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it what's in the fridge something to eat you find some toys bad for you one two three yummy one two three four we've got everything we need we forgot the lights are still on could you I like the sounds of and we have a little surprise for you sis we went to the animal fair there were animals everywhere a lion a CL a pretty bird too and a mommy and baby elephant just for you to find what's your favorite animal puppy where are we going today the farm we are riding in the car we're going someplace new it's fun to go to the farm where there's so much to do we'll see animals we're here what they say look it's ducky hi Jackie where's your mama come on we'll help you find her when someone it's great it's great are you need to listen for our duckies mama what's that noise let's follow froggy a party oh boy parties make me happy help I find papi and time to go club I know maybe he's in the kitchen where we really need to talk hello sis it's me sorry I missed your call I'll be home real soon I'm not far away at all I'm going to a party great and there's another surprise go into the living room first I knew there was a party [Applause] sorry puppy there's just so much to do but first I'm hungry aren't you how about a little smoothie puppies food at your service breakfast or lunch for one or a bunch what are we learning today puppy what's that noise let's go see hi on the mailbox with letters for you holding letters for me look it's the letter S is for froggy result from the door please open our door look it's the letter M M is for huh hi monkey what's she doing well oh I just wanted to learn letters do with you with me you

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The video is greatπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ§‘πŸ’œ

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