PERSISTENCE and returning to a location pays off

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if you watched last week’s video you’ll
instantly recognize this photograph here and when I took this I the conditions
were just beautiful and I really quite liked this image but as the weeks gone
by and I’ve taken a closer look I’ve grown less fond of the the
photograph is I still quite like it but there are a number of things that I’m
not too keen on the most obvious being the the branches jutting in over to the
right here there were a number of people that commented about this why didn’t I
clone them out and at the time I they didn’t bug me but as I look at the
image they look like sticks without any kind of context if the whole tree was in
there then it might be a little different but just jutting out like that
on their own they’re more of a distraction than than anything else so I
did clone them out and and here’s the example where I’ve cloned them out and I
do think it’s an improvement but I don’t think I really did this area justice so
I did end up going back and because we’d had beautiful weather all that week I
knew that there was a really good chance that I’d have fog on the lake again and
I wasn’t disappointed all right when I got here all of the fog
was down at the other end of the lake and which wasn’t great because this part
I just looked like a gray mass in the background but what’s happened now is
all the fog has come to this end of the lake and it’s even more of a gray mass
as you can see it’s it’s not very it’s not terribly interesting without a
little bit of light okay so the composition that I have graphically I
think will work quite well just needs a little bit of light so fingers
crossed hopefully we’ll get a little bit of light coming through these clouds
here it doesn’t have to be the Sun or anything like that it could just be a
bright area in the clouds just to give it a little bit of texture so it’s not
just this gray mass of nothingness I can just see the hillsides back here so
these islands are more like silhouettes than anything else okay
I’m not sure if you can see this but I’m getting a really nice kind of an orangey
glow in the background now so it just adds just a little bit more to this
image and that’s what you’re you’re kind of looking for I mean you can add it in
Photoshop but I’d rather natural light than anything else because it just it
just gives the image for me a little bit more integrity waiting for the light and
you know the kind of feeling you get for waiting for that light and when
everything comes together now whether this image works or not I don’t know I
have a hard time picturing things until I can actually open them up in in
Photoshop or Lightroom just to have a closer look at them but things are
starting to come together you can see that the clouds are slowly kind of
dissipating and you get a bit of a glow behind there yeah it’s really quite
beautiful so I’m going to just take a whole bunch of images and because it’s
changing constantly okay this is the composition that I have now
the main subject for me is this little island with these beautiful little pines
on them I just love that now I have put it right in the center of the frame with
the intention of cropping the image probably to a four by five now the way
that I’ve composed this okay there’s a couple of things in here that kind of
get in the way a little bit so I’ve kind of tried to compose around
them the first one is this log here I don’t mind the log
I’m just not keen on the angle that it’s at it would be great if it was more of a
kind of a going across the frame diagonally like this rather than just
horizontally but you know I can’t change that so what I’ve tried to do is have it
so that the trees aren’t quite touching the the log here I don’t want them
overlapping because that just for me in much of my mind it creates a little bit
of confusion the other thing that’s really important to me and this is this
these limbs here coming out I just love those graphic lines of the limbs so
since they’re quite important and I love the graphic nature of them I’ve composed
it so that none of them are intersecting with the the island in the middle
because as soon as you do that to my eye it loses its its graphic nature they
kind of blend into one and then it kind of confuses the the viewer well what am
I looking at we have there’s these beautiful lines that look like they’re
in the foreground but you know they merge in with the background so I’ve
tried to fit them in little slots here so everything kind of has a place I mean
you have to make compromises because not everything is perfect all the time so I
have these graphic limbs coming down I have the island I have the log and then
I decided to include this pine on this other Island here the whole reflection
and the top of the tree as well but I might crop it on the the left I’m not
sure the one part that I’m not keen on is this mass over here
there’s just too much going on here so I’ll probably crop that out like this
that’s what it looks like to me on the back of the screen of course my it could
change when I open it up but that’s kind of the idea now I am gonna take some
shots with both a 10 stop ND filter because I’d really like to flatten out
that that water but I’ll also take some without the the ND filter just because
there is some texture in the clouds and if I put an ND filter on it’ll just
smooth everything out so it just looks like this mass of of white so I’m gonna
take some with and without I’m really happy with the way that these
two images turned out now the first image I used the breakthrough
photography 10 stop ND filter and I think it worked really well it smoothed
out the water it didn’t smooth out the sky so much
that there’s no texture so I just left it the way it was now as far as the
confusion on the right side with the tree in the background there I decided
not to crop them out because I think there’s enough separation between them
and the branches in the foreground that you can kind of define what the two
objects are if they were the same tone and they blended in then it might be a
little bit more confusing but I’m quite happy with how this image turned out as
far as the other one here this close-up I really like this it really simplifies
things the light was just beautiful I have warmed up this image a little bit
because I really love that kind of sepia tone but by combining the breakthrough
photography ND filter and those solid lines of the island this photograph has
a really nice ethereal feel to it and I’m really quite happy with the way it
turned out overall I think both images represented
the area much better than the first image they took when I was with Gavin
and I think in in both cases I’ve done the area a lot more justice so it just
goes to show sometimes when you return to an area and you have a definitive
idea in your mind and I think on this trip it worked out really quite nicely
and after I took these two images I had a really nice surprise bonus waiting for
me in the parking lot all right now I’m just about to leave Gordon Bay and I
had to use the facilities but behind the the outhouse I found these ferns
sword ferns just covered with hoarfrost and they’re just absolutely fantastic
the lake it’s just over here my vans right here
so you know I’m just in the parking lot basically but the ferns just looked
fantastic and all the fallen leaves are kind of lots of brown tones earthy tones
with a little bit of moss I’ll just turn the camera around and I’ll show you what
I’m talking about so as you can see the the ferns are just rimmed with all this
frost and the leaves that I’m standing are all nice and frosty so I think I might
stick around here just for a little bit and see if I can find some compositions
I love details like this when everything is rimmed with a little bit of frost it
just adds so much detail and texture I might even try a pano I this section
here I think gonna try a three vertical pano
and see how that works out I mean it might not work out but I just I don’t
know I just love that that detail well I ended up spending about an hour
in the parking lot there photographing all the the ferns here and you may have
noticed there’s some familiarities between the three images that I’ve shown you
and that is they were all taken within probably a 20-foot square section of
this forest I searched around quite a bit for various compositions but there
was just this one section where the ferns were just covered in frost just a
little bit more and I found some really beautiful patterns and textures with the
frost on the leaves and the ferns now the three image pano I really liked it
it turned out really great it doesn’t really have a center of interest it’s
more of a pattern shot but as I’ve said in past videos I really like this this
type of photograph as far as processing goes it was pretty
straightforward I did darken the top slightly so that the viewers attention
is more drawn to the the bottom centre of the photograph because where the
interest for me is and I also darkened the outer edges just slightly just to keep
the attention in the centre there but I’m really happy with this three image
pano this second image again is all about
texture and subtle colour I really enjoy the the subtle greens or kind of a bluey
green throughout this image here and the the wonderful browns and textures of the
especially at the bottom of the frame there with all the ferns pointing kind
of downwards again for this photograph I darkened the the outer edges a little
bit and the top just so that there was more attention to the the centre of the
frame because I really do like those four separate fern fronds kind of
pointing downwards to the the textures there I used to do a lot of this type of
photography especially when I was photographing gardens and I really
should do more of it because I really enjoyed wandering around this little
section of the forest I actually enjoyed this more than more than the lake
believe it or not just trying to find compositions out of all this chaos is I
just love the challenge and that’s the the thing I really enjoy about
photography is challenging myself to find meaningful compositions out of
utter chaos all of these images that I’ve shown you would work very well as
black and white photographs mostly because they are fringed with all this
white frost so you have this wonderful detail and it just lends itself really
well to black and white photography now this last photograph here was
actually just a small section of the three image pano that I showed you
earlier but I just loved the way that the the ferns kind of intertwine
especially on the left side of the the image it does work as a as a square crop
but I kind of like the way that the ferns point into the left side of the
frame so you start over on the right hand side and they all kind of lean over
to the the neat patterns that they’re forming on the left side so I haven’t
cropped this image but once again I have darken sections of it just to kind of
draw your attention to certain points in the frame and in this image I’ve
darkened the the right-hand side the frame the top of the frame and a
little bit on the left-hand side of the frame as well just to draw your
attention again to the the centre portion of the the photograph overall I
think it worked out very nicely and I did take a number of other images but I
think these three are probably my favorite out of the four or five that I
did take if you’d like to have a closer view of all of these images be sure to
visit my website and I’ll put them in the gallery section so you can have a
closer view all right everybody that’s it for this week’s video if you wouldn’t
mind giving me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video that would be very
much appreciated if you do enjoy the content of this channel don’t forget to
subscribe alright everybody until next week bye bye


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Simple and beautiful

Edwin Shank · May 19, 2019 at 1:37 pm

Adam, this vlog is simply brilliant. I love the images and your keen eye for composition and light. Your channel has quickly become my favorite photography channel. I appreciate your insightful discussions. You have inspired me to improve my photography. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and your images. Great work! Cheers,

Philip Rogers · June 4, 2019 at 2:39 am

A beautiful video Adam. Thank you so much for sharing this aswell as your knowledge.

Jim Bean · August 11, 2019 at 7:46 pm

Love the close up of the island!

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