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welcome back to surf and surf travel guys. Alright, today we’re gonna talk about Helsinki some more, and this time… what
are we talking about? We’re gonna talk about transportation in capital of
Finland… Just about every form of transportation that you can think of,
some resources so that you can get around the city and some prices to go
along with it… budget travel tips, let’s go So when you get to Helsinki of course
most people are going to come in through the International Airport.
You can rent a car of course, that’s always an option if you get a you know
small compact car you’re gonna be paying about twenty nine dollars a day up to an
SUV where it’s going to be $50 – $60 a day but another great option if you just
want to go into the city is to catch the train directly from the airport. The
train takes about a half hour from the airport a few stops along the way but it
only costs you about five euros and it’s going to bring you right into the center
of Helsinki when you go to get your tickets you don’t forget to buy the “P”
train, that’s the one that’s going to take you right downtown So one of the best ways to get around the city is one of these Alepa Fillari bikes.
Really all you need to pay is 5 euro for 24 hours keep
it longer every half hours a euro so I recommend or turning it on time. but
there’s over 50 different locations that they have these terminals where you can
you can return and rent these bikes. it’s a really great option if you just want
to do kind of some exploration throughout the day 5 euros there you go another good option
from the central railway station is the underground subway.
It’s mostly gonna take you to the suburban areas if that’s where you’re trying to
go. again it costs about five euros you can checkout rail net to see where the all the destinations are for both the metro line and the suburban line Those are the two primary lines here in Helsinki.
so for me one of the coolest and unique ways to travel around the city by one of
the city trams and not just because this one seems to be going to the pub I’ll
tell you it’s pretty cheap You can purchase your tickets from one of these terminal stations here for just a couple euro $2.50 in dollars or you can buy it on the
app and show the the driver the app purchase it’s actually cheaper if you
buy it on the app for more information on how to see where the pickup stations
are and where the trams go just go to …not the other hell and my favorite way to get around the
city is walking! and then last but not least if you want
to try all the different types of transportation in Helsinki with the
exception of bikes and taxis you can buy the 24-hour pass that gives you all
access for 9 euros that’s going to be about 10 bucks you can hop on hop off
buses, trams, Subways, trains. You can see just about everything you want to see thank you for watching. Yeah, thanks for
watching guys. hopefully this is gonna help you in your travels around Helsinki
uh you know we put a lot of budget travel tips in there and some resources.
we’ll also link those resources down into the description since we already
know you’re going to Helsinki you might want to check out our top ten spots in
Helsinki and our Soumenlinna video that we did about Soumenlinna fortress. lots
of cool history there. If you liked the video hit the like button hit the
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thank you so much for the support see you soon!
we’ll see you next time. your cheeks are pink hi we’re talking
about enough in surf and turf travel are they coming inside us


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Thank you to one of our friends for pointing out that the tram labeled PUB is ACTUALLY A PUB!!! How we didn't discover this I dont know but here are the deets…SpåraKoff is a fire-red tram that has been converted into a restaurant, touring the central sights of downtown Helsinki.

The restaurant serves thirty and is decorated in classic pub style using mahogany and brass. In addition to the driver, the bar staff is there to serve you. The ride features beer, cider, refreshments, fun and great views.

Departures from Mikonkatu stop in front of the Fennia building, next to the Helsinki Railway Square. Possible to exit the tour at Linnanmäki-, Oopperatalo- and Kauppatori-stops. Check out more from:

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