Pecs, Hungary Tourism : Pecs Tourism: Equestrian Statue of Janos

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The statue of Janos Hunyadi in Pec, is located
below Fisherman’s Bastion, in a bend of the road. The artist who made this statue is Estavon
Toth. Janos Hunyadi, who was the future king, Matthias’ father, was a famous military commander.
He repulsed the Turkish attack in 1456 at Nandorfehervar, which is modern day, Belgrade.
The statue was commissioned to commemorate his victory, not only that, but Pope Callixtus
the third ordered that the church bells should be sounded every noon. Not far away stands
a replica of the famous statue of Saint George, by the Kolozsvari brothers. And in the upper
level of the Fisherman’s Bastion, is an equestrian statue of Saint Steven the first, he was a
Hungarian king, the first one, and founder of the State of Hungary. For more information,
go on-line.

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