Picnic – Opening Night

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I feel great I feel very happy and very proud of this production fantastic it's my first my Broadway debut so yeah it's a dream come true for me I'm feeling really proud to be a part of this ensemble right now and throughout the entire rehearsal process it's just tonight is all our hard work paying off and it feels really good it's a beautiful group of people and a classic play revived by a brilliant director and made by the roundabout which is one of the greatest companies on Broadway I feel very privileged I mean it's it's been the perfect just symbiosis with this group I think it's such a holistic play that the way we all work together is very important we have a class act you know cast and the Mason director wonder you know roundabouts a perfect place to do a clay-like picnic and you know it's we can do it with the artistic integrity it's deserved Sam is so smart and we all did a lot of research about engine about the play and about his life and what he was talking about in the play and how he related to the characters and who he identified with most which was my character because I'm the kind of witness and the most forgiving of all the characters and so it was a very rich time we really enjoyed it and we're stimulated and he's very creative it's why it's why you're in the theater under Sam's guidance we've made something new out of it and this whole play I think we've breathe new life into it so it's not a nostalgic piece it's not a looking backwards it's actually thoroughly current he's a brilliant brilliant man and knows just what to say and how much to say so it's mind blowing to be in the room with him manage a pretty girl done that long just a few years when she's the equal of Kings you can walk out of the shanty like this and live in a palace with a doting husband who spent his life making her happy I suppose because once once she was young and treated if she loses that chance she might just as well throw all the prettiness away I'm only 18 and next summer you'll be 19 and then 20 and then 21 and then 40 the play on the surface seems very peachy and clean and sunshine and it's actually very difficult and dirty and conflicted I love that it's about family I feel like there's so much of my own family I see and these women and I just I think they're it's such true people of such a real people why don't you come to see me when you got to town I didn't want to walk into your palatial mansion looking like a bomb I wanted to pick up some change a buy a new shirt that woulda made a difference I was hoping maybe you and your old man you can even fix me up with a job what kind of job hassle what kind of jobs you got what did you have in mind something in a nice office where I can wear a tie with Sui lo Secretariat and talk over the telephone about enterprises and things I always had the feeling if I had a chance of Cosette the whole world on fire a lot of guys have that feeling I got to get someplace in this we'll see more I got to this is a free country and I got as much rice as the next fellow working for the roundabout Theatre means a lot because it is a home of very important classic plays it gives actors like myself a home to do these great roles and that means the world roundabouts been amazing it we feel very privileged that there place to do classic American theater like this and you know a revival like this is such a wonderful opportunity that you know couldn't exist at every theater so I think especially with this group we're very grateful to have this place to work


Omar Bosquez · May 15, 2019 at 2:36 pm

our school is doing this show (shortened to 40mins) for one act competition

Edmund Tyrell · May 15, 2019 at 2:36 pm

How was he not nice ? Care to explain. If you ever see this comment, please respond 🙂

Sabrina Anderson · May 15, 2019 at 2:36 pm

How was he not nice? What did he do?

dramallama8888 · May 15, 2019 at 2:36 pm

Saw this show in February, it was great! Stayed after to meet the cast and Maggie Grace was a sweetheart. Sebastian Stan however, not as nice.

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