Planning in my Standard Size Traveler’s Notebook! Watercolors and Stamping!

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hey guys my name is Leigh of Ralston and I'm the creative director of a mommy Leigh designs welcome back for another video if you are new here in my channel thank you for being here and I do hope that you enjoy this video and consider subscribing and if you are a longtime subscriber I do appreciate you today we'll be doing a plan with me and amusing still my standard size travelers notebook and the insert that I'll be using is again it is the sweetly horizontal from the travelers company and to be honest with you I have no plans or have no thoughts what we're going to do this week but why don't we go ahead and find out let's flip the camera and let's just start creating and planning shall we okay so now I'm pulling out my favorite watercolors from a Prima marketing and I wanted to use some corals and some teals to match the color scheme from our April little bits because I am planning on using some of the stickers from that set so on the right side of the page I decided to create some circles I don't know I love creating a border on that right side and I thought something with watercolor would look really nice and it really does and so I wanted to pull in the color or the same colors on the left side of the page and so I'm just going to watercolor a floral a rose and use some greens and some teals and of course the coral as well I said it was really nice and this time actually I am going to be using a heating tool that I got from I think Hobby Lobby so because I really didn't want to wait for it to dry because come on we you know we don't have all that time in the world so this time I am just trying to find some inks that I think will match the color scheme I ended up using some of the Prima marketing as well I think it's called color philosophy I think it's the ink pad is called mermaid you know so now I use some of the arranger archival ink to stamp in some of the my favorite images and now using some Prima no prismacolor prismacolor colored pencils to color in these images to make the images more alive and make them pop and to also of course bring in the color scheme in my head I thought it really ended up looking so cute they are so cute and that's one way of using your stamps kind of like using a sticker you know and also with stamp you can choose the color scheme that you would like just use a black ink stamp it in and then call them in with a watercolor or some colored pencils like what I'm doing so this time I am using some washi tape that one is the flutter washi tape I love that one it's so cute because it has those greens and all that and now I'm just looking for stickers that will match the color scheme I ended up with those hearts I think that was from the November or January said I can't remember and then I use the tub Tombo food in a Sookie pen to write the days of the week and now just adding more stickers because they are fun but yeah I I thought it ended up really looking great let me know what you think in the comment section down below and now just writing down some of the important days that I have something going on well here it is I think it ended up really nice I'm so glad that I created something here like the watercolors over there to kind of pull out all the colors of the corals and teals that we have in the April kit and I had to use of course that cute little kitty cat to represent all the things that I have to mail but overall I'm really happy with this and some of you may ask me if the shadowing from the other page bothers me and to be honest with you not anymore because I've gotten so used to but the whole bunny she that it seems like it's very normal to me now seeing shadows and and things like that from the other side as long as it's not a bleed through I'm fine with it I've learned to embrace it and I think that's the thing is that with everything you just got to learn to accept and embrace something until you get used to that but anyways I do hope that you enjoy this video again if you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comment section down below I hope you that you enjoyed watching this and I hope that and inspired you to create something as well and if you enjoy it please don't forget to hit that like button for me again if you're not a subscriber I do hope that you consider subscribing to my channel until next video thank you so much for watching till next time guys bye


Erica Lozano · May 15, 2019 at 12:27 pm

Love ❤️ it, where did you get those dates hearts ♥️ ???

Momandwife LTJ · May 15, 2019 at 12:27 pm

Pretty as always

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