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hi I'm Dustin Abbott and I'm here today to give you my review of the peak design travel backpack and so this is a 45 litre backpack and it has a lot of the kind of signature like when I talk about peak design stuff I also I often refer about the about the design element the really there is a lot of engineering that goes into here that that into their products that shows cleverness in the way that they interact with you know kind of the whole ecosystem of what a peak design does and that's no different with their big travel backpack here so 45 litre backpack though designed to be a carry-on bag and so first I'm going to show you the bag itself then we'll look at the different ways you can configure it insight because kind of the current trend that I'm seeing with a lot of bag makers is moving towards a more customizable interior to allow you instead of having multiple backpacks to have one bag that you can configure in a whole lot of different ways so one thing I do want to highlight here is that right here at the top there's actually an area where you can pinch in and you can actually clip it in if you're say you're sometimes when you're traveling and there's a you know see you're trying to put something in an overhead bin and it you know there because of the curve of the actual plane there's not a whole lot of room in there so if you don't have it like packed to the gills you can actually compress it down that gives it a different profile a more compact profile and then of course you can go to the other extreme and you can pop it out like some you know bags or suitcases even there's also an option here where you can zip out a portion to expand the amount of space inside so you can see if I were to take this zipper and zip across I could compact that area down and once again you can kind of configure it according to what you're going to carry inside and so if you want the maximum amount of space you unzip that all around and you open up the ability to expand now one thing about this peak design backpack is that there are pockets everywhere I don't know how they managed to squeeze so many pockets into everything and I don't even know if I'll catch them all in this because they literally are everywhere but from the exterior here you have a nice very convenient pocket that is a good place you know if you're maybe traveling to either put your phone your keys your you know your wallet your passport if you know if you want them to be accessible not so much if you're carrying around you're worrying about those things being stolen the more if you're in kind of a scenario where you want easy access to that on the front of the bag there's actually a variety of anchor points and hidden under a magnetic pouch here you actually have straps that you can crisscross if you want to you know carry something even larger along the outside and so that's a cool feature there now you actually have three different options for how to access the interior of the bag and so that's something that I think is really cool here and so first of all you have the option of accessing it from the front here and so inside if you have it configured with this interior portion zipped in let me just zip it in so then I'll show it to you if you have the ability to have a top storage space that is separate from the interior space and so if this is zipped all the way up you've got a access to a top mesh pouch here that is flexible allows you to sort that space there is also an additional pouch here to put things in then on the front flap itself again additional mesh pouch here along with some organizing area for example you could stretch it out you could put if you're doing camera stuff you could do batteries there you have room for like pens or different accessories all in that mesh pouch there and which again is zipa Bowl here there's an additional pouch here where you can put different materials of any kind and then if you have this expanded now if you're if you have it in the contracted mode this interior space here becomes you know fairly tight but if you're in the expanded space we actually have the depth of you know that whole zipped portion to store additional items there in the very front of the bag that you know maybe you can have your access to and so cool stuff on that front as per usual you've got straps everywhere and so if it's you know gone into an overhead Ben you've got a strap there you have got straps along the front you've got straps along each side so basically whatever scenario you're in in fact you've even got one here on the bottom and so basically all points all around you have places where you can grab on and get a hold of the bag and maneuver it here on the side there is a nice flexible deep pouch that you could utilize and all over you'll find that there are anchor points where you can hook on to a different things now here's one of those hidden pouches I'm referring to you've got this expandable space you can zip down and inside this flap itself there's enough depth there to put something like a passport or you know whatever to store in there and that is duplicated on the opposite side as well so you have both that same pouch like that and you have the interior hidden pouch there on that front and so lots of there all along the outside of the material this is a weather resistant material high grade nylon very durable very easy to clean by the way they come in a few different color choices you can go with the traditional black this is called sage and I went with that I when I was choosing my because basically everybody's got a black backpack this is something different so I wanted to take a look at this one going to the bottom of the bag a few other interesting things is again you've got a little pouch here where you know you could hide something ID type information now one thing I really like is that once again there are magnetic portions that will allow you to disappear all of your straps and so just leaving a handle there to hang on to but once again if you kind of expand that out there's both your regular strap which as always is set up to be used with other peak design products you know capture Pro you could or capture you could put on there to clip a camera on the outside there is also unlike some bags that like this that don't have a waist clip there is also a nicely padded waist section here and once again I mean it's it's it's just really clever I mean there's a zip portion here right on there pouch where you can put things on the other side it is set up for capture Pro also or you know anything else that you want to hook on to and so you've got a nice padded waist portion then on the the main straps themselves you have got there you know kind of their typical way of attaching your chest tension and you've got a wide range this whole section on either side you can maneuver that up or down to make sure that the bag is riding in the proper position and then of course you know all of this can be hidden once again and such a way to where it makes the bag sleeker it you know just keeps things out of the way when you don't want them now moving on to accessing we've already looked at how you can access the the top and how that there is an independent pouch here that you can open up a look inside but you can also zip that portion away and you could have access into the full depth of the bag from the top so that's useful there but particularly if you're a photographer which this is something that they actually think about in the peak design and I'm gonna access it from this side for a reason I'll show you in just a moment you also have side access so I'm just gonna zip this so it's not dangling in our way you have side access and so if you have a one of their camera modules which we'll look at in just a second we can actually side access the bag and as per usual the way that they design these bags is that they're designed so that they can swivel and you can side access the interior of the space like that which again is particularly handy if you're a photographer and you're wanting to access equipment that is stored inside there now the reason why I noted that that I only have one side of these accessible is that you know they're also thinking about the fact that you may be traveling in some situations where you want your interior space secured and so you wouldn't want a thief to have access to the most logical place to get inside which would be one of these side pouches here and so you'll see that this zipper is actually secured now if we put the bag down on its its face and open it up here I will also note that I've secured on to these rings you have an option of you can actually secure their straps and this is true on basically all of their bags were these candidates it's not foolproof but what it does do is an add an extra step particularly if a thief will be unfamiliar with your bag they can't just grab and yank the zipper if it's locked down they can't move it unless there is some extra effort that is put there to loosen all of that so if we open from the back the back is the most easy way to access the interior of the bag and so this is kind of the rear side of that zipped portion that we looked at a moment ago from the top and I will note on this side of the bag there's also a nother zip to mesh portion that you can access you can actually access the stuff that you zipped in from the front and so there and then there's also a dedicated space you can access here in that flap itself I mean like I said there are flaps everywhere but you'll see here that I've actually taken the zipper inside and there are these kind of mounting points where you can wrap the zipper around from the outside which will completely prevent anybody from accessing from the side your actual pouch in there or your the side of your backpack so if you just wanted to use wide open space you've actually got a pretty fair amount of space it's a forty five liter bag so lots of room in there on the main back strap we have got the padded protected portion where you can put a laptop I believe up to a 15 inch laptop there's also a secondary pouch in here where you could also fit a tablet or you know e reader or something similar to that and so accessing the interior of the bag you have easy access to everything that's in here also note inside there all kinds of different anchor points that are designed where you can actually secure and different things like let's say if you're using the different camera pouches so we'll take a look quickly at the primary one which is the camera pouch for storing inside now they have like small medium large of the different kind of cubes and you can look on the website there's different ways of kind of securing all of that and and you know kind of deciding what's going to fit right in your space now first of all about the camera pouch and this is by the way is the medium camera cube is what they call it I'm going to compare quickly to one of another one of these type bags that I have and so you know the overall dimensions of the pouch are not dissimilar but there's one big factor as a photographer that makes a difference and that is you'll see it's not by a large margin but there is enough additional space here that some lenses that will not fit and this this particular pouch standing upright you know where they're taking less amount of room now this is not one of them it barely fits but I've got other lenses that would not stand upright in this pouch that will fit inside of the camera cube from peak design and so that actually makes it a little bit more useful when it comes to that because you can actually fit some different pieces of gear in there so taking a quick look at the camera cube itself it has got they're kind of typical design of dividers that are designed in such a way that they can actually fold it down you can stack things in different ways they've got they're kind of a very unique way of dividing the space and obviously it's flexible everything can be moved around you're you're I'm sure familiar with that they also have this pouch right here that can be zipped on and moved around in different places it's just you know another good place to store things these are some of the clips that can help to secure this inside the actual bag itself we'll look at that in just a second but this is all velcro tin and so it can be stored in different spots you can divide that space up as you like but here's where things get interesting I mean looking at it from the outside you've obviously seen you know the top portion that I've just zipped and open but the camera pouch can also be camera cube can also be opened from either side making it a side access type bag and so obviously if we are working in this situation where I've got it let's say store it inside of here I'm using the bag I want to access my camera I can zip open and there is this bag you know or cube as I call it inside here and I can side access and pull out a camera look at this I found the new Canon EOS RP in there and and so you can store things like that so as a photographer it obviously makes more sense in terms of accessing your gear now another thing is is that they have put a lot of loops everywhere so that has a couple of purposes number one you can use these for securing in with the clips and if you want to distribute your weight maybe you know you want to keep your weight up high and you want to put it towards the top of the bag you can actually use these different clips to secure the bag and attach it to corresponding clips inside here that will hold it in a certain space and help secure your gear you can then lock that down and so that it's not going to move around on you the other thing though with all these loops is that they're designed to where you can also then throw on if you have you know again it's about yeah working with other things within the ecosystem you can actually add on some of their anchors as I've done here then you can grab one of their straps this is the slide light strap which is my you know kind of go to strap for most of my cameras and you can clip those on to the anchor point and you can then use this even this case as an actual sling bag and use it to where you can access on either side you can set it up to where you can access cameras you know lenses whatever and so you know again just extending the usefulness of the product itself by leveraging the the functionality of each individual piece and so once again very cool very clever when it comes to that another thing that I do like however obviously this that's in a pinch that's that's a nice option but it's not a purpose-designed carry bag but I do like the way that if I have got this in here and let's say I'm traveling it also works out perfectly in the space this is their everyday sling bag 5l which I use all the time this is you know when I'm just carrying a camera and lens or a few lenses but it's it fits in here just fine with these two things what's useful about that if particularly as a photographer is a lot of times when I arrive at a destination I'm carrying a lot of gear to the destination and then say if I'm at a hotel or whatever and I'm wanting to go out to shoot I don't want to carry the whole backpack so when I get to my destination you know the ability to have this along to have stored stuff in it when I brought it down and then to have a very purposeful sling bag you know the fits in here very nicely also another nice option so beyond that here's a look at some of the other options I don't have all of them here you can get a variety of different ways they sell packing cubes and so this is more of a soft sided flexible thing you know a larger one you could put clothes into in this case you know you could fit things more like socks or underwear or you know whatever you know t-shirts but you're certainly not packing a suit into something like this but and it has multiple pouches you know that can be accessed in different ways interior spaces you can zip it out to expand it like all these other things to make it larger and so you can go more compact you can also stretch it out to where it becomes much bigger and so that's one of the options there this is their wash bag or toiletry type bag so Lola I didn't really want to pack these but I brought them along so inside here in the wash pouch you know lots of lots of zippered portions kind of all the stuff that you would expect and even inside the zippered portions there are more mesh dividers and so you can actually organize and put things into place there is a shallow middle space here where you can clip that down and you could put a razor toothbrush things like that and there on the other side another large pouch and mesh portions you know designed and so that you can not just you know throw everything into a pouch but actually organize it in there which for some of you you're just gonna throw stuff in there anyway that's pointless to you other people you're very particular and you're going to like that we've also got a tech pouch here once again it's designed to where you can actually strap on to to that and it's got the anchor points you can zip this open and inside the tech pouch you've got room for all kinds of stuff I mean just all kinds of individual stretchy pockets and places to put any number of things it is full of dividers and also it's got its got zippered portions inside here and so in case you have you know say something in particular money or things where you just you don't want them bouncing around but it's full of divided places to put all these in so as I said you can design the space in the bag how you want it's got a lot of flexibility on how you carry both in the straps and the chest tensioner also in the waist to make sure that you're distributing the weight appropriately and of course you have options because you can't anchor inside where you actually put your stuff you can access from a variety of different positions and it's designed to take wear and tear and if you need more weather resistance than what the you know weather Perth exterior does you can purchase a separate you know rain overall hood to cover that there's lots of options to go with that now in conclusion looking at the price the price itself runs for the bag runs two hundred and ninety nine dollars and then the price beyond you know that depends on kind of what your put in there so for example the the camera cube that I just showed you that medium camera cube that's gonna set you back around 50 bucks and you know and you know prices will vary depending upon the size and complexity of what you put in there the advantage of course the end of the day is as I said from the beginning you can actually have one bag that you multi-purpose for a lot of different functions and so if that's something that appeals to you then I would recommend that you take a look at the peak design everyday travel bag I'll throw a linkage in the description down below peak design does have a deal by the way that if you buy the bag and you buy a couple of pouches you actually get 10% off of everything when it's in the cart so that helps you to if you're wanting to buy it as something complete you can drop the price down a little bit anyway look in the description and there is linkage there to access that for yourself and to take a further look at that and then also beyond that you can find my typical links to follow me on social media to become a patron and my patrons get early access to up to upcoming content along with other goodies and of course if you haven't already please click that subscribe button right here on YouTube thanks for watching have a great day


Herman de Ridder · May 16, 2019 at 11:26 am

Great video of this back, got mine a few months ago. Great back to use with just one minor downside, the straps over my shoulder tends to slide of unless I use the straps that combine the two shoulder strap.

Jose Gerardo Palma · May 16, 2019 at 11:26 am

I got mine weeks ago and I have discovered things on the backpack watching this video.

Richard Grudzien · May 16, 2019 at 11:26 am

Excellent review, Dustin. I have a Peak Design camera bag with shoulder strap and it's great. I can even slip a carbon fibre tripod across the top and beneath the cover flap. They make great products. Thanks again – will keep this review in mind for when I purchase a camera backpack.

myyou tubeaccount · May 16, 2019 at 11:26 am

I just got mine today, I think it's a lot of money for what it is. It's nicely made but overpriced and overrated.

LAZY DOG · May 16, 2019 at 11:26 am

A bag with bags inside it 🤔 I would need 10 of those bag inserts.

Ben Parsons · May 16, 2019 at 11:26 am

It’s been all too long since I’ve seen an upload that caught my interest, but as ever, great review haha. I ended up on the Kickstarter for this after a couple of years with the large shoulder bag, and they’ve both been pretty perfect for my everyday use. I end up grabbing this out the car or house more often than the shoulder bag now. The straps aren’t always the Most comfortable with 40 kilos, but it works well, more so with the belt straps. Keep up the great work!

Kay Pehnke · May 16, 2019 at 11:26 am

I really like the design of the Peak Design backpacks and I use the EVERYDAY BACKPACK myself. But what is not so optimally solved is the ventilation for the back. on longer tours a nogo and that at this price. other manufacturers have better solutions here.

Jim Bailey · May 16, 2019 at 11:26 am

Thank you Mr Abbott

Boonyarith Dumrongpalasith · May 16, 2019 at 11:26 am

It's good function backpack but it's very costly when compare with Pro Tactic 450 II.

Aron J Anderson · May 16, 2019 at 11:26 am

Thanks for the very in depth review.

Ian Laurenson · May 16, 2019 at 11:26 am

Total bullshit, does it make you any better

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