Picnic Fun with Kids II Indian Family Fun Day

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hello friends welcome to my channel hope you guys are doing great today's video is all about beautiful Lake venue your house I'll take you there we been there around 2 weeks before when it was still summer but now it's all winter snow fall is here so anyone who is watching my channel following my channel must have enjoyed the snowfall so yeah I'm uploading it's up to late because I was doing some Nebraska series so if you have missed any of the Nebraska videos please go in the description box and check the link you can get some awesome recipes over there so just check it out I also want to thank all of you for subscribing to my channel for taking out time commenting on my videos for liking it and I have completed one month of YouTube journey and the entire experience was just awesome and it's all because of you guys so yeah thank you so much and a little request whenever you are watching my video and you like it at any point of time please hit that thumbs up button it really means a lot to me it will take just a second of yours but for me it's very very special if you haven't subscribed to my channel please subscribe lots of interesting stuffs coming up the valley Christmas Halloween lots of DIY so yeah don't piss off the fun please subscribe and don't forget to hit the bell button for all the recent updates so let's go to the lake and have some fun together and enjoy some cute moments with my kids it's a beautiful weather outside you can never get tired of looking at this blue sky it's so relaxing and it feels so fresh and here's the big sister pushing the stroller she absolutely loves this feature and never miss a chance whenever we allow her to do so she becomes so happy so excited and she loves this place her summers are so short so we try to spend more and more time outdoors because in winter it's very tough to go outside and here's the kids playing with the sand I personally love this spot because kids can be happily busy in creating sandcastles and parents can always relax sit down enjoy watching them and dreamed of the childhood all over again what a time is always fun time they just wait when they can just jump in the water these small movements makes memories of lifetime that we as a parent will cherish when our kids grow up and gets busy in their life and these are the priceless moments which will bring smile to their faces whenever they think about their childhood it's nap time enjoying some corn and sandwiches it's almost evening and time to head home hope you enjoyed the video that's all for today if you are new to my channel please subscribe if you like this video please give it a thumbs up comment down below share with your friends thanks for watching see you soon with next interesting video till then take care and keep picking memories bye bye