Point to Point Transport Commissioner Anthony Wing Visits Broken Hill

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– Welcome back. The New South Wales Point to Point Transport Commissioner
has visited Broken Hill. He met with local transport providers, to hear about the issues
facing the industry. – [Patrick Reincke] Anthony Wing is the regulator for taxis and hire vehicles across New South Wales. This week, he was in town to meet service providers in the Silver City. – Everyone here quite clearly wants to run a safe service,
and it’s great for us to be able to talk to people about that. – [Patrick Reincke] He
says it’s good to meet with local cabbies face-to-face, to understand the challenges
out in the regions. – They may have to deal
with unsealed roads, they may have to deal with wildlife, there’s a lot of wildlife around, and so that’s some of the things that people here who run businesses concentrate harder on. – [Patrick Reincke]
Yellow Cabs’ Terry Capper was one provider eager to touch base. He says he wanted the commissioner to understand the unique nature of the Broken Hill market. – Industry in these areas
was completely different from in Sydney, or even closer to Sydney, like Dubbo. It’s a different clientele,
different environment that we work in. – [Patrick Reincke] The safety of drivers, car maintenance, and
a safe driving history for employees were also discussed. – What we do is we talk to the industry as a whole, and then we say, “Look, this is a good idea, we’re gonna “make this part of the
regulatory requirements. “We’re going to expect
everyone to do this.” – [Patrick Reincke] Patrick Reincke, Seven Spencer Gulf News.

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