Pocket Traveler's Notebook Setup for Travel (+ Popov Leather Review!)

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hello everybody I have made it to Spain like I told you guys about last video and I am having such a wonderful time this is my third time here and it's just it's always great I feel like Spain has just very quickly become my happy place country but I'll tell you more about that in the next video which will be more about that for now I actually want to focus on my travelers notebook travel setup which I figured this is the perfect opportunity to show you this because I actually did change it a lot in order to bring it for travelling to start this off I use a chick Sparrow pocket-sized mr. darcy travelers notebook in burgundy and then you can see that i pretty much took everything out of here except for my Rodya bullet journal and this is because i don't really use it as much fun traveling which is kind of ironic because it's called a travelers notebook so you should use it more when traveling but really I'm really entertained and distracted with everything else going on around me and I just don't use it as much I don't use the extra notebooks and everything else that I have in here I don't have to bring that much ephemera because I will probably only journal once or twice also quick side note I did upload an Instagram TV video where I show you what stationery supplies I brought with me so that would go hand-in-hand with this video if you want to check that out but as for my travel setup I am starting off with this black cardboard folder and I essentially use this for absolutely anything receipts that I need to keep a hold off any ephemera that I get my hands on and I want to save if I'm actually going for the airport I can put my boarding pass in here so I have it on the same place and basically speaking up that's essentially my main goal with this setup is having everything I need of all of my absolute travel essentials in the same place so that's why I also like putting my passport here as you can see once I get to the place that I'm traveling I do take the passport out of here if I take my notebook out and about because I don't want to be carrying around my passport everywhere but especially when going to the airport it is just the most convenient thing to have it all in one place and then the next item I'm putting in here I am very excited about because this company actually contacted send me one of their products they are called pop of leather and they are based in Canada and they do this amazing leather hand-stitched items they also have notebook covers and passport covers and all sorts of things I imagine the notebook covers would be more interesting for you guys but I didn't really need one of those because I already have my traveler's notebook that I love and I'm probably not gonna stop using they offer to send me an item for an honest review and I picked the wallet because I have been wanting a small wallet that I can put inside of the travelers notebook as well as the passport and everything else so once again I keep everything in the same place and look at how beautiful this is okay specifically requested there five card wallet in the English tan and it just has the most gorgeous color variation it smells delicious cuz good leather always does but the main thing I like about it is that it folds and that it folds in a pretty flat slim way so that I can put it in the travelers notebook and not make it super bulky but have everything be convenient and then honestly the most convenient part about it and I filmed this video before heading to Spain but I am filming the audio in Spain and have already used this wallet multiple times pretty much every day and the best part about it is that when I don't want to carry around my whole traveler's notebook with me I can just slip out this wallet from the elastic carry it around and I just have a small slim wallet and then whenever I want to put it back you just light it back into the elastic and it just works so wonderfully and seamless but continuing with my travel set up the next thing is of course fountain pens cos I cannot go anywhere without fountain pens I am taking my fabric Estelle loom with me in a fine nib as well as allow me Safari you will seen the Instagram TV video that I did that I switched out which pens I actually put in the travelers notebook but they're pretty much the same and then I am adding this additional pen loop which actually found in a four pack on Amazon for like ten or twelve dollars it was great I gave two of them to family members that I kept – and I love using this as an extra pen loop because honestly – fountain pens are better than one and I love putting it here on the front cover I usually take it out when I feel videos because it just gets in the way if I'm doing a lot of thinking with my travelers notebook but I like putting it here on the front because that way doesn't bulk up anything and it just stays there with the elastic on top doesn't go anywhere it doesn't move very sturdy and I just love how it looks there so here I'm just showing you a final flip through you can see the pop off leather wallet actually put to use I put some money in there I put my cards and my license and everything and it still stays pretty slim it doesn't bulk up the travelers notebook too much which I love but that's everything I have for you today subscribe if you like journaling stuff we do a whole bunch of them here and I will be back in Chicago in a couple weeks so my videos will go back to normal like I mentioned in the last video there won't be a video this Sunday but I will be back in a couple weeks and I'll tell you guys more about the trip and everything else I'll see you later with that and have a fantastic rest of your day bye

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