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visco is an app it is not a personality trait and prepare with me for my beach vacation hello girly pops hey girly pops welcome back to my channel if you're new here no that doesn't make sense welcome back to my channel if you're already subscribed but if you're new here my name is Haley hi shows are so awkward now I don't know what happened me and shows are just painful for me to fail okay now that that's done wait I have been obsessed to travel recently I'm just obsessed and I figure if I'm gonna start doing some more travel videos I might as well pick out a layout for it so that it's a little bit more cohesive because I've noticed with a lot of travel vlogs they're just like very sporadic and hard to watch for every place that I travel to I want the first part to be me preparing for that place and then the next one to be me actually experiencing that place so here's part one to series okay so I've changed of mind again about the series I want the first part to be me packing and preparing as usual but I don't want to reveal where I'm going into part two so that you can actually watch it and figure out where I'm going and you can guess based off of things that I'm packing where it might be so comment down below where you think I'm gonna go so I have a bunch of things written down in my little notebook that we need to do today oh my gosh look sticker and hood first thing that we need to do is go shopping I need some stuff from Target I need some bathing suits some beach attire okay I'm leaving my son with Ryan let's go shopping all right gamers it's time to go but first I'm going to make a quick pit stop at McDonald's because it's 1 p.m. I haven't eaten I woke up at 11 and I'm on my period okay there is absolutely no reason for me not to get McDonald I posted on my Instagram asking if you guys feel the same way when you get your period but every time I get my period I go through some really weird mood swings where I question if everyone hates me I feel like I do everything wrong I second-guess myself but then I'll get in like a different mood swing where I'm like I don't care about anything like I'm just gonna be myself and I don't even care which is the mood I'm in right now if you can't tell I'm just hoping that I'm not alone but it makes me feel like such a teenager because mostly time I'm like glad I have my life setting in there and then I get my period and I fall apart and just like such a teenager you know please let me over please please be fine I'll just get my way over ha ha I don't know why I'm still filming I just really want to film right now because I'm really hyper hello we have made it to the McDonald's McDonald's drive-through I want nothing more than to just play Super Smash Bros all day this area is known for people heckling you in your car and that just happened to me and now he's cussing at me that is good I can't wait to move to a suburb because I literally have anxiety leaving my house for reasons like that now it's different if they're nice it's not like I don't give to the homeless obviously but sometimes I'm literally just trying to like harass you and scare you it's really scary especially being a female alone it's not yeah that's a good turn but anyways I just don't play Super Smash Bros right let me order McDonald's now what's going on in this video the frappes from McDonald's are ridiculously good like they are dangerous they've got so much sugar in them like I said I'm on my period and my cramps are kicking in and I'm treating myself to a sugary coffee right now and then after I sit in my car and eat this and watch YouTube video like I usually do I feel like that sounds so sad but it's like me time I love it so much after that we're gonna go to the Target right over there and we're going to try on some swimsuits get some essentials that I need here is my caramel frappe okay that was very very very very very successful target was my only hope for swimsuits and pulled through I got three three swims two and a half swimsuits first off I got this one it's kind of gingham red print kind of knocking them I don't really know what it is these are the matching bottoms and my favorite pair of bottoms are ones that are like skinny strapping right here because I feel like it's way more flattering it is this ribbed cheetah bottom high-waisted miss and this is the top I guess I'd really like tops like this because they just kind of like are simple and lastly it looks pretty cool actually it looks like something that you could buy it like dolls kill or something so it's a very surprising find at Target and the back is really cool as well and then as far as things I needed for travel there's person mix this is my favorite body lotion it is eye soap and glory and it's the righteous butter it smells so good it comes with a pump I love this stuff and I got one of these travel containers so that I could put this lotion in here this is my favorite dry shampoo it is batiste and I like it because it is for dark hair color so it doesn't make my hair look white and I got a travel version of dry shampoo they don't have it in the colored version so I just have to go with like whatever the house this is the not your mother's dry shampoo and I got a little travel case of toothbrush toothpaste and like when those little travelpod because it grosses me out to just put my toothbrush in with my other stuff sanitary I feel like I still need some beachy essentials like sunglasses and a good pair of jean shorts because I don't really have a pair of regular jean shorts all the shirts I have our colored or patterned stuff like that so I'm gonna go to Urban Outfitters I will try on all the sunglasses I currently have this is the one that I usually wear when I Drive these are all from urban by the way this is a super old dusty pair that I used to wear in my videos a lot it kind of just broken to this point a simple black or ghoulish pair they always have these are urban I just don't really like how they look like I want some fun interesting glasses I got these online they were like $4 on sale and they just look so stupid and lastly this pair which is pretty good these are my second best other than these but I want some fun little sunglasses that match my bathing suits and stuff I don't know okay and I really want shell necklace to be nice and basic and the key word this go okay my cramps are getting very aggressive so thank goodness we're done shopping I don't like shopping alone it's very scary but I'll show you what I got from urban it was pretty successful I tried on like six pairs of shorts and only one of them kind of work but not even like really good but I just I really need a pair of jean shorts so also these were so overpriced and I didn't realize that till I got to the cash register this is what happens when you shop last-minute and you just have to get whatever they have because these were silver prizes look cute on camera but on my body they're not like the best but they're Levi's wedgie shorts which is probably why they sell them for so much because they say Levi's on them and then I randomly stumbled across a very lightweight hoodie and it just gives me very cheap vibes you know I feel like this would be very fitting for it and for a nice little swimsuit cover-up I got this very very simple white shirt and I got this cute little choker it's got beads and stores very basic disco girl because some earrings that I can't find them oh my gosh they fell in my car pulled her over here but I got these really cute earrings they were on sale for 10 bucks which is good so now that we have everything we can start putting together outfits to pack them and we're gonna go home and do some let's go pen looks posh okay my cramps are absolutely killing me so I'm going to quickly do some fake Tanner so that I can just sit on the couch and play hero at Super Smash so that is what I'm gonna do right now okay this is clearly not my apartment it's time to play super smash smash come on what you always are good for you okay guys I look so bougie ring this okay guys so now I'm gonna tweeze my eyebrows a little you know pluck pot and I'll get back to you guys later hey girly pops it's the next day and I washed off my tan this morning I didn't paint my toenails yeah I'm pretty sure I just blacked out after that last clip I feel last night but I'm at the nail salon and I'm about to get my nails done they have been this fourth of July pattern since like before July even started and now it's like July 20 something for every one of these videos that I do before I travel I want to get a pair of nails a pair of nails I want to get a set of nails that kind of represents the place that I'm going to and I don't really know it looks like so I looked it up on Pinterest and it's very just like a rich people black-and-white type vibe you know what I mean so even like James Charles house asked you know so I figured I would get how nails because it's still like fun and like my style but it's also still black and white I feel like that will go with it the best I will see you when I get my nails done okay here I am I got freaking cow nails and they are so so so so so cute and they also match my every alpha ever so I know happy and excited about these nails I've been wanting these for so long but then people told me that they were ugly so I was like no I can't number well but I finally got that let me do a nice little Honda flex on yeah this is what they look like they're so freakin pretty obsessed I am obsessed and I made a tik-tok of them I don't know if you guys use tik-tok but I certainly do now by the way go follow me as I can be tik-tok famous it's my new passion and dream if you guys use tik-tok and you know the tick box it's like 1 2 3 let's switch this up and then they like change it to a different outfit or something I did that with my nails I was like who knows new nails and it's a really satisfying I'm really freaking obsessed and now I need to go home and do my toes I need to make a coffee because I literally woke up so late today and I was falling asleep as he was doing my nails like literally I was like staring so intense they had them in zone eeeh unlike going like this or like oh my gosh I need to get some coffee because I slice a knight should not be tired but then we're gonna get to the fun part of putting together some outfits of the new clothes we guy and packing some Beach essentials and stuff like that so that let's go what do you guys think about my nails they're not planes I'm sorry oh he wants me to do flames so bad it doesn't matter oh my god you're sick Ryan made me coffee as you can tell my makeup is a little bit different I just did something for Instagram oh if you follow me on there you'll know why I did this makeup look it does involve a giveaway I've been avoiding doing this part of the video because I hate packing so much I hate it so bad I hate having to try on outfits before I actually pack them I'd rather just put a bunch of stuff in my backpack and just hope it goes for the best which it never does but I do that every time but this time I actually want to be out of my outfit so I can actually you know take pictures vlog make take talks of course just posted another tik tok dance for you guys and I did include the well since that is a very popular move on the tick-tock and the goal is to quit my day job which is this so that I can be a full-time take talker so make sure you go give me a follow on there but enough sewed let's start trying to put together outfits and packing I'm going to look up the itinerary because they did give us an itinerary attend alright they get that they did give us the itinerary in advance which is very kind so that I can see well I need a 2 pack full everyday don't know what these voices are they are scary though I know that so the first day we just go home we just get there and we eat dinner so then the next day we're having breakfast and this is our beach day so we need to put together a beachy outfit look who joined me oh my god thank you ok so I'm going to be wear this as a cover-up these new jeans both got these from urban recently and then I also got this from urban in the sales section before Coachella I didn't go to Coachella I'm going to put this in here I think this would be really cute it kind of matches the bathing suit and with the Birkenstocks that'd be so cute less the jewelry that I bullet so let's put it on so first of all these earrings oh yeah I took the hearts off of my face cuz it's not very Beach appropriate it's throwing my vibe off so be T&Q and being so annoying or no okay earrings are a check I approve I don't approve this hairstyle though what is going on and then this next loss I always wear this one it's from forever 21 and I'd really like it so I don't take it off Spock is just sitting right there with his tree this is the most adorable little guy oh my knees hurt hello yes are we getting freakin disco vibes now guys love that jewelry I'll probably just keep it on because I'll keep it on for the entire trip but this is my beach day outfit so yeah yeah guys that's my outfit here's my visco beach day outfit okay first off it's done suitcase packing it's me so hot and sweaty okay gamers what do we think about this off alright garlic pops what do we think about this outfit for dinner this top from brandy melville I've had for a while and it always gives me those Ichi vsco vibes and I have yet to wore it to a beach and then this is from Urban Outfitters and it's actually like a really long skirt but I just like hike it up like this up here I don't know if this looks funny or not but it's just like really flowing casual for dinner when I get that big bendy so I think it's cute I'll pack this for dinner the next day we have SoulCycle in the morning so I need a fitness outfit and then we have getting our shoes customized by an artist we have hair styling lunch ice cream making makeovers and manicures and dinner hack another bathing suit poolside outfit fitness off it and just like a casual just day outfit I don't freaking know how to pack for these things because then the next day we just leave okay so this is what I'm going to wear to SoulCycle this is my favorite workout outfit ever it's so cute it is from whitefox boutique in a Sara's day collection but it's always sold out that's probably sold out right now but I'm making theirs so cute my booty looks good the top is a little too small because they only let me get like a matching set and you're in a bigger top so we'll hover that up since I don't ever wear like tops and bottoms like the two workout classes I always wear sure cuz I'm uncomfortable wearing it this black tank top from fabletics might taita might not I don't know it's SoulCycle so doesn't really matter it's freaking cute so so I'm gonna wear to dad I know let's pick out some casual pool outfits here is my outfit for the poolside pictures stuff like that I literally can't believe I found this I'm su top from Target cuz it's so cute jeans are from urban these are my favorite black jeans ever had for a shirt probably just gonna wear a little crop tops and princess Polly okay I don't understand it stop I don't understand why it is that insanely cropped it's kind of cute I'll pack it but I'll also pack like a different sure I'll pack this way I will also probably wear this over I can wear this cute cropped little sweater from forever 21 this could be cute yeah that's a little bit better I think now I need to choose an outfit for the all-white party okay I am racing the Sun because it's going down but I could I could wear this this is all from urban or I could wear this dress it's not like it's pretty it's cream I just in case I don't feel confident wearing this I can wear that I think it's mostly all the outfits I'm just going to pack a little Airport outfit and then some pajamas let's get to putting it in here okay here is the little pile of my clothes and these and we're gonna hear should I roll these I'm gonna try rolling halfway through filming this video I got the idea to title this how disco girls prepare for beach vacations because it's basically what this is but I don't know the visco trend is like half annoying half entertaining like I feel like I've watched them and I'm half entertained and like half cringing a little bit no I make video of things that I am currently obsessed with and right now I'm currently obsessed with what I don't know what you'd call it the visco is the visco lifestyle so don't worry visco will die down but it's just like one last hurrah where's my last disco video I guess some people actually get so triggered by the term visco girl cuz they're like disco is an app it is not a personality trait and I'm like oh money guys okay like yes it is an app but there's like a certain type of girl who uses the app alot that's where it's derived from which I'm sure everyone knows but they're just being triggered about it for some reason that's literally the point of visco girl like the term is annoying because type of girl is annoying because they're like Cyclones you know like they all look the same but like I also like the look of it so that's what I'm choosing you know what I mean okay I don't know why I'm gonna friggin visco around this is taking a turn alright packed my clothes I really think it's just about what style makes you feel the most confident so if right now dressing like that makes me feel most confident and that's what I'm gonna do there was a time where I really wanted to be hipster and when I dressed like that I didn't feel confident I felt like I wanted to dress more feminine and then I started dressing really girly and now I'm kind of like this in this in-between where sometimes I dress kind of edgy with like just darker clothes and silver hoops and stuff like that and sometimes I dress kind of basic and that makes me feel confident so that's what it's really all about it doesn't have to be this whole big thing it's okay if people judge you for it just like we're what makes you feel confident cuz that's all that really matters cuz if you feel confident then you feel happy and then you spread love and that's all we that's all we really need so enough of this rant let's pack some toiletries okay I'm definitely gonna need to clean my apartment after this because I have just completely wrecked it maybe I'll do a cleaning my apartment vlog on my vlog channel so subscribe over there but is my toiletries bag and I need to refill these little squid bottles with more shampoo and conditioner and then we're gonna fill this one up with lotion and I really like doing this there's something really satisfying about like squeezing it into another bottle for some reason okay and then I have my mini dry shampoo my toothbrush kit and then I have like a mini glossy a face wash my moisturizer crunchies scrunchies oh wow I've never packed so far ahead I'm so proud of myself oh okay I think this is all that I can do before this vacation okay I still need to do my toenails okay let's go do our Tony oh gosh should I just break my camera it's like not autofocusing oat free okay I did not break my camera I got this olive in June white nail polish in a PR package so I'm gonna use it to paint my toenails I'm just listening to the pretty basic podcast after this we can finally be done my gosh I'm so bad at painting my toes I did my toes they look so bad so bad it looks a lot you okay I did my toes so bad oh that is it for this why was I doing this okay that's it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed me preparing for a nice little beach vacation if you want to see the experience before it comes out on this channel you can go ahead and go form on my Instagram because obviously that's real-time and you'll be seeing pictures while I'm there and stuff oh my gosh am I gonna have to start promoting my take talk now that I do that that's so weird okay no I have a vlog channel so I don't know it when I'm actually there I'll post that video on my blog channel or on here just depending on the quality of it cuz sometimes travel vlogs are a little hectic I like more structured videos on this channel so you can go subscribe to my blog channel and my Twitter and all that kind of stuff for now you can subscribe here to join the family and this is a girly pop of the week for wearing my March and tagging me on Instagram she did some really cute doodles and you guys can get some girly puff apparel it's the first link in the description always and we have a very exciting summer piece coming out very very very very very soon so make sure to I guess just follow my instagram for updates and scrams like the best way to stay in touch yeah that is it for it this week I hope you guys enjoyed film Friday I love you guys so much I bless really pops a bike


molehiya · July 27, 2019 at 2:51 pm

i feel like ur videos have changed so much

P00PAL0TTIE · July 27, 2019 at 2:51 pm


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15:09 me when my mom says that dinners ready

Unicorns Forever · July 27, 2019 at 2:51 pm

I think it's greece 🇬🇷

IlianaBlue · July 27, 2019 at 2:51 pm

I get what you’re saying Haley but lots of people are overusing the term so repeat after me :
vsco is an app, not a personality trait
vsco is an app, not a personality trait
vsco is an app, not a personality trait
vsco is an app, not a personality trait
vsco is an app, not a personality trait
vsco is an app, not a personality trait

rio zavala · July 27, 2019 at 2:51 pm


Madison Irwin · July 27, 2019 at 2:51 pm

Why does everyone say “jean shorts” ? Like what happened to just plain old “denim shorts” ???

S l e e p y S t r e e t s · July 27, 2019 at 2:51 pm

omg can we talk about ryan’s abs for a second I thought he was a couch potato 😂

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i best she's going with tarte

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i think they going to Hawaii .In one of her other videos she said tht her and Ryan are going there for their 1 year anniversary..

Erin Russo · July 27, 2019 at 2:51 pm


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not tryna be rude but those outfits are a bit 😬

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i used to like her, but now she's unwatchable..

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But like…. she shops so much and yet is always needing something… I’m just… idk I’m just broke

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"VSCO beach vacation" sounds so unappealing.

Ki Louie · July 27, 2019 at 2:51 pm

“VSCO is an app it is not a personality trait” – Haley Pham

I’m just gonna quote this as my new instagram caption if I ran out of ideas 😂

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I'd love for you to go to Australia but you probably aren't

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u should support houseless folks being housed/taken care of. Moving to the suburbs doesnt solve the problem and is a major privilege to even do/say so. Their mental health as well as physical is affected, please be more compassionate.

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haley on her period is a literal mood XD

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wait for it
wait for it

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