PEPPA'S BIG RED CAR | Join me at Peppa's Picnic

Published by Darron Toy on

hi guys come on join me out de peppa pig picnic so you're wearing a poet picked up today and it says yay and who's on your top candy cat and that's Suzy sheep yeah Wow nice Wow Peppa Pig big red car mechanic Wow and who have we got with that oh no miss daddy pig yeah he's not real though is he not figure so they're having a picnic just like me and you are today Suzy sheep and who's that one Jeanne d'Arc you put Peppa mummy pig and you put Stan each other Suzy sheep in the car Wow so cool and what else did you get a picnic basket is it what you got on there yummy and you got a pizza run that on the table as well and what is yeah you've got a barbecue knock-up barbecue don't we just fell over eating that cake but she's got that cake all to herself and they're eating the sandwich and the salad I think peppers got the better deal out of that one isn't she yeah and what's mommy pig gonna eat so stuffy you see in the strawberries a chance for cake yummy what's your favorite food in a picnic strawberries and cake good choice friends go sit in the big chair and she's gonna sit there pack up their picnic where does that all go they can pull their picnic stuff in their booth go into the picnic okay take her place that's sweaty hair you in the strawberries that were healthy and then you got cakes and not so healthy mommy piggy in it oh there will be in it [Laughter] they took a big bite I think that was you that took that by going home now are they so what do we say to character toys and Peppa Pig for sending you these toys so cool and they have lots of picnics

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