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Good evening guys I’m Ben, part the
chemical Apes team and welcome again to another Subnautica guide. So for this
one we’re gonna be looking at getting the power cell charger fragments, a real,
real must have. It allows you to power up those Power Cells, back like new
for the Seamoth for the Prawn suit and ultimately for the
Cyclops. So where are we and where do we want to go? Now we’re currently at the
center of the map give or take 40 meters or so it’s as good as anything and I do
advise you start from this location so I can give you the exact distance and the
location. Now as I mentioned giant coral tubes center of the map there’s another
Batch that you’ll find it’s not those it’s a one closest to the mid of the
Aurora. So where we’re going to go? We’re gonna go one click right of Northwest
and we’re gonna do that in the Seamoth. You can do it in the Seaglider! We will be
going around about 150 meters down so what I would recommend is having a
high-capacity tank Ultra if you’ve got it great and a laser
cutter those two things and then yeah so let’s without for everyday let’s do it.
So as I mentioned one-click right of Northwest and a thousand meters. Now what
we’re gonna find down there, there’s no particular threat you may find the odd Sandshark. Lots of rays if you’re really, really, unlucky you’ll come across a
Reaper or a Warper, but that’s very, very rare. And if you
follow this particular path and you go from the corals that I mentioned should
you have absolutely no difficulty whatsoever So we’re going to head through the Kelp
Forest as we are now, and into the Grassy Plateaus and then that will dive into
the, what’s called the Mushroom Forest Biome, a really nice safe area and this
is the great thing about this location very safe area, very easy to get to. As I
mentioned you can do it in Seaglider. So, once we see this channel here you can
see the Mushroom Forest on the left and just keep one click right of NorthWest.
Just keep on the path! And what we’re looking out for, quite high up, is a wreckage.
So here we go. Now it is a good idea to check around the wreckage before you
venture in there. You can’t find the odd part on the sort of stands here that is
a part and is that our first fragment of the Power Cell. I believe it is. yep!
So that’s one, it’s one of two. Okay, next bit now what we’re gonna head now is
we’re going to go …around. And what we’re looking for is a bench and there is an opening
within there. So we’re going to venture in there. Now it is a good idea to also
have a torch should have mentioned that earlier on. It does make a hell of a
difference. So we’re gonna go through this first
door… for now! But venture up. Take a look outside this area. You do find fragments
around this location, and if not then the next one. Okay guys we’re now through, and do
we have any more goodies? That we can cast our eye on? If not go through, up and round, it’s a
little bit confusing! And Power Cell charger fragment! There’s our second that’s
it guys. So I’m now going to take you to a second location just in case you have
not had that luck, that I have. You may have only found one or you might not found
any so we’re gonna go to the next location now. Okay guys we’re now back at
the center of the map on the coral tubes we’re gonna start again from here. So in
terms of location we want to be going one click left of North. And so just to
the left of this cloud here! In terms of what you’re gonna need again ideally the
Seamoth, you’re gonna be going that a little bit deeper this time. It’s going
to be a little bit more dangerous. So we’re gonna go there right now! So in terms of
the depth we’re gonna be going just short or just slightly over 200 meters. So you’re not going to need a depth
module as such but if you do have one then better, better still. Again
high-capacity tank is required and in terms of fauna when we reach the
location you’re gonna be coming across Bone Sharks. Bone sharks can be a real
pain once they group up together. They can sort of chip away at the Seamoth so it
is advisable to keep a bit of distance. And if you if you need to get to the
wreckage when you reach there. Try and keep
the Seamoth away as far as possible and then do the rest in the Seaglider.
They will go for you, but the sort of impact on the health is quite minimal compared to
the damage that they do on the Seamoth. One click left of North! Now, don’t
venture too far left or too far right. What you should be seeing, is this peak here
and then you want to sort of take a little bit of a dive down and we’re like
I said we’re going to be going just short of shy of 200 meters and what
you’ll see is a wreckage. And it’s around about 900 meters from the center of the
map. Now, what you want to do again, is start looking around this particular
area for any sort of fragments and I believe that’s our first one. So there we
go! There’s one of two and then we’re gonna
pan around. Be somewhat careful of these guys, they get a little bit nasty. And
then if you’ve had no luck, what I suggest you do there’s two ways
around this, there’s two entrances. A door inbetween each. Take a look at this one first.
Get the torch on! Check this area. Now they won’t be in being cargo boxes as such.
They’ll be typically within the wreckage or outside the wreckage. and through again. Keeping your eye on that oxygen If you have the Ultra High Capacity Tank, then it’s going to make a hell of a lot of difference. And if you need
that then take a look at the video above And we’re going to cut our way through here.
You may have to do this in two phases Just due to oxygen! Okay, we’re now through this, the mid section and I’m
going to go out and come back in. Okay so we’re now going through the final room.
Again laser cutter! And through this one. Hopefully fingers
crossed! There’s our second fragment and there we go guys. So two fragments on
each! You may get luckier on one or the other wreck but I’m sure you’ll find all
the fragments you need. So hope you liked the video. If you did why not subscribe,
like, comment! That’s all, ciao for now. Bye bye


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Valition Gaming · January 23, 2019 at 10:15 pm

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Tip u don’t need
The charger u can just get the moon pool put a prawn suit in it then swap the power cell with dead power cells then they charge I can do this with a sea moth I use it for my cyclops

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