Pork as big as Jeong Jin Woon’s face tastes amazing! [Battle Trip/2017.10.15]

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(Korea) (3 hours 40 minutes to Hong Kong) (7 hours 10 minutes to Cairns) I have arrived in Cairns at last. – The sky is so clear. / – I’m excited. I… The weather is just amazing. Isn’t it supposed to be winter here? – It’s the beginning of winter. / – It’s winter… But the weather is fantastic. – It’s so sunny. / – This is amazing. – I want to go again. / – I’m so envious. – They have so many parks. / – With great weather… There aren’t many parks in Korea. They go jogging in that weather. – I’m so jealous. / – I must do something. So I’m going… To a market near here. – I was feeling hungry. / – It was great. You’re hungry? – After all that food on the plane? / – Look at the sky. Being on a plane uses up a lot of calories. Just being on the plane. – Were you flying the plane? / – That’s right. (How to go downtown from the airport) (The 1st option is the airport bus for $13) (The 2nd option is the taxi for $18) – Lagoon? / – Lagoon, yes. – Lagoon? / – You hop in there. – They take single passengers. / – This big taxi… – How much was it? / – Wasn’t that expensive? All taxis cost the same. It wasn’t expensive. I wanted to travel in a spacious vehicle. But it only takes 5 minutes. I can’t speak any English so until Jinwoon gets here… I should eat something since I can’t talk. – It’s spacious enough for five. / – Amazing weather. – Exactly. It cost me $18. / – If it costs only $18… This is nice. Is this a convenience store? I should buy something from here. They sell a lot of fruit here. It’s fun to shop like that overseas. – Right, that’s the most fun. / – Drinks and snacks. – Things you’ve never seen before. / – Right. – Look at that. / – He bought all the tasty things. – That jelly is really delicious. / – Excuse me but… This is nice. This is the place. This is the man-made beach. – Is this a man-made beach? / – Man-made pool? They made a swimming pool right next to the beach. – Is it for free? / – Yes. That can’t be. It’s like they made a little water park right next to the ocean. (People relaxing by the man-made beach) This is nice. I should organize all this trash. These are new. (Finished snacks, new snacks) I know that this will taste good. (The snack bag is refilled again) Let’s start eating a simple breakfast. That looks good. It’s simple. – Is this simple? / – It really is. I need to calculate the cost. I should’ve calculated it before buying but I didn’t. Let’s see. Do you have eyesight issues already? I traveled too far, I couldn’t see for the moment. 55? I bought $50.40 worth of food. What? – I bought too much. / – How much? – You need to do that to start saving. / – $50… $50.40. This breakfast is fit for a king. Jinwoon, I’m going to eat a breakfast fit for a king. The view is so picturesque starting from early in the morning. – It’s really pretty. / – People are so relaxed here. He must be shooting an eating show. (Should we pay him for his eating show?) – Is that condensed milk? / – Yes. – That looks so good. / – It’s like milk jam. He knows how to enjoy his food. (100 and 200 points for his eating show) – It was so good. / – I’ve never seen anyone buy… Condensed milk and pour it on their food like that. – Look at that. / – He’s the best. Cairns. Hyeoksoo, I’m here. I just need to find him. Where is Hyeoksoo? (Where is Hyeoksoo?) (He’s eating something) Look, he already ate everything. Kwon Hyeoksoo. Do you know Kwon Hyeoksoo? You know Kwon Hyeoksoo? No? Jinwoon is doing the comedy. Just in case they know him. – Kwon Hyeoksoo in Cairns? / – I’m so hungry. I think that’s him. (The two are getting closer) I’m so hungry. (He’s watching other people eat out of hunger) (Hyeoksoo’s location) I can’t leave my stuff here because I’m by myself. (Can’t leave these three things) Jinwoon. Jinwoon. (That’s Hyeoksoo’s voice) – Hey. / – Geez! I found him. You’re happier when you meet people overseas. It’s like you’ve gone through struggle. I haven’t even eaten. What did you say? – He’s lying. / – I didn’t have rice. I only ate sandwiches. That’s right. He didn’t eat rice. I believed him. We went to eat right after that. I’m really hungry. I didn’t eat anything at all. They’re enjoying the festival and having a good time. Good day, mate. – That’s a mistake. / – Did you hear me? Yes. Good day? G’day. – Everyone knows this. / – Hey, these guys… They just sent word immediately. They’re all gathering here. Geez. Here. This feels nice. It’s like they’re paying their respects. Thanks, boss. We’ll visit again. We might have to think… – About this location again. / – Wow. They use local ingredients like kangaroo, crocodiles and buffalo. Do they even cook buffalo? – Yes. / – I’ve had crocodile before. – So… / – How was it? It was really delicious. – Really? / – Yes. – Was it good? / – The crocodile was really good. This place doesn’t have ordinary steak. They have steak shaped like a fist. – You can grab it and eat it. / – That was amazing. – Like in the cartoons? / – That really was amazing. – I know what that is. / – You grab the bone and eat it. – That’s amazing. / – They eat it like this. – That kind of meat. / – That’s amazing. They sell that meat. Really? It’s even more amazing when you see it in real life. I thought this was only in cartoons. Look at this. This? I thought it was a ketchup bottle. I really thought it was ketchup bottle. I think this is new. – This is really new. / – Of course. (It takes 6 minutes by walk from the lagoon) This place is really famous. I think you’ll remember this place for a lifetime. I really wanted to try crocodile meat and meat that looks like the one in cartoons. – Those. / – You grab it like this and eat it. Let’s eat that. Let’s try everything. – Let’s enjoy. / – Won’t kangaroo meat be tough? I didn’t eat because of this place. Hyeoksoo already ate about 20,000 calories. It’s all in English. – It’s in English. / – I have to read it. Wait. So many dishes. Is crocodile a seafood? I was planning to come here alone if you didn’t come. Aren’t they river food? I studied the menu. (He did his best to translate in order to eat) This is squirrel meat. It has crunchy squid. It sounds good. – What is this? / – Veal shank. – We want veal. / – Sure. – It’s here. / – Wait a minute. (Crocodile meat) – It’s crocodile. / – What does it taste like? It’s cruel to eat kangaroos. – If you close your eyes… / – Is it cruel? (Kangaroo meat) (Beef) – For your next dish. / – It’s here! – This… / – That was amazing. – We have this. / – This is real. It wasn’t a lie. – It’s the same as the photos. / – Goodness. – The cartoon meat? / – I normally don’t… But I took photos of food. I want to grab it and eat it. Wait a minute. Stay still. – Goodness. / – How do you eat this? Can’t you take a photo of me like Thor? – That’s a good idea. / – That’s so amazing. Can a single person eat all of it? – Like Thor. / – That looks nice. – Let’s eat. / – The reason why people eat more… – Is because it’s good. / – That’s true. They keep eating because it’s good. – It’s crocodile meat. / – It’s quite tender. (Yum) (Yum?) It’s like a mix of really chewy fish and chicken. It’s really unique. – This is my favorite restaurant. / – Isn’t it tough? – Not at all. / – Not at all? – It’s really chewy. / – It tastes really clean. – I like this. / – It’s not even greasy. Is it like chicken? – Does it taste like chicken? / – It tastes similar. But the texture is more firm and chewy. This is so delicious. – It’s kangaroo. / – It’s kangaroo. – Kangaroo. / – I imagine kangaroo to be… – A little tough. / – They eat so well anyway… I think they would think everything is delicious. We tell you if it doesn’t taste good. (Surprised first and admits the good taste later) (He’s smiling without any words) It’s aromatic. The aroma of the meat doesn’t spread but lingers in my mouth. It doesn’t have a unique smell like lamb. It doesn’t have that gamey taste. The texture is different to beef. It’s like the grains are like this. – Not in one direction. / – You’re right. When you eat beef, it passes your throat like a wave. Almost like SISTAR. When you eat this… (Euro dance!) (He’s the king of dance) – Here we go. / – The dance king. The kangaroo meat was really tender. It was so good. This reminds me of Park Myungsoo. Myungsoo’s dancing. Is it good? – What is this? / – Is it a pumpkin? – I think it was sweet potatoes. / – Sweet potatoes? – Aren’t those sweet potatoes? / – What are those? Australian sweet potatoes. Australian sweet potatoes. They really are sweet potatoes. That’s so funny. – They’re Australian sweet potatoes. / – He’s so funny. They’re sweet potatoes. – Let’s try something new. / – That sounds good. – My fist isn’t that big. / – Same for me. Let’s compare. – That’s almost as big as my head. / – That’s amazing. – I think they were inspired… / – It’s that big. – What is that? / – Make that boat horn sound again. Do it for me. You’re doing impersonations? (He perfectly imitates the boat horn) – What the? / – What are you doing? So funny. It suddenly became “Titanic.” It was the first time we’ve seen anything like that. We were moved. I can’t continue because I don’t know the lyrics. – Sorry. / – I don’t know the lyrics. Beautiful, you’re a very good singer. – I can’t express this with words. / – Hurry up and eat. – It’s getting cold, hurry. / – Yes, hurry up and eat. (Meat in mashed potatoes) – This is… / – That’s amazing. It’s like pudding. Have you ever seen meat that is like pudding? – Look. / – It’s really easy to cut. It was my first time seeing something like that. You just had to separate the meat, not cut it. – Oh, my. / – The meat melted in our mouths. It kind of looks like soy sauce braised beef. – Is it expensive? / – I ate a similar dish in Germany. – You can’t forget it. / – That is crazy. They cooked schweinshaxe in sweet bulgogi sauce. What is this? – It feels like braised beef. / – Why didn’t I eat that? That was a work of art. – It was sweet and kind of spicy. / – You’re right. Looks tasty. I think I know why there are potatoes here. If you eat it like this… Without potatoes… – It’d be a bit… / – There’s no work for the jaw. – It could be boring. / – It’d just melt. The chef developed the dish for a long time. – It just melts. / – Why didn’t you eat with your hands? – It melts. / – It’s been cooked a lot. ♪ Calf ♪ – ♪ Pale calf ♪ / – What? – What song is this? / – ♪ Next to the Aussie ocean ♪ ♪ Pale calf ♪ Musicians are really different. That song has no relation to that dish. ♪ This calf is so delicious ♪ – Isn’t this song cruel? / – You’re right. It isn’t. – It’s so good. / – This is it. I’ll compare it to beef again. The calf wins. – Does the calf taste better? / – Yes. – The calf was good. / – Parents can’t beat their kids. Isn’t that too cruel? Let’s say our slogan. What they are saying is right though. AuCair, AuCair, AuCair, hoo! I think I did a good job this time.


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Watching you guys experience a different culture is really fun to watch

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That Titanic reference got me laughing hard! HAHAHAHA

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I am beginning to like the stuff kbs puts out.

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Tim Tam😂

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Can someone tell me what app he used for translate the menu? Thank u very much

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Where is this, can somebody please tell me?

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Seeing Jinwoon is like seeing Yoon Jisung

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🍖The calf meat dish… what a perfect climax for this food porn!!! 😛😍😎

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Taxi in philippine cost 4 dollars minimum, it depends on how far you go

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To be honest, if that was me witnessing two grown men playing with their food like that it would have earned them the same DAFUQ look that waitress gave them. Followed up with a struggle to contain my laughter.

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