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what's up waz fliers welcome to another episode of points on points where we talk about travel points credit cards and anything else travel related my name is David your host and founder of wise flies today we are joined by our special guest Zack from travel freely net Zack how are you today what's up David thanks for having me yeah thanks for being here so the way this show works is we talk about the five topics that are on the screen right now and we have a two-minute timer and that we get to each put our own perspective and expertise on each topic and yeah so before we get started let's learn a little bit more about Zack so Zack how did you get started with credit cards and travel points and what is travel freely net yeah so actually pretty interesting beginning for me the first credit card I ever got on for travel rewards ended up allowing me to propose to my wife so I got the hundred thousand British Airways mile bonus which is kind of like legendary now back in 2010 who can that allowed me to get two round-trip tickets to Europe proposed in southern France and that was amazing ever since then I was hooked and just wanted to learn as much as I possibly could and that actually led to travel freely so travel freely net is a free service that lets you manage your credit cards for free it gives you email reminders for your annual fees and your signup deadlines and then it's got a recommendations page called car genie that lets you know what the next best offers are and gives you the right time to apply for them so I tried to do that actually out of my own need to stay organized and have a system to manage it all so that's what travel freely is awesome awesome yeah you know it's funny the British Airways card for the hundred thousand points and a bonus that was one of my first cards as well I think I got that back in 2011 that's what started me off and yeah I was hooked after that as well also for everyone watching if you want links to travel freely net that's all in the description below just feel free to click through you can learn more about service and everything like that so also Zack one more question what has been your favorite award redemption so it probably is that southern France ticket that was a pretty epic proposal otherwise I would say flying my first business class trip to Istanbul before I started a three-week tour of Turkey and Greece I got my first business class seat for $14 in taxes yes really amazing so hard to even fathom that I would have ever been in business class let alone like a six seven thousand dollar flight all the way over there so that was that was probably the highlight that's amazing yeah you can't beat that first time you ever fly business class you never forget it yet that's that's awesome you got it for for only $14 in this very cool all right so are you ready to go Zach let's do it all right so our first topic is going to be airline credit cards verse flexible points earning credit cards and we're gonna start the timer now and give us the pros and cons of each all right you're up Zach alright so I don't think there are too many pros for the airline's cards compared to the flexible transferable points cards I mean if you're looking at the best value and the best flexibility you are gonna want those transferable flexible points cards like Chase Sapphire Preferred MX gold Amex platinum City Thank You premier those cards the reason I would say that is just because they get so many good spending categories on everyday monthly spending but also the transfer partners that they have and then the ease of use with the treant the travel portals especially with Chase is hard to beat and if you're trying to look for like the best overall card you don't have to really choose that you know the transferable flexible card is sort of like the you know wild card like you have to pick a flight and you can go ahead and use the wild card and you don't have to be pinned into a certain airline you can go ahead and look up your options book in the travel portal or go to the transfer partner you've got options and you're not you know bummed out on missing some some better flight yes definitely agree and that uno wildcard definitely brings back memories for when I was like eight nine years old yeah yeah good times okay so my take on this is I agree with you I think flexible having a credit card that earns flexible points is good I think you you know explained it perfectly with Chase City American Express the way I look at it is that each card is a is a tool right so they each have their own benefits I think airline credit cards co-brand and credit cards are really good for the sign up bonus right like this it's hard to match yeah like the city advantage Platinum select card currently at sixty thousand American LMOs we have the United card currently at 60,000 Delta sometimes goes up and down between 6070 thousand so there's a timer so I think that LM credit cards are great for the sign of bonus or if you're trying to go for elite status or if you want free check bags or lounge passes like the United card but for everyday spending after you reach the sign up bonus or you know I think you're better off putting your spending on flexible earning transfer points earning cards just like you said yeah I think they can be very complimentary right so you you definitely want the airline card that you travel on those to get all those benefits that you you list it especially like the bat free bags but in terms of your everyday spending you want to use the the flexible card for the everyday spending yeah exactly and since airlines are constantly devaluing their their loyalty programs on a daily weekly monthly basis you don't want all of your points in one of these programs and have it devalue and you know and only be stuck with certain options when it's time to redeem those points you want to be able to like Zack said use that you know card that wild card so that you could transfer – whichever airline gives you the cheapest redemption for whatever destination you're going – yeah that's a great point all right so next topic is best business credit card so I'm gonna start the timer now I'll take this one so the best business credit card in my opinion is the chase ink cash card so the reason why I think this is such a great business credit card is because you get five points per dollar spent in multiple categories such as off the supply internet and if you ever do any advertising like social media ads like Facebook YouTube whatever you'll get five points per dollar spent there so I think to maximize your spending the chasing cash is good of course there are other good chase credit cards as well but I think in order to maximize your spending with businesses chasing cash is good also if you want to combine those chase ultimate reward points with either the Sapphire or the chasing preferred you get a lot more value when you could transfer those points over to transfer partners which is kind of what we touched upon before Zack what are your thoughts on best business card yeah I mean I love that card don't forget you can go get Amazon gift cards at Office Depot and get five times Amazon points for yes five times chase points for Amazon gift cards use protest that's a pro tip right now yeah but I love the ink cash is kind of like the starter card for for a small business owner because it's easier spending requirement and maybe a little easier to get approved but I would say like hands-down you got to say that the ink preferred is the best card so you know right now eighty thousand point bonus and you get the twenty five percent bump in the travel portal when you use your points to book travel there you get three times points for the travel purchases that you make with it and then just the fact that you can transfer it over to your personal Sapphire cards is also a great bonus so you know eight eighty thousand points in the travel portals minimum $1,000 worth of free travel so that's like if you're gonna get one business card you got to go there and especially if you can hit the spending requirements since we are on the topic of business credit cards let's talk about our next topic which is business credit card eligibility how or whether or not you are eligible to open up a business credit card even if you don't have a business so Zack we'll start the timer and you take this one all right yeah so I think a lot of people that just listen to the last part on business cards might say well that doesn't apply to me but it's it's literally if you can say you earn one dollar doing something you have a business so you don't have to have a big company you don't have to have a big business if you have anything that earns some kind of money then you actually have a business so you don't need an LLC you don't need a tax identification number known as an EIN you can actually apply as a sole proprietor using your social security number as your EIN and your name as the business name and anybody can do it so if you sell stuff online if you do some tutoring and coaching on the side that actually counts as a business so I think it's worth putting in that time to research if you want to get a business card because it's not just for someone that is working nine to five on their business it's for almost anybody literally that can say they have something that earns a little bit of money yes definitely great point Zack and I'll have to admit the very first time I applied for a business credit card I was a little nervous because I didn't have an actual business at the time currently I just used wise flies as my business so it's a lot easier I have an EIN and everything attached to that I could show proof of income but even if you don't have a business like Zack said you can get a business credit card and even if you don't want to use your social security number it's very easy to get an EIN number so if you go to if you just type in get E I n number RS on the on Google it'll take you to a page where within seconds you could create an EIN it's completely free and if you don't make any money you with that ein think of it as a social security number if no money is coming into that ein you never have to pay any taxes so but of course do your own research with all this and there's a timer speak to an accountant to confirm I feel like I just have to say that when talking about this type of stuff all right so next topic we're going to talk about is player two options so I'll start at the time or I'll take this one so basically player 2 player 2 mode is basically referring to if you have a spouse boyfriend/girlfriend partner whatever you both could get the same credit cards and pretty much you know maximize the credit card signup bonuses so for example Zack and I are both married and I'm not sure about you Zack but I where the points in the family so basically I take care of all the credit cards and points and everything like that so whatever I apply for usually I have my wife apply for as well so for example recently we both got the chase world of hyah cards she got it for sixty thousand I got it for sixty thousand which makes things a lot easier not just for hotels but also for airline credit cards as well it would be difficult for just one person to get enough miles for flights but when you split it up between two people you you know your partner gets one and you get one you both got the sign of bonus it's a lot easier to book the flights that way also you can you know if you want to space out the credit card applications as well that's a good strategy so you could be one or two months behind for example I apply for a new credit card every three months and I have my wife ply for one every three months as well but there's like a – once a two month difference in between so if there's any overlap in either of one of us completing the minimum spending we could do so pretty easily so Zack what are your thoughts on that yeah you had a lot of really good point I mean I think I would add that for people aware of 5:24 and wanting to get the best chase cards this is a great way if you if you can double up you know instead of maxing out your own accounts you can stagger them and actually space them out pretty well to not worry too much about 5:24 and if you have a business like we talked about and that's even more spacing out of your application so I think I just see really really common practice people think that an authorized user' card is a second account and it's not so yeah we're allowed to have two primary account cards and like you said for many reasons if it's Sapphire Preferred if it's capital one venture if it's hotel cards you know doubling up is just huge so especially you know the hotel cards that aren't maybe the best just to get one of them if you get two and you can stay for five six nights out of two applications that is you know an amazing vacation with just one application on each side so definitely pays off to like be organized with that and know like who has what card and who can apply for a second and I also use that with a companion pass you know so you can stagger every two years if the rules stay the same one person can get the companion pass for the next two years and then two years later the other person's ready to go and you just go back and forth yeah definitely and I also want to touch upon a point that you just mentioned before that if you are an authorized user that doesn't count as opening a credit card I'm a count towards five twenty four but I think if your name is on the credit card as an authorized user so for example if I open up a credit card and I make my wife and authorized user her name is on the credit card she did not open that credit card so you can still get that credit card signup bonus I just want to be clear on that cuz a lot of people have asked me you know it doesn't matter if your name is on the card it's whether or not you opened it as the primary account holder exactly great point yes all right so let's get to our last topic which is going to be rookie mistakes so Zack you're gonna take this one I'm gonna start the timer now go for it all right so I'll list – first ones pretty quick is like the offers in the mail and just giving up – good marketing I would say so like just because the piece and the mail says this is a great offer doesn't necessarily mean it is or the clickbait it online just says this is a really great offer you got to do a little bit of homework and see if it really is and a lot of times there's actually a higher offer available or that cards not even very good compared to the others you could get so that's important and then one I'd tell a lot of people all the time is just buying miles is not a great way to go so even I see this with American a lot they put their miles on sale or they give you a 60 percent bump in the miles if you buy X number of miles and if you do the math you pay about fifteen hundred dollars for the same amount of miles you would get in one sign up bonus yeah so the only caveat to that is like if you're trying to book one flight and you need two or three thousand miles to top up your account that's when I would say it's you know worth paying a little more for those miles to go ahead and get that flight but most of the time it's never worth it to flat out by miles even at the end of purchasing a ticket if they say hey you can get this many miles for you know fifty five bucks or two hundred dollars like that the math never works out on this so definitely steer clear of that marketing to buy miles and it's it's rarely ever a good deal to buy him yeah I agree that's a great point with buying miles I've never seen it work out where it's a good calculation also on the topic of buying miles I want to also recommend for all the viewers don't buy miles from people's accounts so there are websites that'll sell like 50,000 Alaska airline miles for you know like one cent each or or something like that one point four cents and it may seem like a good deal especially the amount of value that you could get with like a first class business class seat on on some of these Lois Lee programs but I've heard a lot of scams with those websites of buying miles nuts so they're not coming directly from the airline itself they're coming from third-party websites where people will sell they're miles they'll let you use the miles book the flight but then they claw back those miles they may cancel the flight so you could be somewhere in the bal DS or Rome and looking to get your return trip home and they cancel that flight and there's nothing you could do about it so be very careful when it comes to buying miles from third-party sites just at one one point on the buying miles thing is not to transfer miles within your own loyalty account so like United or American charging like huge fees if you know I am to transfer my miles to my wife right or a friend and go even back to the very first topic of the flexible cards if you have points in your flexible account you can transfer those for free to a household member out from the like that Chase account instead of within United and that's not going to be a good deal so be aware of that it's it's always better to hoard those points in your flexible accounts so that you can transfer them to the appropriate person instead of get stuck later having to transfer miles from you know one United member to another you mine United member definitely definitely that's another good point you could just book several people's itineraries within one loyalty account you don't have to transfer it to book it for each person so a rookie mistake that I wanted to touch upon was keeping a card open and paying the annual fees just to keep the miles or points from expiring so I see this a lot too with with beginners is they may get the Citibank advantage Platinum select card with American airline miles and they have you know fifty thousand seventy thousand one hundred thousand American airline miles in their account but they're paying that ninety nine dollar annual fee year after year I've met one person they paid for seven years never once use the miles but the reason why then cancel the card and not pay that $99 annual fee is because they thought once they cancelled the card that the miles would go away they would disappear so one thing that happens is if you do call up and cancel I don't recommend that I'll give another tip of what to do in this scenario but the representative will say just to give you a warning in whatever words they use give you a warning whatever miles you earned you have to be okay with forfeiting or forfeit whatever miles you earned in the last statement right so basically they just referred to the last credit-card statement whatever miles you earned those are going to be the ones that are going to be gone not the ones that are already in your loyalty account so the loyalty account and the credit card account are completely separate entities once the miles are in your American Airlines account the credit cards for the most part can't do anything to take those away so what I would recommend in this scenario is with the American Airlines platinum select card which has a $99 annual fee if you don't have any American airline plans at all you could just downgrade it to the mile up card which is a no annual fee card and you can still earn American LM miles and if you just make one purchase on that card every eighteen months you just reset the clock and make sure your miles don't expire yeah so that would be a rookie mistake that I think a lot of people may exact any other rookie mistakes well there's a lot but yeah I think we touched on the business not knowing you have a business if you're married you have have a partner not knowing that you can double up offers in the mail those things and I think also you know not using the same card for for 10 years that would be you know a total beginner thinks that they know the points at miles game just because they've got one card that they've used for 10 years and they get a flight every four or five years you know that that's a huge mistake by their own ignorance and arrogance maybe so like they need to know they could get that bonus again probably on that card and they need to be looking at a few others yes definitely there are so many flavors of credit cards to get don't just stick with one alright Zach do you have any final thoughts and also share with us where we could get in touch with you website social media handles yeah sure so travel freely dotnet is my website and it is a free service to get your best offers for cards to manage them basically put 90 percent of your credit card free travel hobby on autopilot so that's been my goal with the software that's really the place you want to go travel freely net get started and you add your cards and then you'll get some recommendations but other other spots on Facebook and we're working on our socials at I travel freely are the handles for everything but thanks for having me on David this is awesome and wish the best of luck to your readers and your listeners and your viewers so yes good luck to everybody as you guys travel freely and look for the best in free travel by being with wise flies ah thank you so much for that plugs AK and yeah thank you so much for being on Zack and everyone watching this if you want to watch more videos I have a playlist of points on points you could click the link right over here when these this playlist over here and I'll see you in the next video


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