…
you know we all…we all go running together as a family and you know, Sarah had to take some times off to, uh, to have all these kids here, to, uh, to get going here, but now she’s back in the game and their getting into it themselves now too. I had a group of friends come with me and we all ran and walked together, so that was my favorite part of being here. [music} Just that there were so many people that
dressed up is amazing that’s how many people come out just for fun and do that. It was just a good time! Well, I like the comradarie and family stuff, you know, and I think it’s just terrific and the price is right, you know, where people that have families can afford it. The feeling after your done for any run for me, I just love it! You know, I dread doing them at first but once it’s done, its just awesome! You guys are doing a tremendous job and I like to thank all the volunteers that put a lot of effort into it. I think it’s terrific. Thank you for your contributions too. It’s nice to see you out there. It was just really fun. Thank you to all you guys. You guys are the ones who make this event, so we just show up and run. We have the easy part! You know, you guys put a lot of time to make up a real nice event for the town, so… You know Cloquet is a wonderful place to live and be and you guys are a part of that, so Thank you! [music]

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