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I have a really quick Dollar Tree haul I was picking up some items for our trip that we're about to go on to Las Vegas for go Wow and I wanted to share these items it will be on my phone so it may look a little different or sound a little different just FYI okay so to get started I am going to have to start not going with this I was just won't probably be impossible or really really putting my foot down he just thinks he can just throw stuff in the buggy and he can't do that so this was one of the items what she did need some more bad on batteries band-aids he picked up these mean band-aids I also picked up some of these little LED flower lights I didn't pick any of these up and I just thought needs to be cute for my little craft room I didn't have meaning because they've been of course been out I picked up some winter fresh to put in my bag my carry bag carry-on bag on my luggage to carry around with me and also if my ears pop on the plane and then I got some watermelon then I also needed a command hook and command hook and I needed this for I had this little son that I had the show listening this is not Dollar Tree I didn't haul it because I didn't get a lot of things from Michaels this day this is like 60% off and so it was just a couple of dollars it was $8 $8 and I thought this would be really cute to put on our door sometimes when people come to our house they're not sure where the toilet is but I just thought it was cute rustic something different so that's why I got that little command hook I actually wanted a silver one but I said the white man will probably be better some yeah and I've used those before Josiah through some Colgate toothpaste in I needed some anyway he needed some anyway and then I kind of went wipes crazy and so I picked up some of these feminine cleansing cloths from Dollar Tree I didn't know to get this kind or the other kind or either some from Walmart so I hope they're not too I'm gonna open them up and see if not I need to pick someone from Walmart I did pick up some before but they did sit in the bathroom for a while and they did dry out but I think it was a different container didn't have like this flap so it's really hot in Vegas so so I picked those up and to freshen up and then I also picked up two of these Lysol disinfectant wipes to wipe things off like in the hotel room I do have a black one of these that I mentioned in another haul but I cannot find them so I want this to sit I get those napkins it was raining I was pouring down rain and Sun a lot of my stuff is wet and so I want to set this on the table because I get those napkins you know those foldable necklace from Dollar Tree and a lot of times we always have to get up go around the counter into the kitchen to get some paper towels for everybody so I just want to leave it on the table and I can't find my black one I'm just like I also picked this up just to grown has a little suction cups on the back he has the most toothbrushes then over here guys I have some crunch and Munch I'm going to put this in little Ziploc bags I was not sure I didn't want to get stuff that will crush in our bag or even if I carry on bag but I don't think crunch and Munch because of that coating it will not it will not crunch up or break up so easily so I don't know I hope the long I also picked up some eye drops the artificial tears we may have had some but I don't know what the expiration date was someone in the go wild group said that the elevations of Nevada and so forth that your eyes can dry out so that's why I pick these up just in case so we don't have to spend money and go to the store I am working on controls room right now I'm almost done and as soon as we come back from Vegas he will have to go pick him up so I wanted his room to be straight so when he brings all that stuff back from school he just has to put it up and make sure that rooms stay clean also I picked up some makeup wipes I really wanted a smaller thinner pack but this will do that's all Dollar Tree had today and then I was looking at do it on a dime travel hacks and stuff and I have a seven pill organizer like since I think I may have gotten rid of it but I want to keep this one just for travel and I'm gonna label it with my labeler and this one will work out better because I can put like benadryl or allergy medicine in here I can put my blood pressure medicine in here my iron pills in here my multivitamin pain reliever they didn't have any tongue so tongues or anything I usually don't need that anymore since I had a surgery but just in case if I do whatever it was I'm missing I'm sure I'm missing something else I'm some cups deciding one just a little Lego water bottle and I should have made sure that it wasn't another one that had a top on it you know the little top that's on the top of the tip but I forgot to walk back over there and check then also you guys I'm sure you know this hack where you put your lotions and stuff in these little travel dressing containers and I was hoping and crossing my fingers they had some and they did they were low and this is the only color they had but at least they had them so I think um I think sorry Jason was chasing me I think I got a total of six so I don't know where the other two are right now I also picked up some panty liners I think I had some but I wanted to make sure I have the most travel jars because I ordered something from Amazon and then I picked up two from two from Target there were 75 cents so this is a better deal but I don't know the quality of it once you open them up but of course I have a family so I can't never have enough and then Josiah picked up some kids sunglasses he wanted some more of this mouthwash which I didn't want to get only because guys he poured out he sometimes he goes I know all kids do this he went in the bathroom washed his hands he's always missing so I have to put stuff up he poured it all out in the sink now just just wasting money so for a long time I told him he can't have any and he put it in the begging today I'm work hard work hard dream big I thought this is really cute to put my mom cave for $1 just like a little took horror piece my mom always when I pick up stuff like this she's like what you gonna do with it and I'm like well you can put it make some little vignette or you know decorator put it on the shelf or something with him I need another one of these that probably should've that at least three of them I've been doing a lot of cleaning and dusting and it's a lot of places to just and then in this piece I will just breathe them because it's just a lot okay um derma seal I've seen this before guys and it smells pretty good so mama met me in Dollar Tree today and I picked that up some Pantene Gold Series the deep hydrating co-wash I didn't know exactly how co-wash works but the cash is she educated me on the info and that's a shame you know after going to cosmetology school it's like stuff is always changing and evolving and they're coming out with new things and you're like okay now what's this what's this what's this and I just feel a little intimidating I don't know why all I have to do was just look it up ask questions and educate myself on it okay guys I picked up a bunch of these little sunglass cases because we do it on a dime also had in her video where she used these for like her charger cords whatever else to organize her stuff in her bag so I like her carry-on bag and stuff I have plenty of bags I even did a video on my other channel of what type of bags and I'm thinking about taking to go wow and then I'm gonna do a planning a whole bunch of other different videos like packing and stuff so it's going to be on my channel the vlog and everything guys so as that comes up go check out that channel planning my life full of hope and thank you guys who have already joined and subscribe okay so I picked up these colors I thought they were really cute I really wanted three but I said let me go in and get four and those all kind of coordinate together and then I got Jason just I got him just the plain blue if they had black I wish they did because he doesn't like a whole bunch of colors and then I picked up another blue for him so two blue and a green they also had orange they also had like a blue stripe one and green they also had like a I just want to say pink and orange but mainly pink and straight and they had orange I paid those two cheese's for us I only got one pack and let's see and I keep I keep skipping over these little bags also she had another travel head and do it on a dime did where you can put your shoes in these little cheap little drawstring bags this will be really good at for Jason shoes he has big feet he wears like the size 14 so her other hag was to use shower caps to cover up your bottoms of your shoes I just see people packing video and they put their shoes in there with their clothes and I'm like uh-uh at least get a Walmart bag and cover it up so I got these for him I just got him too because he probably won't only take two pairs of shoes yeah I did want to take some snacks with us I wish we can take like some more healthier snacks with us but as soon as we come back from Vegas we're gonna try to do we're gonna try it we did something similar before the fat or everything like keto like but I want to at least try it see what the hype is about I already done wrote down my meal plans grocery lists everything so see how that works for us when we come back and then we're just gonna have fun indoors while we're in Vegas so guys thanks so much for watching as always forget to comment like and subscribe and check out my planting channel guys for those planting video not planting but packing videos and so forth but I'm gonna put over there bye bye


Ms. Shabria Gxo · May 14, 2019 at 6:04 pm

I live in Nevada and it’s very dry especially in the spring and summer time. So, we have to be moisturized and hydrated always 😂 great haul love ❤️

Juanita Weston · May 14, 2019 at 6:04 pm

Nice haul and great ideas sis

Frances williams I 2 hey up up 6 · May 14, 2019 at 6:04 pm

Great haul!

Mimi's MEGA LIFE · May 14, 2019 at 6:04 pm

Hi Hope 🙂 Everything looks great 😊

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