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Pro-gard Theme Music Pro-gard Theme Music Pro-gard Theme Music Prisoner Transport Partitions are a
valuable addition to any patrol vehicle that transports prisoners. They provide
an invaluable, durable barrier that protects the officer
during the transport. Pro-gard offers three types of
partitions to match agency preferences, all designed with officer comfort in
mind. Our Space Saver Plus Partition is available for the Ford PI Sedan, Dodge
Charger, and current Chevrolet Tahoe. This
partition creates additional leg room for the prisoner behind the front passenger seat. This
feature also aids the officer when loading and unloading prisoners by eliminating counter leverage points
at the base of the partition. Our Standard Partitions are available
for all OEM designated police package vehicles. This configuration consists of a
Partition Frame and a Full Width Extension panel. For
agencies needing more space for the officer behind the console we offer our most popular design, the
Space Saver Partition. This includes a pair of Bucket Seat
Protectors with the Recessed Panel in addition to the Partition Frame. This
configuration is available for all police package and special service vehicles. We offer a
Universal Partition platform in our Sedan Partitions. This includes the PI Utility. With the
purchase of a transfer kit, the partition can be moved from one PPV to another at
the vehicle’s end of service. Pro-gard offers nine window configurations to match agency preferences. From the
simplest, single pane polycarbonate to more evolved sliding window options for
better control over the degree of interaction between the officer and prisoner
compartment. Our engineers design the mounting locations for our partitions around the officers needs. Pro-gard
realizes that the officer can spend upwards eight hours a day in their
cruiser so we do our best to maintain as much
comfort as the OEM seats provide. We mount our partitions far enough back on the B-pillar to allow for full travel and the
industry’s leading recline. After we’ve created space for the
officer, we then design our Prisoner Transport Seats and Floor Pans to create space for the prisoner. With
the OEM seat removed we were able to create more space for
transports by positioning our ABS seats further back in the prisoner
compartment. This greatly increases distance between the prisoner and
partition over OEM seat placement. Our partitions
are available with two filler panel options. The popular,
patented airbag compatible wings yield against the force of an airbag deployment yet, provide ample resistance when limiting access to the front
passenger compartment. Partitions are also available with the traditional rigid wings and our AOI Side Curtain Airbag On/off
Control Switch. To complete your partition purchase,
Pro-gard sells a variety of partition mounted gun racks to meet your agency preferences. For more information about Pro-gard’s line of products for the law enforcement community, Please call us at 800.480.6680 or visit us on the web at Pro-gard Theme Music


MaryBeth Perri · April 30, 2015 at 6:04 pm

Very informative, great product!

AWESOME GAMER · August 21, 2016 at 7:27 pm

I'm looking for one but I need it for my crown vic

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