Paul McCartney, Emma Stone and Billie Jean King Walk into Alan Cumming’s Bar

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-Last time we were here,
we had fun. And we were talking,
and I said, “Oh, we should start an entertainment company
where we just go and throw parties
at people’s house,” because we get along well
together, and every time we get together,
we have a good time. But you went and did it.
See, I talk the talk. You walk the walk.
-That’s right, baby. -That’s right.
-I opened my own bar, Club Cumming downtown, yeah. -Club Cumming, and
this is over 6th Avenue? Where is it?
-6th Street and A and B. -And A and B.
-And it’s like a cabaret bar. It’s such fun.
-But you have a mantra there, where it says,
“Anything can happen.” -Anything can happen, yes.
-Because you don’t know what — -And it does.
-It does. -Yeah, like,
this is a good story. -Yeah.
-So — I hope. [ Light laughter ]
One night, I was wasn’t filming
till lunchtime. So I thought, “I’ll go to Club
Cumming for a nightcap,” because, you know, it’s my bar
and I’m allowed. [ Laughter ]
And so I was going over, And Emma Stone called me up, because she was with Billie Jean
King. Because you know that Emma Stone
played Billie Jean King in that film,
and I was in it, too. And so they were doing
press footage. And they’d gone — And she said,
“I’m with Billie Jean.” They’d gone to see Paul
McCartney at the Barclays center
in Brooklyn. And they said,
“So, we’re going to come over,” because Billie Jean
had never been and she was longing to go.
So I said, “All right, I’ll see you in a wee bit.”
So I go to the bar and I say, “Oh, hey, everybody, Billie Jean
King and Emma Stone
are coming in a minute.” And they’re all like,
“All right.” And then, about 10 minutes
after that, Emma goes, “Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! Uh, uh, uh, Paul McCartney
is coming with us, too!” And so everyone
started to freak out. And it was like a joke.
Like, these black SUVs pulled up on our little street
in the East Village. And it was like a joke because,
like, Paul McCartney, Emma Stone and Billie Jean King
walk into a bar. [ Laughter ] And, uh…
-I mean, how fun is that? How random is that?
-Very. And we all were having
such a laugh and having drinks. And what’s hilarious is
that my husband, Grant — you know Grant? —
-Yeah. -He did the murals —
these lovely murals. And there’s sort of
this thing we have where there’s kind of, like,
sort of naked people. And it’s kind of a thing.
We call it the pickle search. Because there’s, like, penises,
and you — There’s a few penises
that are sort of secret, and you don’t know
where they are. So Paul and Grant,
he’s showing them the murals. [ Chuckles ]
And Grant said it was so silly to see Paul McCartney going,
“Is that a penis?” [ Laughter ]
-You just don’t ever think you’re going to hear that
out of Paul McCartney’s mouth. -So, anyway, there’s someone
playing the piano and singing songs.
People were getting up. And I said to Paul, “Hey,
would you like to get up and sing something, Paul?”
And he’s like, “No, I’ve just spent three hours
performing at the Barclays Center.”
-Yeah, of course. -I was like, “Alright,
it was a yes-or-no question.” [ Laughter ]
But then — But he said — Then, he went, “but I’ll
accompany you, if you like.” And so Emma Stone and I got up
and sang “Part of Your World” from “The Little Mermaid.”
[ Audience awws ] And Paul McCartney accompanied
us on the harmonica. -Did he really?
-Yes, he did. -That’s a great song to do!
[ Cheers and applause ] -Dream come true.
-Wow! -Isn’t that nice?
-He’s the coolest. I mean, he’s exactly what you
want him to be, right? -He’s such a darling —
absolute darling. -I love him so much.
-And I also love “Part of Your World”
from “The Little Mermaid.” I sing it often, Jimmy.
-What other jams — What other songs do you sing?
-I sang — Well, I also — I sometimes sing “The Sun
Will Come Out Tomorrow,” because it’s good for everyone.
It’s good to sing songs, I think — karaoke
and things like that — so that everyone will join in if you don’t feel
you particularly want to… -“The Sun Will Come Out
Tomorrow” usually works? -Oh, big time.
-Oh, really? -And actually, I love —
I really get some pleasure by, “A,” helping people
to let go of their inhibitions in all ways.
And also, like, trying to get people to sort of
not feel that it’s wrong to sing tacky songs. And it’s a mission of mine
in my work. -Let’s talk about
your Audible Original here. This is “Legal Immigrant.”
-It’s both me. -Yeah, I love that.
I saw, I saw, I saw. I love this, and I love Audible.
What is this? This is based on
the show you did? -Yes, so it’s a cabaret show
that I was touring, on and off,
for about a year. And we recorded it.
Audible will do this thing now where they get, like, plays
and cabarets and things, and they put them on
in short runs in New York. And then they record them.
So I did it early this year. And it’s all about me.
It was 10 years I’ve been a citizen
of this country. And I wanted to talk about how
attitudes towards immigration have changed slightly
in those 10 years. And I wanted it to be, like,
a celebration of immigration and the real reason I did it.
I called it “Legal Immigrant” ’cause I don’t actually think
it really matters what the prefix is before the
word “immigration” anymore. I think immigration itself
has been so derided by our current president.
And I also find out that the Immigration and
Naturalization Services website removed the phrase
about a year and a half ago — removed the phrase
“nation of immigrants” from their opening page
on the website. And I thought that was
awful, so terrible, like historical revisionism. So I decided to [Chuckles]
sing some songs and change the world.
-Yeah, you did, yeah. Well, you have a big audience
here tonight. Is there any —
What would be the message you would like to get out to…
-Well, I suppose, you know, I became a citizen
of this country because I wanted to feel
a part of the American family. But I guess, recently,
I’ve felt a bit of an orphan. But you know what? [ Piano plays softly ]
[ Light laughter ] ♪ The sun will come out
tomorrow ♪ ♪ Bet your bottom dollar ♪ -♪ That tomorrow
there’ll be sun ♪ -5, 6, 7, 8! ♪ The sun will come out
tomorrow ♪ ♪ So you’ve got to hang on
till tomorrow ♪ ♪ Come what may ♪
-Everybody! -♪ Tomorrow, tomorrow,
I love you, tomorrow ♪ ♪ You’re always a day away ♪ Take it away!
-Alan Cumming, everybody! “Legal Immigrant” is available
now on Audible! You’re right!
It feels good!


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